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The girdle was of browne satin as the shirt was elaborateiy draped. Her large blown stin hat was trip try mtd with uncurled ostrich festhe and shs carried a bouqet of red rose The ether attendants. Mrs. She bourne Prescott aned Miea Avis Hugh, of New York snd Miss a lt lid Church at this city, wore plcturssqi I gownsof fawa-color chiffon over eati ing aeo tesm iesa h o wade on theamsrlnesoas h o, n he exor pionby the aronofhonogrdlw seedl of ehiffon. which were fscedwith di piiium blue satit. is They wore broad-brimmed picto it's seed ts FIfYu Need Money ber Th elss of This Bank Are ay.t Your Disposal LONS AT 6% otf W Make Savers of u.Borrowers~ '4% INTEREST IwCompounded Semi-annuafly Paid. on Samig Under Governement Supeawistes NIlBank ofthe society folt Savings and Loans 522 Thirteenth Street N.W. Ie and Mrs. V. A., Davis of Washn are at. the Wolcott Hotel. York. signe Elliott Schmidt Phillips. s Ia tae same category MsJ. saEE. C. 11a UUWAUIDU titudes In Indiaethronging 5t omlsto ray agaisgij the KaJGn lrec.Ewad st smlpox. That p ahad be placed is 'commnd of Camnp. Lee, casI th was r emorlds.Petersburg. Ya.. upon his retura to ea tat ws~gie no this country. Gsn. March. cbief of o, like similar ones In our staff.,slnnounced today. Gen. Edwards tbis time, is Without preoshe history. of epidemics, Is now on his way dome, together a beeo destructivee epidem- with several other generals who-have erica before now. hut never been sent back to the United Statee, authority forbidden the as-ct ecprtafe aig efre of the people for publiecoreueata;trhvigprf.e for In ait the pestileoces distinguished service at the front. snd scourged Europe in past having broken dowsn, physicelly, due,know of any sech action t strenuous work.., orities of a Christian coupall due deference, we sub- Gen. March In making the announceIt i.- an assault upon the meat today patd high tributs to the character of our coontl. wock of these commanding offioers render to materialism, Iton the battle fronts. all of whom, he ueiy near an Infringement said, a oe"peddwr. sacred right of freedom of a oe slnidwr. isranteed Amerioan citizens a time&hen departmdht RAILWY XRtESS RATEeS t alleys. ne curchlof tha APPROVED BY COMMISSION is ordered to close its virtually admit that the id s hotend.tht i cn.Not to Go Into Effect, However, Il our boys at the front say isece In an order which for. Until After Purther Con.come together to pray God dderatlon. hmand give them victory, hproclaims to the world great Christian country bas own to a materialistic plat- The Interstate Commerce Commswe will not acquiesce In it, Sion today approved proposed Ina greast tidal wave of holy creases In express rates, to become an will rise and condemn effective unless another method ofI 1sf which per mite such an givin th.Aeia Railwa x that no futsore govern. n h.Aeia a x his Capital city of our re- prs Company added revenue is I dare to repeat It. We are worked out with the railiroad admioobediest to the civil author. istration. fbre Is deep asd righteous weasnisnseaes.a~ caption at 'the horns of the he parents, Mr. and Mrs. Winch: Mr. and Mrs. Predertc C. Per are ino Atlantic City for a few Ibefore returnileg to New York. last wi acted asConio ton. He I generala at Camp Mrs. atin-lowa;tully submit the for the considers M t Dof ha rats will not go into effect, ye the wpeople cht orship SAYS FLYING HAS LED ra sanitary n it isnahfat ao t ALL SCIENCE IN T NYEARS is-the siacacy considers it avinced soms WLNDON. Septembe 05 S(Correspondsay be of the oncs of the Asociated Pres).-No other u niverse, are develoment In humno history has ding thie sea- shown so remarkable reeuls as has fly. whTichlg in the last tea years. says Lort nhip to wound Montagu of Seaeiieu. a British scientist of the people and aviation exprt,._,,_t _e " When the Wright brothers vislite t t r e r i The C and an ontry B 'hoe -Univertl the Wei (France Mrs. Washin on Wad ofNeuil sELKESl. otietridy. Ortolsccit. 151; Mtu ar f euiy hill serete rtidcaeroltel 01stettt cast. d h RDMiD.. ead son of I Instttllio. M. o ehlltu Fsueral fose his parents' rceidrere o0 day, Ortosece 2s. et e p.m. Reiaties frieads Iselted so attend. isterea Catholic clergymen from Eng- Gisoeweud cmete. nd Prance who came to this rto attend the jubiiee of Cardi- e O ZRE. tin Freiday. 5)tett23. bans, through the cturtesy of atl12:50.m.. at hi. rerstie all Shahan. rector of Catholic ttret reeti-sevt. FRANcrIs itieS 5 ity. visited the worhrooms of MAKER. Ie his eigtabt,.essh year. ahiagton ward of the Neuilly teho l wts' e) Hospital today. OTR.DprethslfTusdy Itshaeetock, president of the learn24 De016. ted this.l at hedsy gtoss ward, received the cergy- Ca5de tr.e51et 4w. 'n114A.hascs Abbe Klein. chaplain of the o f pts saboter. dernsd Father of I'h rHospital, ws among thesosd Clae. heseerd seneof the late 15 Sand toid the Washington H1. and Rarah Sheeter. itera of C'h of its history and the work be- 094 csk 5toter. Mrs. ireic mth no there. He said the hospital ~.A.0. Prosws, brother-i-arte of Le aed to receive Preneb as well nad larAias.eeie Otba 5 -rcan wounded, having already pera. a e reici sFJamctoerS2e., aged 11,000 French ad 2,000 sa L streels noethstu. as. with 2,000 atill In the hoe has aso ben rceivd he e BORTItR. T. Fal.. eberbarce has alo besareceivd here entesi to atend Roal' af 100Kf 6Washington girl that Wash- aStoriwllfres Jas e eakiag pa ward boxes are inost eagerly 15tls ad I. streis. Mendey, 1 elsril. for at the hospital. as they W. S. ALLE.iud sidered the beat received there.. szolTZS. Tia seemr ad ezo~ Itees L dessNoa 5 F. A&k t ab4r..S4 coaseted to me t Ai;64& o.'t~t Praucral ettleo 5alay at 2 P.M.a.telhts lte r ederr, Al13d attes etbw$t. Veieada sald evietleea n lited." CLERGY VISIT HOSPITAL'S WORKROOMS IN-CAPITAL, Voisitors Received by Head of Wash lnc. Mr.Put.Coslni lligh ther. Mrs. Sohon. at her realdence,,! 1 street northwest, BirthsReported. The feleastg Irth sem eosreej heoel als ssasrtoat Is the hat tuseslyih elsa sad Plaeeer..anse a!trea and Elimbothe Mmaabbsea. Edresad Da Titlesi-eiei. Jose F. sad vol selLss. her. Siseph dsad 4Sara Pta. ar. sosneatsodsads lsila Iatcry. eId. wre -. asee g..Eaturdp. ac. Iaverag 19.1? cats per p amdii 10/30/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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