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ï~~eisBrks'o P1r jI Francen lgu A SODALICICIUB SOD3A WATER is good for you when properly served. Our way has the endorsement of the State ) Board of Health. We have always been, and always will be, fussy ab ut it. esL WEDNESDAY, OCT. 2nd, 1etA. Decrease in Cases NowLooked For Physicians' Reports Do Not Indicate Epidemic Is Spreading.,Genera! Acceptance of Request of Health Authorities Regarding Sale of Liquor and Other Beverages Expected- Government Health Official Here. Railroads in' Rapidly Becom]s o h e French and British Steadily Dri A e d - D m s u, C ptlSra a e y G n l e r y t t It, o I (By The Associated Press.) I, 111. t1"Iwlt~ ~ty.t t.,m. Gernmany's defenees between Casnbrai aned St. Quentin t?:I, a1..~ftrp ca r lorrdtu. It~llT~plnt- t 'tit: ooI~r crumbling under the determined blows of Marshal Foch, and the~l nr Ie wtu j't.1O uil, 17,1.' 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Il oIII.:, A salient, noel dangerous to the enemy, has been driven in hetwee a a h~ro~yoftgoo otli.andalla ~ ~ *.St. Qusentmn and La Catelet and the British are advancing neri becomng to Ytutgio \1 1,,1.t II htIthx^ ye -" il 1,lo I,, I ll itt t fII":,Ill west of the German border.. h-oit'dot,,ols us at - i ior Irrt n!,.rtt ttt I ult lf ll ~l i toxt ~ ~.1 Oll tttlxt ultt h,t 5 titi o d o ag Egh ) ve tatioti hr ooersloIist i. tutlttill brawIt I l t o 10I rt hei ray t h th t t,tt~ot otiit.ot 11 I,,(,l(is i: n New ________________________________________________ lto0(t ttio lh rlit etotott t it o Io t to". r tolll he ihri ti viii it sy'l are usod for trisusabags, and the how )itiher tsn aind slgt, the hrath il- motl,ariveto take chotrge of he stu in vdoo. ual th Srg tottIh s ot. i wreitols-t to t'oOtrd ",t.O yh.tio t p ts. 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