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ï~~ ' 1 t A. 1+. -.1 0A:04Y iuints:?,U4UQ DIRKINGEAM, r, t, o5e9ber 25, 1910, at ten o'eo3ekgte om. The Commission.of the City of Birmingham met in the Council Chsmber of the City Hall of Birmingham, Friday, Ootober 25, 1918, at ten o'olook, a. a., in adjourned regular meeting. Present on roll oallt President Barrett Commisai oer Burruss Commissio ner Brown. Absent: Comnissioner Hornady Commissioner Taylor. I @rT lri"T'c? The following Ordinance was introduced by Commissioner Brown: ORDINANCE NO. 597-C: AN ORDINANCE TO FSOTECT THE HEALTH AND PROMOTE THE COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE OF THE INHABITANTS OF THE CITY OF BIRMINGHAM WHO BECOME PASSENGERS UPON STREET CARS IN SAID CITY; TO PUNISH THE FORCING OF UNDUE CONGESTION OF STREET CARS BY STREET RAILWAYS; TO PRESCRIBE THE MINIMUM SERVICE PERMISSIBLE ALONG CERTAIN LINES; AND FURTHER TO REGULATE THE SERVICE OF UTILITIES FUlm ISHING PASSENGER STREET CAR TRANSPORTATION UNDER FRANCHISE IN SAID CITY, AND PUNISH VIOLATIONS OF THIS ORDINANCE. BE IT ORDAINED by the Commission of the City of Birmingham as follows: Section 1. All persons, firms and corporations operating street or interurban railways in the City of Birmingham under franchise granted by said city, or by any municipality which is now a part of the City of Birmingham, are hereby required at all times during the life of such franchise to furnish reasonable passenger transportation service to the public over their several lines, having due reference to the safety, comfort, health, convenience and mor als of tiepublic, and, to that end, they are hereby required to p ovide, maintain in safe and sanitary condition and repair, and to operate within said city and in the police jurisdiction thereof a reasonably sufficient number of passenger care and trailers to accommodate the public traveling or offering to travel over the several lines. This duty is hereby declared to be a material term and condition of every franchise or contract held by any person, firm or corpora tion for the operation of a street or interurban railroad in sai city. Section 2. ii is hereby made the duty of every -erson, firm and corporation operating street or interurban railways withii: said city at all times to provide, mainLain and operate a sufficient number of cars otrs lers to avoid undue congestion, menacing ie health of, or working unreason:able discomfort and inconvenience to passeangers, and any person, firm or corpo ration, or any execu tive head, uraging Tead, superintendent, or head of the department or division of any person, firm or corporation, or any officer, agent or employee thereof, operat ing such street or inter rban railnay in said city, which or who shall allow such undue conges tion, or who or which, af ter such undue congestion shall have become apparent, shall fail to adopt and make effective measures to anticipate, and thereafter to avoid such undue congestion, or who or which, having operated oars or trailers so unduly congested, shall fail tp plaoe and to continue in operation sufficient additional cars or trailers on lines or routes where trail ers are in use on the date of the adoption of this ordi nanoe,to avoid such undue congestion thereafter, must, on conviction, be punished within the limits and as provided by Seotion 1216 of the Code of Alabama of 1907; and each and every day's failure to provide and operate suffi cient cars to avoid or put an end to such undue congestion for each and every line or route shall constitute a separate offense; but any such person may show in defense of any proseoution under this section that such failure was due exclusively to the act of God or of the public enemy, socidents or to some cause hr caused not within the control of such person, firm or corporation, executive head, managing head, superintendent, or In ad of the department ot division, or of such officer, agent or employee. Section 3. To conserve the public health and avoid acute public discomfort and inoonveniende, it has been ascertained to be necessary, and is hereby deolared to be the duty of every person, firm or corpa ation owning or operating a street or interurban railway for the transportation of passengers within the city limits or police jurisdition of the City of Birmingham along the lines of routes hereinafter mentioned, to operate sufficient oars or trains over their respective lines or routes in ach territory so as to maintain a headway between oars or trains not exceeding the headway designated in the following schedules, that is to say, the interval of time between oars or trains shall not exceed the interval designated in the following schedules, between the hours and upon the several lines indioated, respectively: (a) AVENUE C LINE From Avondale Daily and Sunday HOURS BEADWAY 5: 20 A.MI. -12:20A.K, 20Minutes Owl service aftetr this every hour. pm 2nd Awenue and 20th Street 5: 00 A M. - l2OO da r ht 2d nes i

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