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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~tip ~"" "Yi 551waJ, I. V W l a V n riterti who hoxe been in Â~tussla I & -. *--+ " t. a v..aaauis+wa. the 1lolsiievlki because lhe seemed more t 0Oowaky, the. Bolshevik- repre- h.b ts W FttI' C\*sH; - Sa el~HEADQUAR TERS eoitiiati-dihsan the rtlest lia ohad 0 it ti'5 helm, the lead to Angel- ~~ia u~na w1I,;TN.caiicn to arouse in hint his fierce cla-s9Ica Balaban't, president of the halbn acmy *by the cotii'C',r4." o::-,t'-,-puwro -at _.t~trod. They did not know the mean. I initernatansal Socialist comiont dh-etedat the American ai-r. " i:-.edt n:litar% crouched little man with the pale eyes$ tee,.and the vodka to Z.Hogland - By WILLIAM COOK. t itted wit't i-nmn who now sits in the1 t leader of the Swedlish Bolshevit. action on th"-11.";t rr, friint under New York World-Grand Rapids Herald r-emltin anod siens away daily the lires Marshal Polt. has if.-r"tid ioatri War Service iCopyriglit. 1918.) if arumes cC men he never saw seek a set) irtt- is.."'. In:h,' ~" l ti ifpt - ilirof 'b- talyOne be de.clitued a counter r' PRISe~.r.eent hi- r' e o Iare ofltionary by a me nibe' of the of Gen. Marl,. liii4 to ctaZ. '.,1r.t:: he;u$: returned cot-jet. howevcer. antI Peters ordema himIfht faction of ljr i iit i m'iiMarshat P'ocho head- ethot. often itithottsending himbeoeN1111 th*nycne;r k:t,"' Ic"y;irltii v.that other fanatic,. Krytcnlto. president ley and the "''i itil i.Wt.c- ' 11;;,1 I i,.tttflifln iiittr5 car 1-mtcro more than a et'and found him sihadowing the jtrril!.= -t. r -~~:t if from n t ins to it ninl ttle,:', headjuar-! kitidty and conoiderate until t ach1-ed Rumania lo111 (}'t'! rie-a III., radti' that-ati situated in the;1 him to help t:,t a foreign parport for SH M.IL PE E I-J~ chief of al:l nl~m t'",...-11t'i--":iidt ii,'1.; utii wi..tq. lintinn a i, t Iisii ttiirl in my emplhii-wh SEUM'haPLF ly confc-rer,, w;h,.: i- - front,fif t=h oulimse hrfiiri- ween- ivtdto visit her parents in Â~Itand. maat ~fif rti-mV- 1-.irm:tmtl,I iisiert - " '- #"1 011 i hit-s,.'ii-- tai licked:1!,If " lie- thein a minor commiso-tir. agreed ~ ll~ lE ii i i u~ Iran firr ' " ' -+ " ' 1. ""' rn1; ttrir" lt-init,". Ther i~is nu semunto help until he learned that her father ~ R U L lI I I I I "LP 1tkI ti t.:i.. mI h re - r","- Slt %nioisitoierst unitti e was it 1oficer, when he refused. l'prei- * 3l3*I I FIFU i(o~~dd.during th.i '~I, Wi.4.i-i'+-rn t-im:i l""- " 'ilit 1;!' tL',:1 "tested it the tanrrowness of this v-lewt b55IUII I li LUL-I I prfr cn eIs good."411tm;" crtlarI. Tim i. No Suggestion of War Seen. a111it rild the girt was working for a _____fra rteIat~ iti itI"is-i'- - ires(el-liv~ig. He replied: 'No matter; cite Dsl ewe It is>lifill ii:-,r Ir-.,eii ~ lrX sort tale- belongs to 41 class we must destroy. USE OF VACCINE WILL EWIDE W ~ 4 oe IThe Ilftitan~c t.Deciin 'o( 'rtr:'",l:iefo re W r ihigfrorli-es." sire eeto for.i;a--im re.. '~~. I' I-t 1.:1;-. *--. i t.r t. il.:' t hc th Warrnts. LV EXTENDEp BY 0SE OF. grat o pyw importanttit 4ri o:. m1. liiir-hmt ( I - t il!.,It!,*- ilthiy... t " hut you art' not afratid of the girt"" BIG APPROPRIATION. n an~tc' r~ wa~r from i. tiihu:-.nJI.: im l i;tm'nm, i''t'-- lr i-I ii., 10-4 - m.- rtu eeI isktedt. and itig+- hi ri-teil i itm" -inr m!Val's oli'rts tif- '\t matter."lie retied; they are all ~aew t h xe (tadtIC it riliii"l h cinI.i - Ciii-1i tir-irm -came eneties of tltewyorking classaes.' TAE-IMtDATEit6W T istrtktn;Il) rii i- "i-n;i ~'. uto l - ht an ook By thee tfiiet. fanatical look lTE ST PST hisftt mCee trtaiti C,"f.,r ~r1:h"'.it-. "'-11'i-trhh i tii. i thi'". i tintis hank rface 1 turn that further protest wats ST M T aia- con laÂ~te os fromnL Pr- iit- 't n tnr"i!."I;- li''n il ly 111:(+1'Ix bettlig me a counter-revottt- SAMP OT NEWDISEASE CmClain, ever a y- i, 1: t l I~ft l at-i i--i mm'"n-,mm""i - mi-i- i iii li-iti i n s dLtionart. A fen' mitites titer.,tihen fro t"ttz.,i-hiliei tt,"-..- - thei m trnhiici to t tat tlie tit hai1l tossed, he turntci it h rt~ -p~ foriJ+ iti++-"",i'h a iti rr.h1m-m 1"-n-ili -1.;' 'm1I,iI im i its 'O A m.1ftii iS oriespiodent alto & P lWS read dlvtiina vim imt- ril i l ci-ntarii-- -. mum'.- iiiiimias reitas was ii-- nuti. nWASHINGTON, Sept. 2i-'VacclnavB rbbyna~~l te tr.-httii n. u i-i. I''' iv -,,,.,! -C her inC l i h e Ci meint i e ewith fme tonaight." Lion wfth a otydis~overed serfi ocsitsw iht the wet--r1- m t i-ow t-i' irtlnin if atic1l' Chiid. "1feel thttnetrilof a little wichilltfronUtetsts just completed atb- tJe B lg ia Fondaer finte i t;"- i" im to iii i:1hit. est-rn citvilizamion. t1 it-tnt to talk tT' mi - i' ~ - ii-c i ttIi-tit. 1."1'-i- a+mu abot i ait:(ntilmini. I aim sick of the several Ar'mty catil) has bean found t sntdutdhr Tha itih. 1,i-iL:i'."'"i 1 Irl lhi i Ios mtd -e-iulnvy be tintalmost p +tV3peettveo fItdb h Ctratinrt".ng i l ens m-- iiimiu. ii(m''i- I-i,,-,', +;'" t o- council f hre niy ~voltoay o~l rse ttv ihe wtt ni-nt1-fi t i t (farrm-" itith ltnt.- - hi'i- le foiuttd mtntuotatontof pneumionia, will be u usedh7,1 r' " st.;, "n.' In()i o Dorisro -ands u- o ero f cm atte lltic o itchitoid- nI"i'u t i n, - I-h- i ei-ii'Int t r i.i- i-i tii i fur iitytiidy iin Russia. p nPc. h~ 4 tt'Ir m t r:+ t"n ' r1 i:!' f n t l and we it-he,-rnu mmil iu his d-rim,:(i"-Ii i liic,' 01.' A iii-ita-Iml vhm' limiii mtely ott iinumber Influenza which in the week ending t-hs-ceIy el i-i ofit i- u 'iiia vltiasitediliint to giteni for day had made Its appearance in evercoretbpuue mandn-- cci'. i-i i-i-c - r' i - - - - - -f li ' -i iiiihtilcent ieltile told me state and In al but a few army stnps, -.- --iou;ti- miii. I tel,'; " a itirt ffor cau sig aly-eahs tee til-:-.!!hh. t it.-a i t er- iilt i.iiitm. sgli9 death warntints a tlo tu y dahs SR "ndt'ti ' -, - IIt."..1di'd~ 1,'- h it - mifi ing. luingtlii oevsetWhat tended+ congress today lhavig apprd nmania r " t, I,- -;,,t l"' tissgihi. iiio tt iitte prtated a million dollars to be usedtn "" ' 1; 1,: ~ " r'"I:ke1 rPo''"1'elnoie e Pg r n odrt inertin - ' -I tch-5 I iitiliit htimi~i he iigted ot orde toby the polic health service In t ihts Di AR'' evten)+"," ti.h""'.I,. t itticri-s aitticot teta hgiaticitag L3 7ni fii2-.I-- i aGodHltIii-innt ipalsiInflulenza and other comniunl S R In re fen, " "',nim.t1t.,itys is gone Goo Healhecable disases. The resolution carry r on the ti-i"'tIi-: - A- t 1 -hic i mi his lilt s.g The onic I lnigtl; te appropriation, offered Intt h the Amrr.i 'f rh.C-i - f% Al n, u h"rupi eKe smn s-ckouetiy Rell. Gillette of huasacho between.i iilho i--ire:, 1 I eai { t"I 1.,"-t', - t uIn-,I. i- I It -1'9 Its muth lit, iluilugitt oft time ivesl ign-mtI Si-its, tiax adopted by an unanimtou -- 1.000 p tO'uiwtn,, ' c':;"n:"1 t' r. Iin' -"-1 ifo-i, rscimmtnrmvi hediedieff a t h~ler vtle In both houses.L N O, et Thurcdinott iimtti.-.1%- ---.- - site ituic r mitthe cxtruiortitarnt mmmiti- Will Start Crusade. vie oa nti The Am-i-.urn:..,i".m.',,+n.- itciliciT lifting his hnils.ex- Tte tuiblic health servIce, aIded by cag aste dul 1 irmeuiit 'eui'tri- - - - - - i uuii i tam Iim t i r a tnytutg Ii the timedical forces of the tiring n graacodagt iuurg tln.-.1 i - ii u -'~ - ~,III mum+tin-utlIisn't thtink. I amnwvorn ra-y, at once took steps to render'c-H getoteCnr ktnot-. i- tI '"- "'; 1 u- "t i,inh Ii nigi otruers of execittion. fe tic aid to alt districts in which I- GetBrti1a.Iy::11 If' I(" - -i-flttemt~ut has tnade Its appearance aln rqet o ~~lty hilt ml Ii- - 'h - 'IndphysicIans in large nrum-rpy tI ttd siitriud.,- "it 1,,..i.i ~ LLENBY lit(ers with bie dispatched to the affectethanwrgvnh u RUU~~~~J el~sate amid training camps.settvsbthco iah Iril, lmu--i- --s LiThe serum, which has been ticed,O tie ryonte (t;mhrn Ir-rt1,liie extent In several camps, 1uth~ el tI e w1ax far iti tm:; - u ff flflflflflnit anmouncement had boon made of Ista onliayoo I....(lio very hending resuiltsa of wide mcabinh+'i m)+I. t",i.,., ~ ~Ispread tests. Physicians connecte prtd ranfhet., I - -"'- --., I t 1with the army medical school develope tte aetm h'rt-li in1! t:',,. a "+,l.flVthe formula for the serum, which,Itp al htduy c Fartth-- i- -- TlIL Lteensteated tonight. Is now hieing manu-rpeettvsso it-eec m - - - - - - - - III 11111factored ittqtuantities suftllclent to proi l~so h usi Tornio:h II-TO CU LIUI vide for the treatment of 50,000 per enmd aieco scan- -hIPons dlaily-. The rerum Is designee'tmtthtsc hih - - ptuimarily to prevent,neumonia, whchinovsacmlt of ten follows attackns Bulgaiafluoveram 'Iii t,:-"1i-h,,- ",'," t- - - - -'350 GUNS ALSO TAKEN FROMwhcIsteaueoinue th '11t. F.-re-t,tG as-TURS BEWEENJERUALEM the deaths attributed to Influenza. AND GALILEE! SEA. I Need Onty One Treatment. Teale h!ori ini-, ' 'w-.- u,,I--.-- --. k" jOne treatment with the vaccite olde ad evr1u tfir 1 ' - - 1,,,,u '"tIl--Is neethcud. although in the early sttacscosdrneesr it a l '.."i - - --.-''. '"" OWNOF A- - -FALS of Ihr det'uiopment fhtree vaccinatIon ur hi d ~a - TW F A LU AL were found tnccessary. Though mediclpenthedsac int FRENCH, i-,:,,', authomities coanected with the publtoBlei t ilnseif + - 't r,,, T REC CAVALRY UNIT healthy service declined to venture ~dsusn h Italilln - -1n" - -,ir___aid confidently that If will proive ~ I one 'tsI1i'- -r -valuabie ' as the vaccines being tIoused1:' ', O::hf attempticfilt.2S-B heAaac 4.1na terdsess totr 11hr.' eports received today by Actingwihovosym the'!:,;t.Iiiecu -(nm Allenby, comnianding Surgeon General Richard show that thI~ tlf'mt~la h new.casesNecaeatCmMadPtieManof a td Icrease from 44Cyesteday to TO C HI CAGO AIR MEN AND PIGEONS PLAY frM 1t 6 apDx. e mrillwh 1.098 today, ad at Camp Grant,ftdpacetooni FaeP R IND IE foG:1tCapare $3.50 PLUS ARM O T N AR ND IV porteu 104a7 giinst 1,049 yesterday,-I a i GRAHAM & M OR TO N BY GEN. PERSHING'S -MEN Astromengre-pacifist.s -itdr makersplae "CITY OSTEAME RPIDS' - i i uit t tPotitngtlphoe The imidnight ghost is probablyth Testttoai"CITY OF BENTON I i1.1 14,n iriut win-is connecttng the Sit- dead of ight.stito a ne "CITY OF BENTON HARBORtwith the tiomes at the _______________ hs. Rcn i Lsle l'nd31 ~'1,"ii ' i i hve linen used frceelyn~ne hoew LeaveHollnd 930 Vtm. 1.. i u-ih, iliuflo n from out- tesaro"uoam5 L'save Mcith R'nPier i0 3Co m I t1 -- I',ii i mimiaonil or corps heaut-Isu't 'MICHiGAN RAILWAY BOAT FLYER,11l," t h 'm e1s ge-oof vitat Im- barae EN. Y!CHNGTES Lyon Street, Daily..,..M.- h -itv ti-me mu refuilly traineh and -I P E S ________________________________ - - h.tin -'llI Cu-u lie ebeginning of the (If- I _____ ______________________- -Titey wee eed especially welt WASHINGTON, Sep~t, 26,--Con, - - - vi ~~t.tai~iiut and underfed and l'ersttlngs conmmunique Ion Fri.- -pth fo wt -,.,- - 1 it- I hefront so that the$l ayrecords the contnued sue- ththeV nlaA CHIEi-RSTARlSt utmrnito hie hoses gadywhen dcprsta h it CHINESE RSTAURANTSI gladly, ceasfutltidvance of the first Amer-Is-,a., ~

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