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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ fl FLUENZ 1 11151 in So th Bethltehem, where.4 a 5isfor six rear's. NHe had ton tso te _ - _-: Elmer 5. Wather and his wig. ef 1.000 NurseslltC, Two Clergymn and cony, were huiedtshte rerm enxtu pint tk Y~fWC,'; n tk- latCier AmlongThiou.-to undertainetablshmeot l 'iburials a Sutirtob three young chitdren. Wejicer, who Ne is taking a ovetr: us ethirty-etght year-e old.wee hree o t a____ t the Diteston Saw Wor-ks. Ijs wif bodies intn nt nureed htte ontit ehe became Wi. )He There ire now oweto.l SE GUISH DALLAM DIES diedFridy, and hie wine Veterday. The City Mergue..mowhn chilrenareJoseh, ine R r. T "Aonly. faclteq for 3.---Margaret. 4.. n crowded. It has coldt:,r 1alltesga staltP it Mr-. Jacob, 'ttewatec Petter. tWin- for hut twenty. Coroeter~ fotes Pa.. dtod at her beta. a ln t.epyt.t Liet.Joeeph F. Edwards. U. a. after i weeks tttneee from xecst ei 00 I. Sc 11 Loust at. brought on hr i niluenusa. Oh lg the deed by Wedneede Daevid4 Eegtlsh. Dattim.Jr.. 614 W. thirty-etixy renand I'ssenuf ed "that Itwlle,'da D'J ~ ~tshue~.children. Mis.. Potter bfr hr r OOMI ~ tnom a.Hl a l dt ik le4 Dr. John Forsyth Little. tawceneo graduate of the Girl's Wish Sobd t 0d bodies tre Ilio,. le4, hN J.was active tn the a etn or t t 54the morguie. tvee00 i Â~Â~.Mlee Mary Stoernigeht eietinn. preidet of the Rlpath4 tirem their d eed totiN hen1st at Linhenac Hospital. pany. funeraltservices willbhhlid to ablty to get aeS v ro YipLilianRaw etdet nuse itntro-tw afterceonn0at the remlsimce tIn eeultt teny flowaes-e Ies Ltlt lta te. etdh mi t Wynoete and tntermtent wil he.iethe pea en top of the eaitue..t LahneHepot ttowitortowe Cemetery. row contains the bodies of Miss Mary Torraona. eureat Ut. Mifte E iteabeth N. Soannie. who waes'ohildo-en. whose bodies a ehshsia.peaigtoot rnea.S.C ftewl-odjwdN 428ph A.po-waroktogo.toSo-eadote as a T. AllC. of the osito lsand 0 ieutent REliteLost Griffith. ~ A a o-e.t edt-m0.,- Alo h oott pnecumonla, at her borne. 246.1t I-wihpatients aebn Jeffeson a.. t"bettehsm.She wae twenty-four, gaed"adaugbter ported today that t h e r e.. W. Grant Reitowelt. 4660 Wyoming of Thomae O. Soannie. a ate to tnh*e etnoase te ralls for mei &c." Frankford. marriage license potne. Cty 1.i Misettlane alt over the city Misc Eatheree Watch. " hedwo-a Soanto had been emptoyetl aS assett- there seemed to be feW row -1 Cstnot Hill. ant teller in the.Commerca h rmit Coee- aid obey were havlttg alh Mre. Mrtam. Otandteg Camepbelt, pony. She wee etr-token t11 en days the pneumnonia patients. ago. and died Saturday. The death rate te expect 44154 Chrititan at. Mies Margaret Bryson, twenty-eight, high froemetimieowingI Mtsa. Charle s.RO'oeaelt. Clifton died it.30 ocockThur ncemoring at imeny Infoents patients -lbt.her home. 615 Union at. oer brother, their rases- seroesty atod Tihe, Rev. Npeo-y J. Hnrrhreoht. e earn. eda yat deth w e terett H tni.b eg d~pimeedfro hfthe. lmlts. 'ft. Lutdwi'. Church. His hose. wee at- 63. IN.70at,.. oladay wttih toetrntie.0.o-s. Mary Fletcher Roseenberg. 2901 were hurled today InARtol Crossarnee- to their hostes fob Iho e Gr-een ci. tery.- An ectsMitihaelt 0 seeny s iettwee,Many others e ' Mis, Margaret Mary Coyle, 01 N. at the Unitenat.. addreec. Vilac esadtctseto drde whoe t bc 1 46.dis m id to bhe _lcreotor lKrefeweetn* Yros. Jacob P. Potter, Wyneeta, Pa. PTI SOSc]anE h61O innu yntr nation waentore iisth - tWU~Uli3Ni21F~iitt~t piousAstoaettetente n eg: Todays reord of vietime to epidemie i M naicattonennteb. S lOencm contatn the namee of a number Chld sn f Lodgbnsa eset1p Viobee satol of the epi eenafon **Personwell known to Philadelphta St Upilesie mO Wee bttecesto.o,. 11 h ad iiiy pngisvcisnot mean that trs ute1 Snior "Lisseemeant Joseph p'. Etwrds, Many homes in p h~Le br ildnat'its taxatlon In the rmatt enriroas no-s saddened by the death of tinted and nonsr~eoeil* ",. N.see of Mre. Rosalle C. Edwards, awe or beam ~-of *0e hoily wih- daily p ress.. npasds.4s 1SLoceet at., died late yesterda~y t-In a dew boutsofeachmother t nd eleewhere.,"FU NO Â~lDTo;:woon at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. to epidsmic lnduenea and pneumona v. h halhateerile -Xftw York, of pneumonia, following an tenty. Tehat uhrte Sttiqk of epidemic tciuienea. Mr. and IMo-c. Owen Loeghran. 274T7N- amused today at reports"ithabenttaotawk.Ismls,2hPLlstwoopLewe.rahntpdmcofnteisI:i wsMssMaois Able. of Saltlmote. fiue yeas o!0si. died dnst e. anid of the pneumonia plague, Ti daw odplor. xMna iEiTik lim i a brel steunt-Coezsander W. Atlos a mnenther of Admtral Sims' a w 00 foreign service, and a t stenant Osogs E. F'ettoo-1nan. tit and Lietenant Wilam N..a fthIeialCrs i0* tupe Lieutenant Edwards ed with Henry and Wait, banko )heetnror t thtwIld r oeseph.1. Edwards. a widely VIRTUA U TLE Its' expert. Agrandfather ALQA IU 'I TLE W'R. Wewirde, one of the drat nars-.e othe Philadelphia and tt lae.aAd to VeOa in 0 hrechildren survive. They Oaas of Umaegsy their eymer home. Sayhead, Camp Lee, Va., Oft 1d {eid)oral s ttiie will be held in War Departmseet order. effeti today, a btl~New To-h. tomno--peet iiipafo neig at 0do'clock. Intermeot willcapreet lIn es frm eseig tie athe New Catholic cemetery,.ap etwnaseillmresy la 'Mot virtual quarantine Is -mode to the 1aw, Jr,.a. Philadelphia real flght against inuseca fPasses notor. dt"e'at'RlO home.61did."ore and enlisted see were stopped yes. cc.. Germnantown. at 3 oclock terday. Cames where cerious ilness is had been Ill a week. He died menered are regarded as emeraency is witlcil devetoped frto-c n There s reeme to beitewa- that graduated to-os the spent its eidinat t--Ot Et LPengyradua is 1rom Shnce Tow number of. ow ecae rafor the he b eensbennaoged inte Past twenty-four hours was tS h buses with his fthe teles nao1nedy 0ao =te 9~es Lh ie be " e t tesmles n n oe a so te appeared he. Thre were nineteen lam,' at Si4 Wanut cc.Mr. deathse, tl etlnmber beoe m~b ndth es L:n_ rP O -ML n reth erotao ured te lte~ilya Prer to10the:Mgt 'Snail the Frenk hka. Iney and artillery hars.eejlelet! Aisleat TVs.lean-Asitlt'sd.Aet.U4.1e Tills -.1 On the right the apemyoidspoqi o stubbornly the yositionesl aeng the.Alone t~ imst ftromq the Aire to Chateau Portion CRACEE ON X IE FRONTsta QaleGuua. LtneoPres Ste Gohefin tS ThM Arnne Goang to Piees -ofe Paris, Get. l4 -Ths eetiri German 'o Sfront from Ut. Gblin tno ethe #rge oe ine eo-ehked en a etnty ms tfront. It "OV appeareshe enemy will be fereed to re 1 eto-"_'44"hof same thiry mies he.el t.i fl#ctn a sitabhle lie of ddfese, t 1At the rbe~t, luts e pqtton will he monw h. aced at.ith-'dank en the Ole and Lhe d s aoishg arfrom Rlbemntt andr 'leen, whiiiea re vey near the Si, wi sWfp Vir re wilt bue thing her. thatithe pr i oeor M the I$et Cail.ALel aftairs wre oles note LatrI I diotate e dvlg ofono he ode hil bt hoe~t of alt sei41iesetaylin htheecsty reteri ICCUM B&. to their hemes untlI beamltenditise deaoendant of1 "a nrueel. "LU p/1 ee. snoutbed NW"L IO 1A In Lawrence- OENNW"u OSIA Latwr esii U55Fas7 nest OGe oi NoX hewas,the pTab"are of i&kUpos *Â~nd w. a An emtrgency!liespitni withtar whilettaking Hi~e wits hes beds, has been establshed at 2101 epr e i;-e-. et. for the beneilt of inensaand pos sgt n it ainsaogteepoeso am..i, ane ains mn heepoe "eg ita fChester. eaptain of delivery. They are the i o me spome W rc aesfo aboldinptie anbe tdtb. O--. onent~~e.~ vWr sl th 7000-mtontnker Riandywitne, suehon UYORK e mii-f dA-r sn en attaok of' Innuenee. Labor Day, and the 6000-tn osoe'$f- L-.0.0.1.b Qtoher &--.Henry risc CastleVuoret. "lehI d": abouat a jWssinInfloensa aed0 AN~NY RCI~~ aimtt. and want to month ago. ____wtos N o f Oay ~ oereer he ante the as____ Tg ruin John atH. ies'tll liI t. Arihdl$701 eahb lttitiee of Cheltenham w " i j isien Iu the -Ungsr -UtiJth1,S I R R FW rati " tOork Road amatoc.AU _ to of the Pentad Tar"r - -"-ceport,e helsest in the npumber of Ida1 At one time Mr-Henry an.d No 011 w KQ D mAw WlnIeathethere. ttl.te55n.uunep. asine swith hie father. tihusTdg hmhV 'a' +endatesnc!*0:O ibmes t. 2. ml tiladeiplal. Mro-.t ry ym r '! nsite Canfy the. Chester Club. He The in lueeea upldqao ooncaues to the eidpfso obmeted. which is an uni- of inf n and ~tt yold. - - abate to sutp an extentt In loceostor uull lrj. osscoptage 10~bt~a w~t tIRE ~. that PhqCtaec there believe that the other 'esht Ilttlu itwtcte. In Abtnsto med - efforts. in thmdb eke: Lapkeolae Hospita~l ity, the first in eouth Jersey to he townip '.a" itb'of deaths so far into sbutlls thor 10/25/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M rol

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