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ï~~.XTn & -statement.dressed Wo "My FdUflw Countrymen," ho said that the oriLican leaders, "have unquestionably been pro-war, but anti-administra-," and said eti~tion of a Republican mtajority to either House of Congress std "certainly be interpreted on the other side of the water ns,a tepudinpf my leadership.".. The president's statenment follows: Follow Countrymen: leisltiont an1 oblige oil action to c ongressional electios are be taken amid cots and.,sruw o4. They occur In the mnoet lion. The return of a tltopubltian ma. t' perittd our conr te jority to either hours of Congress endor o lkel tofac inwould, moreiover. iertatoly be Io. me. tcrpretmt 00 the other side of the rota have aptprtoed af my stater as a reptidietion of toy load. ship sid wish.Jo9 to 000-. -rhp to be your unembarratased 4 1 Spokesmen of the Rlepublilcan soint affairs at honed and party are orging yoo to elec a Ito(I earnsestily be that you pobhiiao Coogrees to order to bark asprees yeurselves comis utp and support the prosident. hot o to that geffet by returni- even if they should ft thit way ito )emqgortie msaiolty. to both poor uon some credulous voters oats and the Heuse of on this side of the wtess the you sroans and wili as other side. It is welt understood or judgment without cavil, there, ea welt as here, that the Re. r power to administer thte puhican leaders desire not so moth trust assined 1me by the -to support the presient as to onr ution wouild beseiul trlhm d should your judgment Understaned ZIiertlons ereo eaudst sotmany fkly The peoples of the aieid coun. so enam s t~tnY~lt~tttrims with whom we are assoiated tnse depend cites your vet' against (lermany are quite familiar to scruple. of taste must In wtatssgiiac feetos roes lilks thse5 be allowed withtesgiiac feetos d to the way of setsting =tO believe that the voters sf the In truth. Unitsd States had supUndividled Â~u129da it preadnLeobx electingg to tno thought of suggesting the Congres a majority controlled p eittoapatyt he pbr tese who are no Te rc t is matters of patriotism. J1 empathy with the attitude and actee kteenty the saeriiisea tieso of the administration. soec keen made In this war - For Natisn's Babe or eittlece irrespeotive.: I nee n~ot tell you. my follow ttistiqttl to harbor eso jouptrtnen. that; I ate cating yoyr j suport ot for myi ton tkef ro soles., of our peeent tast- o k toat It r~t ieeed tlf I~f'r sort that silt i~iikt t " soeseary.t1 is, nationd. he evident tc all the ITS Itsaunetledasupport A", /.IIULHIIUI A NOTHER WEE K WHERE ALLIES ATTACK IN ITALY OF FLU BANS i Must Remain in Force 794 NEW CASES IN CITY Seventy-Seven Deaths Report-' ed In 24 Hours FLU SITUATION Total eases beCleveland.... 19.479 l)estiss here be 24 houss... 77 Total deatbe bn Cievelssd 05934 Total eases In Ohio.... 1$4.01 Total deaths In Ohio.... 2140 With latest reports showing an Increase in flu oases in Clevet~nd. Act. log Healther Rtotkwood F'riday an. nouced that present closing 4rslers anod all ether regulations now in force to fight.. tha s pidemice'would continue in force all neat week. His said these- regulations, might tontleue beyond that time. These were other developments Heather R ockwood sept an order te all Cleveland undertakters to-bar -fromn -uoeals all persoss exept e5t~ces,cdoe friends, an ea; satasd. I't~e s r nsou e,t BULLI Compld ca "w of M. -plaeauaecrdin to ttlenfrc '"ont Sisemol is thrsee tail. is thus extended to abot n5 By Untied Pro, LONDON, Oct. 25-A big on the Piaye fj'ont in Italy by the to The Evening News says. Four armies are engaged on a Italian patrols have entered) aatisfsctorily. Italian troops have taken the Maggiore Islands, in the Piave, no' In the Mont Grappa sector Omnit, have captured Mont Solaro The Italians evidentiy..-aoze Brenta-Piave region yesterday, tc for today's attach. Todsy 'o War Office statemen pjiinyesterdasy together with.. In the center of this front is ftb where the Italians smtashed thse lasi Durintg the last two days, Bri have shown unuawal setfelty on th Local attacks -in the region sot west of the left flank of. the presen of the important height of,Mont pirisonezi. t..isblied t is icti drew attention from the..oneoa ioa Tk.~ieshosoethfle italU".' if i fit. The 0; tack sated dat, along the fPiate Rfiver fronti, lbeltweenpoints TODY'SWAR SUMMARY k.L hlossgtf. ent et *05 totsrrtan' otlsols __~ _denot o as basrs qtis etoriy, and Oeoera towio have been captured *tbtOiO QRDU3 TO VA kNOI:VNNU8,: lelgians reple heav y sittaic-kzTorthset of (in-bent. Ieiitish imtprove 1#flusrv T!.rrrr PRafO'snn.e. D.:silhth:sA m,..i.,.,., hay Â~. " "...:e mn A nni 1 1, U1T -r iiL_.aYln a vu Snv l _r i MEN ow. M, a! %31 uoa -_ adore of the minority in st Coogress have usosteebeen pre-War. Oct they 1antadoilitratn. ot every turn sine we in war, they have sought 0 choice of polle-and the of the war ost of my d. put It_.ucoder ths connstrumenthlttee of their teotim esither for divided vided-counsels can be edured with et, prmanent beet to the toot try. Out titese are tot ordinary iin these critical dlays it is yoe t +a '; wish to sustain me with undivided counsel or fer divided leadership. pttsIbgittyuwl a Unsity of nommend Is sO neoces In a way which it wilt not be pos" nary new in civil actions as it Is sibte to mosunderstand either herc apes the Seld of" battle. If. the at. home or amng our aeeocistae control of the Houe and Senate en the other ide of the sea. should be taken away from the I submit my difficuhtles and mot party now it power, an opposing hopes to you. tmajority could satsrse it> ofOODROW WILSON. Interstate Commerce Commis -sion Creates Two Zones Thte Interstate Commerce Commih ales has Juso completed, its divisto - sC-Ohiet--saatecn.sadl-eat. time pones for railroads. Under the commissions plt which wili be put Into effect Thanka rIng Days by federal- older. 'ti state is divided by an Irregular dipsi set line from Toledo this Columba tad Gallipotis. Thias lne also extte from Port Hares this Detroit tq Ti Ledo, and from Olipolis to Iduntinl too. W. Vs. Cleveland and cluies cast of th Teritory wet of the line will ha, tile same time as Chicago. Fremont. Clyde. Bellevue. Moi#40ChcgJuton'S etr on 0.0. Cation.. Lnaesr, Poodas at OlaIlipollser whieh are located on ti silos boundary' line.: wil eho nte withi tn t~i ~r~ime sonsr. 110k s t:be ooisiderod he the oc SU~CCESOR T0:: A] traffic during epidemic. Heatther cautions against visit. log flu victims. y Tabuiatiottshs the epi. demic gaining en the West-side, r..and decreasing on te il Osssido. d tBabies' Distisssary and HospiS tat arranges to open an outdoor s" ward that wili be this to handle 14 baby victims of Initdenna. Ruptt of.. funerals at Calvary Cemetery causes Father OMalley to srrange for steam-shovel to dig graves. Forty ttsriais there Friday The;Cuyahoga Conty Dry - Ssmn epta reeea nWU1 I sDnsbe.timed ott Stirety during the ns epidemic. IsntOpen-Mer(tettags The sew outdoor ward at the _....Xatniee Dispensasr ati0-locplITl tt be located intfor open-ale cottages which have hitherto been used only its Margaret Hope. sperioten. dent of nurses, will ado foot, of her c t to hatndle the new ward and diepelcoary wit cooperate with the admitting bueaun of the Health )0 Department in 'admitting patieoto. a'. -atne"e pals s - aIooiag aimpet theteir e ttme to placard. n, tog places where fla is reported., Mtike Vasil, a member oif the saoitary eforme fee nine yeaos. resigned Fri. 15 day without explasation. c- Salees e e*e ~55P. 1N an a The closing hour for sltpublice bers in the city has besot moved 'up 0- from 0 p.- m. to 5 p. no. by Rock. ig woods order. This foiiowed presentation of figtures by ministers on crowding of hedowntown saonona. The 'ministers' commiten Bradley. R0ev. W. W. Bustard and ce Ray.Jehns 5. Rutiedge. Asth-Saloon League Superintendent. It reported 168 mens,od tittis. women In ons Pub5' ic Square saleoon between I1110 a. so. s. twldldep.ofY& ns ockwrood asked Or. K. K."SHan. skirts of Lit Quenoy and~ the Mormal Forest. French start ottacktuorth of Laon. FROM LAON TO VERDUN: French capture Ambly-Fleurs, cast of Beth~el. Americans capture four woods eouth of Damnvlllors. FROM VERDUN TO SWITZERLAND: No activity. BALKANS: Allied troops take Negotin on west honk of Danube, 22 tmiles from Hlungarian territory. "i "FRE 17S-- C-RY H T-INk REICHSA Its Uniied Press WASHINGTON, Oct. 25--Turbulent scenes are being enacted in the Reichsstag, where Polish, Danish and Alaatiafn deputies are demanding freedom from Prutasianism, according to diplomatic cables here 'to4,y. Depioy*ltyobel,a Pole, ctqimedt t ghot of-Probmian Polanid to independence. "Th flGelrmati formula thte verywhere the Ocrmasattake is~ strtick is German grouindimitot be put aside," Styobel declared. "Wilson insihumanity's benefactor ena is moved by the strong. cot feeling of justice which lies n itmen 's hearts..- German Poland has ot been so administered tiett oalloiw the Poleo to live there~ itn comfort." Deputy Hiansen, a Dane, declared the northern Schleswig~ question shouldbestldacri PIp,- rF~Deputy Ricktn, Alsatian, created the greatest sensation, the cables declared. Speaking for. the Alsatian deputies be said:. f laceeLorraine deptic onsider tLat" the charge of obtain. itig for thcir country complete autonomy has, owing tothe coure of eventsr.beeome -insufficient." Clevelanders and othter Ohioasaa region, far to the west of today's oh Op Unted Press - WASIIlNOTON, Oct. 25--T1 Piave in a major movement designe ani bring about the speedy elim from the hoar, in the opinion of dii / The latest operations areceon: President Wilsoin's denial of an The Italians havr been eager for for months and they have evenl ouctfraeoeniae-Merthel FRENCH 5TA! 5p ffsttsd Press PARIIS, Oct. 25-The.F'rc 'Serre toil SouneaRivrs, north of Office said. Thte asasult was accompaniedt gun fire. It is aimed st the Germs Veole and Plerrepont, northwe La Ferte has been surrounded and tween Crecy end Miortiers. On the Aisnie, cost of Rethel, ti capttiredi yesterday. Prisoners and The French crossed the Oise I their lines to the wetern approache they made imiportant gains between ing La s.nte-Cbevrisis. French troops in Flanders ha' captured the Dcyttze-Courtrai road. a-~ordere S'BU L.E~1S'a'~"i res; DOIN, Oct:24--ltllam.avalry has reached Lach in. the Drim-I-Bar river, west of Uskubp in Albeaia it was tteported here this afternpon.ltAR~OeL35-(i20 ttaa)-Tlie afles are threat. eails taeg4 hhrsate Whole Ly.MEscaot ltine from 7 ON 2~(4Z 2i p.n)--fie Germ "104 ' aY ihi o h rieweFrench attack,-AMi - y } Y" T,lfbe* eCrecg!betw ee BRITISHWDRW LONDON, Oct. 25--Fighting or of Valcniennes" was resumed toud nounced. The British havF advanet their drive on the great German strt Vendegnies-sur-Eeaillon, six n there. determinted enemay-resistance vance, was captured. Miaing, four miles southwest o cupied. T-.he western beorder of the hugeera outskirts of Le Qitesnoy hayveb -_--More than iQQlLprisoner a snd YANKS:%i4~ Br. 8. lob 08/28/2006 LIBRARY OF 082/06 LBAYO b N - v R m

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