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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ U It' ti Flow 0 m P. + y --......."., 1'o ',: Z t i '7# "1M *" i.. r, F y i e--'ee- "la~R +'Ts K -.a _: +r..ytw.".tr,, ww* -'f~,.I rv.~.*,r.y L+ w.% r "b -.v. "" l,:^ ". 1~ k- t.: O nO ALNKEW5P ' OP CUNNISON COUNTY ",. """ i. V1 J Is ALL SCHOOLS-To OPEN Deciion GAINJANUARY. 20TH.1 DeiinArrived at this Morning in Meeting1 er Halthand School Authorities. Attend' aneEntirely Voluntary. To Have Best Health Inspection Possible. r._____ At a meeting of the school and ing a yea?.s work. The general plan health authorities held thisnsnoria, iIs to review rapidly the month's work! it was agreed that all or schools~ done last fall, and then to continue shall opeu s o Monday January 80th, school work without interru ptioneinunder supervisoeby the Town health!eluding school on lStureday forenoons officers and soch do als of hyienc until July 11, thus making a school maunagement as in&s hbe'wora out year of eight months in length. To this nest weak.!hulen u j accomplish a year's work, it will:me of the epang Isrnade in the blletn necessar to eliminate non-essentIals, by Dr. Kelley printed below: stale subjc matter,- and unnecess r. 1 ary school functions; and to speed up, 1. OPENING OF SCHOOLS: The in te '-eel in all class work.- f local Beards ef F.dueatioa. actin uon- Ye. NEW 8TUDKNT8: New Stude the adviee and directios of thelo- dents may begin their yea?.s woerk on cal Health Officer and the Inspector'January20 ef the State Board of Health, have de- t VI. PRY. SCHOLARSHIP: '[ho cided to open the Public Schools of Board of Trustees of the Noemns l Gorsuson, the Gudioo County Hight School offers free scholarshipe tot all School, and the Colorado State Nor- honorably discharged soldiers and eeiwol School em MoM..ey, Jao'-.ary 20. lora.. 1T includes, of course, aoew-!!. ATTVDANC11: Attrndanee terne of the S. A. T. C. of pupils is optional a rrtpolaory VII. QIUARANTINE: Guumnison attc r ance law will not be enforced ha-'l "rot.oao'y had ltss Flu thaa an~ atpetl.!tlA.INPCIN other piece in the state. The "quasan-; Ill.11EDCAI INSECTON: ' Inc ic still to costuisue. It is necta-i gmoate nurse, experfrmcsd Isti l. arr.t'o, that F-atuity Meat-I Wort, will b empluoyed jointly by the bte and Students spend two 'lays is this~ schools. Se and the teachers' iuruntne after arrlinr to isoiatl. will glve roestant health aspectous sn. 'l try may~ spend this pc.- od of eanier the diretu s en-i gojdaam of, qsara ea::ncii the Hotels or in their; Dr.J tlclHat fie.ria rrlL~.arat*srifIV. FAtA'LlY MEr TNG.; A ewenro il- eolir laolstw t-u wicm th-, Varsity uctn wit' te b-Id Seturetay cc gin.rst or tls- ome'mbers of thus iv.osobr t 12,lIby, at 4.:!0 p.M. foy;raet 'aini l y. XS"agiers of the ecto.ol tw r pm 'f )T ecrfnpewhealth shouW ld tkire-feew*,plan.the tI"siseof rioa ~f rum Dr H Tacttthses flon. sowa, to eal.! " with. tear"_ '.t e i rasoldz"- -_".i.- aatooego_._. - ----- GUNNISON,.;COLORA0O, FRIDAY,.JAN.:? 1, 1919. t ADD TMWZ NV 8MOUR OWI EL ' I Z~IE ZSCENKS $ABOUT t0N.h!I. - I N SJ.ft - -p. e.. o n e t. bke 1t J n r r.2! ies lSE () '%l.G SM"JOOLA. camis Bra~dot n oae~. ' )ooisalJtie bots. lees.t t h l! i ta-. m.. tems ee sal6 h aa..aon- Tho ou0 a A slat Icti 4qh jiryL~a * -h es 1 sedD'j seld n o oto.s nreGsa o eblM w. od..[ ot s.i sn re o ti. ob pac. 4 LM mr 5 aw.4 Paoc, roard n ti 0 e 4 rib,OwOS h than. whocsam. ire t! n ow t ir-. iJ f r. ts.f o go y! Ihe e.a l'is.4 l. 12 tsac neha. d ar iioo4 iaca "a o, l ge( I&AA.. eem,!tr p the s.-rI ast4 o t +i evgt..4.o(togo. ot and eif fsC esro am?s.. 10 trv't. athr. * 7 L. r A (' te of IL, tat lot y l~s+ rhew 11.04m4+w t ej y if f r r 3iag isamad}et " a otfitS y '.. e,'o as l (, a e f I, w i + d. to1 4 sS 7biiate,~w. a. i o. K.. n.rieceot Issr a C.Sec ma am l t s1 -oStm c lnt~i~e. ii siO uia tnd b &or,.11At LL' fah A. tiof'. t su. t.. a. me., 1 'eo..on r +. iss s u.e b.; r~z 1hait Mt bare I. s a.!t l. s t r~'~n"l c~4 a! toi I 4 % rsf.hL. 1fw1'Ir 0a" lb. a sM M.a.., Mton ef ii41s sad sids.41s.O Sa try oy s. ".to a, tau ",, SCt t(Feb ataaiaom i ast ie coom...4.. * o:llst u srw s oi.wi1 O it t 4.01. L(aor o u41 I..goito s.oo e La waa ri s b. t g;1s of 11 A.1 10 06 a*s Jas y, is,. t. ak.s ao od si isoo- W".-,&W wate o ~. " th..1 s.poieJg a Wt=ig.5 V ml is 'ay the n " it.. sMeen;,+f are,r.o dt atbt a 1ns s. tu. r!a t i oty I!t i.. u +! ton s a t n - i-o-f a.. f 4 ++{ a ' so(s-s poa.aij.. b y.,.. A.. til' N. f 9....* btao wrt.t d ~t u L.ti...+,, L. nsea mra g.. m.w.dut 4t.emwn iess Lu_6ab et oa. ~ ~ o~e emn spe ematin.* /.ci'u -.04 i' g a..t.o. I. i.e. ad hal o.,0 f uetu ao artO V Lliar.L t L eAao t4 y~s.asa eOs. w Â~ rtlat.. t ~ tU... d rd ~d '6 AMarb.a.att/re rpr a.I.oman. Ml La aty I. a!e M b ai. U. r s at t a 5 5'a: is+. a ' i+ s + s. I- a if s n t. ao ra~a. t~y asr~tIf.ia A eeL C!!mr 1.3*00 "d rso 0.rl t+! r trX. I 1wy.. >k d.,r0W'MAO " ~a "91 "wrlia 1L1blliM r m o/wa.1w wd 1w ay +lc.w arE. Ii t. Cs5w'n:'fi. as - 9440.4 ". """...aru. 1. td aw / a"S1010 rit. w~i b A emonL d Ts-T! Zat!'TVZ o,,+.++. - s;. " w a + a r~ d i a a. r. a s l u r ~ + 5 5.. 0 1 a a ~ s _ a w O. C I D 1 S a r ri l - =v. -. s.....A5., 0 c.. M t, s.Ln t * -.t_ '. b ona ii i1 Fas j L 11 R~t..A t, t' Ill'I** ' T,.. esAsloM al as d-& N~cT tV. V adi nw1 d it drn Mrf,!iaj~tN~A* AA n w - i

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