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ï~~- - ---- ~~~iret tree epitenuic area euc ea uuu rresrea Sa t makare evradopted iet place af tb mesre,"hich are eaiied-'treet aned attared by Dr. Royal 8. Cae-.vBauwy fend, ctty health comeemisioner,.e ".t-tt dirrrted the~ efforte o itst heat caefralifunavciaadpo0F I F U N A ittiag fit their isotelaio. The ceiteyen tad distrieted acid a eachtner ref OF NF V[N.eit beepitates eat ine ree Second Member of Police De- listed i a creaaie ref co-reperationc partment Victim; Wife Suc- roe aent soltet ases ref the diescus cmsSame paay. oo eas eetcae Wl te Thsese eceasures we re s effectv "" "as!j. irde that the death rate was keat dewn to- t x' bednsb Parla ee taa n 14fifty per tLoin peopic, ea comepared Li a ft tet watfereare82 'tc shet ate itie withi a rate of titl per tee00 cI Bostan, 3ra r ^.hP'cee hc wwe fl~ haetet idwt ehere the drasi closing trdere sere L'" " -r > inafew hour. af each thter reste- In effect.treapeai tet frate infeluena. Welch Is the flhe health commtissiacer the heeat tefiind patrolmarn af tie tocat de- Tart worhed on the thteary that In i a.. 1s.e:" te'd expert re ared pt-oetietcu,;:.. * pattetetoi die t-tic enfutata ewithit bttne ref the patiets tttru theciytr mele hour-., -atrleas ranek!ba- woatd reeut Iena greaater percentas itrefit fai-i cd lt ete Friday ntght, of trees a ting iafltenza patients andJtec.te 2ilr. Wtch iedreta piate~ 3a moer tafdespread Inifectien thee Upper lsft-Shppeee en bueiness secione madeae ttbhdr msedicated go teeetsr!. Right--w o~wmnRe.te3 arimiet. 1:'et ted etreet yeeterdaya crod.aieCe hce eta-elt at Red Crass headquarters getting their ateeks. Lower left-T'hree schoo ls with only their eke 11 C e4 tr. e mrl nlanloeothed aysr d tor-Mece and~ furs umade a ceumfortable combsinatin en the streets, Dight-Thehe two young Moine o --nt-t-i t~ i~t*l~h~ iI~~asseblee~~tv~cro~dfirthhiiti 41ti thedit levee with t a--Red CIeergunee. iiibah h had Ca- thei dosnef Ili efor ilmeknr i t coead ___d___ys.________ffectivenes____________________ ______________the______ lese pst liae saer-. as. Ktatherie iHollt-, is. f the epidemcat. Phicaftfer In mi a dangervul aitit tfhe esee d1seastt at. ctties deptere asp tare.: wahich ~5 ~w w w w~m sm e ~ eai M S S N T P P L RDIMSpdJo datctJcan.;.i. reich, rend amlta that.hysterta pt- d tes coitiftnt bitt, e v~. IUUII ftsG 5Itie e hcth brentasignedl tt the favr She peirlonn of the ftu aetart. M A N PJEO L EU IN O R.u~uE.rrn ietrsh _as actice erreart ret tht. sub-a-, The health authorities or Las As- istu iT LIsci for sevnetat ontths taet year. pete. sptrn the atse eek, claim.e DALIT BO A R D R U LEye Potestis w arines ieferrd Sc atreat e woreotherwise Share bey E~~te ie i itc Petr eeau at the Deaeer patios skmiltfti pet-eons, such ad retrees med depatmcnt, hiavire heeen succeseful doaytor. Qee of te moet aaeitctnIlegst h sin re linic ref erlroas oaee pieiastoe La. Anelets ss re, One Salesgirl's Nose Goes to Sleep, Another Has Highter 'mp1Â~~ at Ootiooan 01 _It Af&e -aneting fret petrey Ilarceny ta tesrder1 grtdisge week;H e eXl in 00I reterfs te. 'Little ran." One nf the meost I A mask wore rehout tin houase n rsuma tteesl~eesrtis Impaortant uases which he selved anthe~a-eeets by the ardinry e Iti- Powers uaring Her. Health, Tiet'S, lliey- I ten acen becaises dtrty. affected hy- Do tW arFuB s.- WthOto.rettot ICde Ie themnit'ioe ef Mrs. feerspiraetion frcoe the fae and etteb - Don't ear Fl Bde li a Garrawese. wha ts now servgsled~ whe -oce by thehanlate a Ilte setectoc C Can City fee the:h son we n wich by thmas caun- Immeditataiy uoen receiving In-trw ie atirdend- Mria $arcnaari both obe eteriiteed Is hr pottIng Ite In a. Any fire germ who comeplaineed that the mesidking ol'der' bad deprived himsetruaetos Cc-se thme health eamume tehe dieppearret f raw their homes ntoc'iiieer, and the face mrut also he of a chanar to ears an. hoest tivieg wield not have InwestIhated conditions sionerm. the District conit autbeiho s tth in 19t0. The bodies of the two wow- i sahed and toehoie To Ine Deliver yesterday, whore. except for moveng picture patrons, niee faces thes 4thiae thiegtyodee on were foeued almast swmultsaneously ooeompiete the sterilizatiose rubber!i out of ten were unwashed and offered thC cerual numeber of hospitableliudeee tecihy-dtem - abaut at yrear later. hire. tiarrasnone 1itoves oest he worn and the ctothe opentngs far as enterprising germ desiring ia set en h~eeeepiag in a new hene of the Surf vtbe were ezepaneele anefre 14 serin life for She murder of Mrs!muse he pet ic a strilter.' i-egeytbtI egerfra- The opinionc of the doctoer was aa- plaae. Pat-ene of storee did net teom- this weeh fer a wendim'asuevie, asa eeptrdltat bt ite -is eracty bee Itcpt gnry In i-os Aagelee. med ply with i-he request to wear reashe. annuneeed that there would beyotasmyh aftdta sbde rs etanri hated nameyb' eeovychwn nyaott e further joury trials on acceount ef Sht ch~osi. tst ssrie by a widow: ciieshtbcela e cwl. Jll e u ent protected by i-le gause. rctadeti after the city nhl-tie. ba and efght ohidrec. Doctree-s i ietsrrenate. The health astbiorhtiee bad net is- tusdified tie regeitosysedy nr. Wata oras bere is Englanid Dr. Woods leutchbinn whe adac- rgltosyt racy eas wit anone thae& endy mtrfortyyrn asgo sihne t erivd bcard the msk bin ener. rrrfmrid W e~ars Flu M ask, sund an order so employes of steres endy Itse wis lb id annone thats three elaies - tt-. Hose ieneireet - a flat turnidow at lie bacnde af Ine wear masks, and only a few eff-ourse hearings. held until roarhe andi Mt-s. Arena Mt-Ceiit tf L-awrence. ait y coauacit nf Lts Atngee when ho~ M ixes WAnih Cops~ them did, eept In one stor~e where motlse. lir. n fr KteieHlyet!atmtdt itouete ask ams ttbad them se. It had been only -Only one court was In session yos Dearer, reed threr hotiee Jawns thrat earlier In tine etitnaih. The tcn suggested that the emptoyee wear terdey--that In Charies C. ButteF' and jIt-het f Bie of Deter and time ataught on Dr. Hatohinoees proposal 'tbern. aitho the offiolele were em- division. Judge Butier held that a Rtet. eterreti.1 Huac ferciterly of wa-s led by thn pricipal physirfcia '5ay. t hopes Sey- beep op cite wear- ehaloinit declaring Chat shoppers emergency existedi In tke fact tUa Denver bitt r.~tc if Ne~ Yet-k ctm. i't the oitix who crfed dowa the mremk tn' enske alt de time!" said Jimamy sieosld proelect themnselves. aever-el of i-he witnesses were ailed Wafet is Is urvivoed by a sci ans mwpractal aned, i it-apert haeif-4< the Tough Goy rto his pat. "Din is dr Varieous reasons were assigned for from Virginia and had only ltmIt-e lareghter hb- a former marriage. The -dangerous. greatest cinch I eiver ere. Wit onre nat enaring mnaks time rc-eSpend in the city, and m son s nw-4t--1'ace nd hs dugh Ther~pdit wit +vichthedie;j"y nase went be sleep," said a erdered the snes In 'which they. wenonr Is mare4.rie ad idauh H t h e weiita ~ liat-ttr dide i o Aglsrot of dese masks on a crooek ran walk salesgirl.ivoedtbeomled Hep Lake City. ~ ~ ~ ~ - attrihutnd to the feint thant mak e1d treets and tm-ak a copper er a fly "We hare received 009 dieorders tidedvehowevehe tha vrboyMspletaFuea toa, wrentwrn o n tr ai. foetehathdprmetadca-te-oetom-isl, ton The fuetrat.-t yre. Ncil turreer Dr-mg tie period of quaran tine in: 'Die macklet eif On tinie is somve- not take ntuobbo of a newspaper re- Jury witnessee and court offlls wife af Dr V. M t rt- i, t.3ll Eaeet Pottand. Ore.. stor-ed wre permcitted -thin' I've beeet etrong for ever since pert." said the head of a big depart- shooed wear iluenz masks.Clnrectl tt':d t tlekit o t remtett open and wreoba wetcreimt erstated out to be a ercdh. De whole meat stoe. The County seourt wilt follow th ' "loe WeI rpaied t ay tmethecit helthl " dot like to wear I4e eplained seine pla with regard to dleconlnt iteorniag frete the W. P. Hortan f~ auu- s- -ytme h ~y ete trouble etways has heen dat de cop- aemnlgfe-e rsi hthsbe iteral aspei. Burial twiff h. at Pale- 'autharitys declaring they teauld doI halesmn thtag~*es~ pee- feorlte fe ha~t has r be count cemestery. as mch harte as good If notatleae 1bleotu lb oe-l"setyadpoelT eno pemt en n gIt youh iugff e1Sheyi thnh__t___trti___D______atc o tePesecmpha flntr asakonoede n hr as eeiwldS mdrt o ew yes. and it's de booby hateh -he is loaking after my healthe," said caived are closing ordere s-nd wil iiy orke. Oe dit Iidayctttl passengers and were -evquleed no fec- Yos and maybe a trip over Ge a young girt, who admitted. however. contine In seseien neat week. to y~ wose rks-er..f pshiiaf ater aer si- inoeopn - rod that s woold reset te lower an effort wilt be mtedse toebigeal ebort Illness 'with 'influenza. Shbr Aelve Pigho waged. "N'iow,-Mieng cen die bleemed fl powers If they ceompelled her to So eo. in atleedance In wear masks. recently-. reterned flewc Newr Tork, his-fin t-ciae was plaed, haowever. plague, s-nd. It maboe do n-carte' of Theaters nstrueed Ike rulesasa cc-- Sherman Be-ewn. clerk of the Die wresesetthe summwer eludy. aeuon aotive measues to figbt the make a feet. i-t copper can new dtrs, trial court. will recoinmend b Ohe hytet'm idteta l euycek e ma "che Inhea4s4to Inage- let Dener. aso4 astabhilked is the mernitual audi- knew ene of ree crooksC drew a hanker, tars "If thee- don't they bane Sc department' and the clerk's eeffo ait.d her hbis-d were divorced about tsrumc, wherc s-il case. whioh could Honest, palI today's de first time In leave. many- of the clerks havee alread two years ago. hul he waa at hec-r not be fared for In te ally tloepieals x months I've hean pStteentie "Boy a mass or tie yoeur heedker- donned mask. voluntarily. heodside wher shu died- Two ohildrcen, ( wloar In this wasneer expert aceeel. Gee. It's great welin' around t-hisf onef-yoer face w the ot-der UN SU REDRo -BA Ine, 1, ndVlrllia,13 suvie br, ta a rided to,pearly every towe nsd hceetin' Shot cc mapper net alparn whe anaseket U S UR N E enmeshedrs r. 4 idFr-Isace n netinwspevne lut olal t ic ouo ete ula 11ui ir al o.l lo oal shofre Je.. it die d isease.c1a.demereeon hoprevesteswalkt alen dibe stee an yhu en' uss lt alfadznirees te-wil ndt. ntL~pt es day at Dc-dod Junttion from influenae frost running thra faicillae and nest sooerc- f atnt ser oefoqn rp -- He was a a of Cyro. W. Shores. 8r (neigiheorhoods. '0T rnebhe.Ooight up against a fy ausntn"s a~lsl to~t seSCtOvron -- 407 Corona-realt Iared ntas widetly Thj epidecic fe pratioaft- o thing bob from hindquarter. die wecete' on e te them. esNUN Inv see thaheemr knows In Dienver. Hr was emplocyedjof the past in Kasnsres Ctct- axhrc It Siniteenth- atreet, right In de aheppin' There probably has not heen a day gnDNmae sohnsgsrendered at SHar reth hIrley hotel untii recetly ws bandled with a mnitmum inter- distrct. syasi hchtehs-nne wlch 'a one that bad eperated f w~cheasatCncitrd ast l w rene with bsadss.. Th tqaty 4haa.ldidn't talgeod Ine Yearn In w hiihktlte W6 yeput oe-ttdietadd ced h Denver & Rio Ornate, Hei was a teem-lot the piepTo was set cartailed moer dIe ga asdel l ' ~T tn Aa -t~ Wrcf Ot'Aortet bc.r of the iSouth Deaver Ma.onta thee necessary, nd prevreift aa ""r Ann toea if dre..eek eec-de I day. hMen wiesgrt alesng for wesha statemet of the sublteutenant I 6 S tthe iseas an xtraprecauttan agaieet Influnen.aan lte'rao fate-teen poInts. TeCIt y n i ao Settle wan oac-t hr" a eneereal Thins aneeuceoment -ae wade last -Thten It obso urt-a ant-ient history sadies' and grots' amnscend c alosing st-dcr which ae si effect nen tnet hy Exacetirove roctaro F. Itf solcnfaderOag WeebinetonpPhoecfficiC 13e Ste de shopse pof mac waidsgcniedTloto.h comntiy servie. diappearnd,A.dam hebeosmes s telsi-phndspa to shp ndpbibilng.portnt. toy test hye the werld is in K e pB an FrancIsco s the only large ity I ie ~ ik tota eclipse behind te terrific prom- '. 8!IS I to Set flu egikfoves ~nqaifieyo hecie f o p a down ysrime fisrene Thd th onnan erhasf Mas is andr?or-gtoe-o Lonely People-.W W. Seria broutght ocetn d yrer etasntrol.the n, i erb for awhite. clnubevery Wedesay rven. 8 s'otac niuwber cenrea- rases hootnreduced If you Dore horn ueble 00 eb- Pereeons who re olre glasses arce oe ~rhll 31 al ftti itont dul t irati-aleooe tts a ask. m Senndkevebsr eed l sperdily driren to chooe between fera. et uoutaIeted; old and or~n -naw. Theaters, school.sdanc-e hails tegassadtems.Tebet acid alt public mecetings are now oen ever ehe fce. coverengm ness lse n enmbTebeat s-I soser alub; Progresihe Hgh - wth o eoarene oftie tirs-s. ad e~e, wes e serpnd a spouts upward In fog which clouda finea ether amesements: sighS psiss V ~ J -The fight to prevnt pneumoania crglaioee mask neclyesbave be one particular- the mask Is a Vugflswloe ahs~sds. Ttehedkerle -rrvelatioe. It aplrlsce many perceoee 140,-vssLDG 5.~..A forte de ref the Ied Ct-are to prro-inds ex- obaie one fbia Oco tatthtyatn esanta DwENg tO DG Ott urconaedittons. tee pert carc foerery cuae are glven i 11 cells gee 1Ae admiseeea tasee an will cho backes of their necks. i f you trill he reao dan oetnsigTta mcuch cedit for baa Franat-bate sue- theater- sc-met'ing plc-ce heart er tie your oa-n you'll find that it er- eening. NextS meeting and eiertlo g Losenng f ol Jontswhich have nlgla ircle, No. p.eeto fce-ps of Ret Crete nurses and vetree- a seen as gpos-eble. net eea in use since you lay on roar officers Mosnduy evnng Noe tears rendersd valuable assistanoce _______________ bach and sucked yhur. tree is 18eer Wear your masks and comeou -- A. lapt-st cheo oday progr-am eect will he wrd Oue En. pastor will TO atycece gy of innitee d by fIfteen 0,r tenecidd was revoked red a comamitc officials this enderetandlee rBoylerSlIMh 0Rev. A. H.C cmad. Ps-the- I ie Rev. Dart r.C. If. Mor-: tide- noteto 10 cc-r ofthe W. it. Wray (ted of tie T 1; thte tev. Je rant -. Aveset Rev. Rt. A. Fi tec-lan churc use ef the Fit Rev. J. C. aenue Baptlst C.- Bills of arch incise PIs Pa mieeling. te I>adit~heI hie church rillows: ',thai n view which. thn4 -She deublei sith. we. the the public I held in eecitant (today) aye of the I Dli he made Peeslandlng.w at suiesceseeni held: and the e oetified the SOUQUE' SHAPE lic I& Im I. I~ea

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