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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ srecars.were seen on yWashgton.;' Mrrieon, Broeaiway and tilerstireets ithe hettof the city. At 7:30toclce the Weshigtont treetcare cree ac ticeily wiihceicpaeeetgete. and the cn getict cc those carriers, which it wee fearecd eight aigimetnt the spread ci Influentea. aitomtictliy edjusted Itself wit the Issuiieefcithe Meyor's re po lmto aitlwaty Tafe Haricu eie. Officials ci the Pcritlad Rflwacry. Light & Pewer Ceempaty estiemated yee dey ibt ith t Itssee,.financeily. preb ahiy wouid he greater that the.of a c tercnce rn it Portlandsar scit cf the heaith regulatiots, both it caaeee. ted dceceseIt the amoeteecof electrieity teed. Litiie ceplinit wee heard cc the getty iifbhelthreguliticne. All ap peered trelie the grimwnecceesity icr prcimpt ted iorcihie metibds te tembthe the dreed etaiady that bes tide Its appearcnce to.c degree that threatets t get heyond control. MetIeyIndividuai saeerifiiee are eng made by various busieseecIntereets. bet allithutet emurmur ci diestiisfaction. Every tudent cc the tewpue at Reed Ceiiege weesceftully exawited by Dr. Bech. the houeeephysician. yeterh.dy. ad ntteewaefundtiehave been It dangeyofcotiracting epanisb 4 Ilue. acoinlg tanncm t mde yesterday afterteon. inerder tetifeguard tudenie cnd ii aiit rteetinig eaecped cithe cn ice. e, triegenti regulations were promulegated liy thoeeit iharge ti ehe Intitution. ihiwemog iheseebe leg the tee which became effective ati 10iocelocbk ltnight. forbidding tc dents t ener or t dbce the cemcec un til the quareantne in lited. Thescre cboiti100tud ects ffciieted by tis Codr.lelge stoles Ace Drastie. ecter perecnscmey eeteriteed Cliege, saecencimpoirrtantibusinees ad by gerwuetulecfcsetcr ie whoe onduty. iaclty ciewbeswit 'fined Ineceesary totceaveLest Moreland o erecery liusiness wust report it Dr. Beach. All windowes iinte welt biding must he bept cieced. If with outescreene. ted windews with ecreets, wiii he kepi open. 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WASHiINGTON, Oct.-.The eidemtc in$ en tieibenctbs-Sp atcii sh ititteecee laet,eeing wth of h~~~teite h. cSpaetesh influecze, which ba ececd neue." eaid M neetectFleeher, oei-the c1 imed ie iet itifirstz Bipi w erw e elctidi qrt Streng, atd twiniecio i teoidier Girt' inmpany yesereday. 'I I1,i.Senineldtcet. ibe hell ieeL ditittedh cil he tewed ty, rerd oy ceite et cie s ieee'~ sever etperienced seci a itueaton aeat tteei SeccrtietiHoepital, Whe ine to:e,from the riter ndabtremetd ee ih ccgie confronte we tew. We lnet Tacoma latee- Md-tc ii-lic-t e.tii v~hs fi ~i~ epartments. 'etctDite Tuesdcyand Wpnesdayiareitnattatceetead Tccert Wdedy cei cpdic'S.Spit 4e te usn e 41tet' in amoA cth re tee ie wng the eivilin populiatoterwincet wet ticee Aherdeen tunday' end Cnp- Detibt c h eas~ eeer ehi itt t. Red Cross workers. eeihea b etcitei ii Denver -whtls on the frayett til wee eceledkcci atee blre at h ulcHat ev cceWdtdynih.Te ic ci Cetbe ehipyards, ted wee 1tic itl'lui tbpniSete c ib ece Ice Breutonight, but oeficilstisid ccicee ewrei eebeee iddtti whet he reached Pentleeti ati L, le.Pepweeseite nhecting had beepb neceied to Indicae neetiebcttheter thre ie ~t~i~. * Nt tepericr nehetce410 08,1eqe 14hR Your, 5 wlhe eeent ndey teethat site malady bed even reaihedItie,butthester ere areHciwy. wHt temeer ite eeitet. 0 agsateuegnru ie teCeatetleetcr ecib tnti fTettn w eille cthe needeyte oAr Ne- aiee tecniin rm MonetaryitLCsrreslleavtedpiac 'Wedneeleteciinteee he lest;deirimh e etoeey seitealnt tielieknecvftler.tedtierit PterStuet s' miArmyesihtdti i h hneeeiictrteiiett toi-pewHealthOie cee aishte eped fomwii Acclis ateftdlhoirs tided it nooetoeder, bet,. lifte and e wil reman in ohtladh.luyrhgerded ii headquerters pneumonia teace inceased tier yestei hindtedwe iiiremic t Pctind- itm hi. chamber window, suifering eand as ilCsitediicnbiig tationefrm di ilnc ccicpeed tth utnesconditions'ccite cidund tm iexposure that is believed i to ea- whlo depl eem b eeed dhe acy. nenzaicase eotdt h irecebeice tiee. Ile inhit roe boeitednci. e ietttrteitehisdeath. courgehocneniGcdncrreltiofnithe Arwy:?,ehee Thern es cti e eti atMulthncmah, Ceicwaibe ie.leieb, e I, nmnia ctem 28C54eddnl tcoedig WeeIc Weilt add-iqits at tna t HryBpet itdi Wbeciuetedpand, tree gteh,ISAesn- i atent l nfwTEAGHRADON'T STAY IDLE o T Pemoialaed C8tdeaths. cas ccihade Ceettlcit.edthePii petle thiheoeetie"a ewhi ttal icutbecrciiinlenzcc aseii ounmtheCoasiecrcubeendcthetdrtldndhos-iit ceegee csincee th eginning oi the _____________ ret gae igreat. promise.'"eigbt. f.s -~~CIe Pni~ ~ rahd t~tt uc Malt er fhe tIlnecsiadwil o -,?' O Instructors Pom tlyeieic s reaid 225,00he tnlt. The company wee blied in eppear tak h re fehb od. cin will7.07an eahs8,5 at Camp Lewis, teeth Bend. tpokanee,,'TrurinheidytreeccOcherLaosNe Frn d il,etaias celi as peit in Suth-, 5seciHeld HopeiesOe. -everal Campoi. e ert Decrease'.New FigdSl asen Wsig nbtword bees. PO2CbTiin, Wash., Oct. 11i-(Speciai.) Repid agreed oi the ipteemie wee ye- cf alt-esik jersey, fieished write a hand reacie ereethateglce clbetd. aihalhachcite eie.tht-Activtithies- i wartious soris ire en - ported inom Came Travis, Tec., with cii h e brachidthne thanallare tited.ortem- Sei cdi wc th wi egagicg dSpokane echooi teethers. who i117 new nanes; at (limp Dcdge, Ia.. cecitecmayaemr iri'reachid Portiend tat ittiee culd b aethimn vueiletopsfind thimsiives witit.proepect ci with 1088, cidiat Camp Mc~rthcr, Tee.. silhoisette. Alt the favnred. cncre-.which hae.nn maeeagerial head, ccddon on him.aned incictti h eea wes nleeabfrtewt 3.GtmkFntn a. eot ire ctranded wbrvein the bee ever-faeatitty cennot properly he credited te due-'.to the cloeing ci echoois by the ed more then ill new cites; Camp-- itwdwipdeeicideem Ateumberedi hem hae eiucceem' Aia.,t4E. Orea Tetee reDet i b ud ad h citci rereen-ploymeit which wiiteccuirythem dur- iMarkied echidenitci iftediceaset "ThteOrpheusmTheaterneloeed Wedoei' ad to he gectitg elong setisfctcirily. it.ggihe peioedotithe qearancice, ende wee shownI iinreportc receiced crew dir aiternoon.'"tsai taae ceGeiti' Tite total nemiter of cceseci Spenishb iigS eumber have been recutied tettrtaC cemps,.Iclutding (lCapreacet, ______________________ get yesterday. Ocr new billiwasii iueeeaIn Portand reported inote Ssaitt Cc -patriotic work. The dcciiIlit., end Dii. N. J. schedcled to opeti the etet engage' city thtt Bureac doubled in tember bdhrdc are being assicted it their wrk Pteumonie ebowed te greatet it- t eus eevdls ih meetneenday aid wee saw the ptrob- oncthefitcdayrofite enforemeet ofb3yrcee owomen etcredefromtmong treae t odeypatiCamp Dodge. wit 128 iponceteeucrteedagb ebtttyci t baingplaed nc chie t.eorder itcbidding ycblii gatheringc. the techers, end the Neil Cccsi is raw cacti; Cemp Tayhoc. 208; Ceam eRdCpm wn.lf hr eih tethrin. i Penicc intimeit ii-About i5d caset werecc tbe fitlee ii eiso'reetcieg ctcheeefiti cetheir ic-Peocinen, 192, and Camp Cucter, M iri apch.,t ei igtth t pae ior chb a contlengency. The bet- City Health OfficeecParrieh ieet night, ioced Idieee. A ccumter hbittbeenc in. *i. ite pdmnc h etcet tie Orpheum bed beet iloseed lisSt- cicompared cuit 0the tight hefoe enegaged by the N. L. PolkiCoCmpacy tin Seeety-three deaitcscero neumtcn They re mobilied by thenunrcing do cecitere end eeeere effered a chow tseMayer endec preesure iromned eeecatcity directory. nuabereeeti ci-ioerlocaloBeetnCrecheeher st Icier deveopments It Portlacd. elthb ffcil.Aconrps ci teacher. rew the Bryant disesenapeared, eccurred It Washing Pertent. helilgtickets t tin e. Tite physannealise thatiteepic- tchwel b ecucred were. icktingpes tociccbetween teen yesterday ted Coday. bEPIDEMIC IS FAST SUBSIDINGO ehows tre esbid to ceti it the hint demle mes ehe tcked inthoeetryeInieabrchands. New caescere somehtielessthcanJ' ocfice ted ecreeareifund ci their stage. cnd ae etaklig tepest reveni yesterday, totaling t4t2. An OeHa nley S New (Cates; 20 winteyfr. rw ecnt hinter them afier sra fee h i omo h NLE Z AE R E E soi a etlgOdrIsse tbe quarentie toiilifted. We aeenpit- diseaise ce. iheDwldsrmhirgiedPLEFrom ASEHAosFE ERtaleg tCarrcd. tn thebhintftile tre Ion. ibet per- --ComtesionerscOtithe DbictcociCe- DlccgdPrmIepci(nd poaet cw.' CplcatosMeet Dreaeded. Camp Lewi. Heports Only OneeDeath tewbie teday ordered emenec o[ a np-ii -the tis Mececer Motittigec pointed eet the Compictatioee whit soetitmeesifet- weet anec d m ge cti ed iti TtreItidr.Oc. 05(i i itct yesterday that thteater wec ofilow ttedisease e m oct dreadted, atid In Lint 3d Hours, hildings in a temperatcre oin lss Fot tre e ieday etrthepos aquire rtlnied ae not ia. badly ifiected byhi ealth oci alshcaresetisfited that the CAMP LEWIS, Wech.. Oct. i1.-(Spa- ttern winye es This ciobedabetake-n belpte itnee iii. t' iy bhe rerofcithe beath board aci- iepidemic ICeieing contined t winor etfteremanceromdelaintedhaddiceen eticed tal pneumonia were Widlliam Pk.A.i.-lay. C Uncle cem.,cite will lcat milionsIn ic yrmptom-largely tetause of t e pe. wa.)Ine-imr-t ee-v ed-am- dwp- eu-sle dfommrw lslin tm y8-Goread lr Atl -wme-TZi-t mee---iertvy- liwlay -ecea1TuiiT ciiiijiTgn ceed reone ~ h.beitni ey. heat.erthcene. Dillcc wee the sineofci $t nten riceipie. here, itpoted CS-tcr s hsia tdy Leeec e iie e. Tb.h te ebr iitt i I 137 ccc ourperted endicgatii P. tM., NEW TORK. Oct. 1it-Or. HermacnM. ted tens. JohenOilon, ef Fernded teali. years diuntt, en light terma ni it. cinceeeca ereni Dicta.,iStete Commicsioner ce Hetlt. e1 erec g n bini e velOpn Tbeaterc hice beent ote cithe mc et clah P-moste prted ngaine st4 eorteud yeterday, wee dircted by bhe Pcblii Health the MedialCrs, hainl beet tracs- - be sid, the Orcheum In Porlntcdbt ecr bieyerdy ttnmwthcd hvCag is 0yeerdiayccTmete dcwads ect c h uh Dpretm onlted t e rsao t xmionth t ingo.ce oevee gttr c h te n toi nrheety e ne te ee.ccet1 eterdda. Ttitompwy city tletechere today tin take chargie o teccee tifeteeo In eue 1000drn h eoloedeath. m he cptcihtInclluenzctatieelce te ' George wee to Indiae. whose.oe tooeuc iiundctgi ee rders. Alt ifieted-and they. were cmagnh'10,0 o ht ta1tc-eagtee t it te ifluenee ept' lce.wee In Wyoinig, wee ICyearesini tts The; cc pic e iiiic i ia wo-h wdetiiene oeticdemliec wes ivnict tedicil cftters Ttin ice i ccccd i ruetmehing cnd helonged tinthe (linal Artilleey siege pebrmance. It ether ctatee thee cccsurec intg. Icquiilee were The cinclad whn h c.C ietteie te tm.ybeeut clitet were faw, weeteetmam lismne hei w.It c ie idewenoritt-icy pet-itt to Crp.stceudyn)wc ce petgnIttebut bhalinhed. terpr ehe tecpbtt i whith said feer en ewere reporcteteh nreinngtpuhglepiee Py-the MedittialCres. He wee it tears ci Ti.a ee wiie citeOt-. ie ci iatnMye. ithe iinlcwerte tinder sufeiring misc mhere to thetsthle witbhoit--abric tge acd hi. home we. to Lapser. Much,. al pheew Theater it Portand, acii f cei n a heMyr' [. Influenza. g tie mceut ernoeee.h fbi ncerals, with fmu wilitanry hocnt-s, whom aecvirt-uillyccnaforceod case- War Wirk Will(eatOc. Soe.ocithe tcase'reptetd a ttew crewSeptebe cii tc1 s ehnewere held et Fert Stee.sthuisufet-: Ver'y lio eno. -The 1S cirl teberse.allifci Noitceriference 5withbantiniceociintotdays rpt-t o tteetity should be.h aea eevti eeuncit iiceiody ther no cec teg cc ieseeite ade dc whew litt with telativesait-ioitui- miliary importance irt-te e eeetialbeet Included Intintib epot ci yes- thetrtytcnd 2752ecaesficeumonit hiscone ndigiohediespecivewoecde hof l me~~ ~~~ qrfte. Mn. MiUeitimi iystre.nit eelnbuttoitheiiwtnleiig ocrih. witar,"wee the tet-dap. * heb rwltlec iment the deceased. VttUS S o tbeir ew esorcee.wholly,.nare n crrdset t ciby- MberrBaker tiese re ctweslt.while tt-rensre stilt a earew mee Itt e poiitiocn t aeeadvantagcerthe morintcg It gnawer tonqteres.. to itthin DRIDGE 'TRAFF'IC tS REDUCED-aeiot ticihe cuti.he y- bu? vaaro.ecpettheeorde..In eccorda,,,ce iith E AOwinceOt 1.I dito ceapar obefs urb ig. do al Because cf the bealtit egulatict the thiu nulieg. Iond College, Nort-itPt- - h~.ntuolocte.Oc.influezaiiaeditc ndeethreeew casetin erhrmeceive~d at ni weeklyrlucheotneofthe mewbet-ehip elitDental titecee n iiii ciilit-ry Qutarantincrci V nouver Poet Herd ntBlaIncluding iSS new the hosipitlreserdacy, while 20 wae y-t forum cC the uChewber ce Come ce.c, aedemy iweinJetre.xempytiethdliifcrber. bt-c iditaiged aicured schedledeoritModyeeoon, has een shool-closing rule. Bo o Dyr pedeecnt asu4ihiurs, heer nu cale ct e~tlbeecie tn c rei.At Outset iolteiechnitc ithe3icaee- VA~e;OUYECItR Weeh.,Oct. t-ee ietiiTeedmc1tue iitSALEbL PACES CLOSCNG ORDERI welt whirc wee tin have thken e t-a'riillight-were bept lt initisltin c r1icl T quarenti t eraed cit Van-ilhire sit-ce eterday cnt-n that time It potpionediiuntil uiatier ecnd the quarcittine cntinced. bent c rccer Berahe,.prohibiting effic-erc Amongcthew weri Captain it-ct-h 1ice CasesofinCSpanlih sInfunaeiEdcii. uaictecer Brrace ae' yroibihted etid enlisted menirim going t Pint- hccur. (i klhotma Ciity, wed-( o terrlem"mi ar Hit. frocrw ming t Prtland. taed. whiml it eIuenca ipidemcinhIica)I erlcer. endLiuternant Jiben in. ported at Moueet Aner. Tht (httiitr-equtartecsae e hicg Crewds. Are Nis Prietd. prevttensi.tins caused material de- iaiton, MewmphisTenn. d'e thoroucghly tecitit ted disetd.i ieeec were ic n tue ty ChiefT eaen rfici, end thee bridge. tolls -hALEM, On.. Oct. ii.-Mayicn'Halter pt thisi week Ic iurther the itwpaict Johnsnec t to hepet-tViutoeccrowdingcaeeatilowmtide. SiWOtX iLit9, in. 0.. Oct. It.-AcnuL. Keyes said ue wh ht reet iictgt tbeiernitcindedntil hAbahcccineirelciciecnd toreabkinp.cewie The thveeemetsecerai weesecctrilelliioinSpanish Infl~uena as. lionomte iscued titorroegltcte 1it hed theirtiheitee ef the ergittisa t- doit ownt s tores. toh ten the eperation ef the III - ii. be t lat Renid Ciiy. cear hbei.dii'scotice th~at all public natheeringe linwilt be-ecurtiled a. 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