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ï~~ PrLgcticI ' War kAND j4hey'pe exceedingly s so, their light weight in on I r~ c <n another feature. Nodspou~et nor4c oman who has set her min4 on or a belted model.. No disap oinl conmcs teckrng a fur-trinime or The sulectioi ranges from thc Bolivia j crystal cord, plain b livi; duvel yh c an db road cloth d wn1 ye our end poir porn. $3750tP or all of their sirnhief attraction. Alf the warmth, is ~on for the miss or ither a loose-back ments for her who 1sclf-trinmmed one. 1xuriant silvertip),silvertone, evora.j o the luower price $125 i, I k I i I e d CtrossA s Lin Soindil C411 for Vpl nt era. tlae vpoan Caemenf $alu sen With out Needed Able t e.n udaj pod Mdad~y, Aeceor to meobea er Chcptes.-Esrolln t flts Open. Oneagain the Red: COros eissuer) as organt appeal ot 'viluupteer4 to ji a its. Corpe of Emergency Aide. 'Hou salty also cnln. Than Car' the volint -e hare felilea far short of the oppotnit~e for them to nerve. An e rhoult pf tim 1, cane after cane of influentsa wetiucd for Sunday sod yesereday, nithojngl t e Redt Crosad oSbees nooifed of then Rtochester Cbnpte5 of theIRed jCross coke all womoco of cosnea~e in. Roch'eter to etand op sanl be untqd. It don not make any.. itfere4.ce hethee these women ace liaised n otfined. Alt who eansepare fly tim nto hlp are needed; al who are wilting to woi* Much Work for' Chpabje H do. Capable though untrained has cap ligthten the burden pf tline rainr4 onee. 'rhefe are many things tl o intsllirent women of Rochester can 4o to relieve tho situation, working undfr tihedirection of competent nurnes. I Rtd Croon wants every woman wino had any Icionnee to enroll for aorvice tnw. It makeeslie retrictioini regard itoqwe. Young women who ace old eniough have senae nnd-are willing to work wU bhe cordially welcomed and' gives. an a gnmeot. In this cosnectiop the buent.inb an been frequently asked d ng the last day or two at the Red ho usooe, '"What has become of tine Donng women who registered in noumerbslat opring for home nursing? Whexe4 are.they? Why don't they comet forjvard in thin crilnr" In some quarters. tine n telment Shan beets made, too, that: a at mbar of the regular nurses cto lpw 14 responding; that they are hidiiog benidd goond Jobn in famille. where there ly no pressing need for them; whets they tant asnunosemaids fnor the children of companiosa for people who want Ao be amssuedl People who env oy n nore under acec conditions are openly ncorsl g in t criticism. Enroll at B~el Croaw House./ Volunteern. trainedl or untrained,. 1'n8 - nate or registered '.nures,] any woman who will help, iso asked to enroll at,be Red CronesLhosse any day between the bourn of 10 and:5: Thoae who have had training ' Lnurs Ing pee folly awnree at re is nthing in the Influenna iitsltol cauae panit/. To thue who es Vsnuseett nbonld be naid that the diasa~e in loot cs ried In the clothes, And" is set mldl /tot lbe coin tacted or casrled It ci afiifosn aid oer's iary care are exerie(sl Tat this fact in pot 4ppreiated by the publin abown from 4 ha tatementa of several volimteels ye.tejtly. Ose woman who had been as qled to duty aond wont to bee rooming s~fme to secure some extra clothig. wd told by the DEp(S19NS.WgE YO WAIT Tt o 94t winning of ti biappVhess *nd~ The thiinj is,theFrising4 Loan.!'t is th sarmng pow. ability. TI A.-9.. a - --F.-, i aftt.8 r. pt' erlty greet of; uote e4tyofi to subs,.0Y fm14 -Sit O~UR4ouS &'o 61 st iuisortaenoeein u.ooeieti ThW of. $3,00,000 for the Fourth Lib Fie Y man an# women with income Pri te to the full eztond of his, or hi St raised this week. I4Wit PRD4T4 OUR ~Ik i r_ c out 4et. libook, unroll 'your bills and Lend! Lend! Lend!" - Fine Tr4utef to Rochester's Soldiers Whats ha en d? What is it 15 &t s ttractinlg thi~ crow4~ Th ae are the questions being asked very d y by u en ad women as they pass our Main Street wbdow-4at t e corner of Clinton Avenge--and 1titey crowd up close to Atnd the answer. IXnside that windo is one of the most unique dis plays ever madq in a Rochester store. It is strictly a patriotic window. It is there to as st the Fourth l4berty Loan Committee in its:big job of raising Rochester's quota of over $31,000,040. In the winnow are shown photographs:of 618 soldier boys tht have gone from Rochester or the im m~diate vicinity. Fine. lookilig fellows, with tihe ardor o~ youth glown }g in their faces-who have gone will h~y, nhu tically into the service of their Coun tsyand humanly. Two of the: hotogrph, in large frames, mounted os a black backgound, are decorated with a gold star, ad below the~ you read "The Gold Star Tells the Story, 'Their Bonds are Paid In Full. " In the bac ground in large letters these words are seen Ninety Percenst of These Are Rochester Boys We MUST Back Them to The Limit with ELIBER FY BONDS Mien and women gather before this window and glaze silently, reverently, et the pictures of these brave boys and many an eye ha. dimmed and many a fur rOwed cheek )tas felt the warm tears roll softly down. IRochest r is proud of her boys and she must not 14g in their generous support. Every f~.nily that ha. a boy in the Service is bound to help him to the limit. $very family that ha. no boy in the Service should do vwen more when it comes to fiinancial support. It 4asthat you and I and ever'yone must unhis pockets inside out Til the boys come home." IDon't fail }to see these photographs. Don~t fail to give Our Boys your unstinted sup. tort. o us Hebusiness in the mooonti e ad a rId tonday is t Ur futae *ute Tuni your pocks insid out till the Boys Corn Horn i Linoleu ms to Meet All Requiremen' In selecting linoleum the quality, and the colorings ar two very ess~ntial factors in determining your choice..You wan~t a quality that will give service-long, satisfa wear. You Want colors that will have the same, bright, c cheerful look a year from now as they have to-day--or else some particular room or halln your choice may be a more so shade. I f You wilt find here,in our Rug department, Third floor, s large collection, of the pest inlaid linoleums. There is an lent pattern assortment and sufficient variety in colorii meet all ordinrary demands. go, far as prices of linoleum gc will doubtless be no:lower for a long, long time--probab are they wil4 be higher. Inlaid 1inoleums here are priced from $1.35 to $2.31 Bring in the measurements of the floor space you wis ered- and let u0 give you an estimate of the cost. This place "- -%4nnii whatever. f, 0 / A n r%.. _ o'Yub rJ/'00 LIBRARY OF OONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M Lythelinoleumand tb

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