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ï~~Suhern o 00kr OMotaad plateaure n Shower.' Tuesday or St edac and honbic Satrtoo In rorth' pios: fate ho_. suh.teratotur lgtaovenor tog hera to where the fothoontpcace conference, which every day's eats are brnging neater, shall be held. a Austrtan suggestion of oe of The gue palaces for this- purpose tatuoed oh amsmentint Parle, where the ide that the co res which will tie Germany's ft id ib thl to therid ct e he hld to any aeutret 0050 " to scouted hy ail classes. Cthe of tho crest wtshe of tho Fret n ation to t the peac congres shall take piece Versoitles.whore, t ill,87.tonthe eas s of the French kings. the Insolent pire of the kaser was foouoded, as ous Forest expresses5 it to Matnteist.morning, "it is only 5701 -catty fitttiog the Germant Empire told coc to itosed." NEW KING FOR BULGARIA. rdtnewd Abdcated Thsaday Ins - veeeof Crown PrineeBoris.:ornooiaasri, Oct. 5-Tihr official telac correspondence hureau hoe,oo out a dispatch from Sofia dated day, stating that. King Ferdinanid of Igara ahdtceted 00 Thursday in far of Crown Prince Boris. The new tg. it to declared, has already astied the reins of office. The attitude of Prtnc e rie towerd to g roups of hollerente hoct oct he Inteey ndicated, hot adolces frote'Sofia rshown the Bulgartan ooverenitlso,roghlyc omeeted to the cite of eaking te ewih the Entente that it sems hghly idey aeecoherge le theitotar head of state wtold affect the petter of tto Pottoo treaders who are enaged to carry ot the reace rorooam. teports haeehenCucrrent store the Oct1a50..reakcdownre.tht dado eld Oir. Isis--heathh woe, repertold rtiImraired and -Aueutfewatfarig core at Bad Osoohetee, whrrocoe ro tced to cSofia 1n earyr:Septetber 'EF TO HUN FOREIGN OFFICE~. SoialistiaedseS e Ctrist AOls.,BnOer stsssor'e s esrO. - ~o coeoseo. Oct. G.-Dc. W. S. Sotf, rmao colonial secretary, hkm been op oted to t e'Grfssw lelpeisif reteryohip, It was officialliy acmmed in Berlin today. dathias Ereherger the Centrist lead' has hesen 'poted,secretary of Ose without prfolioe Beer Baser, iattot member o- thettEcstag;.htea B eamed a, ecretary of state for the penatailorihtffie >~ }:o:Doctor Sifwill. cotitd dring act also as coloniat secietary th Doctor Gleiss ad usder secretary. dom. Swioeeo~N, Oct. 6.-Genieral osoer has hes apponted to sceed. neral Von Sins, reigned, as Prowon minitetr of war, the Straeehurg ct sys. General Groener has howl of of staff tihntth katne. NOW HOILLAND) DENIES IT. Trer ee vttireonels Hav 55e tie Rnt, The lnsgsRe Assertis. mirtFiotto, Oct. 6.-Holland has cot ited the beligerents to negotiate for ice, It wjs declared by ther foretgn of ei THE ~reqsw olde Nei eiplor nitioc Slyls. mimsin fired the c1 East went The way, fic, w Brook mayor the is ersi a Itv aftern aster boesot _Rep wodon appeal to he witho itoiha whttdr p 1sUdva at the 4pidde. downt Maj sigos this rep~o~ te gr 'milts gor 5 city,1 esples boeils tidally andp drede vised atidn on is, WI' Â~"""" been stoemsotots magazine. the torce the Most Difficult County Encounteredofte seeiatckdtesurudn; 'w tseoOreb re coutteflite,0".erthquake, wrecked 0inthsAgone oad ampign SE NEW YORK SUBWAYS ight hssti;*hattered thomsds olf5 teAgnn.__ window pase sod caused a panic among ______ A-rciSnttascors elof towoc. KtnasooL,,. -1 "hjxrsa Coitysootertdai atoriso ba at Authorities Wars Then Big- ASrITOOKAD INI000IAZNUNfS;f BestEl osiIs mm- __.;}. _ ' Jortino thrinolantry ssa oitl. Th t he limit the iorrtc who ore fighting eesg.ei Ca~esa "ise ) "cecte oes tahr n1sdtemna tprlIt'" Francewhen thoosaado of menad __i. Wentte,.________doursaouer!([of serial activity. eocnocr ciofot iot I_______Violent German rooster attacks in the 55 Emlycao hs250 Aavt$.a-u.lo ity.h ra,,.c The Amecrican Troops eNow Are Very region ot Fiorilir, on the eserncendgeLaenoprcde, whilec attrvr hr1 Nightysfthe 2Boo n Ios hscaeootot itctr eri h ire ee Iof the Argonac Forrest,worer rnpolstt packed the downtowocctlccto from curb D.E F ttoc eti cisroeco loe ote Lerman ai ethenight,.Ito curbi.anod cheered the t ramping best. Fee. Ofuesosa bynosdir rao iokeeiatces, The parade motedprompl t 3:0 Accoedod.'oitiogt, tso'hltg cnd oceez ni0-- totcpaotocic.cteosse, * U- toe. Oct. 1 i int2 p. mi).-Peuotto- o'ce It feonti ighteenth Ot -. be-American fortes haveodefinitely broken tGraod Av-enue. There %%atnot ahittch Intl- r oetie e~y eu in otonscrtl'ei 50-MILE FRONT.'61Ethouagh the whole feoci of the eeo'anyaewhereoalong ih; rtitc DAMAGE IS 30, MILLION tore thsstlim, xet earn ancd-r~uRLR defenstc-e.Iahnd-t-ottsucher, rolltoe noese "dM tilt:Lanme we itwest of the Argonnse, accoding to battle 11F + 1tilMl Ni It srideisdo rot rng incocshilc - frcnt dispatchce eceivedthisafhsritic. tiesimoqroomte~ra ret Biesta Still Reck Country- pcs as muli ae roe ile. a0 tire FuriosFightng Is Contieuing is the! Booth of ike Alatne. the tireman re- trogmee. thoc the colors. crried bht iseest Negkored f -Ml cot% itcaiet0.... Wle C. mpg gse tirement before Geosrat Mnsglnsand t-footer feom picte lheadqarers. ole in Nighborood of9-MGeneesi BviongthetotWhleoChapagne.ppoeeesoted hbytChief of Polire 0Sott Godlcy Munitions Facoery. t hemidto socsr.r orge uof theGenSeatioe. have endedmtemporpraryo d fifty cyusifoerordth halrtlteenciroiamotdd emorriy c ____iayocr etc oreorl ncdto roldedi ht o paes ____The Gee-manshave con definitely re. Behind the patrotmoren sarhed tile reoachi, Oeu sddfaecirti4:t,-ot. -tired behind the K riehte~eing Shemo sd en thn am teIt Y orOI.,-'nreon fer00to iCCee edtoo, BREAK HUN DEFE NSE LINE line to the American aectoe of tiio Chain-) erty laeesst- workeraan thoom thfo Regmeerig Ik thantrooetaesrtir too atonekr to bed withroui de--- - - ante eves than has beenencontrred -nhrn e sdrm fcl h il ektcolcdt n te iiayadIin the Morgan,.J., mu- Triobentft at onir ct to hed NerReis ethe AmericasoHaeoet aanheretofore Ais Ae now relpected,.ncsperatdets andiotheramitteronss B rs~l n ludn ou.TruhteSip ie heGrasaefgt eprtl ases City has marched and cheeed a plant were imminent, Mayor.. -- hsg h apeRvr Th ems e ihigdseaeybefihe as it went into Liberty bend cam- 'hepblcoev Pl~Te Ioeil.55stA lecotoe Rersti Onors-I Stronghelds. inothe Champagne. for every loch of snebteerwofirspitr n. nd he ublc srvie rte yssAoe oNeO - _____I_ ground, becasesof the great number of homertnve ih iersirto on, after a conference with the boe ft itu, odh elsI sevedsteUitdSae auable eommunication lbrasbehind keecethusiasnm ihan today. lepartnlo nthortiec, f iyeadr.h o rd.e.62-Ly i 0tefot ote frn ipthtd- The demonstration was.aafitting cli.- - Beatnn uhriis rdAee.leNa10rearr 01Vee5 Troete Uniedreates thterd, atlcfonmdsathe.d-max to the weeh, a weeh devoted to so Teseweps 13yasof.41 Saedre hete us Getsstdy dvance puhiitby eampuigo preceding losing of the ouhwaynstender the Lne, 2. er i- 51 ra es rs Rtse. The opppoing armies ste swaying to TOhsunttcaffejth of ohisiot.og Ran tiarsolds 21-3soad-, er f.42 etFot lecy and fo, sod the bttle ineo"ntaege a dc.ied ase ntaot2 mlindolr.sitMceot-f3 atRvrbigscryntu-My'iss'4}erwod 0 erOCE AKGRA ET sbigeauly ieebtteheryalte170 ewmnwre intoterti efetemeisrye [gathoe,~I otefo. new h lle read- 50005Twelfth ndTheO - 24ntd rllyadvh e r! en, otd~Iyare old, 4003 Sooth _____ IGereassase fighting hard snd progeessweegkodoiTeltndThr Wemosdtmorty etitgOte oisf~Isso____ ___ tst stret hentho parade sterted. lYnfacssclswt Stase Thnomas da n aposr earnStdeTo Under Pressure in Chaempagne the asseAha mliks. Rf-lwnetfhMi7!=n ffiesptheerry. It was eid.tthe vanoe,- es~ steo - Withdrew Wcometoeow.Ot. I-The Americas were dressed' ic white. Patitic o re sf55 thtathessetldtatteti a neEnemy Wiothede20His advance northwest of Verdun threat. gans wore carried by oach division. sptdn xlsn aeOps e-o, 'L oOls0 dee, it ram dCuteFlash. ensathe greatest single tine of esminunl- sek woman cerred a small Americas ist rtlsiWaamogton. - - WicSe eritn ers oldCstrcation hotween Germesy ond the west flag. Many of them--mothers especially WO DEDco te s NEeYOBS. } odTi.tosa t~or le-ar- 4front, General March, chief of staff, said -carrtllie evice fiassfor their lorald ras reetda: ~ snChien, Wdl,'tJoeseph BostiiteeyIcee soieed Crest toda, o Gnca Prh on fees who aec lesevice.The women waOeotdat34rct~lf hs Facgs H. Chanfer, 12 rears old, le yInalinenehal- esede, eachce toos toot a 'large ombsr.of he- Ceosse, W " foseptteeopitatl. Londiie, Oct. i5 (430 p."m.).-In knee sow reaced a point wthisneight- formen fh ad ggnroapI wounded in the Morgan, 0 de.,s- Nt lsee,2ISyearltd.,Kensoha.ter, o feniobtwceternomItes of thia great artery.Eghedthsid ilrtot aoetaha weewbeing brought to N f Toyk Wie, BE Joseph oal l hi feniebtenteThe prgeenseof Genea] PershingsaEgtt~tadNntnhsre&b. tli b~y wny of taten teIsi Wind - R3oe itl., c~bhhehMons* acd thre Airt the Ameritans forces faued [the' Gonmnanerol saff itsGadodAsneedLcs pos ' iiffm Nealrl w J iCarft~ d s M,si slIyears old.,e-Eto noti etrmn ifees8t'reetwr r~dderyi h fe ted men orlr-Iiigthere hrlit edij~o clc ~- credadaceo mmtofta ieow nto ibis ntthecefoyfdi-tiaffSde eoeydderyt teairRe ogper CGeo, i ersrold, ryosoc to titer-mofessmoingeovetseseottke ankiefoff thearaksAe-odarter}ssmal In trance of nnffeeeteem bstil t ubotYahQ eNbfot Sol Stle Heoptat. - t ltt slhamvn ee h li d, hut dme1piite hohe Amerieans niodt a ftetrnesdro mi o tile. ' Several f the afth r h itetdsrsiwfetdied from pneuonei for dif fihelt.couhntry encounteredl in thte only have malothisoed theponsitioswoo, bays suiting flagS sond caee. They did, at scratch, had lost ass..of their olitgosn Sa.tssec Ageeofglflg bosgh onut have pushed forward un011 they me; a thrilsg trado. Ago yew faee thesnGerman Keto nhifnde line oftdo-sAlong iOak Steestnorth 01 Eighteenth -and seresunable to speak. Waltlee rempreportedheaperred in Conel, almileolenin cadets frem the high,dltt h #ya~ialisItry1spao.rpre.cpue sCnl ietne schools were asa ter to the osi lOf't horl'-nae4d strmat-re pteleieAdae rm mn oVraa" smld hl-sot nOk to-h tth ofhlsd fe - n4oaulvthasn - Optisenofth 7h egmetMisoriNa ly exft W sSh dm1 dro-t-Beles.rt11"s doanoBh:.Frthromane. Sumarisinsg te n ews for tedasehcLwiesuhinOkeudt~ ey Moecn-plnt were th. st John Jit tweI te Fles.week as"exeellent," Gederat 'March tiunal Guard, with their rifles etached:,nSubwayt r 1$ hraf p~eas oew t;, Cooeo, = 'ike aalllea carries the dAmericas gad offensIves conducted he- ike Allies The famous Americas flsg owned by ivoy los t te Gemn olelie.It oa threes paadnr aectors had reslted in tem tlnoe ef tke B, F. Goodriect Rub-. iei loop: nder Battery A. - i ulpmay deathseresuoltiog in Rial-t- is expected that the Americans will hove a forward movement of the bottle front bee Company and wiche has been a I. H. L.,bArptrng. U..8. A.55de- Ciyfreos influsea setSpaeumonia opeoathi oiinsfrsvrlfor practcally the entire stretch from feature is hond' campaigns in meny lt tf toe Glpllespieir pssttonandr Cap-ri the North Soo to Verdun. large ctewas carried ky ninety-men, t Watston, U. 1.A,,survey-ed 'the developing from influeoula and with SoyashoWore hegatle successfully to GnrlGuaesam,-ntws fmembers of thes"flying sisadron' adt taktetse'strung positione.The re- the Argonne Foeest, hastfeughti tie woeahy smrie ikl e h iet Atar cona. tlpir Odeipanes werh h" 4 sne aonyasteday, creIele ies oo odntiforward to aosaitCWhere it tent threat- Bond workers. Tonight the flag will lbu +Tcr "t Â~W> ht e,"" s et ' u rttsigeve ehoo ody ai nthndQ gstin n Sas. et to Cbic are i will s eep~rld " Bribs drifveneonforCrliba buy ityoo$ttde^_s cloig Sommeaite of ton thoesond reprtedkore kniloved in have takes 0 (b p. m.).-lo Eastern Champagne Ike (New York [troops) sod 30tk (Tennsessee., gT ClCOrefsT 5 B Dn otieon, has keen almost leveled to plaesdpreaie syseeaekt Germaces are falling back on the lioe of NrhCe~sSel aetoadD. rouad be-thikexoplosions at Morgan, tiot keen reorted. A death repent need tAmsRerTeioasosiract of Columbia treoels)American di. Forry lalrlese carne' 5 Help Isnotine th Ane ivr.Te in asbenvisions, developed into a battle fee the Lees Pare. amy efficisis to ehorge of cte don- notibe made immedliotele-, ket must ho reac-hed he- the American oreops, who entireeHindenbarg lase. The British, One of themetoy bands in the loan pofeles otdro to ayeteof f h tnehuihave taken St.Rtiooe-e"Aenoe. General Merck said, hove heohen entirely- rode this aiisiI)Doe was only from tho fiemlsfo h cn fteCongestion i aeopwded treet tart,,- across the enemy's eone of defens, mail- Wetwurth Militare- Academy at Loaxsioss, whoesstore fronts in the ol yhitlathrte oh h Icterv, Oct. t 14:30 p. mt)--The lug hreasn t he 11nwhich wore isntoe, Me. In the comspanywoeeshoot essal teido wrie ketred, keat-prime fatoteeIaspeeading the diseaso, Americana hate captured lon. it wanoot yteGrasol ftrgettjI~rgtl nfre on ut al h tdw ntett-bekesoold be dose away with, areerdisg to learnied authoeltatiroly I dinehfteGemaeul-atergealfeeypinl tifre on ot I difft.i"yThee- attraetsf _much aitootids. iplaster u.tore lfrom cein i nsi ce st anba- Dr A..1.Gnoson, hosd Bfthe contagious ui is terie it or,. In Flanders the delco of the Allies hoey"f, m destovct iheheesdisesesdepartment, as one of the mess- ~i %,Ill atihe sme.edlttnoc rtcIno fIretrecocqueredseety-five s fur d lieof he areyd eths"artne d aeodmae aiiswreso rapn eso to prevent-son epidemic, ter. IIsc othio Ocit-mttite tire, So thot Belgisat territory and has foemed a te Hr0 y W tin.ds-bgie Deetorfamilioshasrmadeeanformalnemseresee if yceitrion +:se~ bort ed bhracbhit emoi- eice a salIent too miles Seepfrom a bhoe-dayshesinoess, hihoked kiut wossod bach yards. Doto Gnnfeasmaeotfrml,e- ienetr-tt icle pre ttitaet r us o h srpiie hti hali tetmae ho ieAmeeicans t Ottentd cud Zeehrugge, German sohins-thcregonfc in so alley near Eightills RC pre0ictin tat KRthe firo e will pruhibi erowided cars and shall permit hale tahmo loden hetoreo three thcoo icheo r oieoendta ti si o dca tot n ohh hosd telfos hy n g i, inc aseuo aiand to the aslee.eaod and four toouand prtsners I!I repented that themr evacuation has he- plece 0w1ththe ulohore los'vegot s soanlle ht sd vestihules. That would moke the the Argoooo-Meost fightig. goc. rho British are withint fire nile boe tn Franerreaed want 1o do my poet aly atotisdeclared ocdc hethcaletaeeoe-fo se t-eeeel'us' o tte thoearai secie nofon rrtof iterritoryod o thllagmenacedas sxeyfiv.e.onen easteald rIs. f Lllee athom," e sid to possiility that stray shells eae- Doctor GenonlIstoendeavoriag to get PARS. lint. 511:10 git M.)t Ameeteaci BaeU lliInLran.oInrmnooth siiae se-m otnmunication with William G. itil vitl Ats:itil lbAtoot t Las- PNEUMONl IA HITS ARMY HERE. wonehor o e o ftheedmiibrnshor u shooy, Jefferuon City, chairman ef the troops ettached egein thio morning lie- citMt. L (11:t30 a ilt. I). By the region ad each containing mere puhlilcservice rommesson, to ash the twren the Meueasort tileArgonne long thteiaod rm ansletnia t- lole leen tleestaresnep e, bee e., one hundred thousand pounds of cmmissioe to, order the street railioy ano exteded froot. The advance at someerrg c oempano 0u10setery aaslabhle car to htepte ordthe emosnlinsclght Therellree 5hu nrie e soeurT, wsoecshlnlgt h evu gaiopoinsie as rethed nnre than o mitelemp eti mto I keArral wth a1strenget Thereulioofomisfdeenzaow of Gesedrehoiuseseebelconghiagletogmtnloeprrvteng romngfestiao00 pi"o ir osoiaaos-Ths prmesfactor lentipreadil m ansnoeiveral cillages have heen taken. pery.The attach was a total failure. amnog the aludents in the army motor f n pecol each other at distances reato- nza crwd asys Io I r.F.Buliock, The forward sweep of the Americanoo The Geresan part}.coimrrted sixty thocts hero, it was annoounced today hefront ~leli thetheeans ore rea mroen, Snd etoe-rlmmbr o f It who Mat. F. H.; r, commandant of 10 to preclude lignition ty the deo r ad srd Is progrssing billtiatly, accordinogt10reachevi ohe Aeneell rtines was eihee lhr motor le ac Iof explosios at Morgan. On this the most cogested places. To forkid tto te of~ias hse te~rhoecrowdiog them meaea hardship on the edolcos reced y La Lihorte tis aft- hinted te teptereti Fivs woonded prie I)ho er r bae en thirty-leo ~s of Rithe ffiem lsobod theite beore pesple, athougll it may be neceary to ercoon - The Amei-an forte-s are incneo re moaloned 1in the Ilerds oftlhe pneumonias stne Orpleoohrr 29. Vn~e. th age - ol b vrr eoeAmercasnmncdiro ltart ixhl.actordinlo rho netsa faltosrnhomakeschOaenceder hbere the diseoec ontat wit he Icot.defenses of 11101 I, i tw..- i.:- tot:"i..t1 mjosi tae nti.oool Abhcaty soritirt 'OX Aitn Pt.i e tampdutc o t eiee te lecohilide ltoe pen-isttrd totthe u-node.htilest-c m cihr-- ';.-mintrt,ner istoenprel-ldlbyMajore bl1lreonr In rsioe le Gillespie p corver eight ore siuaio ocs f tlty alarmino iry- et."'hIn~ itt -.~ h etne ffrrfth eia miles of groorod.The guardoo pret talre suech o ip yet."hetween tietociten otirithy Mecese.ok 10 41,400Is rteee i hrrilil-lIfeh.emdr td ace-one approachieg wihio a 4, F Omithaserlisnt citye-counseor. loderethe pressoceeof French n d1 Iore e 4IMoaijI ln pe ror Mcr10000. tinerce o aod a half of Itse ondarln Frostm hl to hooia o hat oaO Americno althe 0 in relllpscur, h helll trr F i she d r ch fotres the Mehundredsricoldftimnt rriofl toia1thi distarice rnanbehc seen ifee- had attitoetty cc an oeoergncey oeasure ieioemS ielrn it nrcrleo I fihasof fee.whit alotet tea o prohit the stroot reilwtays comspatoy tGomaco hase orerd ottthr lefct flaok have sto 'ttItakn 1,10pionersl hitgfllstwoutOdtOdilr. alcru hbhige til e he hard, pahicle from carryitn orrothati a given il) teritonr uncat of ther ond sit hundred mu. hitt.guns, ooyatin I IRtI IO l -e,A~D etneeaaichnhccsrlopasengereon eaeh car." M,h.corinedto ihe wrfrmen.ictttr olhtlrsnl t itiirr1,+" 0Sclat1asI.TK1,IOI ' T) ptit al foro m0shcktosrleeot haesrtth.rh oftict- tonrti rten fics e ofsryngto loouhht10hotra1ri Thor- Freonit bate maiultie ther tlhic~a.,fto inrrnol enIle. t-r-. Ic~tic fanct.kfurine vot r trrreototer blo tilrnes trothIce oaaciartre Noedduri-io i rlleio-teariitar eo rhhe oenhoote of thu employe-terhmsodrqaatn, t,Â~nn4.nrrrFetiaddsto ttihc genet a rni tr-oio-rfnt herbet, i r nt onto" re nwait-horseohash, xasmntoncof rho rains has bens ettibrihtioWoesi lrt Alone hreMilne CarnlIn tile region rmtelittycaooa pcello nc' ek o nt of0deft, P. i}eran tlhreoa bode- ons oehH ioltch crn0 ioftired tth ld 0111. 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