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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ JtiU l, '+a u tc cI a enoc late atndt sne i andv I e ttuairtrttttnier al'' i ny protfm int tir cars of paitry ant taterli fr tics anl akes. r ccr s' itt ' mess and evert,l 4a a l11 a 315- t. a-I ittit at No ___ eti the Permit and Pass Systems to rati Be Abolished Christmas i at Day; Internment Will per Be Continued. ehied at 1 'liMa- i ei-tais Washington, Oec. 23.-All rc ted the strictaonds ot Germas eneiy aliens withtin except those applyinig to enttry into riats of and departure front the I Tited of te States anid those affecting the power of i nteritetterrc ordered re left by jmoved toulay by Attorney Getneral ir Cltau- Gregory, effective Cltristnmas (day. 'resident This action was take on cabled in il going strtction from President Wilson, urg and and sill affect about 500,000 Gernan me aed svomelt. atirday It was explained that the Depart-:ofhe Stent of Justice would continue to exercise the power of internment of lf b dangerous German enemy aliens and tiing that the order would Ciot affect such castle, aliens already interned. to is This statement was issued at the as con- Department of Jutsticc: orp as "On the recon te rmdation of the )i te attorney geeral, the president has g, above dircted that ont an1 after Christmas i con- day lie attoriey geieral ciscoittin id. ue e orcement of all regulations led by affectin the rconcddit of male and e head- female German alien enemies ex laan, of cept thosz restrictions which apply en, and to entry into and departure from the d area. country and those affecting the of nine power of internment. ershing Restricted Areas Opened. and on "This means that on Christmas nsisted day the permit and pass systems n by a effective against these aliens will be sin ~was abolished all over the country areas (Continued on Page Two, Column Three.) Rev. E. H. Jenks Much Discussion as to "I sympathize with him in that after all these years there is so little Rev. union of the churches. We are yet t's far off from brotherhood." God Uses Natural Laws. Father P. J. Judge, of the Sacred Heart church, says: "I agree that; >f the this war and its accompaniment of* pastor pestilence and famine is a judgment:h, has of God to chasten the people who Sunday have turned away from Him. The ire and workings of Providence are inscru-;panish tblr yet He sel natural laws to 'sitians."Twenty years' ago the czar of While R'ussia proposed a world peace con sound- ference at The Hague where all in hman's' teirnational'- questions could be gree in threshed out by reason instead of the sword. Because England, France >f the and Italy protested the, represents malta's tion of the pope, God's highestrep edeal- resentative on earth, in the confer an the ence; it was abortive. Two decades How- later the world was visited by its 1e ep:- greatest war-. >f God. Due to Starvation. lin to "As to one of the material causes VI of the "flu" I believe it was due to o famine conditions and malnutrition brin among the European masses and the cent Irest of the world during the four years of the war." - Rev. Titus Lowe, pastor of First ys: "I Methodistchurch, in commenting on cause the reasons given by Dr. Jenks for so ex- the, influenza pestilence, said: "I am go. It very strongly inclined to agree with tant of Dr. Jenks." to the Rev., Chas. W. Savidge of the Peotheor- pies church: "I read Dr. Jenks aruch to ticle on the influenza as -given in The Sunday Bee with great interest at the and profit. I fully believe th,the k a-penty, aS wiet as rast tig anft Sfish A general order prlhihsb the i:\ mericans front huring meats or fats from the Germans, hut bv a y system of trading soap, as well as., IOWAN, DEAD HERE' IN HO5IMTAL, HAS~ WOUND PON HEAD Clayton Deeter, in Altercation at Hamburg, Ia., With Step son, Soon After Marriage. Clay"to "Deeter, age 40 yars, for merly of Milwaukee \is., died ithe Nicholas Sen hospital Monday of peunonia, according to the physi cians attetndinig him. The body which is at the Brai'ey & Dorrance undertaking parlors, shows a wound on the head. He was brought to the hospital about a week ago. on the day following his wedding, by Mrs. Deeter. Deeter's step-son Louis Mortimer, is out on hond in the home coun ty. charged with assaulting hinti with a' neckyoke. Mrs. Deeter, a widow, owned a small farm near Hamburg, Ia. Si became acquainted with Deeter through a matrimoial r:gency, and they were married in Nebraska City a week ago. 1' i alleged that when they re turt'.' to Mrs. Deeter's farm they were met by Mortimer, Mrs. Deet er's sot, who told his stepfather that he could not remain. Words followed, with the result that the assault occurred. Deeter was uncon scious in Omaha until the time of his death, according to nurses in the hospital. Official Involved in Zabern Affair Invited to LeaveStrasbourg t Paris, Dec. 2.-Baron Zorn son Bulach, former secretary of stateC for Alsace-Lorraine, tas been in-r vited to leave Strasbourg, accord ing to the Temps, andw ill retire to his estate in Baden-c =aron Zorn von Bulach was a' secretary of state itt Alsace-Lor raine at the time of the Zabern af fair late in 1913. 'Pie Zabern af-a fair was started by Lieutenantc Baron von Forstner, who ridiculedc the Alsatians. During an outbreak several eeks later the lieutenant i cut down a lame shoemaker with tis saber... The affair aroused imdignation in r the Reichstag and the offending lieutenant and other officers were tried by court-martial. They wereb acquitted, but the indignation of the Alsatians brought about the resig nation of Governor General von d Wedel, his secretary of state, and t other officials, a TWenty-Seven Injuredw in Wreck on Wabash Road it Danville, IIl. Dec. '23.--Twenty seven passengers were injured,s t'o.Q seriously, when Wabash local a 'trains No...3, due it Dannville this hi evbarkmnent near Attica, nd5 from aThe mos' seriously injured. Mrs. Charles Yarbrough of West Lebant-c on, Ind. and William B~Ier of State Line, Ind. nyere brought tof Danville, hospital. p Mexicans Are Reported to Have Slain Spanish Consul o Havana, Dec. 23.-Don Leopoldo ta Ocejo, Spanish vice consul at Puru- cc andiro, state of Michoadan, Mex.; recently was a. cap. sa tain of the Mexican igovernmnent fo forces according to'word here to- m day,, - - ha 'It was also asserted that there was considerable unrest in Mexico.. A B0IShevik Deigation from Moscow Arrives in Berlin b x cra 1uppues>tr medr ria.;President and Wife toOccupy ith the P"nlvan dinners1fy i'miral Mayo, comm The Gernin weii"satier fo1recat f r Buckingham Apartments, itvy asecort, will at ( Iristan iis: Ctinly. 1robafIy York harbor just in tin snow.pUsed Heretoore Only zrcat peace review by by Royal Guests. lieoNai) Dniels Thi Itough officers on loIInn Dec..-.-"The Belgian du"u\lrtiiral Grant, c, siitc." icserivcd excluslveh- for hiome fleet", wer otrc'mail gicÂ~ten utrtil n++r,., istll be, c to slate the Po AK US ' citietl hr Prcesidentiaitd Mrs. \\' it-- isard cruising sq gKson tidrng, theirrstay in Loonn. n:iunced that the r. In thet, years of its interesling his- hips "would not pass ul.A "E L H E tory' it hay had within its walls mnany Liberty before 9 o'cloc crowerid-l heads, one of the latest, ing of the 26." hnt the least mentioned at hucking- Progress to Be hai palace, being the forier Ger- Dismissingreports State Board Makes Spanish uman emperor.e gr t It was g inert its:tnamie datritig craLtt fightsinig craft fre Influenza Quarantinable Dis- nt r \'ictrias n"reigntautl "as l- waters might anchor i iiinkc ae lorismnitas day, reforte ease; Chamber of Com- hu "itItBelgiatu-, wheniroyalt lowing moriingfor the merce to Protest. ranettaidere. ' the vice adiralas assist _____tPrtes. as\t the requecst of Presidnit \i that in no case would son, wi\hon evidently foundi that too make their appearance Business interests of the city arc much is biing crowded into his harbor before they ha areused oser lie orher of thne State short stay in Englanti, the proposed presidential yacht, Ma'. hhidinner at Lancaster house on Sat- ite navy's cimha nirday night has been eliminatei. bridge. It was more iniltuenza a qunarantinable disease. '4,-is was to have been a finction said, that the home-ci Notice to this effect wsas received Ionilly second to the banquet at Buck- progress would be tin hly (ity 1ftualth Cotisisnioner aln- inghaiiii ialice Friday night. n- Antbrose channel in the - st.cadh of thte lanca ster house han.. of Tlursdeay inortnimg,1 n tug and the order is no being Buet' rieir I.hoyd Gcorge will en- nets suhtil steam up tl: placed i elect as rapidly as the tertain the president at dinner Sat.- rdt e formation, arrivint quarantine cards can be pint u.- irida, ti imict the wiar cabintet. Islanl between 9 and It was stated at the Chamber of '[hose in charge of the details of In Wlreless Conmt Commerce that a protest will be the arrangements, Particularly the V;ice Admiral Grant sent to the state hoard just as soon officials at Buckinghatm palace, are throughout the day itt as possible. in view of the tact that at times puzzled over the ticeties of tunication ith Adin practically all doctors agree that etiquet. the result of the unique sit- members of the former this is a useleF' measure. ution that there will be in royal b the com mander-i 500 Cass:" in City. guests at the palace. The,. puz- givet no informatiot The disorganization to the busi- zles, however, have been only of exact time of his exp tess of the city and the state is momentary duration, except among' off the coast. Howev pointed out. II Omaha at least 500 some of the aged attendants, who Isoises iiilI b uhutraltt itnit ai-Iwtoeeha e hens castintg shout for guid- iere exchnanged comple homes will be quarantined and~ nonehv en atn botfrg iments for the review of the people who li\-e in a houser anice. It is understood that they land parade of returning where there is even one ca(e Of "tu'. have been informed that it will he their officers will be permitted to go out unti four plain "Mr. \Vilson" and Mrs. Wil- t wing to d'elay, by si clays after the fever has gone down. son President Wilso ceases to destroyers and smaller 'Dr. Mlanning stated that te would \Vhen Pest Wilon ases t overseas fleet, it was not protest, though lie agrees with e the,guest of France at Calais at 6000 officers andcemen, I other doctors that the absolute quar- British oclock Thursday morning the tIe complement of R antine can have no efect. British admiralty will assume theRomnsaderAr role of host. The president wilg Rodman's and Rear Adr no to"e opinion o practicay al directly from his train to a cross- battleship squadron, w uslesaid, the quarantm e channel boat,probably the Brighton,;the parade. s useless. No other state or city which is an admiralty-controlled This will start imme lhat I know of has made such an vessel. The steamer will be escort- the naval review, prob order as the Nebraska State Board ed by a flotilla of British destroy- after noon, and upon it of Health has made. None of the big ers, as well as seaplanes, if the shore leaves affecting national-health organizations has weather permits. The crosing will be every officer and man al ven hinted at such action. But I am in charge of Vice Admiral Sir Roger turning vessels will be inder orders of the state board. I J. B."Keyes. feet, an't protest." ' No American crews are inclu'ded Atlantic Fleet in V Absolute and Strict. in the plans' for the escort. The Awaiting the overseas The quarantine will be as absolute American army and navy will par- they will join in thrl grei and strict as in the case of smallpox ticipate in the reception only up the harbor, 4,200 o.r any of the other more serious through the attaches in the diplo- men aboard the west A contagious diseases. matic service. Vice Admaril Grant'sI Big, blue cards are now being home waters, today w trusted tc be tacked on the houses Â~L s D * Tleaves at their homes n place of the present "voluntary" LostLDattal1don ead York or "liberty" for a. ards which merely signify danger. themetropolis.Thisfle After Tuesday it will be a misde- toB eDecorated oday Iebattleships arisfev neanor for people to leave or enter - with attendant craft. a he quarantined houses. With Public LerEmony ing the bulk-of the naval This order is made by the Ne operated throughout th raska tate Department of Health. Chesapeake Bay boasts, ty Commissioner Manning re-.; "protection of the Ame eived a letter from the hoard Mon- but the training of 35,t lay morning, stating that the board te battle convoy and pa nsinmbde sasn isleave Dur- -.ishare in the conflict. fningble hiee The' quaraves Dr Though composed fann ococeTeqaatn ships of the "old'ia" 'ill apply not only in. Omaha but hree that saw servicci Fine $15 to $100. Grant's squadron will b The quarantine, according'to the thse nations's newest d tate board's order, is to continue for j the electrically driven?3 period of four rdays after the fever " which came into port tt as subsided. A finte of $15 to $100 crutise undertaken to 'et provided for n'y violation of the tsties for its type of prc uarantine order. - these records, naval, o Thte only diseases heretofore that jwould be based -the ni same untder quarantime in Nebraska tion of the departmnen 'ere smallpox, diphtheria,,scarlet fu~.~..- - tore construction aloe rver, cerebro spinal meningitis and.. 5-'A The Mississippi, sister oliomyelitis. 'exico, though equippe Soldiers Get Furloughs. urigeng nes also wi A report that furloughs of soldiers t Fort Omaha were being canceled - - n account of the influenza is a mis. President Wilson 0 ke, according to Colonel Wuest, nmmanding officer. "It is all news to me,"ie -coloneJ Washington, Dec., 23. tid. "I have been signing furloughs stated authoritatively ti r the boys to go home over Chtrirt Wilson will'opposein't as, all dsy, and this is the first -'' regt fashion- prppoaj' ad heard of the repott." LT..CQL. C, W, WHI'TE.SSFY source to sink the wa Bo.e.. C rendered by Germnany mgrjcan eGenera lInjred l4 tDlesc u no, ot terms of the armistice.

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