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ï~~house In the city had a number ofw. PARTY MANAGERS dierst, who were being heldunder.. R..AA R arrest pending ofHt pe, to take them peakct- | SSaturday night crowds were -., ____the first since the-influenza ban/at, the Army camps was lifted. It was WAR HAS. REMOVED THOU- estimated by Marshal Carter that iabout 3,00 visting soldiers spent,i/,SANDS OF VOTERS. Saturday night and Sauday here, "At. least about 1,000 of the Army r''' men,'" said Marshal Carter "were.' " EACH DISTRICT LOSES 5,000 either drunk and boisteFous or just, i. drunk." ' r e, oPilTticaT-AKalysts Unable to Figure- ALL ACTIVITIES TO - --:" -. -.....-,I.,hssd". on a Lineup --- Affiiation Not a BE RESUMED TODAY Sure Guide ---Q One Distriot -its -- _ft.. Which the Democrats Appear to Business Will Be Conducted as nav ouies mtLig it N A...::. Have SufTfered Most-Light Regt tn-Ooe ptictea-t-tonThe Charter Fight. F Never before have the party man- agrs beca an utterly at sea relative to the c-yth rf nhrespective prtiese ae lit this time. The war has cut tliep hiit, their forces, both sides having suffered. Efficient workers and consistent party men have been scooped up in Utncle dam's_ not leaving wide gaps isomany r;tona_. JuaL-to what extent "-either sidi in affected even the most atute political analyst Is - unable flgureu,.,Coupled with this inieS is nt.utatlned-through the failure if thousands to rnder --- hae-tte-vtes n- tote. Taking into consideratiosn the fa t tlat the population i city and state -has greatly increaeed. there should - e-- t-- t-th--.ooea-- least-" 1 r----mes in the city alone. Instead thereare tonly 3,37T. and included oin this number ars those of soldiers and sailors is the service, which were transferred from the old registration hooks awithout their owners' applications. Assuming that each district in the state had approximately the ante numcobser of. man called to the -colori, the loss to the electorate in each is not les than I.L-.t_ d..e__e.y enough to compute the. results ift hi ~oses were equal, hut with the line broken In such mnner aato mnake It impossible to reach an estimate, the beat the wiseacres can do is to haxa ard a gues. WAT ONE DISTRICT SHOWS. ti tcal test was that attemptFb. eiiblican leader in one of the * congressional districts. He obtained frop the registers the number of Democrats and e Republicans inducted:-nt the service. The district has always been strongly Democratie and he'expected to learn that that party had lost many more votes. From the - -eturns.received he figured a loss of two Demoerate to one Republican. If this proposition holds good In other Democratic strotigholds it can be rcilly seen that this party will sufBf- fr most. T There must adeo be considered the fact that there are thousands of votera affiliated as Democrats who are i-ally independent and do not there' for always vote the ticket. The question therefore &riesa, what proporojeet of those taken Into the service -- what might be termed straight party men?. If the majority belong to thiso lass, the loss to the party at ) this election will be material and - come, very near taking away enough votes to render the result- doubtful, $ the other hand molt of these Al in the doubtful class the candid tteajority ma not beffected. - - 'TRUSTINOWO LUCK. - Of- those who failed to register the Jtenuihlipanq have lost proportiont'.tely probably aS many t notipte, bt 00 any s their op-:. o! e n ' b u t n o o n e h a s i s y e t v: ed to what extent. The '4til.a S Will Reopen. - With the passtng-f-thrlt- spidemic all of the various activitieswill be in fUill swing again beginning today. Business will be resumed and conducted as prtor to the imposition of the- ban,- theaters will 1ett on schedutetLimesandclose at ithe usual hours and the schools closed for some weeks are to reopen their doors teday. The Interruption of studies has undoubtedly in a way -handicapped the teachers and pop!is, -but it- is thought that by application lost ground can be recovered and the standard of efficiency maintained. The pupils will return tuich refreshed In mind and body, and are therefore in condition -to-ue--up.-tlse wek--where-4t--waa left off with.renewed vigor. This is also- true of the teichers who, refreed by their enforced rest, enter d their -dutes-with orfratet-aj. Aside from Ithe suffering and to.row the awful visitation hasl caused and. which cannot be measured by dollars and cents, the closing down of so many industries for hours-oin the day and the losses sustained by those who by reason of sickness were prevented from working, cannot be estim ated -................. o c. Altogether, It was the most damaging experience the people havo ben obliged to undergo in a halfceiituryand 'on i t Ii--iiOpen, wilslTot peated in this generation. - MORE COAL IXPECTED Increased Shipments to ---..a.stnlf- Epidemic. The passing of the influena epi-. demic means a-renewal of activity at the coal mines and Is bound to-increase the reoipts of coal at this port. The effects of the epidemic are just beginning to be felt here.and for several weeks the deliveries from the mnes will be below normal. It is estimated that million tons of coal have been lost through the epidemic. However, the speeding up move. ment begun seine time ago under the auspices of the government to increase coal production will be resumed in an effort to overcome the severe setback of the past month. Baltimore's allotment for the winter will,.-;in all probability, be cut down to same extent, but the Fuel Administration still regards the situation as favorable. It Ie the opinion of t5 ocai officials of the Fuel Administration that Maryland will be supplied with sufficient coal during the winter to prevent a recurrence of the famine of last year, hut Peopie are urged to use coal- economically and only when necessary. PROF. COURTISTO SPEAK WIll Address Eduoatlonal Society On November B. Prof. Stuart A. Courtis. supervisor of educational research of the public schools of Detroit. Mich., will be the,speaker at a meeting of the Fducettonsl Society of Blaltimore, which will be held In 'pastern High School on the evening of November 0. Mr. Courtis Is also vice president of the educationsl ection of the American Association for the Advancermnt of Scelncu. A WORD ABC ' - ". FOR CO ALO-EW ( Fe Candidates eu4*o of Rel Seeking Re-els S Death of Nr. T.Member of the -?_; tion in Seniorit " i t At the election an "off election" " - j-;;.? cause no city-or I will be chosen. will mark their bi -'- ositions: amendn ": s r1 Charter and an State Constitutlon diers and sailors: L ' in the future, The tepublical = candidates for Cc few words regar _... follow: Filest District-. t publican, of Dori -. - Jesse D. Price, 'Di - -ccounty. Mr. Lione term in the -el e gates afl t-b Senate. lit ee a as state's attorneresides at Catnbr:Mr. Price has -- in the House of. - fore his eleetiao served two term S Senate. Dring 1 president of the is a business mat...... -busy.....At -" U of Wicomico coo ' hile the Firs cratic unde" not Price's two slew slim majorities. this year by th same sltns,_-!n craffc-loses-bny trict, in compar Republicans, are to 3 of white vot met by absent o Jority of whom draft for one cat SECOND Second District Mt. Winans, la publican, for the " March 4next, l,:". of Carroll county vacancy caused Fred Talbott. ai son, Halethorpe Democrat. for ic Mr. Hull was Utration of the lal RAPID WORK ONndtrtWienaf h and is engaged ESTIMATES MEASURE tastwoseo the last sessston In a graduate o Sity. He Is - ORDINANCE WILL BE READY Mr.bu Benson is ISHORT 'TIME. ed three termi Delegates, being term, and one BUDGET N ETION ate. He was BUDGET NEARN ago for the Sens election he rece Jority over giveOnly Few Departments Remain to county. He led Mouse of Deleg Have Their Estimates Considered, ation. He was and the oard Expects to Break Congressman J. In recent yea All Speed Records in Introducing bott was electe - large majorttie: This Year's Measure-- Prunig ed defeats durli Not Likely to Bring Down the in the Demec elction tomort Ta-:Rte-h'-44-.-- -.. go up against geographically.....- add strength ft appetie now that the Hutrd of Wooden ranks - riutdical jnrohii Eatimates this year will complete its a fact which work on the tax budget much earlier sections and pr than in tormer years. The work has in others. Mi m4de unusually good progress and sane teodencie Prohtlonis tjetlndcntons are that the ordinaice ut Democrat. o pes tmates wll be ready for intro- discordant oc 4tiction to the Ciiy Council w~thin Ike county ontt two oh three weeks, while before this Third Distri It- -peldom wa in shape, befitre lb.' h1g. iepablica -'fiakt pert of December. The esttaen.toady, Democt of sevel of the.depoxrtincnts hii'," Mr. Jordiog ali-ed) been consiedered the se'toil! l i-st liranch tine, atnd tite only big departnmetc.' 'cistitng the 21 the estimatee of velkeb have not been, gaged in html hat-ore th, hnet at al sepe the W'a- -ioe.H h0,s GET BOXES READY FOR OVER THERE PACKAGE LABEL8 FOR SHIP. M&NTs TO BE DISTRIBUTED. NO PERISHABLE ARTICLES Season for Christmas Presents to the Boys In France Is H ere-- Rules for Their Sending Formulated by the War Department, the Postofflce Department and the American Red Cross-No Intoti. -ante- Coa-. e-- --- The Christmas season for sending the bOys "over there" is here and the filling of those boxes can begin immediately. The distribution t_ iipment labels will begin at once.,-packages will be received after Nevember 20 for forwarding. Rules for sending Christmas packages have been formulated at joint conferences by the Adjutant General of the War Department, the Postofline Department and the American Red Cfose. The more important of these rules follow: Only one bob. may be sent tO.ech 1 tInvldpaL Â~., _ stamps to carry it by parcel post to Hoboken, NJ.J. After the package has passed the inspection of Red -Cross representatives, as to contents and weight, and has been wrapped in stout paper, the Christmas label bearing the address of the man for whom it is intended is placed on it. The person sending the package In the presence of the Red Cross worker is required to affix the stamps which will carry It to Hoboken. A label certifying that Inspection has been comnpleted by the Ied Cro s is placed on the package, which is left In the custody of the Red Cross until delivery to the postal authorities. No package will be accepted for transmittal after November 20. DEVELOPMENT EXPERTS HERE THIS WEEK Hastings, Brainard, Smith and Har-rl C.n-Oty--- planning Job. All of the New York experts who have been engaged by the city to assist In guiding the development of Baltimore, with Its newly added ter' rltory, will come to this city this week. They are Thomas Hastinga and Owen Brainard. the city-planning experts, who will work out the general plans, on the basis of which the future growth of Baltimore will be directed, and' former Dock 'ommissioner Smith and his aespcitte; A. Harrison, who will be toe adviso ' in the development the watel front of the city. Thc a-e expected toarrive here onThursday morning regarded as an oft yoer orkers always oxperletce retting voters to the polls. eo than the election of an being Involved this electorate may be mo;e "CHARTER IGHT. harier Is beaten it will be the failare of cltiens to do -they can bring about a easily enough, but they And ew H. -Krug. of the Baltimore City College, Is secretary of the local society. BANS OFF AT ST. MARY'S Throng of VlsIltore Flocks teo I0 S dustrlal School. S. Mary's lnndustral School was yesterday reopened to visitors and about 1,000 persons visited the boys Who have been io.quarantine owing to the recent epidolqic of influenza. Brother Paul said that the regular schedule of vlsitinig days would be resumed.The first Sunday. of each month will ha for the n ennl ofltiI I.I r_ i naana u "r+ I Z v vs Cana n v i v ai F.Pom"-l l In.Ys. ".. 1 t 17T 3 T v- th&-Umittdon at i1 ot pity, more nn e o r ".1ulltl or a~lnt:t: -....., ~-...x-ate nar an -ivate,. v~ 1t tfikli'11- to ut v-trtrttr rFds - T h-o5e--Iti Olftown"folks, - -.oDe baekageperDmaenrtwhinentlttelh gtsiwae"wyilsavcrnfer no:t Departmept th Iligtways. Imo- Great Secret w~.o. ' '~" ~ ~ "~oislckhua veryman, whie muntsef Itee thehwillhave niomptrollers De- MrCod w an elefon -wii me a mo th Mayor Preston and MajorS tsr. = on'l-" "--..]wit Â~osumea vc 1sir6 amout[...Major. lihir. pa-tntent t-.o iityc oprle's De- Mr. Coady re drawn. 'Iti PLAM BDAMAGE COTTAGE. of tonnagea plin has been worked y, of the Topographical Survey, partment and he Schonl Board. The erve two ter l. politicians of FLAMS COTTAGE. out' by -which General -'Pershlig Is tht chairman of, the ocalfity pl two first npmetl will he coiisderet Io-.ine &f the nta ig together shei The Arlington Fire Departmont was distributing to members of his commission. tday. Aft-r ill of the estimates htt-c of that body. uponoh topr 4 o n r ning eommtpalon r f. i r i upon to vole ailed out shortly before noon yes. ntali coupons eonI*itich are inscribed I - been gone yver tlcs the "'pru ing to.oingross he tiber. They Willterday and extingulehed"a fire at tile the -"0rrect hames and addresiea of time" begins. - - Senite.or Oce They Weeet i I road-Mont -thet embers of the Ameriq.Rxpe WOMAN FALSFROM. Then tct' city fathers take the'ir....THIa l~~Pl tIheTe~aowssrted in a 9 oro: 7 Tlieeabels will * ktrae iill:C.itlli oft tlimmci~o. *he i w e T U N N E L 'I' y WrMA N F A L L Se iRlM t ky he rgsto pit f dried leaves- alongeld the serve. address labels for the pack. TRAIN IN' TUNNELThe Are vcted y the chartir "',urth Diet cott and epread to the building. agel e ho coupons or labels will be rintreii the ltuuntsA xet" bly ica., Republi..."-.... -..~a. -.. --,l t.i,,ites and:hey e 1. I-inth'icum, D( pert ally new items in This Is Dr. tot they may, do lItp- in 10/17/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M gSproi'od thatteyoafavorabe majority of all the vas ofthe di

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