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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ Pr. Cleveland If. Shut t, Hospital Commissioner, City off vt. Loui. Dear 3tr:- I?/I&- 1? In transmitting you herewith the annual report for the t' satia 0 o Â~ for the fiscal year ending April, 4lil lVTWrth while to teal somewhat at length with the various important aottvtties of the institution during this nventful year. T hs institution was being oendueted upon a rtise bast having lost many of the pereonnel, both phyigrans and urses when, in Qotober, 1918, the appalling influensea epbemio visited the communit. After the abatemnt of the epidemic the institution sstainM a major disruption of the House taft, tnamely, disoiplinry measures requiring the #isoharge of jra* ticafly all the intermse in January following, The institution tf1l fuinetioated, a temporary corps of dispensary hysiiares being appointed to serve in place of the internes, The Visiting Ztff of "hysioiana aided materially in carrying cn the ork until a new corps of Internee ex offiato were appointed from mn who had completed their-ttaetie york in the iwirereit tee ahead of time, Duri the latter three months the institution has hat the pleasure o renilvin ba*k er of the 4os Staff, who, havng served in the National Thergenoy, were dembiseg. It is impossible to picture or to describe briefly the situation as it existed from day to day and from hour to hothr durdn the most trying?eriot Which, I believe, an institution coCAe erpertene. Too much credit cannot be gle to the phyui-- clans, nurses, an employees, of this institution,. who served faithfully and heroically during the war and especially during the appalling influensa spid)mia The writer was appointed to the ornaeut of thze institutica October let at which time the Retidonts Staff consisted of 2 rosident8, one about to leave, only one tSenior Interns and a full cwoet oftnior Internee, The f irst week of Otober saw the sdrnteeion of the first influenza caeos, It noe necessary to re-arrange the wardis in order to hare the proper quarantine restrictions, and to concentrate the nursing tone,. A conference was called by the ranagwmnt of the institution between the Resident Phytticians, Luperintendent of tMarses ant members of edieal service of the Visiting SAa'f. One of the male mediaal 'va-ri and one of the fimale medical wards were Ased for the influenza oates. Owing to the general shortage of physicians and nurses in the commuity and to the faet that the private hopitals were not able to receive many patients, the Institution was Soon reeiving a large nutber of atiente tufforing with influenza, financially able to afford private hosital or nursing care but nnable to Seoure the name, The Ctty qoe rital, thereore, we called

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