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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~=+,,.-considering the Issuance of an order DthRay o;: _Ng 4,r - riJ en l h tr;.'h e gelosTch R e T:;---- rons and s ToaReleas.public gath+...,:' ering. f~~~~~~or &rtiot:agrewnent=. itz -ole-: < ~ ho niunzT~cin.Clsn goes-ahe hvetbeen issued r' % ': ~~~~~~~ly Americahns.ersn tr-" h - ~~~~~~~~~~Nearly l.0aDt new cases of Influenza and frnsI xetdt e.Sedn Vs -Hdeaths.4ere rep irted to the State London,reprisentati 'ea of the War 2frade: ";^Health Board this forenoon. A seriotua Board. - - ync ~ Maady ontouutTorSrea ~~s:rpred at he ood cam The niotlatl a s,"erabuhtt.a a in berry in the northern part of the c"e.lnd.faluetoacet n-aremn in M lt v 5coaliies. More than 74X) cases were reported this pandis.oailurecid edaon;-bec ase o e-mrigI eri;teeaeaot'.mnopsto n.h't errence. the FCou -" k__ - cases iii Kalamazoo and reports from oils' Holland now hues deciided. ft became al er cites show an- increase. known to-day. to retease:'from h ter-port. War Department Issues Orders That Cuce.tetr n ulcpae approximately 50.000: tones of idle. qhIj- 'lh of al kinds were ordered closed in Kala- pn ocryIb-blne-fgandetx' =- only N ecessary Workes.May nazoo. Hattie Ct.kLansing and Adrian hein oacrdanctje wih te tro Prasdeta t 7 to-dy. idnt \ lson'g offter otif l a arh.which Judgee Go T \!ahingon. - today.- -prov-Ided 1(00,000 - tons of bread tsr eals. the. ire r*slBattle Creek. Mich.. October 1i.-Fur- hats to comic frbim -the lUnlted States 51d bnd C-- her improvement In health conditions at h1mf-mSoth nsrpsdMos o.te - ismr o' ster was shown in to-dlays re- wheat from the L'iItied States has-i been'eill in W ashingtonn. ('cr 1 7 -The Public lport of the Medical Department. For shipped to Holand little b k little.. - istrp eattt Rrun w i a--;vV~t ~retht twenty-fourrhotur period ending ati Holland's change of. atcibm fed Nelt Se+i.en"wisa sv ~ * tetngIa m, there were 24 deaths from pneu- totecane.~niatr Senatol 'the fight against tipsili influenza 1n5.m mnia. This- mpas'es with 42 reported military sltuation. ' 1'-- t an;.. '51 states. in addition t.,time whole ofr aeslerttty -Horning. The numsber of pta'Kew Fngisnd gtud the Dislr:cl of tkol- ticnttsin the hospIWhsl ass 1-awnrcdttec4- - IAIJfl of ol bia. Partic-ular atten~tiontssbeline given - to roidng nuse fr heric, nd*U- EW RECORD IS MADE. 'o Rev. John Peass Poiethsn plying physcians for t-otm'tle-s where in ithoist irls:n-Po neth.o _ thedoctrsearhodist C., r-etea. rSena thedocorsareutiiema eel alltllsCleveland Reports Eighteen Infin--: Private funehral' i4ces for fleV "Johnsl this -H+ 'm~ade on them. oa eabinOeDy Pearson, D. D. retired Methodist,.lmi-rieo in spite of these ir"c-I cer measures -naDah nOn a.reo Ceieland. Outt.,.. Octobey 1;.-Eight- lter. who died. Wednesday of Infinensa,. eqr " taken by the P:ihiic health Servie, In are to be held at Vlsee Chapel. Ninth.btr 'co-operatIon with- state and local atihort- een deaths " from Spanish influenza, a street. Saturday- morning, with burial 1ien ti 'tie. te eideic ontiuesa srea innewm:4-hour record, were reported to: Fernclife Cemetery.' Spingdeld. Ohio.:, differet the' City I ealth Departnment here to-: Dr. Pearson for several years wagaPre- leal-Je = many sectitons. ln others, however. rar- - aiding Elder. of the Methodist -Church.- - iluai nprsofNwEgad t ap- ). bringing the total to date tip to Secretary of the Ogneral Board oft's- s f-erid ipears tq hat- reached its -rest In a few New 'oeastotal 3.445. I tees of the Methodist Church, a mem ber -Tha"' staten th'e number of new ri'es is sha- fi r. George "Titbbh A. Roe. former - of the Board of Trustees of Christ Boa' prom-lu logderese. estern Reserve footbailrse. died in- tital end pastor of Methodist Churches bods 'fs ecese, nCincinnati. Springfield and Dayton. bns New eases of influeza all camps dad- of pnetumonis. He also was Field Sretar3- of the Impost -during the ta-enty Tot:r-hoi;r period +,p ixi deaths aond2of new cases were American Bible Soaiely In nine states- Chulrn to noon toe ted 4.4so agra~nmi.R~ there&-rted at V',ungitown to-day. East His widow and twa' children survive A L. rpot reported 43 new eases, and him.A day before Pne'msmst~recars lotreaseed i- ases were rep- rted at Dennison:-." taxpay from Itc9i to tItk' and deaths twrre rio. 1":Cven cases ace reported In one family TY Ytf1'T'h ion o -a -Iecre-c front; esterdsia -xtmiai at Piqua,. which reptorted _: desthtssRi dsusigteipoedcni ic atrdy ed stir ^,% in aromy -,amps tai-day Sec-retory tSndusky tad four deaths and 40 rad new canes, and t.orain thiree deaths. - _______ Senate * 3ak-c aa:,1 no tint- hod h.ero decided Not w:thstanding firs deatha, at Find-*ttp c f-mresuinlo h- inditit-an of lis' I--dat. offcials report the eplidemic Ts Assiled By BaRngeratsbeenu regiatranta intolb' rnips The mitli- abatng.Â~ 3O,.tU ~ st-luL tr stlrit r-bbvnIt fix no utr de, its brought Canton's inor. Bymittee nittyt., 16, and shout 1:,0 neaw cases_____frg del-- tin';the er-d-mt.-...bap~s furtherl- - bitene brtide-i-mrc - Tteidal.. I - - proofl r- Rel".t-t r 0:;'nfit.-nagt~netation re-- OHI_-0t- () -.receiu HOSLIWDE ilr cii el by tIL-TlilbI - stealth Servire to- arta icimis ro1st en ztsa. I anks To Boost Loin. the an day fromta 33 stat- s siiwed that the die- TA-mitvitte, Ky.. October 1 7-Ciondi-. rtandl eass had rca--lint rpidest:i proportions ties attending the influenza epidemic - of taxi at Camp Taylor showed materiatlin- in cxc inNehraska and it as" spreading in Cattt--a N Tiin. t'siti.Kenucy.provement to-day. Thirty-one deaths' Men Reared Abroad Are Urged To his ta is- o";.NwZ""k tsnui enuk.wre recorded in the last '4 hours.- Disc owe. litinns. Nnrth Dakota. ibis., There were only 121) admissions and' Show "Proof of Alleg, -ce. the -Wi 1Vasi;ngt-"n anttis isin Candittons 110 discharges. Followtng are men To America."a nuttee were deocrboti A+sastieatsr. in Ore- from O~hio who have died w ithin the.wics u wein. ittos,",a. ts t Virgin 't and iday. Elmots Meager. 22. Wadsworth; Sontl I n.Tnniarch Witliams. -a. Spottevilir: Actie away1 T. r--r"tit'dr 'finds rfo- fight- }' Nff ],t.Strog Ediron ". New Turk. October.- Otto H. ogthP'r'roe-s.,a t41, ii- --araigton. Ry -~nn the thea-t".leer,!t4ar!Recero#. f lflnt Kihn, financier, in an appeal to-day I1 i.. t -- iii- irt'---.."-ria hill -n th.?, "ambridge; C E. Shermn. 'to AmericansAptfGerman descent." Ins S~t-e1 tI"" p' -i-,-Ad t. i ova a- flilem te. and Jsmes I.. -Barry, Crown, mciich he referred to' the large pecen-'Ata eltit--b --y ii - -ed" rovd-eCtr. hi- ilaeof German names in the Amneiimpde~-----part- - Itan army casuaity lists. importuned W'ai miii, of so'-' lnt-d - nsi- s SITUATION IMROVINIG. 'thins to "satrain every ncr's to equal polai Thr S ilarrt. ', '-. R ncrd Beston. Octobsi 17-Alt reports receivedar tatr-e.. l.i- sete-a heo..tso teSae eatmn f i-s otdo o...r-fellow c itize."ns ofna tre action _ tps-clamticninca o-I. wth se co-,ntr oms. Dr. Copeland saidad these wias wronged and hurt before. But--theea- DC i sm e~nt of the G ov eenttr. firbidding "ali pitb- wiii he fitted up and opened as fast as hitrt done to its is the deepest. of-oali, fw esi atherires of a social nture not ab-I nurses and doctors can be provided tor' Our spirtrflnh ne aas e oulutely essential to war work.- them. -- stolen frc iu- us by impious hands -.and gairdf--fugtt~ h utr.epa nmknganuh cdce snlmto Inmain it- - set veaonithe MADE SPECIAL EXM1'R The Ideals anid Irsdltlons- we-. ' eherc tO..0 ommiasionostnuncedoha ter01ro 'iIslied have been foully hosmirch-ed-. i: tO0.00 lnfiocenza canes Imi Illinois. and that sr r-t. rm. -e Te nss oorissa. o 61;indications were lb.' tmnhcr woiuldlbli iClumbus. Ohio. October 17.-Roy B. htsewr utypodo a oil osthed hfotes~t spiemicis bougtJsrntliuse. of East Springfield. was ap- been draggent into the miire. Oarcbiood:wet ouder cocinut. -Heaw cas reportedt to-day'- tointed as Special Examiner by the Slate has been dishonored. W~e hove been. bit- mlsts4 otalel ~ - Liqutr lilcense Commissioners to-day and terly shamaed by o~ui very kitis and- kin.NewTime.c.ciam:twtn. In rcfcnmtitta tootce.iasignedi to co-operate with health su- Ornms h hcm on-t sfo epub - -. o-. - imefambne. h..r. Du 5. wiliioi hi..

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