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ï~~,, " n. -.. " COLUMBUS EVENING DISPATCH. -MONDAY, DECEMBER 80, 1918. cortl~o ateeoat a~ltaoSaceie ~A?.AAI Dil - -.- ~ Is one 'f the mot. npnr~tent hetties L i lt taaadin by ONpe.ielY FUL 1.1leVritI,land Qfl,,r'AWeedd eOl -190"V Inin t ocommrcral 'war drat orrmaoy PdOnlkJ. H'tt NI ~ IyLcehra $10.000,000the total ae O*orthe Yok.ext u! Di WstuisheO LPi' 0-ICrot V s laned.ntWith HaJuisLN~. lm. ehla had aIn ignd quoa of rrrLIef Liutew tYork.WrdINTON i. hintith of' IEFECTVIK FOM Ef NY S Jb admerlrane qutahfeieuennteowadte. n tctiiiercanbhanes an til hs n-lod- - a + oro. than twile that of Ohio. r Toi Cleveland, attached to thoet10th In- tfuN I ight on bis hands, I have It from ner o ait itetictewl he resoneir hepepl o, can distinguished service croce for r r for commercial aggresnion, oce the Pdlvcte Frank J 3 Ohio to this, great war werk, which exotraordincry heroism In action in the lII(treaty of peace In ratlled. hoc been member o of Uo achrco.'ta prmtLor 116th infantry. eFanodOtl1,erpae wt schmnuedeal lee a evr ONi91. Lieutenant Smith woe wounded PL E;UGDB that no market In the world hae been leg toa telegramrcie rmielci e aies to give expression to their early In ihe engagementi but he de- --- - elft untouched."I government byhiprec.M.itlfo total deal, underlying potriotiam and at dminmet~~Iu.~ed to iie evacuated, although ith le rope rtCstda;Mr. hal mer sold there can he no Mrs. Frack N.ithe.41 oh the same time purchae a security of Steady Ipoeeti Sta issfercring mucht lain. He brit-{irPoeryCsoin ereineof the legaliity of the polley Monroe coeu.becctodel i Re- unrlvaled volce, has been unexampled fti omrneHalth Oficriantliyted his pliatoon itt achatge tOn Points Out anofrthe ailed properiy rusodiati to Nov. 1. but aeierrcitlfrt le inteQainisay taeene ffcrfour machine guns. whicii*he cap- Ou get, FI acing continue to sell and tiquidat tie city- blot Christmas eesi hSh o intentin"ey-asaemn - crd ogte it ayprsnrowned busineoses it the Filied writ cod happy. i iecvrmli sued by the war savings rommittee. to Remove Restrictions. 'and was Instrumentai In ciour ox the American Industries. Sae,(enayadtefie bndhvn unfla gnidevotorgnizhea utyio and Ibis Dle e e maxtie of theeemy under ____Stai4.teare etili at war, he said, cod writtonthat(Ie ce tth- nc-n-l unlggn.evtoic h 6 o nty.'Throu outmachine-guntirlc.E I IN T.e. a lhe trading with lt 0 enemyty.1 lin lv Julyc. (TES chairmen and the haste of men and SCHOO LSOENTHURSDAY "Throughout theacotion hio ieader-EIMNAE U N CAPITAL lie till I inll11force. Lte selling of HP it s gue.-iilJl l'lvin C women who have coducted the vani- OPE * oseiproert Ic ullaIcaisdcoretherm00notiicaionhftons activitiesewith them. so writ as - ______ eIt. ergencod dneieprpintytnlfuiitt hisretrco. wine to the unparalleledi euptport given Public Urged to Exercise Indi- itedaI;eprtestovecoamienty hen Sale of German-Owned Bugi- utfe._itccer.'irltottegyr A this movement by the press of Otiiocwi otyoecoek h cs~tke 1p. entirely dus the credit far this vidual Discretion in At- of hcao bod ti e c vorantered toahl guide 60 etnesae in theo United States emn-ucs.t h coed dee. - tending Gaheins. ara but refuted medicat treatment to Be Continued. 'rsat' ent Gatherings until the prisonersowere delivered at I Hl ~vneBl.lbtainIedurea tirAuias eelitdbyHath GltOln-' H tX. I\ III 1 30. Icnrn retr WASHINGTON. DEC.:30.-Ano t Kht Mlnda. aLADDENlomic rtor oday's coaunasmva "lxlr I..i C. ifwee c rl, ae ta tda conne seaseice of the house., rotary John Keeton several da ag-IV o L lL~III III oet t i111- mc bur- mreenteLen ef Now York.that continuance of the eeyecry r h lmme-- ss-I dcdt hpry Imf Ii dPLNND Y iii Csc- ernc wenDeocatc eaerwih dice trIddagePfom quota ithin declined to promise to report tions against pubiic, ssembiugee. fcm ilIIi- nlc ut ml (em a htoyi ntpnt;d'inqoa the senaie's second rises mal one Under the new order, n--O.hoxtIi~mci tatbyamnden t te'hosefo aveto reopenT hursday,' Jan. 0. iiildrcii Bronze Tablet to Be Erected in.cCS~i rock- regardlessoef onfsreoesaction,. hindle 16 peare, nemaho c.. e Id-n thI fo lMr u. n 1.11.1 tldi whimSlaheibtlt ________________________________only stubjects of the bhnati recettMem~olofNoeicst reop h iii'iieitt- i weeke, may freqiuentt storeeyiitheters,ea ' and cireet ern without i.hinran.e,.; by Hi ongregation cweediiio iit;'i.ti ic toli cn and inormalacetivity ofsia tltins in A sii.t'i-'.I ti'cd d I ". again resented. I Al ihe miorning cy iiii - o Sundailothilfee II,.-' icnly.. iC,.fftiihecicc liii Asingle condition was lirpsen-t-i..ltFirtil S cgreectiolcihuiirch took pIin,..i i-i"deree.-o- The New JanurwitrKc the new order, this bomni.-thit Imi otel. licking toe hi,mimntntoiotne nhi s uffering from influetro 01cr 01- of thi life,ean e. - e - 0fitr. WVailt- iGli' ui..-, tndschool, ear wili suchciiiiildtce 'icgten iiiddertint..h itr iti-ry i ca pid ta;,ill A ttvicri ndiii t ry."icorO S ahave Influence in theic immediiatethird of icocentury hlIsieiiptistorate hPIES DISLODGOED..Goo SaeTmrw famtiliss be permittedod eturn uti loiiatthat thorch.lifoCotmeo....t c 'it lii000 week after their owoiecee-ry Prof ef(orge 1Vm Koiigi if Ohio {nhite -.-old ic- Cometofth earlry-t o th rleiv sriienPTeIYtaeus ltmtted culma o coopration of all school authtiri. memnorisi..cmmetee.appcointed +tof-+c greate t. tot1idett 5000 other Vicoi eodst eet ties Is requested to enforce i-lhut cc time is-i.ipreseneim to report. iciiiichmrii i-it.-ofit y','ncvt ililet oanlelg veetige of thealth pica.utionc. It containsothuredistinc t licoln. iihaet - lcoii i- iiii The han on visitingeg a ooi nsi-len.siethit+Ai i.mnmfcolctc(d ire.n.'.g nitedvlt'o taiosswas lifted by the hoated of dd-rgite li budhi"dciiiici' t,. - UitVroad$5to$0 mInIstration Monday mornling, The wilk cr ner the cent birth tcuini. tti~' Sonora-s $0t 10 baehas been Ineffect atesate Itl- ti. oaoryof the colentprecher,.'Ltir They "i-cc, loant it the great! t to in icaOctober 8. Lifting tihe adelceas Scbe given by soeutuprowtt- IGhermns-iltfor Itie nilitiury enid restrictions witt permit reativres5andI netmtiietftetngeolm friends to visit inmates ern New Ichurch' scrod. that c memsoriatl -m erii itit u i-Ctl Tears dsy. Scblet of brocze he oet In the front h oti'n n i-i. 'nA ihoe u e l tom e. LIFTS ALL SESTRICTIONS. extcrior af lbs rhurh attssting lte city when Lte-t- fi'n l~lyiit eiitei" -'l feet see removed," said Dr. Kahn on years preacchedl Ret'. Dr. Washington (lmerintenrest in thiulsocitntry; that Monday, 'hut the pobtll Is again Gladden;: third, that the cengrat- crery porlt of r nt iniiowniccship e fn rgd to eecs niiul sr-Lo drs tefimmediately to the in our ImportantIlndu iismohasetien troll R cords ion Inattendng pubic gateringswork o Incresing uWashington witied otact a ielu ila as rerudscece f te isese o (addn mmoralfond which was trim's kant- h-u-t rectored it.theii agolaRcid: n p5threetrItn mnwaternetaihedthict nf~ewforsmae bthan10hStheeu l ono on luiMVl c1is", mmeso h church. Mr. and Me-s. SALE OF PROPERTY LEGAL. TRE s Â~t, Vlqent's rphanag Is virtally- J A. Jefry. ite aiui of $t00,00O. 'the -sato ~ tra -wnd aC P an ayfothinlezepdmctesmtbeInv ested and the- pro -_______________________________________________ whih adafectd m~oityoft -rsedo usc nt inlly In tocmiailsntd --- tre an itr tteIslu omnt evc ne hhRED SEAL RECORD4100 t.Golth. allthe cisteca sind ati- On oetion of 0 ro('ansS Back Coha) Mc~rmac but en o the hilden hae re tin Pu tbtirt tof pro. sbats5 S.Ne r-2-Ffh v. ais eyedfro thir llnss.Thechidre th coShtee ora tw re otaef,- - tillIntobed iare ionaleciog nlceiy, lthe onirdht as reorecudto t[ ew Yok Ae. Prt 28Rufd eI tRED SEAL RECORtD-...50 ItIis reported- aell the tirdgocfede the ahu t-, ElcheI 5 s, KeaStngQa. Five deaths were reported -Is the euciemellegefJhechuch8whrkin C i T cheikow-eky)E * Srng a hathbadMnay oeig Sc be.Mahe-idJa.hepat0. f h RE ELRCIS4.o~ FIVE DEATHS REPORTED. have charge of the Iwo memorial RED EALRECRD-4.00ea. Five ethe due to 1iiluensa were propositions adopted. Unlene the atHymn) Hebrew tllsok-Elmbatiat reported by Couabus undertakers tendance promlaee to exceed the cs(MercanttiOllviert) Italian Caruso M ondtay. Mrs, Ata Wright Hard, 1 iyfl tecurhyh emra Soldiers SluhsmmHelnk wf o Mo-oO se~~. - prvityofShwllenrchly teheldmemore. ul t avenue, died Saturday AevennaBe-cIcehollpyeoblyte ei or. s - ides her: heteband' ovonieag.e- bo itwyoee egleeyte~ youg hidrn, ro' f he oare wo'e Lyman Abbldi. iditer of the RED SEAL RECORDS-83.00 es yu. goutldeookothifnwamlaenGoicemeed of Tic. fleIain a~u-sasu seriously Ill front the edisteas e. e-r. n ln tm 0c y-Tuttl imereteIlivlataPteshal. Ode- Hard (itddec. be Invited le deliver the adpaet iea aasaa r adadresss -ave fanciulla I(tau" nA.IdaMalinelti mother, Is. C. It. Hard ef Worth- The cent hirthhdyuinniversary of O---Watts Violtn Accordion Bernie-Baker fngten, who hae been earing far She Dr Gladden will be -'cb. Ii end the I (der-Foe Trot Violin-Accoedion family. te bee-elf ill with She disease moa erie wll rbbl be4>' x C, t Berne-Baker tow. Funeral Tuesday. 1-30 p. m heloene-at 5na erettaiaa eerv0be I Smith's Orchestra residence: burial at Walnut dprov'eld on.the1-seMts ner9. es(at I date. t 1/ ad ndI in stock at the Vitot Retai and sides5 the paret two brothor o dae nc urs.ipheneanctevenng's or.three sisters surcive. Funeral Tues-etertainment. Adimiesion liy card 10.20 a.,in..rosidence; Green oly. Eih fteMsIoua Mr.Srh aeSith..wife of Deing scedtrfaieortnind oteavo - Egto teMs-oulrSye - Robert E. Smith, f212 Eaet Fifth aye- pill's Famous arcilcus. eswithli ng-inLzrsO ecas teee i ns. died aS their he Sunday night leg end favors for the ldis. There i a a u v r o t t55 5 5 5 W W R A R ~ hebad hre auhtr~aon. ersagod.~IJ H 1e Illatter a ix days' Illness.Beides her is so place wherit the fond i10 iuu 209-213$HIGH;I7L mother and a brother sur-vive. Ftt- January 1et, 101-from;:.l0ott:30 upiigcasa tepie ewu -ere an yes&Oes obtTre nedSmuca1. bcusmoeeral Tuesday, 1lie p. in.,residence; p in.. we will secre oec famousasby reenyawn.rising coats atste-Tuthe price; ustP0statwstl& e thbeto g Turk the New 'rear idh-eG celebrate Bile ony bcuemrhnaya _________Young BoastTre and dines at the Nell." where the aow h aeil o Dinner omrrow, Don't miss It. The food and aercice Ia the heel 'after a o w bocgholhoatrasro i so k o iehneul e in-,,Ao all! '-Adv. a EC~91 10/31/2 00 6 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M woaestt

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