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ï~~Objects to VSO "Mdc LlUUUI$200 Per Dose 1/ E D IC T digestice apparto cost Frank << FLU EDI T re 'M 0,odigto u h:i RsFO rspert to Detective Dauhner CA G E FO 'TO BRING RIR FINF at tihe city jail today. La Faappe said ho called in anew acquaintance when hej felt ill at his room, and requouted him -to go to Vernon his ailnment. Ha gave ths young man a small amoant of currency far the pai'chase. Later, Ls Frappo said, ho awaeed from a siesta, only to find half of Ohs bottleof0 ORIENT IRoE ASSURED I U m V medicieoand $20of hissavings had vanished. He sus -.Vessels for0Â~ Freight from San - -pected the young ans andg Council Appoints Committee to asked the polico to fend his Pedro Assigned by 'ShipDraft Ordinance; Slight mn ping Bdard Decrease in Cases i IT f A i r II~flMELE 1 Wrd waooreceivod in boa Angeles t 1lllII lIE today thoL tut o modern seel steamA $I fice in I. hlieroided ire t IW1 N EIhiILwllbe en toth penally toraytaron faling a~Iab wl esn to tho port of Lo port influenza rras r for oo u iottla- fl R. Angeles, possibly in Februcry, and lien of the quarontinreR ILl L LII actual work of obtaining cargoes for The ells i-oaocil. -atr, toonaelndirtIus-1 lthlosaeosoips Is exrented to be under Pion today. arloaintrdtn ommittee to 10 U9 i UL L L way oarl ext otneet. iranr r:,tn --rlw.-.l-ocaey a ITbe designation of these ships will for etottn f.t s.iia oat o laf fl::,1,,IH ore w a n olikely be Ike Orient, poefar hr-- a o-.otl"~ t1.1~ l~ totlol led-cti, h. tvt0FOIR0BRIDE i irndrtoo-nad tbat itere to:a oallr. '.-a.--.a-r.,lMdhi otoamomntatfaa-ailable tonnages tihe ordli 000-e- --td; I't la lloi t in Jm-atoAngelee that ordinnrily taciore-\v" I woilad gel to lte Orient by may of San Thkn ac-lion an oUken 11.-ca. wrcir; JA ottapely hoting girl of tkervat- rancisco. and tee ahlpm s ewill cf addre-ne shad t-'hcarut (col fronDr. rioty tar whtlikhrnice in held far thoarrirat nf Lbs t kshipe Boawers. city heraltromtissiotter. ad who ts willing to became fe that wctl1 be atocatrd to the now Loe Dr. Foriak bheatth t-otmmisieol.rofat actlotiato wife of at wealthy ranck- Angeles Pacific Navigattitn Co. Portland, Ore.: for. t..tli Pree, thle er ic heina sought toeday by Robert RETURN CARGOES 11cr. Or. Beirleth. r.trc.-entoie the Plhoahtmn. screray of Ohe Venice AccordIng to Informatinn obtained toe Angeles Prelytect: D. A. inkto- Chaberoft lommerco. tie morning. ihere is now no longer burger and others. ikhe:,hnn 1100011.t careful check of' any doubt that the two ohips wilt bo AGAINST CITY CLQSING,1thtoo -ho eii.'le btlhlcg beattlicoesrontoinLaoAngele. Thc ohipping Dr. Pariah ltcillirit ocotothek- at"4- otter cI-ci"illo., eti-antomlb won board reserv-es the right to designate Ing.of thr ty.sainlg I1 tPortlnd hlo rico--t I lo-oif li-cg ertnn. ohrbe e ocreturn cargoes ihall bo wascott.ed aud anllcrasein thecin--: canchlcof 11Omlu..Osentbut agentsnofthetocal teamcorna resulted. 'fle leastrests, it.Ie hecorec gtotho letr. Benson ahipt company tat wilt operatetoe said. acre galoctl (room ait tritt l trtr- huso Inl y at,Hney.tosis I sudrtod ilmr antine altd a 31tine tar -c ietloltoo TOO BASHFUL thtan likely be able to sencore these of i orfaiureto elsl cses Henon xltninM h ha,pnt w aurgloe In tbe Orient. and In OtLat ofrL.n Ploe akel-iolroe--scalaid l-tlner t.lthen piaic11hn11011 cln twoevent tha ablps will renlaceto tisl to enteilerhbis ight to lmtnatt- in- fort Il tlo in n oili-froom temany Iinp otrlodthtthtnie fluenzc tram boa Angetes. Ibatingirls nahI-ee10buttat het was l:tates raltroad adminiotration ie tatle sid Ike in~uenca eltutaion In knashftan ti had beer. fIlle to gain IngcuptopIe matter of routing ableIke lostotcerol weate hoa1001-elmo the c roenlance of any 0hi- (eit wouldmeobynaataaAglstc ild.0 o nteaLI 1taobe atentttill-easotern marketn IkaL arc. deotinnod foe tkere a-or Indirotlto foal lte die- Iant not oarkhino:to- w nmanIkOcn.Itha10de.iIaod een bart again reacrhed Iteerest and 01 ttY 11 ln to nac-therenit. Itatiqne akoa plent whth hono- n-esn kapisog foethre ilabe otqestonobouoplnt fhatmenas hpin-ntmfo roaeesetiontate," eears 1own portiola teofnwo n teatube ibseo aragoee for titese ohilpefrom that lette. "I hv lentof rtneyand stource. Het- atecl Ifor 1lln OctoillInstall 0 tke Ollnrltlnln.coomco my wile ROUTED BACK tetphrne oot fr qicky hndlngwillt 101 t o -1.1001 k. I w-lit 11- Al tile eame limo the, renpreenotarepartes10nille oin-- ar and f-c vit- hide hliali thtie maise amay nom." ticea of the toe Angeles Pacific Naviwlik ind flor tnhe ini..n - llln t e WATSNOAVAANHE gaLlon Ci. are ondeatoring to prevail n-ar an (o Oln cepetina Il te Tlut, PwOd aInto no avalancke an the skipping board and tho railBrl sd t ial lon 001on ~in ofbathing hIllnutyIpictureson Ildecend rocadaidminitration the neeity of the u11"tnRtiftrl tsvchre i0.1ad 1ponhim nt d he oslotonitoatirlty 00arranging for return cargoes, In Irken tiglntl1.w -tct it od wilidoo ite inlt l Itllaing.l0itosauto o-olperationt with the local ta ahip kelt.tnhrneto l hi..iott.n sIn, so that the two aitips wilt thn-r at ott.s ri ot ot e tosic k. tl i - lo oatrlf.,,l wot-o i 00 etlelted be routeidbach to thiaport. was rompesctoted biithe arrivat lhere not1t10snd ottl - ren t posinle.eligi- It isoointetd out that shippling ofx from 100tIaX5000 louritstodaily. tile. hout Inc iyto ',fix" it 0o thneaonomt- drmandn ithat the LoAnmaef twkhom were etecktopon urrivalt oneli - croft1 tnt',"t.-o tut.eofrcatthe neteshipo cot be routed batktoy and others enobro ieogoon aftter noont ohitlcly -atal l.tolitr" of thoe wy Eflion Francisco. ae that port reaehing here. ttn>aoitie. is oiready congested wIth shipping, SITUATION COMPLICATED t-I wilii 1,. lmy O+nl Ii iolg In ouch and the sorthern raithre iteeare Dr. Powerisahid that lbhe roantOy It.0:0 oath tiso,"teretcikoeo-anciter. heavily burdened witfrigt hlphoepilal was fall, that the Biount Jiot eL nd tie the ttiat o gir-ls who menlo. Wastington convaclescencot hoepitat oare in the muehlt far a huoband" nglesutn the chips backhto aswswswithin 15of Ito napacilty. nd Benon wrote TIt he waman d A,gotes. ilpoin ettid oat t-n arn-ffo.ta h eed tethsia rs ee a eni ld, et h tatytouledeeettotulpok norloaeeecn btriaties, can he bent by roil over ably coucld epnd tommisgneht the eouthern routes and tho Bait Laike conhredconicthe ontofmmonneryPfflT l l I geeTfl110 thue areorgsome of the conteshearlhusftheeraount tothoe SPOT1l l fIV.1IFiI getlion on toenorthorn rail soates. tune healcbth finrge o firhremaigo k loes A summaey of tehe siutuation, It is Besnding theconclis antione a tte- m IU l~ llAloaid sos btbaAgleI n ptdEiio exchange was today instatll Iss r I1U11111flhllilt astheat Losngadeyei arein in the health office- and severai lit- II Ls U51U5 l tE~ oxpaeoditos*1a10theIr bod'thyae16 e diinl uaatteIsetr abrbat th ded dd~oaiiuratoeInpetaa -iato within thethir txl30 days. brh h w oee pt t"to work io the lock of guar- -+.Thoeoty uooeool~eo s. aakioing ail placee In which ialluenaa Thoestate lam prohibitng emnpioy- agog ever tho outemom and- every: ad pneumonia cases more found. ers from dismiosing whrteo 0hoentI h iywoI ugcdi SLGH ECEAE evidence of 'opotermi wilthotut per e-ceuring shipmenits.fur fot'lia marJlday'e morniag total otf c own ittlag;tho diecharged amployens-to tate s Inchaing a quiok aurvley to doshaiWed a slight decreasacunder fy00- make a detoee wag effered in esri termine just when ehiptnnntsil ol be torficy's- murning total. There nere oienae today before the War Labor packed and macked so spacse can be a220i new roses ant i eght deatha up hoard at the lhenmoelg of tke disputes reserved on tha two ILo Angeles 'w to 0o'clock today. againsmt 4Conet ieetomaro ike 'P40fcleictricRialiway nhtips.. ue "0 and sever deatks at }.elitsame tiour "iaraaolItotunIon oiploynis -"o-: yesterday. Yetedaystaesto1-IThe q "oa loatl a a o sie ~ ~ ~ as tIa I dk7and the deaths 2.Tunac- krooagk up:otte ttelmmuat asC- n ie-W " 'ws d1 d t aesm umbered 0747. nllh 3 real wllmoitoal tote aeel tthat- they fo T d ahst.oe weube re - t aof epottrh" And fo Lundry. vyWomxen wore a-rg d wttlelat a 17 ts:g ____ tastreportod *0a5- 42800the hislh t It 1,V:koten llhd th tit del s. For f coo4 iweetC alnc tbaliof at v.e. idiscr nel be 0diaebta Ia-,f a n...tmoeeo e~sl f byt d he he ohpatty last re-:wh*Tproposeal - trease. of the' ti; of the n7o why he uono as. wage law for women itt tl iim dsifh iaveea e ef cases itt the ramnad. - ws' bou ht out 1Its 'he nrenaloeo h ei~lG~of-Ki n 0coe01% antI the steep- nootlno thatf~tri au t to t1,"or-,"o'a1=: r T 1iu0..-_ _L 4"oraia La.tdeyremon'e r,.1 -- h lant i i S t ae saWorkmansfiIUd IlfVn ii r Suit Not F&I ay d l DFHE of Formers Mayor Thog an'iaufortunate error In O10I Ths Elvening, Herald, Tueaday it was 11 1 1 11 1 1. stated that the gersndobildren ef foe-___ i sa sw mar Mayor Willitam Workman, who died last year. had begun a- suit 'tco recover titlls to 800 acres of walnut G~ ltha grandchildren of Willism Workman of Puente, Cal., mhq died in 1875. Release of Woman Held in This William Workman was,an unmele of the tote former emayor. It wae Death Case Considered slated today that there was no tiga-, tion whatsoeer over te will of for- byPoeur mer Mayor Workeman and that thore ____ wan no connection whalevr between rie county grand - jury tuday dotoe two eetatte. eided not tu return an indictment against Mlra. Gertrude Gibbons, alleged tO-maa-poienned her hushand, Lucky Thirteen Frank Gitbone, accordig to rotiablo information. Takes L. A. Hero Deput~r Distriat Attorney Asa Keyes considered Iho immediatertleaeof Safe Through War Mrs. fGibbono after tke jutry toadincoted Ie action 1o tim. Clad iin block andl expreteing conflWito naid 11 nun an ttatucfy now-.ttece tkaltktheOcrv n-omen geand bee' jurnees'woulId atleast "underetand" Privatr GenoreM. Donovan, eon of tlee sltuation. Mrs. Gibboos wan Ike Mo-u. Cora Dooaun of 640 North last witness before tile jury. clerendo strect, who ten just been NO DETAILS OF VOTE cited tar courageous performncen of No details as to thoo vote of the jury duty In Argonne foret on Sept. 28 on the question or te jury's reason ndt again on Oct. 9 for detivering for failing to indiat was oifnred. displate uner eelt re nd ste- Mrs. Gibbuns took with bee into the ing the day far tba Ninety-first Di-arand jury room a ile of sympathy from Cibbone' own sieter vision. declares 13 is bis lucky omen. The exietenne afthIe letter was not He come from District 11 and was discloaed until today. In chis lettr, sent tn chump with 13 compa-nions; he written after the arrol In the- case, n-as assigned to berthb105ens route. Qibbon' eister, mba residea in the and whetn lie went to Franre it look ea.t,.expresd her sympatthy for Mra. 11 dote to arose. Gibbons andhnr hope that li oes-I ieo kasobkern fghting wjtk the Me, cution wotld be dropned.,ahino Gun Cuompanty of thn Three AT JURORS' REQUEST fHundred and Sinty-firet Infantry, It mas at the pereonaltrequest of and although hn han been over the Fereman J. P. Stobkdale andl the other tap fivo tImes ke hoc coma through grand jurors tihat ire. Gibbons was~ without a ecrateh. privileged -0to tll bee atory. Jo aer "Itesol brcauoe I went to nar'Own words, to Ike 14 men and fv eurriaundod by lucky 13's" ho do- momenIn whseadehrrfaterests dlared in tinfont lttr home. As sky lfetthle coanty jai oith e grand juory roaw, hire. Gibtaons cald GLAD OF WOMEN'S PRESENCE Daniels W ir eles 'I am gtad lbcre are women onnhi Con t r o E u Dead, jury. They, at laset. wilt depreciate I my hittoation and understund a fromSay O * ae ear.I do not ant fur G Sa euS omniitteeman pithy.h owno-er; a oty a taler vew and jueticen" Be Issereatol Ne ws bevrae Mrs. Gibons held a short conferWASHINGTON. Jan. 1.-Secre- ence with bee attoreoyblarrison tory Danioe' proposed permanent Cassell. who did not exercise hia right government ownrship and controt ef to withhold tier teetimony trom tbe American wireless, under te super- grand jurare. vision of the navy department, be Men. Qibons related tier lfe stary. ".dead," In softar asthe pesent con- Sihe totd af her fleet oniapht~ wedgrees io concerned, Representative dIng when seewnas 33 years old. to Alexandee. Democrat ot Missouri, Josiaht 1Herrick In Beeesuontn of toter caarman of the house meroltdnt ma- meotiog Frank Gibbons, the onsehe rine committee. announedn this aft- boned.Ske admitted taviog married ernoon. Aioexander stated that his Gibbons 1n LoaAegeles wilhbot committee, beth Democratic and Re- having boaen legally eparuted frao publican. had agreed that in view, of Herrick. te aharp difference ef epinoen re- Then she tld of how Gibboos itgd gardin; Secretary Daniels' proposal daclined in health ad o f )ow, bn kie it would hbe Impogolien to pt Iitdepodn cy, nn ho n-ha beggedhkerto GIRL SO WHEN Mis Dorothy Dicktfern Who Is Released Wkcn Dorothy Dice reun.- aia fj H-arriett I-5sadernon. aged 21. widely known onasaclisteli10church choiresU IL-I nas released from Ithlecounty. jail after ott amleged Iitbalus acteck had L I been made good by her mothter Mrs. BUL Alexonder Dickerson, iaiswasg writ - ten at thte conclusion of her latest life r chapter.LV Her life hocsbeon futl of thrillse. she told Detective Nick Harris. wkuoarroated. her at a fashienuhle downtown Thteta are hotel. United StatThe alleged fictitiou ce ckas cirtng to ion written on a San Feranclaco back, o- aceatnltag to cording to E. G. RosatftUse Nick. l. it.Harris agrncy. - Britt said USED ALIAS aeerp~ga e f Miss Dickerson. the detectivee soy, tondetu[ ae l attempted to hide k ehind the alias. Ore yer'a R-atriett Henderhon, hut her' Irue the foddstuq Identity was learned. inhi any hZ A4er she ' was registered b' Sear prodam00 loq gwant James Cline at the policy iden., producers. at tification- bureau Mite Dlckereqn. waes h herunaii taken tk thoe bute -Oi.- herti ohs n ~lt aid h LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER RM

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