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ï~~)on 4del yen a figlit or jyde. he j~,Ior- IDu M. I~1Cnd Iofn dedrdi elatei when- bet sutsid of his 'ha4 Sir. albot, e Mitr frd and tricI 'rcasi lotnidig- th he Id 1call.her unti's. Ad Dr IYeis n enato Smith the ahirh he or- (in nd it ard to till, ''in4 brae eorge. as thse.-q fact r$. H's '*wBtio e Ar i on thoere e-Ia rlu. tuuH} pinkSet lt nttltv d the ui[.4It d ii only gre' e ecot$ yand in Pt.' B~t rtit ws of tith h 1d Rnot ma M r. eorges gcn 1 pil rr-tiro s + Pmalt iihad lh " ses I c-rge* sir rity i (Ju-nta Id i t te'y I s I n# rv hts. tLi t the nehatry -tou ty,hut t his t1eaat. J'. e, vfor everlt Iia o uigh to the' for re,-, -tics'a At the t)uut " the foetlo enadiW iregt it tha, time, the Yecr- fal,- tu in the ounity a rhl a timrto his '0 S nat X Wit. of )C p ori'p fri inch f Lila c d bllltv. bet 4 -ticoon- the Ihat1 ltb'n no~ h vs l d the ache.:? ga ta~ioi trio J 19. apets I iiby ut Thke nst. cc=n-c an za- p oa he:.Qtity N lit. I its by, i the.t a esi T tateiaaent, c'a'ing attontion t gnarion of December i as "Brt."to be relebrated in conamemnor be val'akat services of the Britial i. sailors and civilimn iepuatco alf of the Coume of liberty, In the tended. He states that thai Fe he-en appointed for the city oft the counties and asks tbi tic organizat'ons to eooerate ciin arraang~ng fitng ceremonie citmntflos In recognition of the heroic se eua+ rilkre f the- armies send naa'! civilian popuat'on of Gire-at Ba her colonies in the great World has tertnlftutted an goriously hue. we hppe-1 establishled fore, ader demnctdacy god a more oni lilty and (.)ustit-e throughout h, it bass bepen deemied apprc~prls ti and nominate a day as Bni' ete hefittingly obseried 1n) al lep of the- 'aijon, to flx attei., and to give' recosgnition tosriehahrtbn ndr unaity by British arans and pstrpgetas trugl nt l hec world for the restahl 41insac-n isteasne-ne of irinc~leles!fatf erslmtent that have ever fnrjicci fumie and foundateins ef our 'ifihl I lIfe lo)e-her 7th, 1118, huasts eele Ill lthe'Sttt-eeifeoe' ieiutry fn ctus,- us llrltaliasI)- utsselin all our Isr ileee y then hsa I theelivartaat~le servile ssidI renlilrerd h liour smotlier dealoti greact strc;a'e-thsat held the' alisill I lietyInv aits embrac'e has fisiaslly 4 "1 leered the World cuir of oiprressieta aind fromi the oft asutocrutit Ia sitnast'usi I re+ tbrocaglacasfthe SHtate' of 0*1, rut' pse ele' will, by si'roprh itsIe cetressese. remasemnber nail oh day that lessbeen nppliste'd i o ftm urk s o Pvr ice of the Great Britisth Er law,.been our loyal eomiitauie ae during the scrugg'e that ase I eavihi' u11o0 the hiearts and for Is all, msy 14th was celebrated as Bi In hotnor of the French, and De 7th is to be elieb-atted in boae Br~Itiis nation. Chairmen r tso ap Dint comsmiittees have ted,for B nltliunoreu city and cas 'ountles. And I skk the ezistin lc or' anizatlons to a'd is thei ie canmunitles when called heir lI al chairman." *kpq S TILL AT LAR ew- urttlariea Are AttrTh It --eetvaO aa 1st boaur las tnlghst, as far a tmore police is concerned, the' of orest 'Part: and vicinity, Inew robberies of the sp tal chic 'might ot4lnarily b' Al to t a picturesque thief, wet t -at police 'isadquarters bit we on "the lookout. " roug out yestqrday a.2 well *de tht texact umeal tre of v relatum uo awry..s n n'man, charged with cnsp~irng to bribe ItepIinion poinrts out that~ the offciai$' essi-I tio a G~oveirnment official tel obtain it tee- ai't' se of the] conmpanay needs for the curso ~.f-rdiatiitsfcto u tm-ur vi'.-d figure 4werec revised. From that., i on the ground that he wa engagyed in it ri-t ths"t(11ye-ar were revised by the -a neessalr indutry were- 4aI-1itic'd -rs " e'i ant: later tun- revised figurea i P etcy totheI: ntedStaw3 Csurt Thiwe(re rev~ise4. From that the' commise eada I teUnte' tae Ceiu~. h ironefdduc"~ that it was prao-ttvetllys an ~ trial begana Tmt-'d-ty. sod thc' ve-rdin~~ impossible for anyone to " forecast pdwas readero-d by the jury at,5.40 P. M. -I eXaCtly wh t would happeu under theI with yesterday, after loss thaun half no hteur'sa-t, dttoanu auss d by 'tie war. Eapecdeliberstion. lulls we're the estiuatqtr open to doubt, Re be u hrg Wash formerly manager of liecause the end of the;war indieated, in icy the L ewsvllle (WVssblngticn county) tl~n- commnisson's optisieig, furthereChangea~ 'n4 Flout' 1iils, with which lItiewnin was iu e undition. ale also -etinne-a'tt'd It i'iis alleged thit Afte'r to Ing Into qunsld~ration' the Vton Septembe.r 17 last Retriabhtrg toffered whole situn 'ion the commission decided fttnt $1,000' to esciape the- dcmrft. and that that with t te increase In the company's er I Bp wman was his Inneidiary ina the- reve-nue- uaaer tiae power rate decision o Atl atempted bribery. When the charge- hand- d down some-'nucntlis ago, which th9 wais mo4de 1temsbaaag, who hunlt ie-fpt waus cstmaged at $1.50)0,000 annuallya e to in CIa~e C, was trasasferrc oultC (lass..1the reenpany'sicisuncees could be handles t n',# and Inducted Itohu e rsa~y alt ote-c, eccfely with the hacre-ase In rev'enue from 1. thei He tvaaii inifoiasIn (court;Cotadas "3" rates taldthe reductIon tithni-- - u teIsratloa4 tZxCllst' due to the lowerthe "~FLU") EPIDEMIC IN 1826 aug cf the- as etandar4t to 550~s British td r Icermelun ltM. ITlit- Cii5mpi'4)y liMes to ~is~I~re'iNesfor Rsts emonaths. it havingt a 0151 O Letter Revi1vted. servt'd gasmts 5..10l British thermal units. II tcalaza (t pdmcI IIttner' Iteasopa Mor Aejustsent. bac itthbite i n hr The ('olnnllslen appasrently Iplaced ows q t'e t thcwlt-aifIXl.idte- e, e burden er> the revenule me-reese in the were- mo~re' tlll il(51))ruse-s in tim cit)- gan' clvlslopancporn thcse c-b-crbers under ette4 seosoltag tic a lette-r thatith-ie tus~n'-ol the' seonn s'y rsote, Instead of upon the 1t over to;elthi Coaessilsaslosje aiske jot,.olubcre-r te-.dfr.the a mr o u i criv IvEwr ttl~.I "ssrrpertfrteennie reason tltit VI' I teErdy "e kiwrl tal-r I 15 eha'eithe ethire Kunrds iiof the revenue M ter[' writtencs L-'braaary 7, l +216,It Mr. Staib- increase in the e-lfttrh- e ivlakin upon the S t le'se f her, )-Edward Stabsler.1.l. ey 1p0wcr5' tseru4 -0. steely thec, n-. big d %illi hF. srthett, ia whaete luse-rs, the'st- dtustrles- antI the like' were a d (frs gise on halstt ('ahveert streeot. ttea- able teo arry the war iotta1 than' 'ni",Theic'siflueta chits'prevailed Ie this 11he hoeas-e~hohlers Its t' p' Y a- rCrtot ti le-ti city t#) asslsamoi st. sluinteeixtc 'a-si." scion, tise a'-qnsieus-on sept forth the view estil'.1 lt-t cwroete-. "'wl1ele Itfact the big indtustril acts cea ouldh'pass Y f 111yf aially oiffceed by it. saned ny lit'. thue Increase to their r lstomes-s, In the s4 r 1 the!1' X ia-as cets la natcre se y ll. tfttor f additiones to yrle i.and thus dishe-! r si tues, Ilacnnh tiVlhiisoaiss ee' tibuate the tardeas, wh teas the houseI e a-i' tre-anehe' l. StasliubetntI Ihhfuor i1) tay%, tuiholcr would lca-e to sta nd the increase e''a and I ft r will Reevir re-eeivea-. Iwithout pos 'bilitc cf.if n p r"' -rits- city is sacew-bceoing snore' T1he- petition of thie ~nmpany for in1Yit ealthcy At oac,tlime-(twe, weeks since I e''easse's haste e before the- coars~iaon b ron, It was 'upposed, by seone of our phti Ii- >s cse'eertmly in. the year The case was "nes 'lab~s t at tlIae rc iwe're more than s1.(1(1)It r k-41 some r 011111t ago.,-Osborne I. Ye)a ic~aek wi h the idluie-zai. I am at this I ai o b shi n hre ateItime In state of So mui'h anxiettyI can- aksl frte compan. The decision of ount pay proper attentlon to anyu in of was del t3ed cause the commisaaion was tO ofindi led texestet n order fr inu the Fuel AdUthjbon Issloner' Blake looked! ujes'he ml lstratloatzing 528 IBrtiah th~rma1 c'lircrd h e tn-tendfndthtnui stas the u standar tbtoouht the 73Ae.rds t th patmeand auniotat CPT SLYI-' ' the op lotion o ~Bultinnere to 12In aas cuty eaza, It hail, maesat that 136 peolhe in * severy 1, had the disease it th1at time. "Thati as an awful rate," he added. Dead Ome -e Ui il4 A Six ew ease-sic-,%re repop-toid to the - jectIves..cderlHe v7 Lees. de'par nt yes erdzsy, and 'th re were asevets d aths fraithainfluenza hisd pnewu- Cart. Ha r~ J Selby who was kiled - testnmonia. - - * * in aetin oy c i- 1, was eite4 for' C bravery wit sev Ail her offleisa of as the -,. - iii 4orana tion ast reacrhi *Is Is parente f- Kig1ax gnw oe hm~~c And airand Mrss John V. el by, of Ivory.,as*- Howard- coujty. The InTarn.,tern '100. Feet Tee rlu*14-, fa ntry and a jnumber of ts offit'c eke. tc la,osn his hlac- r ilsi athe- citid fr-dis ipguiished 'onduct "the. r re- aniokest ek at t'ihe W. Â~ IW. r Can 18 and 22, hen Cap in.. Selby was.t the Conpa 'a p~ana 2313 Bostoh st teL woun'dedyaed ahnaoKing 'l.] Agi v ' The gitatlo reads " r distinguihed ha t aer reett~ fe 01 fe adi,.tui n h'dn, r: plyan Iurl _ _ 1 1: h_.t..-d,+sr ll. object.i ves assned nt ie "us ably XoAdoo's Suoceaso That there will -be no Gov, ownership of - railroads and that step towas turning the railroad of the con try back to their own be made wSil'n a few days, is the of a proms rent Baltimore hanker in, touch a th the Railroad Ada tion. - '"I undefrstand." he said ye "that the lfaIlroad 4denlnistratc riding the o untry into eight son to be ill c ~arge of a practlgial' man, who rill have Wie dtrectioi nerds within those'cones. It wi from the present system of dl supe sinten teats in that each sonlntend'nt -vill have! absolute at over thse aa under his eantrol annouancemnant mnay be hooked for time, possibly tils week. "Dpaniel Willard is. spoken of t people as the most -likely pNan reed Secnetary McAdoo, and it tihat the Idea that he is not in fan the present Al inlstratlon is en1 It is believed that bue-wIll be handle the 1he~hr situation bett say man In thle country, beca-us thce confidence of the ralhrad op to a grdister dlegre-.: It will be that It was v'ery largely his ii that prevailed on tisq PresIdentthe general str-ike ofj be rairoadhood s four ye'ars a~s at the tim passage oft the Adlamaton bill. $61 have olsohieard 'it stated iii that the AdmnilItnistton Is. not:l of Government owne ahIp' anddeavor to turn the eds hack tcompanles sa toon as possible, it before,the 21!mpouths- after the u ulated ha Use *Steei cut hetwet and the Government ntave clap ~5 Daltitnbre Vias.e Whose At railed To DalameeefTikes 34 8ccdi ileutenan John 'I Muir, of this lt, 4led at the Zachar 'Taylo B Hospital da of sichlorlde of ercury I hoe ihsuicidal livnt, acobrd v11K. ast nht.~ th,04artlhery a'epl ce ez*:dt itI-known that his fhfa r2 v r investigation;by 'th.t judge-a While no statealent h as b: reported that huirefccountiYof baance abo.t$60 When bue take' to the lx.pitiul Jieutena t Mu r sid meat tjrat lhe new bhe wz and was of -so - nad:ru nd when the~isoan - " Mrs. Marion A. -Mair of 1$14 1 son avenue: IH Was4 traveil man out of Ba! more before; he the aservice. ~ " -jleutrngnt lsMix'. dited: -j 19 7 nd wa:ed~tionedathis PIGHT Â~DE4 Owa

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