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ï~~rij were asdlependence, Club and because in ie distance patrol difts were so soldiers to Le.l:5. he did not he cars on,r patrol is unless the Dperty ads[dents simorty-eighth ur, Colonel e assigned' the Fortybarn, if it -zdpresent failed, the ting to 278 he morning 30 o'clock. said, probhe evening be contin-9 o'clock own trunk L. ter on the oft cars it would until adoI "guaranlaro cars, )r a time * h^a Ia the proceedings the FbanceaSport et Britain's fir i made. an offer to Position on ThatQuestion, l i,.. *ciT a c bystating three Premier Says. the Alies ewoueld entert oI S d be splected by each ence inth sameunits drt Is rid p dcould be Judge Van played in the war. e e t o 1r i _bu.>f "The Tiger" Demanded and Received conversations betweei tll Aliedeak ya #: ad. to that?" the attor- ers are vitally mportant, as tihey w f Zt raylor. Vote of Confidence In have to begnoverai a "PIlhe i awyer to presen the Parliament. is re gc....e..sagree n eompan' aF, f my advice were re- -_-1Haaa 4u ested r.there at least should TI Amere =it:h n -be so~s from anorganization STANDS - BY.-4=-- Rt_ _._. c.. Jo,..c,,s% o e nae }ht habr -. lb contract three times STANDSAmerica Causlot join "BaiRae of cuiM5. in ei woiths," Mr. Taylor an- Power," Presideet says. A scoreofsold 1 XIidecli. r sit with such a body A Hint That France Owes More to M (cysma.a ies Judge Va yenburgh said Irh - W I -- ~1aitWAllieaVho Saved America is not interested in Europeanas Chamber a lee la fl ired all of his time. Nation politics, but she is interested in a part- rChabe Wereare1e Mr. angn. attacked the jurisdic- nership of right between America and ihea wr g tat - with a warning t tion of the ' to consider such an or- Europe, declared President Wilson in peate the der on the i lnds of the Clayton Act Psts, Dec. 30.-In addressing the receiving the freedom of the city of Man- "Now that the lid has n which has tdo with injunctions and Chamber of Deputies last night Pr- chester at the Free Trade Hall here to- have learned that eve -r restraining orders b federal courts mer e it lanht P day America is not interested merely the military affairs co Where thereare disputes between em- aier Clemenceau made it plain that in the peace of Europe, but in the peace true," said Chamberlain,r ployers -an i>lloyees. was his intention to support Great Brit- of the world, he said. investigation of n year ago The company contended the system ain in the peace negotiations on the "If the future had nothing for us but his famous speech that stirret was operate4 as an interstate carrier of question of the freedom of the seas and a new attempt to keep the world at the his famous speech that stirred both persons and United States mail he declared that his attitude in this mat. right poise by a balance of power," the yHe then read into the record i and based its cause for action mainly on ter was approved by President Wilson. President added, "the United States Pershing's statement to Secretary e t e would take no interest in it, because published in the annual report A Premier Cl'emenceau was given a vote publlionn cmiato fpoe oshedwi thaeted Mr. Iangedale asserted the presenceshwilonnocmnaonfpwes,.. of troops andthe "brutality of the po- of confidence, 380 to 134, after a'stormy which is not a combination for us all." to show lice" had inicited the men. He charged debate, during which the war aims of There was a feeling of cordial frater- ordnance in the early days.n Fr There was a feeling of cordial frater: a sgeta a enpeu" there-was no necessity for the militia. France were outlined by Stephen Pichon, nity and "friendship between Amer[c -was as great as. had been pittrd Until final aetion in the case the tem- foreign minister, and the premier had and Great Britain, declared the Presi- "The charge of treason. as e porary order, restraining and enjoining indicated his adherence to the "old sys- dent, which was based on the principle against some of u s who critczwasei violence remains in effect.. tems of alliance called the 'balance of of friendship and patriotism that led criticisnd has saved one life *oramnoe w a SSUSPECT ARREST power.' men to give more than was demanded in France I am willing to give p S OPELARREa 'n anic The partnership of interests which had..." ""<....The premier said: et.....nie Saes eat ~< ill '. ~tt the government of the worldsetithUnedStsSnte/: s Overheard, "France was in an especially difficult h down, he said, as interest Reading further from Pershl especiallyoif interestport, Chamberlain showed hoar~t at's One of Them." situation. It was the country nearest did not bind men together, but separated battle of St. Mihiel the AmerI n Arrest of a man suspected of partici- Germany. America was far away and them. Common devotion to the right ate o the r pating in bombing the street car barn took her time to come into the war. was the only thing, he insisted, that was dependent on the Frenchai a Forty-eighth and Harrison streets England came at once at the call of Mr. could bind men together. Chamberlain quoted from Chat last flight, was expected today by offi- Asquith. We suffered and fought; our In the settlement which is just ahead Hughes's report on his aircr ftis aI of the railways company. The men were mowed down and our towns something more difficult than was ever atn concerning misleadin ta and villages were destroyed, attempted before bad to be accomplished given the public regarding mileasl peat man, said to be a striker, Is charged in "There is an old system of alliances -a genuine concert of mind and pur- of American built airplanes to.Frane, an affidavit, made by Mrs. Daisy B. called the 'balance of power.' It seems pose, the President said, but a deep in- of American built airplaneTGUST. ce Kriesel, a conductorette, with having to be condemned nowadays, but if such a ternational conscientiousness would "The American people were led AUGUST said shortly after the blast: balance had preceded the war; if Eng- Thmake it easy. There is a great voice of lieve Amwe wer e s ending airplanes abrl d r "Well we've got one of them." land, the United States. France and Italy humanity abroad ien the world "which in quantitywe were seaid Chamberlain. "Abs, Other stbatements made by employees had agreed, saying that vhoever at- he who cannot hear is deaf" he addedin matter said Chamberlain. s of the company who were present when tacked one of them attacked the whole he who cannot hear is deaf," he added. matter of fact, General Pershing tella the bllt occurred are said to have world, the war would not have orcurrd. "e are not obeying mandate of par- the first American squadron did t the l-$ ccuredaresai tohav word, he ar oul no hae o.uru,ties or politics," the President contin- cross the German lines until Au s.i! brough forth clews which implicate This system of alliance, which I do not ties or politics" the President contin- cross he German lines until Augt other i en, but officials refused to com- renounce, will be my guiding thought tied; "we are obeying the mandate of 1918." ment, John-1.-McGraw, chief special at the peace conference if your confi- humanity'.If the world is to remain a osE te o t cmpa dd adit, how deee end eo there.c af u c l hod of fried, he ad, there mus LONGER.4V EPIDEMIC. inclined to the theory the DARED THE OPPOSITION. be an easy and constant method of con- Three cases of Inuensa Were Retimed affair, the fuse of It was indicated by the premier that ference so that troubles could e takenea ighted by a cigar, the formation of a League of Nations when they were little and not allowed to Health reported s for yesterday andl ' Wilkerson, cashier at the might be carried out-ceaeeodaatly-with grow until they were big. - Health reports for yesterday and ait and Harrison street car the drafting of the treaty of peace. M. "I wish we could, for the whole world, urday indicate influenza has ceased 'to d dangerously in last nights Renaudel, Socialist, brought about this enter league and covenant and declar e epidemic and exists only in a vy, ion, was reported today still statement by expressing his regret that ourselves the friends of mankind," the small deras eclneiu Hand three other the Allies had decided not to organize President added. Yesterday's contagious disease rgpptt ciou.y pandl three other the Allies had decided not to organize The President said he was not hopeful includes three influenza and no pett mpany employees are At the the league until after peace had been that the individual items of the settle- monia cases. The Saturday rep0,t, I.The latter are re- declared, that the individual items of the settle- monia cases. The Saturday reptt }' il r The dey-a i oLtheort"wgtthhnanswermn tabout to be attempted would be eluded ixteen influenza and for W" h ioney anif.heod; Nre of M. Clemencear. altogether satisfactorymals cases. The viral slid o c Mnt ctolettes o were ut "Whether this chamber gives me a "One only has to apply his mind," he port for yesterday was three lnfltte" flying glass. vote of confidence or ncet I am ready t continued, "to any one of the questions,andone pneumonia deaths. The Satr"flying glass vote of cendenc or ntnI am re o of boundary. of altered sovereignty, of day report was four influenza and three D BATTAIooresign office he ontinued. If you racial aspiration to do something more pneumonia deaths. D BATTAlION Oi' 7T5. have a minute's hesit:tion," he said, than conjecture this. There is no man. Soldiers Now on Duty to "now is the time to change your pilot." nohody of men who knows ust how they ISSUES ANTI-TRUST WARNING. ome Wednesday. Replying to charges made by Albert ought to be settled: and yet if we are.... attalion of the 7th Regiment, Thomas, Socialist leader, that he had to make satisfactory settlements we (concered Price Fixing will Be Re-- N. G. M., will be mobilized tomorrow kept the chamber without information, must see to it that they are rendered gardedi an ieatraint of Trade. night to relieve the o1st Battalion fora Premier Clemenceau said: more and more satisfactory by subse- WAMni. tO.To. Dec. 30.-Concerted e attalon for "The question of peace is a tremen- quent adlustuiment which is made nitos. price fixing by any industry after the 3-day period starting Wednesday, Col. dous problem. It is a question which is sible. We must provide the machinery government ceases to exercise price on, Matt Foster ordered today. The 2d Bat- one of the most difficult ever submitted for readjustmenit in order that we may trol, January 1, will be regarded by thei talion in turn will be relieved by the 3d to the nation any time. In a few days have the machinery of good will and Department of Justice as in restraint oft Battalion, if the need of soldiers to a conference of delegates will meet at friendship. free competition, it was stated today, patrol car line routes continues. Paris which will settle the fate of na -. - - - The explanation was made officially ku Every comfort possible for quartering tions in all parts of the world. BRIDEGIool. I.rT I..J il.. answer to queries as to what happeh the 7th Regiment In the Overland Build-, R ncE's SITUATION DIFFE5rNr. Forgery Sdilllid by Mln Hho De to war time price fixing when the Wai ing has been provided. Special recrea- "People say 'Premier Lloyd George o rs t- by sian h Industries Board ceases to function at inf ha e been provided recre has spoken, President Wilson has spoken. air,-a, t;,i to Se.dnlia. midnight tomorrow. tion features have been provided by the but you have said nothing.' I have The wedding announcements are out _ has been instaled on ifthre omfhe given explanations whenever you have -even to the "at home" date--the PLENTI OF G4S AT 80 CENTS. building, a stage for boxing contests has asked me. But it is not because Mr. preacher has been engaged and the hour jKanan City Is laing 2O MIlito Feet been erected, several phonographs have Lloyd George has spoken or because Mr. has been set. but the New Year's Eve a Day-No Shortase. been- obtained, Newspapers and books Wilson has arrived from America with ceremony may not iake place. The Ransas City I ising 20 million fet are provided. Most of the men are elevated thoughts that I am obliged to bridegroom-elect is in jail. He is a vic- of gas a day. No shortage has beem quartered on the fifth floor. They sleep explain myself and keep running to the tim, according to his confession, to an experienced thus far. The gas company on cots and have abundant blankets, speaker's rostrum........... attempt Io obtain funds by unlawful officials believe there will be uo short. Good meals are provided, the chef in "'I nave been reproached with deceiv- means with w hich to reach the home of age this winter, for in the recent n charge being Leo Hip, who in pritvate ing President Wilson. I do not under- the fiancee at Sedalia. Mo. zero weather the demand did not vary fel chef at the Hotel Baltimor stand why. I have made it a rule not to The disappointed suitor is J. W. Riley, more than 2 million or 3 million feet rvate telephones have been iltalled question him, but to let him develop his a professional nurse who has been in from what it was formerly..e..l.esh.emay nitC views. That is what he did. President service at the home of J. W. Hutchin- Early st winter, in Deember a i'orthe soldiers, so they may communi- Early last winter, in Decemuber ari" t i t heir families. A temporary Wilson, to whom certain persons, in the son, 1323 Bellefontalne Avenue. Arrest- January, the city received at titnes lead atpiteT, with ten bies, has been estab interest of their parties attribute in- ed, charged with attempting to cash than 5 million feet a day. After a t lhioistl, nwith ten bis i n operation, where tentions, which perhaps are not his, checks to which he had signed Hutchin- ly increased supply became availableI eo, sAtaft drinks and miscellaneous opened his mind and inspired respect son's name. Riley, when searched at po- February the consumption increaS baco, s ft drinks and miscellaneous through simple speech and the nobility lice headquarters, had $2 in money and apace with the supply. The big np a,tMis are obtainable at low prices. ofit. an engraved wedding announcement. He of gas now is proof the compnp - -ayo;Rue Ree~o sA will try to convince you, but perhaps lan, chief of detectives, is obtained from the federal oourt, Mayor' tefeaes Request of a -Diain- you will convince me:'" --------------- The gas company official a rt tere ted" 'Persosn Today. DOES NOT A0GRET o ALL POINTS. WItSON HOME IN FEBRUARY. ever, the Increase ofpto;c,,,,:.7i!.. I SON HOME IN FEBRUARY.eeth n!as frieoi -at altit"'the uniform othf sergeant of "I would be lying if I said I agreed e_.-a thousand h&Wsleefitd the c it States ~A rmyy entered th with President.Wilan n n l,, P,..,n... 4, -n- --__-. _ -that it has "equalized sip iLIAaR OFCo$CN RSiSi Ethe cityt P PEeR TaIe ureierl lIslontoask LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER RM.d.,___ _ w gl m:uest on... P f,Tf DAY. e Perms gh of the I until toe proceedtemporary er against VanValktuncement iditioss in wV make has a ecision s orary goeqnest of the strik'esent his the point lyde Tay 4,Sas City

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