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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~V provemen o- ar-.;r rnia, New 'fork,?Missouri. Scntucky. wero 'recorded In the lash 24- hours- ICU q t e There tcet'e only 1.0 admisslotts and l ShON Proof. of Alle,all P' iolcav Illinois, North Dakota, Ohio, ' _....; ".;R fr YLw St' It _% to e ti. 190 _, discharges.. Following are men sn ashington and U"Ischasin. C.onditioa, T V - from Ohio who have died within the * ee described as. satisfactory in Ore=,. day:' Elmos Mi agar. t2. Wadsworth; q _ ena 1 t eu Xlinnesata West Cirginia and Arch Williams, 213,. Spottsvll}e;- 4r tie Te esaee. refl. 22, Vt. Sterling; Edwin J: To provide additional funds for fight- " New York. OctobSt*w04 Qt o.lit! sue. h nes,, 21, Cardington. Roy llcLenan, t'!ag the epidemic Senator I.PR'iF, of Tilt33. Jameaville; Othar Ret-ero Chalfant, t Baba, financier, in aas appeal t -da%-- xtols, to-day introduced a bill In the o 21, Cambridge; C, E. Sherman.!2: i ""to.,43tierlca3t5 of Gel ifian; desegnt:Senate to appropriate 1tt,000 0t,.) in ad- At ac on 'Wall Bit ore 13ellevue, and James L. Barry, Crow n which he referred to it iia ge3pg n dltion to the S1.000,000 already provId- City, Ohio tags of c erman names '"inh 43ner.l=. n ed-by Congress. The money-would-be -- ---- - ingtptt G 4 xpended through the Health Depart - - can army ca. ualty lists ^tmport wed sn nis of states and wimicipalitios, SITUATION IMPROVING. '--r t V,4Rgl tial lac sAi a. titent to '-attain'I elf. 9Aepua r. Rar n-u n e u The Supreme Curt to d.<< announced $aaton. Octols2r lf: All reports receivedur outdo our feltoxv citizens 'oS,'nattr l' + -that its recess, w"hioh wa.- to 'have ter- at the offices of the State Department of +;,,.. sera urinated nest 'Monday, will, be Rxto nded Realth u to to-night indicated that the birth in subscribing for. tl+e ^fo bII OQ 0g6; 0 +n ita t' 1 r 5 tittttl October:ti. Influenza epidemic In this, state was near-' liberty loan. de+S IlAI p T ' %I To prevent further overcrow di r. In in its end Reports of many new cases a o rctt an sett 1 " a g t After bitterly, as.wsling lialseriuu Washing-ton while the epidemic con- were received from Western 34assAchu e7rPFen arty the e) 3 u 10r dishonoring all Children t tl e f tat Â~a t iaues the War Depa+tmant to-day setts. but Dr. Eugene R. lCeii)-, i chae State::.,joined other Government departments Health Commissioner. said this had been Fatherland, Alr. Kahn deolar4d Ott: t ffi t hl, asFlntp a. b to directing that only entpin) ees abeo- expected, because of the late start of the " 'the war may be over before very lung.. ellena Fit soil o "a' t4 I -lutelyessential to the cmtdu.'t of Gov- disease in that section. In the state at aThls tnay be fife last chance 1i con btlll' a.+' "arnment work by allowed to come to whole'there was a decrease of 80 in the ~ }) qom rp a t qt an Q.ii a tinued" for some of us to obtain Washington until further notice. deaths reported, as compared with yes-;,the -"f -- terday, and new cases decreased by one adequate place.In the pages of tiled ere,;fr)ci;,i n, din, half. letl, of honor of liberty loan eua,hdur i'stubalp n apps PTI on ALL PUBLIC GATHERINGS, - scriber, T;Mbe pages will stand aq a for gd'd tXonal fn t l tt W" HOMES FOR CONVALESCENTS.!a Perpetual record, as eloquent. as the - Not essential To War Work. Are of whic t r e e<t4A ei. R r e Prohibited in. Illinois. New Tork, October 17.-The residences casualty lists." five. 31add q )lino i a of several wealthy New 'Yorkers will he '"A1'e men of tlerntan descent have a denounced the hit "o rr -. Chtca o, October E.-Further drastic opened to-morrow as convalescent homers special reckoning to mal;o %vlth Bait inefHclotlt""'jn m n tra on a etepa'to t:hPrl; the spread of Spanish in- for Spanish influenza patients, Dr. Royal it was "tilie(kawIth, dlP S. Copeland, Health Commissioner, an- sexism," said dlr. Hahn. "The whole 4 +cs,.?Iluenza In Illinois Nvei-e tahen to-night by ~ Rao cSentait e'st'fea t a), df a a ot:nced to-night. Vacant houses also world has been hurt and wronged tthe State influenza "ommisslori when a have been obtained for use ns convales h)" Yrussianized Germany $8 t nft'er chusetts. Reji lie n? dPfen tiÂ~e bU Ha

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