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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~r "'f ebnt. leaving apout- 300 'oboe o-esti- '' 4; ~meters of putie- clear, watery serum:> **u3o etrfuedt rmoelOC ZJ every remaining blood -ell. and if' DI SU 5~ the blood has shown osndeor-ovroy test that it In pure, R is, ready or use A A hypodermic-needle is inseted': Into the arm ovein of the patient to be treated and from 100 to 200 roubic N W D S 1,I cniees ftesrmijce 14 N YJ IE directly Into the blood stream. o~perts Declare Present Epi- omsoeodaion. a comtnntee wasI oamed 00ostudy adonoioalyze the vast tdlemic Is Far From Being Old amooot of data sbtoitted ond sugMalady by Same Name. gstfn ion toot-. This committee, if it t i om o lY 000010151000, 1s expeldt eotina feo days and 0m000l i e tr'o10tnm d.tonto oileFa~tes o plo othl the middle' of next.Organism Which Produces It Is vi; a Virus Which Escapes 0010010.lof l'lolbshoogirle attetndFinest Filters. tel-I. ore ot'oti101i5 01 ito10erfront Dr-. 00. oW. tit' I.p11ntolelll..objIf 10 -01100Y110010 orin keepinlg the young 1110111 ullnlo enneesry 0-0st1'Influenza isotn0' t inuezl. 1 nlo n co no their 'hrltmes *That aittooy, lht. pres-enot rooId t v o n. oooo '1hr It 1001loY nol tar hos f sqeocaied itotto tir00000rolint 01 l onilg~ ltt-a%11into10the lollct blEtenza. not the old,..0101. ihcd. it" tad he ofititl %i-,hooh tir0 er reatoitoollo-ng bte M00 10 - roogbited hood.110ot0ion ld 11100 ~r hoebolidays. Wool-I Ititstoto new ooesr caowed tbt;ti-ern 011 no-nlocd rs~edt ol op1e0n0 nism tht 0111011 toeenIooll.'oO againi. 0,1. e regulr ieflueooooug. kown a-; - --0 - S4 A fond in eo1ttntlyfew UcUSV LDDI~fthe,present epiodemo'.CR N E IS. ico ulcHat --tttinm Labortoot oxpertsoit lite000 Stool ENT( P3ing thinfoneek a0l l hlooog~o were ULN A PCEN; WOW! o1greed Ino thin opilli 110th000111111y f ihinog else. olaocordinto.1111e.o t otBauman, 000000 obitte healt 0010 Fruit Scarce and, of Course. It iaseloner twho leturnedvl0 trdv Defies Isolation. Costs Much More to Get 'Em l'yThe organsm caloling the 011 ~to akt 4 t diaeae s It 01 irooc. ohioh-il 10 t Mrkt tthroot h ho 00100 0f1lter. it.,. h,smallpox run.1set tohaolbol~dy ht s ioiaieot it 1or0010nowhat itisit As for heot mottllolts t'.o coio 000:. elIS00 11100t the epoiden011o greotneno Iant 001110000 0000 ' uooctnded loonahreached. tti"n tefote reachtedocordtoEerf heaith ofletboapeared to.o i., o "ca ieolir. Ytououogto tobe conceited enough 00 001nk ho's 11111'tilie 1100toef gla o 0rot00hern methools were the best.":ooit 8,1u-o,,t hat 11rice. eale'ro 'too for 100 roan, I hnoom thal 0 didn'lfndbero 0110fee1sc'rce *nherr we coulod haooedoooe anything 0011010 10 0' o a9. lj atureelfort moeroIn Ohio,. and I tol'tthitnkoa.001 icn. stale hadl letter tloo'et t hooaot 10we.000tiuh hecame reasored that there o notthose1o10last,yeor,0 nhn youcoulid woott of stamping ot thoe1d00ea'e-lb ill olth YOU 000rtqoolted. In 19t6 cthat the dea0 000 1a0 do to to string they o..' 0ev0n cheaper than lost nOt the epidoemic' 00 enaoble' tedot-- 01001.'111001you bhoght 0'e0aby the 4ors to take Ilotler 'are of t'to 00100. 1q0.011 000000y thot-pour.].. A 00cc000 properrty porpaoed on0 itinorases;inostb of laboor, shipsciet~t ondrotndia ofIho lo-ping riod talkiong materials, also poor enase wlli do;some good-may poreet1 oollo r lmd some oases 000 make 00005s oiler,.cs condiionsare. __amed Bauman naod, adding there tl i nn) o hofltient conclusivne eidrnce, ion his COAL BIN COLLAPSES; oppinion to warrant the state 10e- SELLING BY CITY HIT I partment 1o tate it op ol~oloily. c The beat thing yet dev-elotoed in the way of vacoclnes, Bauman said, C'olwhbus' municipal coat pile is in o4t a tonvalencent: aerom. used as 0a ahard woy. remedy, not a preventive, which has One of the bins. in which shoot b, een administered in the navoy more 500 tons of coatlswos stored, let loose =titan in the army.Ian 30 totwrdmpd nth - -This serum, developed from the and. hootng he r dwpydtonthe 12tood of a patient who han reco - gonbocigterada ote g. red ha good results if giveto a c-- other bin. w't mwihtesaetr o to Nd cool can be loaded from the 64 e J bhns infto wagons antl the roadway li n teptet rmwo is partly cleared. according to Nathesi!- " A. McCoy. superintendent of the ity -o Method Is Explained.. treet cteaning department, in cha.rge tThis is the -proedure: cf the coat, which may be the first ofl do From the arm of a patient whoo neat week. otlaw ewcov ered and -whose tempera-______ -o' title. han been normal for several - te'dapys is drawn 40 cuoic centimeter. ROAST YOUNG TURKEY oiblood.;This is allowed to etand for 24 inner today. The Dons-Taft. Co. b } porasotil the solids hone formoed a -Adv. Columbus Mortality Last Week Is Greatest of Any Large City in Ohio. Situation, However, Is No Surprise to Municipal and State Health Officials. C'olumbuo for 0110 week ended last Satorday hod the highest death rote of any largo' ltly in the otate, according to comoparative figores of the United Slates pohiic health servire. Its tote woo 37.7 per 1000 populalion, ogainst 32.0901t('incinnati; 23 at C'leveland: 17.7 oal Toledo. and I6 at Dayton. 'r'hin, hoowevr. woorxpectied hy both City Hecalth Officer Kahn and ho stteo- lolhdepartment. Unotil recently Colombus had ao lower rate han the Ioher ctira. 'No heoolth officer needo pot him. self onsthebe teol:ovner a too- death rote and think. hit community is gong o 0get off eon).' nPid Do-. E..1. Schwartz, herad of the aate'doi~ion of coomwonicable disoases. Epidemic is Orphanage. "Columbuso for aswhile had fewer roses and tower deaths In proporlion to poplotion than other cities. That morely boast that the city scceerded in spreading the enidemir' ocer a longer period, and thin. as- a mattco of fart. renoolto in fewer deaths. "Boot 40 per rent of the popultion is 0toloave tnfluenza aod any commtoniy thol is far fl-ow this stilt has nomething coming." Thrre are only a third an many casrs now as there werr to the Senst apoll of the epidemic. and the percentaogr of deaths in not nearly ao high, accordtng to Dr. Schtwartz. The comparatively few oommunities that are severely lstrichrn now escaped ligbtly the first timr, he nays. Do'. Schwartz agrees with the recent statement of Dr. Kahn tbont there will be more * less influenia al winter and ttothere wtll be 'a recurrence, but not as epidemic of it nest wijter. {Only six inftuenza deaths were repotted to Doe city hnalth department yesterday. This is a drop from 14 the day before. One hundred "ad four new cases were reported, of which 57 are at St. Vincent's Orphanage,Mat Mats Street, Two hsundred and sixty-ass of the {350 ehfldrhn and '11 of 26 sisters itk the orphanage were down with tip9 disease yesterday. No deaths hav, occurred there. - Five nurses and' fosr -ptostcianny went to the aid of the iratitttutisln yesterday. The situatiton Was;dat diared well tsinhand. so far as,'ntrsing, medical and hospital faoiIttiea. are aconcerned. - Captain -Fisher has;4p t,i;beeps appointed post surgeoitf> rtOgle.t horpr, Gs. a Before he entered it a 6t ti}taro servico ho bad an, iS? te 'at bbcrat a venue and Main Stree stt'e sone of the staff of surget~a ra toapital. O t' SAYS CON VIC1O;T U IRYINCO 1 OV'PLI Prosecutor Declares.o.tIai-Sent Up for Ltfe Wou1fI + e d. the. Real Murderer.Assistant County "J--rkseto. I U o Schiesinger believes Sam aei1tasitists, neg~r4; said- to tao n77tfSc fessios that he fcott 1heo4 it-at, on. the Front Stieet 'ldsn~soro. --.r 11/14/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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