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ï~~Front and Town strela 0 y- ~ IIn 1 0 a f....- l B-d M n t uy S Out of the Roosevelt meeting Mon- I 1 day was born the idea of a permanent memorial for Franklin county boys Don't stay upe!Ea tblto ]'who make the supreme sacrlfee ae ' D n a upet! Ftb tablet o0 e ws Papee Diapepsin and Immediately! war with Germany. Plans. Y the indigestion, gases, acidity and formulated give it shape in the form all stomach distress ends. th of a magnificent building to Je erec- Pape's Diapepesin tablets are the - 1 tedby the Columbus Exposition Bull- surept, quickest stomach relievers in ' J =.N d ng Co the world They cost very little at ' =_ 'ding Co. drug stores.-Adv,. Resolutions adopted by the 'buoardrug store.-Adv. of directors of this compasny Monday, state that as soon as posdlble after company affix in a place or places of the war, a building be oonstructed in honor in such building a bronxe tabgrateful remembrance of the boys and let or tablets containing the name of men of Franklin county who shall every Franklin county man so killed e ~have served in the military and naval and that the name of every man who a D e sforces of this country in the great war served be insdribed in suitable fash- " and as a memorial to these who lost Ion upon the interior walls of such Up to the 1VIirute their lives in that service, building." r-- SIt was further resolved, "that this SITE 18 SELECTED. p..L..: e * * The memorial building will be erec's-)resses-impossible as it seems--are Depot Co.'q interurban station and ofces almost like before the war (see be-. fee building in the block bounded by, High, Rich, Front and Town streets. Tentative plans oall for the constru- A;e, Crepe Meteor, Poplin tion of a structure surpassed by none O k, Burgundy, 'Taupe, Brown n the west fl B O YS' 8.50 C h ChIld 's 2.001 3 k, Burgundy, Taupe, Brown Th Columbus Exposition Building,Wool Suits at 6 3 5 c Sw ate tunics, belted, panIe~s and coat effects-!Ce. which was organied more than bre, se ta ead cit f.a year ago for the purpose of e rect- COUPON DAY-A group of Boys' COUPON SAL--Children' warn braided, some trimmed with FR GE.. log an expositon biund or Colum- 0 Wool Suite, in gray worsted or a8h bus, was forced to give up its build- tary style with slit pockets and cardinal, rose and copenhagen 1.8.498s force to 32'50.,p pokt e n adcrdnl lng intentions because of the war belt all around, sizes I to 17, at with two pockets. several style At that time stook amounting to -Bate str-Ialray- - sizes to 30. at 1.3. 2.9 81 81. 0 Bl 250$324,000 was subscribed. Two calla Bo...n Stor. for money were made on these sub-'. S scriptions and this money has been B 2. 6 ff nveste in Liberty bonds No money BO0 Y S' 2.50 J w me sB t, Lr has been paid out for administration Colttn Sweaters.omen Best or salaries. Efforts will be made to O COUPON SALE-A lot of Boys' $1 Corsets for increase teamount of funds avail- Coton Sweater Coats, in Oxford COUPON SLE-The best t Cou. able during the war, so that as soon or dark red, made with large ill Corsets made in Americ whit as hostilties cease, and building oper- I shawl collar, two pockets, knitted LI wrlstlet. In all sizes to 34, at 13 only. with embroidery trime ation0 are resummed Columbus may s garsent. top, rust-proof s oning four hos ect Alterations FRE be one of the first cities to have such --R ton Store--Mel loor- supporters, all es 19 30 a memorial. I____________ I_____" The building will be so constructed 73e each. ___ -Bsts t"-aeFec that It may be co ptantly used.. It Men'sl Work --'o ' Fr will be large enough to house any COUPO SALE--A lot of Men's ROLL M1.3FFI S Am kea Chambray Work.. r pshirts wlt faced slee..... deep BAT T ING frl2 yoke atd it n 2t iay-down collar, cut TlllOFFICER 0 extra r, all sizes,14 tO 17. COUPON SALE--An eight (0 Â~ ----Bos to a $t-o--- -o'o absolutely anitary, "-T TITT" - ounce ro ll ULI~l~lll~llU\a nomfrts, etc.,2 ll to 15c valu Pmum ala 41ILf nIU L II w itih couon ] MEN.' S 1.50 83C ---oa r--B...e - SoCotton Jerseys SY ou are sate Effort Being Made to Prevent COUPON SA - group of Men's - fl-Cotton Jerseys, with knitted co-. Spread of Influenza at tar, in gray, all wanted sizes to 44, 83c ~ Wo e 's 22.50 C ohe a t 1 -aL L... I.I| will be sold at S8te eachW Jlll fWb1hen you tak e c.icothe ---ost Store--Ml Fle- - CA Sht f bur ting Father John's Medicine CAMP SHERMAN, CHLU --" rel C AT S" "t COTH, OHIO, OCT. 1. - IM order en's L5 Warn for your cold and to build COTHE, OHIO, IO order N h Sl s 1.05 COUPON SALE--A lot of Men ----m. ' "" ' MJor Dana Robinson, head of the fancy blue or pink strn,ateat ' ' J ed ereeheath brea fo the Camp close-fitting collar, ut- l a ti. ge W- ih evebecause it is free from co n ca u RAnKo - p roomy all sizes 1 "19, at.RA K. rphine, chloroform, S man zone, ssued instructions to 0 -Bosto Store--Mal F--... h L~ })w eevery iact ity t h every fac ty codeine, heroin, or other regard to the prevention of the dsea- N sea. Because of the widespread pre- MEN'S 19c 1 27,50 Cloth el.-danger Ru-0,6, valence of Spanish influenza in the o coryza and bronchitis he has warned COUPON 'TATI-Tod Ro,T A N I W N itiens to take all possible precau-l serviceable,Canvas w belt, ful e fons. Especial attention is directed rill with reinforced i n-erS, kn bc t. ____.__.__._ _.__e_ t a td writiet, lm t a la to a ens back. t lag oloigregnations:raet. a 2 p and n are ong, into battle. "Do not attend pubic gatherings -fl in gr... or permit the children to - -ur und y ounds the advance, out cool when suffering from corza Fl annelette 5 "'........ cough or sore throat. nd blhck Sizes 16 to 44:art in the task before "Prevent the dissemination of the Night G w ns will be sold at 17.89. '7 A germs by covering the nose and COUPON DAY-Children e Warm S h ld th b k mouth with the hadkerhief when Fi anlete Nighthihne, taped (Second Floor can hol tem back. o-4 oughing or neezin. and.... all store 4 In 14. sara at... excesses r of lk edrilihiitiniLn each.esSse-ae ii proper eliminatIon of the waste pro- 11 $2 Mercerized 1., uctsby- careful attentlooi to the "Live in the open as much as'pos- O Women's 46c Table Cloth s able ts fresh air 'and eunabine are La rge Aprons C OPO -cots. A hig meor ec, t natural enemies of the disease-pro- COlPN DbY - 1Vn'a roomy lamask, herinted and ready ft 0ducing germ.'" made "'Mother lintb rtiI Aprons. Acian shl b made of ligit and Ilark percales, use. striped or tice patterns, st --.LA physiciana should be called at once Â~to checked patterns: the" tire 58x95 inches, for 1.48 eart.. i % 0 Major Robinson points out, in event neatly iewed, all sie for 4 1 -aston Storr.ltsee... - ng to battle-s sound'--y ease does not yield to simple each. treatment. -"-Boe Ste"-_ns F'lerange to battleis sound SOL--rlON ______r II wer in the same proud L M N SONGS TO BE CENSORED. Children's 85c 2 CURTAIN 16 -- ilre' 85 MAT_.RIL iting men---the Ameri- *Ministers at Westerville Will Ex. Gibm Dres ess C. AL. E sigmn-ty me;,V amine Selections on Programs Glgbu Drse OIPNS.E.Srea o i ho f Sting. fl COUPON SALE--A lot of.. CLh. yards of pretty Curtain Sertn the way they fight. of ingL.. dreq's Gingham Dresses pink and matt 3 ihes wi. i er b;... blue plaid patterns wilts t wJo pock- bal ga and whIte. b einstlehed aug Songs for future community sings etc. belted style, set-in sleeve, all with coupon at 15'/.c ard. war-maddened un a at Westerville will be censored as a to6 stoars at Boston tore-Basementwar- ddenedITn a German pi.'mises i result of the protest made Sunday ope noin frwrd 4are scrap Of/ night by Rev. E.J.,]lchardson ople soving forward s o gasot wo at a in held at Flannelette 3.50 Cotton y4paper. Americas that place, which contained words ques 7 C Blankets for s b t a A that did not meet with the 'approval -- l--ane f sromises to Victory. S - WnOUPOs W ar--e.... p s Warm COUPON SAL--An tmtrrs heav..... Â~ promises are pre ]of the minister.Flan~nel tte, Cotton Rakt ie6x i ld. " Fig h t Pastors In the future will be con made w th tigh collar, in several pretty colored borders fleecy it t h e mh 'ri cf!ld.., F.. hg g i n su ited in the selections of songs p latterns, deep peplum. l e iis. a w arm eba ket f. r it r the money, the -ens. use ans we must have 1 10/30/2 0 0 6 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M vT7...-.. -.*

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