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ï~~ 1111 EN H j --in Pawtleket. Pee. 13, I Oa It r, l stta trnhelaeeodne1 tat " street, Buaas.. 1&tthe' at 2 p.t,, ieta. LIE flt!IA A~r ties and friends luelted' to attenda. ntern~et In}:rN''w 1118 -In Pawtucket, Der. 12th, 10113, I~e tw 55.5U UitM.,daughter or the late ltdinoad 8. 'andl oplam Jenks, Io her 78th Feet. Dr h in SendsNurses to "In % ' tt't, er. 1toatte1ad. Ilca u.. JF ~1( -1a l'u*irtoket. Pee. 10th,.RinS. t o~n~ HraQ ea daughter of, the late Edward It. and L.quta " " V stigte ihessesJenks. In hr lRth ear5" Vr ' we~nF anatrot1/rou her late residen'e. 17 Ba ptlat <:?": tree t,. ia rda?. fDec. 11th. at 11 'a,. M. tIet-. E flist-en ed frIends sree Infted to atten4. 6":. y CONDIT S, CAUSING WORRY' JohnSO-In. ttrllo'. R. I.: Dee. 12th, Jobs ohnsn nbnSa er uatial Stunday.. 1 1,p n. from hit s l'.:1_____cetitic e. Itilcol sreet. BrIstosl. Ielates sad Huandred of Pupils and About it friends< Invited to attend. "':r"Jt)l4.llt-: In t'uwtiket. Der. 13th. Rtalph A. Teach rs Reported Siea.--Hope Joitle, i bkla 5th )tr.retee.ttasn Street 11i8ht and Roehannbcau strtw't. Monday. Dec. lttUh. at l.r.n.ite eta s tlte and frtend, ae n' i'ed to attend. 10 - A senu G(rammuar Schoola Partic- (Ieet ' fitit st rini ham, llan' ^. ~K rl}.fl --ltIn4t '. I., n.onthe 11 pttlbet., ularI7 Hard Hit. 1Itarrict F.. widow of Janirn 'Keech, in her teports o esv lns rog Fitneisi cr~en ter tsttrlav fternotA tat 1 school cilidren in this city have he- frnciend- er Into, d e otende eeie n come o persistent. that ttuper.ntottleflt 1Ol~ th tisite. t, emthe 12th laaL~e of Itesilt Chapin yesterday morning Alice, wife of Stpntford l oveletv -starters Investigation, through the 'nerot frontterlee tiroec. 31 (oonna schol rusee In t. lastthre of he lye's. Ilnosa'. the 1t11h 1tin1,.at 8:30 a. in. schol cuteeItt t lest tree f t e ntiatiteral misn at 4.S tl rcho('beech at city's *sii Ole. tI 'ctock. Rtelativen and fricotin are Inrited to Thttrsd1a reports were received at the attend. achool department att City Hell to the,tAt:1:1+:tn Biltow. flee-. 12th. FllzallethIy effec"t 1lbt about 100 children at the'tir of il late Janm.. Magee. In her 781taear. I 'iiiw'rmlfront her tote residec,- 61 tay,'-sew Ytocharnh au avenue school wsere IIIl and aveanuc. Monlay". Itt'". Itth. at 3 o'clock. 1I&. that a. 1 rge number at the Niagara tee n sd fiiends are salted to attend. P'Iea. street sc onl were also out. onait rower". Yeslel v morning the school depni't- hl"EI.IIEEI, Iq lii' '11y. on the 121h Iht.. mert rer ved word from the Hlope htie~d Ite It. datiirttec of Ellrn T. and thle late " NltrMiei.t. M.Iitnaeti.aged 10 Tear". school th I of 670 puplse In that schoot. tters! frost Ier late reoldene. t04 Flotle se 10. were t present unable to attdnd the n'treot. liundac. lie. 15th, at 1:30 ocio.".rk gtestlons ceu1 c of inicknesa. h''tat lit. Teresso Claire-it at:Io'clock. Ieta The con itione among "the school teach- th1; ond fienduin ra ited t l ]ote1 t era. whil somewhat better than Thurs- Anna' t'detIn'Pof Thee.ottsticerath 4at day,. are lit a source of worry. 1tish etc.'et. Cranli inn. The lep rtment was called upon eoaler- logerat fron thtte qi'ence of her moa her, day mno leg to fu riqte 49 sialbstitutes. Mrse., tridget 1;44l. 7.! Dyer sienne. Cra n to., e which it did succ-esstally, exept nn Atinrats t1'th. t 5:S. Itaqt.emmetat single ins nee. Thursday them' were 56 andi friend"'orc+ isri rid to ati"etld. Bulrsaa Vacltndies among the teaching force and gt. Ann r ('elatnt' ry. only 491 c uld be illed. lMc>IANU$ In Art tof R. LIon the 11th east. ('stiterlne. istoiltec I, the tate 2Michael Co anander to Visit Pont. inetil fro eotti. tto teidene. on rtl 'Â~treet, on iiat Ttta. le 14t1l Intl.. at 8 *Muskioc C.'.McKee' ie. Commander of a. on.. Reqtile urta fet St. Jnaes Chu4 the Rho e Island I~e'pactme}i I. Gratnd 0 crimleA Rata tvneresl friend; ae te n t ~i Army of he Republic. with hlsI stat wt at te$d. Plese mttl'tery.. I -~----- payan lical isit~ ~~ t., M;ART1tltdetarc:le, hilsat..on the Ii payaeofficalt-.-fa68 t -npire m trost. this nd.Mary A. )f((' rthe. ds4htbr of the ' '" a,1ur s 8Frn esre.ti n ho a Ioa 'trie!'tcCartbyr age 1t'ye n!tro t 1o'clock. A' n sical and NtIe of funnti totr. "or ltrary nter ininent will b provided M MAIION-ItI t'a locket, lcen.12. T as. 1 ulver hv t e embers of the post 4nd others. MCI shot.i LI the sain.I~ n me bers of the etca' Scout ftr"' ot audy )' il,:0 o stnye. Stra. ) 1t, nd.813.Ru Troo ti u1 der rge of Capt. "ickers. It ma In.1t. 4ouepi 't Church ht 0I0 ooe will;- e. opt omeeting. Ru al at lMt. "t. I rye Onemetory. Re tic j ~~and frlenads are Iladel to atten. YLIed) ats ' -' ai 1 1FH-tn dials c t, on thq 12th Int:S4 t w,;_ A1~RIAGES. mittttwife of P'attich F. MclNiff 1 ItRi -OISOK" B s-, Yneat tatntat yhorntng, t e 14th t1 vo ttarityF m13'p.KA the 'lde'inre8f- Octlk.feobi he late rtel nce 236. O di,4aebr1th, 1018, by IR v! Augta, nrttte;asa e ' f.1 Il t,' Cltaa JEtWnS tock t 1t' alter (;tI. reet h!6ell st ae' etl1 o hckO-. ~c-LII. Rellr dsh lfrito aitarr 1111 I hI EATo *Â~" ". lit dAtiotthlle tego. e. e t heta > 1-In: t I-I._ldete "'Dee77:12 " P:n" T rr m her i tIe i teo.. Yd0,' ' rf' L84 g II+ Seg. o. F. a Cot d.t 11/08/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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