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ï~~ California State Board of Health MEMBERSHIP OF THE BOARD GEORGE E. EBRIGH T, M.D., President-_________._____.._.._SaFrnic FERE. ERGT.. rsdn-----------------------------San Francisco FRED F. GUNDRUM, M.D., Vice President.------------------------------_Sacramento WILFRED H. KELLOGG, M.D., Secretary, Executive Officer---____....--Sacramento WM. LEMOYNE WILLS, M.D. L-------------------------------------Los Angeles EDWARD F. GLASER, M.D._________--------------------- -----------San Francisco ADELAIDE BROWN, M.D._--------------------------------------- San Francisco ROBERT A. PEERS, M.D. (on leave for service in France)-----------------------Colfax BUREAU OF ADMINISTRATION, SACRAMENTO WILFREDH.KELLOGG, M.D.--.-_.-._Secretary and Executive Officer, DIRECTOR GUY P. JONES-----------------------------....._____---__Assistant to the Secretary KEMPER B. CAMPBELL, LL.M., Los Angeles______Attorney EDWARD T. ROSS-----------------------------------------------Sanitary Inspector DISTRICT HEALTH OFFICERS ALLEN F. GILLIHAN, M.D.------_________--___-__North Coast District, Santa Rosa HAROLD F. GRAY, M.S., Gr.P.H.__-_.--___..______...__.____-Northern District, Chico ROBERT N. HOYT, S.B. (on leave, in government service)--Central Coast District, San Jose RALPH W. NAUSS, M.D., Dr.P.H.-_------_-_______.___._--.- Central District, Fresno EDWARD A INGHAM, S.B., C.P.H._-__-_-___-_.__-__.__-South Coast District, Los Angeles GAVIN J. TELFER, M.D.____...----________________________Southern District, Riverside BUREAU OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASES, BERKELEY. FRANK L. KELLY, M.D., Gr.P.H.----- ---------------------------Acting DIRECTOR DIVISION OF THE HYGIENIC LABORATORY KARL F. MEYER, D.V.M.-----------------------------------Consulting Bacteriologist IDA M. STEVENS, M.A., (P.H.)--------------------------------------Bacteriologist GRACE A. MACMILLAN------------------------------------ Bacteriologist ESCHSCHOLTZIA LICHTHARDT, B.A.- - _-------Bacteriologist VIOLET M. BATHGATE, M.S., Southern Branch, Los Angeles------------Bacteriologist MRS. L. RAMSEY, Northern Branch, Sacramento------------------------Bacteriologist DIVISION OF EPIDEMIOLOGY FRANK L. KELLY, M.D., Gr.P.H. _------------------------------------Epidemiologist JOHN N. FORCE, M.D., Gr.P.H. on leave, in government service)-Consulting Epidemiologist DIVISION OF PARASITOLOGY C. A.CKOFORD, Ph.D. (on leave, in government service)----------Consulting Parasitologist WM. W. CORT, Ph. D------------------------------------- Consulting Helminthologist DIVISION OF ENTOMOLOGY WM.NB. HERMS, M.S. (on leave, in government service)----------Consulting Entomologist STANLEY B. FREEBORN, M.S. (on leave, in gov't service)_Acting Consulting Entomologist BUREAU OF TUBERCULOSIS, SACRAMENTO E. L. M. TATE-THOMPSON, B.L.--------------------------------------DIRECTOR LINDA MITSCHKE, R.N.------------------------------------_____ _~Field Worker BUREAU OF SOCIAL HYGIENE, SAN FRANCISCO LEWIS MICHELSON, M. D.-______._.__.-___.__.._...........___-_ DIRECTOR ETHEL M. WATTERS, M.D._____----___.....____-_.._._._______.__..-.._ Sanitarian WALTER M. DICKIE, M.D., Los Angeles----------------------------------Sanitarian BUREAU OF VITAL STATISTICS, SACRAMENTO GEORGE D. LESLIE, Ph.B.------_________.____.__-__State Registrar and DIRECTOR EDNA A. MORTO N------------------------------------------.-----.-Deputy Statistician BUREAU OF SANITARY ENGINEERING, BERKELEY CHESTER G. GILLESPIE, C.E..------------------------Chief Engineer and DIRECTOR RALPH HILSCHER, C. E.---------------Assistant Engineer, in Charge Southern Branch FRANK BACHMANN, B.S. (on leave, in government service)___-Chemist and Bacteriologist CLYDE F. SMITH, C.E.--....__...-______....__.____- _______--Assistant Engineer RAY F. GOUDEY, C.E._-....... -------------____-._..____-________....Assistant Engineer BUREAU OF FOODS AND DRUGS, BERKELEY ERWIN J. LEA, M.S.__.- _.___ _.__..._____ --____ --.._____-DIRECTOR MYER E. JAFFA, M.S.-----------------------------------Consulting Nutrition Expert AUGUST F. GLAIVE, Ph.C.-- ----------__.__.--Assistant to the Director and Chemist C. H. McCHARLES, M. S.-..._________..._-------_____._-__,..___...---_._Chemist L. C. CHANDLER, M.D. ----------------------------------------------------Chemist MAY L. DONALD_------------------__...---------------------------------Bacteriologist FRANK OAKLEY, Los Angeles__..Inspector HENRY C. PETERS, Oakland...Inspector HENRY R. ROBINS, San Francisco Inspector C. B. HEIZER, C..!land----------Inspector WM. M. GOURLEY, San Francisco. Inspector R. G. WRAY, Oakland----------Inspector M. P. DUFFY, San Rafael..__-_-__Inspector BUREAU OF REGISTRATION OF NURSES, SACRAMENTO ANNA C. JAMME, R.N. (on leave, in government service)--__---...._-______--DIRECTOR CALIFORNIA STATE BOARD OF HEALTH MONTHLY BULLETIN Vol. 14 AUGUST, 1918 No. 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS. PAGE. EDITORIALS-Continued Improvement in Venereal Reports-The Old Story of Privy and Well-Protect Young Children from Whooping Cough-Midwives and the Infant Mortality Rates-San Leandro Makes Sanitary Inspections Vaccination Histories of Smallpox Patients-------.------------------------60 SHIPMENT SANITATION-- ------------------------------------------61 DEVELOPMENT OF COUNTY HEALTH WORK, by E. K. Miller, Assistant Surgeon, United States Public Health Service------------------------------ 65 JULY MEETING OF THE STATE BOARD. OF HEALTH----------------------69 ACTIVITIES OF STATE DISTRICT HEALTH OFFICERS, Report of the Bureau of Administration, W. H. Kellogg, M.D., Secretary-----------.---------...70 INCREASED LABORATORY AND EPIDEMIOLOGICAL WORK, Report of the Bureau of Communicable Diseases, Frank L. Kelly, M.D., Gr.P.H., Acting Director---- --------------------------------------------------72 PLANNING JOINT HOSPITALS AND INSPECTION OF SITES, Report of the Bureau of Tuberculosis, E. L. M. Tate-Thompson, Director---.----------._ 75 INTEREST BY PHYSICIANS IN NEW NOTIFICATION CARDS FOR VENE REAL DISEASE, Report of the Bureau of Social Hygiene, Lewis Michelson, M.D., Diractor.------------ ------------------------------- 76 STATISTICAL.COMPARISON OF BIRTHS, DEATHS AND MARRIAGES, Report of the Bureau of Vital Statistics, George D. Leslie, Director----------78 A DANGER OF WATER SHORTAGE, Report of the Bureau of Sanitary Engi neering, C. G. Gillespie, C.E., Director--------------------------------------81 USE OF SUBSTITUTES FOR SUGAR FOR SOFT DRINKS AND ICE CREAM BY MANUFACTURERS, Report of the Bureau of Foods and Drugs, E. J. Lea, M.S., Director------------------------------------------------ 89 SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS IN JUNE EXAMINATION, Report of Bureau of Registration of Nurses, Anna C. Jamm,- R.N., Director-------..-------------91 LIST OF COUNTY AND CITY HEALTH OFFICERS---...---------------------94 39583

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