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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~UNCE OF BADEN Wgon Off icad. Ezpect 5dy Action by German Chancellor., TRY TO FIN E IMDLE COURSE;an Ambassador Ingating Hun Havoc,ought in Rptreott. laoesO 0.0. --Sh es"o ag - bo bboo s mecmed hU *O.0eher A% eoaff to.ituotomwill be Stom SWtom Oct. 5As early re Preident WIsoome ote of 15 -the CGervasom cbancellor inec y AmWNitmO ffltelo. While thst asoverw to the thre quetione put to the Princ. of It be very difficult, it the Otfcool of oooooa goveromeot sinewso. cfdlce; n ooiddoot:Oudltioc ton Germony ed Use, asetgsenoeos of theo iIutaor will force*eNoday octli toy teller It he hopeoo long moof hi cobeetbeyod a as the hold of #4e goverodsoot peoplsI olecopLoed cenodlttdc atwhichlq tou03 -%wo dohitof l te oogth of )f the depi ovaocbr.&cd to Acett. or odehope Hoogoorr. 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EcrIsentotuttionos uder federal control. aod ooloemd cnPao. Esiot - heotution In Now Orleamo ot a shome tcdeolcsotre booted'cm roento ___________________- lcoot-he beced, l~elsowcoplaocdof amco*Al choete. PublSc pieraidd wamot; that pohlily ctherbosm ho proAllMilled, oct oroe cosderatiogtven N E W S V ~ porooit~l. ant llsin eeesocs &o co o te clooiog of clt placdneOct _ morewlolloegesewd ayto the pblcgod, til teether o6, Thuredlay, Oct. IL 91. Atmoton Pioturm and ther thea.- notic." ant Utt tre led.Tb. "flu' wao tht ig topic of didan# coirgoy. 1.W Ol*l42o 140 0 1"'Lqoctoo throughout the city Wednesday.1 -Pe161116t1 All dao boll.closoed. ficorty every office. factory. oct store tiles ore burning vtt~ogc 00 All churchescloed. has Its quota at home or In the hoe-4Page: Ali publtc meetiobo. eocofte and pital i01 with the disease.. tn mooy sporting evente Called Off. aese moethors ofetire focellieore try to the G~maa chancellor public wotitoge and public foosor- vtimse of the disease. -Pkag ip IL s46e1rcdvdietOatinod. CANT GET ATTUNTION stem aroangemens with the Goithering ef crowds to the stroeeth Be great to the detmand for dootoro _Ppg* 1, topped. and ouresthat tombere of famfiim theOcmo Deh~ti Prompt hertalof c Ifarinma tthes have tomptlied of dfficutty In cu it th ern 0 ry sss7 Crowdiog of street care ordre Ing medical old. Xot-etc net already -P1140%is topped. ToLacetot Sm this th" reton engaged ore epectally haed to fled, -t icomcern ec~auseof theO.00W etbreo of New Oreanschove &g~ I10soldI. (hoe man. three members of -%" 8 to send their emptoye holmeIsinthree whose fomily are Ill with tctreooa. im resoucemin"loce at Mop. obtschbnight- tried all day Wdnesday to obtain a -Page1111 Closog of ealoos. poeol os.ea le trained oore. At six oclock ht woe nsmittee om Its revston of tic oamom aod sort driktO"h eocemol4- stlltretog. it a red. At the Chartty Hoepitol two hundred Dlmotemberof cam"oIn Now caredaenocwundr treatmenttand aiflusos d. domong thiii eii Orleans Wednesday isight: Mome rasgomeots ore beng mode te take % --page 1tt than 000. cae.of severat hundreodmore. Forty of cottonseed In taoutsfal at Nefw casee actuatly Vapor* din ew anofIclufeoso were admitted -Poge 10 Noew OreanseWedmeedoy: 56, Them to the hoepitl tWednesdoy. & rooted reed-op ocotoamost ditrtot, reportesome In fromat @10 Vivty- minstthe dtateochoom. epidotmic. -Paej; ttfour dotter.There amOreedphyci- Th e mhor of Influenza rote.shbg - otooc t tv coty. - caored foe at other hoptlseit romeDr. Oscor Dowlng. Preldst 6t the portecty esmatl doe to laok of tooLotiog Thureday IS onection. Stu" Dosed of Otelth. etimated '%ed- tattowardo. At teverahhowoe. povl. -Page 1ioes~y night the oUmber of wheuat loocfor taking toe. of "ftt" ictime is led. leaders recelved to tfisob o.of tocceosa intb too ci t tpros- being made....-Page Iot will total 10000. wedhkeedoy 23 soseritous hoe the influenza situaton puhlic paced Se the ety lad ocw *&am were reported to the Stt at Jackson tearrackOshocomte that tho -Sige 1.eotth authorities. Sanitary Troltlit. Trops of the Red -P DOCTORS DS14M I~CT Cross hoc. htoo called outtted with he ooepected to reach the 01t1 Dth Op.ODoling end Dt S. oNT.ah ototeDrooeTrdytobl --P000 2 ciety boolth offier m, ooeDd thaotfight the epread of the dises. This I& ot disabledsoldiers ope"e(i.-huedrods of doctore co-A~a tI1 l falo ~thefirtctitme ssletit.Otganization that -Page I' report sew c ses. thic144Omtoely the troep hos e hescoiled ot. woe potpoed beoe.o tebtdtape tewse chto The health autthorities. the polet, the -:Pags is the diosee. They a trn tes ed Croos med the womensocommittee splayagree to dsmissem. proseccetle f atl feumd to 00 the Couc~i of Natonal Defense re. -Page jic he drelict Sn ths et are actively co-oreralog t tteOfght Lautos Were muterng heom Orders cloing Ie S *od in New against the dnecase. The Red Crow -Poareit0COrleanes reteud phtdoy by is rendertog tmaterial assstane eIn furiodesod cootraoted for tourDr. WH ff. bh f-b oleb.oer.otip gc etore. ooreee and so -as following a meto Ci~teaty Board both In New Orleans oct thettdboJ -Pg.1.of Heath with tupo a6124coaceic1- thoetoe- Wednieday the womcen'soonoktrse mctie. io n sle 0.001 w *awe.aathor- mteo of the Cotncil of Natonal Do -&oIs i tedto hete dO oA5 $ emcl.-donore begaothe eorollmeontof nutc" t~ome~itso make eoea for 1n- ts.osu Dr. cde nod,othom whovoluneteer to aseettJSt e) e) n n C_ T -roga.-m. A WRECK AND RUIN IfLEF-BY HUNS Conduct of Kaiseras Armiei Called by Cambon Outrsge on Civilization. Pars Oct. 0-eb Cnetoet-fcrMes Presob oambocoodor 01 Waohlogteo. a oco of the foremosi fituec tnPreoi offaic. said to the Amsctitted P14m todayOAt the moment the Central Powcrc sddtrmss thsomneelvco to reienot WIlsoc kto obtadn an armbitice. act begte 00(0. Otou oreer, mt o Germtao armlc renew th. ert-orsey aeo bee. co omWiltting 1n all th#ocetutpetlert-itories. 8L QoeottnLens. Cowbeel. onal aftoburned.emined. rioedOHaitg for-. merly bees pt-roct Ii -t-itetarment ci ihe north, I know wht l lin ow tcrtoi eeaso t the regieons ir~ttd by the Germeas armiles. The e etret the etchiet toretlcry of t-rat-t-. where the torgeot Wench leduelciol.-olahltohmantt Ore AltlIteecentt-;eliav-eagloetote poet. They aerfillet- ict-h splendid meOtoccots aed tour-tos. aed ltbrarlce Of reaot-ree tIonCooheoal stsnds the tomb of IteIllustrioue Fcsmo-000 cannot -lowwit-hotut profound sadoess all the yointthe Cotac lt-vad. e" Ore teat-lot behitd belt- rolcothai fprocot cot onlymteleeloset"o, hl moral bou"t. L The condtot of the Grelasormet IN0a cotrebo toolt- lilealioc act hoThe1Ndestouctict- it-hht-icaheeo rs t1g9 snlot-the omob th r qt-t-lletd Inothee80t101o of the frot-cleot-ctireocoe fromnthoonorthobsho a eesweepco wreckh*ond rout- spreadigcovertho cities.ritllageescnd out-tryside of hot] Perso. actdOBelgi-o-t, frott-which th, ot-&ooeare bOng fortcd. The cotoo of ibie devastlation ic reaching the dt moloseof a icalaity asthecoeco: to eslowty rotreo~tiog. hTelr ret-ore -oKlemc to sting thcm 1n1o cewoe -of wantonopiliege acdaron tLo s torepoted tohe hurning, tot Ilowing the come fta toailanCambral. At. Quceino is a mass 4 Irulins and thle gtoremining rectera toens s lea deset, wtiLfbeuilings tot oiled Its populationegone and tsIto06 mne*e flotded. P The tragic situation at qt- Qoottl hoe been grap-hically decrthod bhrIM D lat. the mat-er of that city. Tb LUplu o Dc 1)1c. Rot-cy sod Rocouec 0hove hocn completely ohllteraod. Tb 4whtole soeooe terottitiog St. Qucoti 16bbeencotoreod ino a a trl rcotcr It where tht Cormace hav. buelot th adead who hate fellienit rerent hal 1.ti". Tb. rtthtdra toIcstill stending. It j@gged -ole hbeing Inlati.bht lt elst -wreck. The Calceolo of the Clothl *t oilabll hoe disorppoored. The Aced *mty Thottor ItoIrk robot- ond St. Moe tios Church hoclatlIs steeple. Tb pelo4t Psi treot reeler roombcle sbabdon" battefiD" rL IANI. 11N rU U I rsruisr; _FRANCOoBRITISHTROOP; EPIDEMICMPS Germans in Full Retreat Throughou BOND WINGs Twenty-Mile Front, Hotly Pursued b] Cavlry WhleInfantry Marches U FINAL EFFORT ON Columns of Four Through Hasti13 Abandoned'Villages-The American "We Will Finish Job."Do- Have Share in Victory. dlares Adjutant General -O E LE S Crawford H. Ellis. BRITISHNO WEL AS Caclainof the LiUberty ess OF CAPTURED CAMBRA otioge heooecc of Ilcesoa will sft bave the slightest effect upon the result Ally Advance Extends Between St Quentin and Can of otur eaftbfoe the eats of ftlis Lihorty Loao bomds." Thu VcLommt hyi, to Depth of Nine Miles and Continues, Wit ws mad eedsayoevening by Al- Speed Increasing Hourly- Canadians Penetrat ciat General Crawford ft. =111,elef Deeply North of Cambirai-More Than Score c theWa I~ane Bigde Towns Occupied, Thousands of Prisoners Capture tinue. the noon loot-Otto and Vast Stores of Booty, Field and Machine Guz the Oreeald Hotlsill he hold a& Taken-Kaiser Faces Overwhelming Disaster. usial andcevery on~doslakewill bil ferretedot," sold ticerelEllis. "We hod tcot e pohubioc GD o i Pat-is. Oct..f-li:I5 p. oc)-The Anglo-French treops have faciltte the sorb, sod they sill he focred the Gereson to agogneral retreat north and southb of St. eolq"o. set we are determeined tIn tNm-lb FisAry erirghenmyrogordha toO the jobsuccessofully. We hvay. Quecsfi e~ is ry usigteoev erga a card Index eystemhchlogivdes usein- a sied about live miles Co the can of St. Quectin and taken formatolon acs to eery mao. woman and a priaoseop. child In Now Orlosoct- and overyPeos who soul ott o will he ached With the British Aarmy On' the Cenmbai Srctcr, Oct. 9.-(By to boy a hoed." W. W. Westefield. of the ePeahete the Aiiotciated Preos)--Sucossive explosions hare occurred in committee. anonedoeWedneday of t- Cambrei, which it is reported. have reduced the foere fo nrdog eronfollowing a conference with___ lodge teufus X. 7 0.1cr. 4tlt1lrmas Of With the Britieh Army on thor Cambrsi-St. Qenotin Front. Oct. 9. 4 the committee. thstthIe rublic mmtLINIc scheduled are cansled- P oo-hBy the Amociated Preset)-The Gertman t-oopt on a twenty-in RALPr WAY OVER front hav-e ree pot to toll flight aod the Btish coaary is reoported At coonWednesday the fourth lUberty L..oao uc~arlpticcc inclcding the he poreing them, the onfaetry met-chieg it coloumns of foer through v Orphem otscrtltotaled scs.tS.lagests otily obandoned bytheronemy. The toys report ct the War IM""Cocttroi bas fallen etd the British ore tow welltlo the cecit Br-igade ltncbeo eeting soed salo of t1,nlemo for the tweoty-fou~r boor The deepeet gait some hout-c ago woe ot least cite miles o thiosotpet-td. Oif this the F~ret Reirtum0tsold boo, sod there ore cco sgec of the liod111 asd the second lmogteeost S.-16 US. The regietl isttato etand; 5101Vae sowinostg op. On the contra Roetmesnt. "eseiW secn ed illIt to rv t c ig foster every hoer, w it.500Ot. Individualslobcret to W C S r = o lear gposedahoead. dae rgeis e mmciug 116, 4 Zrythfog that could he lotot 4 Mr wUX7_I teaZ Jote so wrn alvOmi t's"5 W111the9't aireby heemy 5~c~otetjc~t* m IT. Ocht- Dith AlelIn tt e to thte root of tet- Amuement Conpacy. Dculctt and CambraL. tha otrong point of to. so- which was continedtfuotusly W11ttleto c.e.ygIno t thi regon, hoe beet takon day. At Wedneesdysre.ohoeam octetilg'ofby the Canadians Is Ito entirwly sod North a'f Combrolthe <c C o-ut the See FinanocBrigade 00 ololctiacd. north of Csoobral tho Canadias.hove tacked sod peneteatod600epytoday, log addessewos elveredooct hCattot -bat-id Aibala.. Of the Seebian army. deeply penetrated the Gertmon 11. The Beritishbmarched troughI Cot-lon Atholo hOocserved fer ea sr# Ottiilthopjen. mat tf shot once toy withoot oppostIOo Thoy rvoe is this war aot besideweet through wscthe tHinduenbur-gtine c~sairy In the cOutskitsof Totrolilte cod h Itwo 01he0 wars in wbich hi. country hoctios- thu retrosa toe o w hot Moe a".0Hioucty. was Inotlved. Cot-tale Albalano address vietuolly aounts to o rout. So fast Large foreso of the & soojoho~. Awoot a olstirngoc aod he brotught his ths Mreheat that columno of too maon '-m tteair. fleisg wa1tto attleoce to theitettet several ttesebe Alied top nprd omhv ato ecta.Mrt olo his dramacappreols- ropaIndrdefot th-c e f itishtach edrotefete PARISHIC8 PROGRSOOOOO paeeed torotugbhnuoereeous ilagos.asd tquiteltroughesbmtoelny.W.Pool. stote ihbertYoI-Danchair- completcly out o otc owt h reOonly & ftw of more than oc mon. continued ttoeclv c. uertog Cleemone. oftcwns catlredrerorte. St. Helena WedonedayreportedMortocde fpttoe oece sucribtedho. Allen toarteb reports hMore than ton thousand prisocere sMAtlto ofOod setof obtnese g _ fO0 i500- cod hetwenone hundred sod two500 os tko sc Wrell as e&sc toores US. other repeorts to Mrt. Poot were: hundred gutne werdlcapturot Is Tuec. other hcoty. whit-b to. eeemy did Iheecrt-leO 5107 $.00b. Jeffereon Davis days fighting. and tho cootinuotlos havoe1time toblow op or set oftya. parish S070000. Morgan Ctty t11c22,M. of the battie Wedesdoy resultedIn All'thic wae tae immediatee rrctILitingston parish 1150.Verntonporlb reetertsyoqVit-ooreosWhich ore he mam. earegoed paritb Meom. Cal- further large captureei.etotetoI the flulext. The Gorest Ill tte uporish 3$07.000. Comereo Wch Ic the fighting tweoty-three-may try to moke a stand 00 thoirp p P_ 11e.0.St.tondry prahb gosme. Eac- clan dlvteloss-ore that &oUttort r I-comrleted line at La Cagtae. satesporishbW0000. Tangtpahto.$000,- of a milltio esee-hovc eoeenosevre- they havec been badly posolee Me ma.t. Tammany111111.1K Pafforon ly mon-handled. Ity face an overwhelming djaemeljor parish 370,000. Ltofayotte perish o0tet.000ATh maimuAdethmfooepa Terebotte $st6,ma. Theneo"ocuo tot-b of oo advcce - - ingelconporleh ho. surpassed lsi e tween eight cod trte lre.Theo swR Cl-AUNEWOOD. aquota. Alit-orish, with a subcretotioGrmas are declared to he e fiog With the Prao-Amerlos u k. of $M00. has pased Ito qeota by tothe mat of Le Coteau. one of the orthwst bof tordec. otL._-1y, 377..St Tammtace haoe ov oer tho most Important railroad centero In Asscciated Pte-cc -The Atoortos LItp yamargitn ot-maO. Oesere- thio region. seday ainai ofdthe Mnt e.gord prt-ellha. PeAoeetIto quotawith toed thern the Gecrtans 0a0eyetcerdaytetact c oeo $100.000.pesdotthsohrnoakb ir C. A. t-t-ertt. yhsltona for- toe Plidell boot-Ice the rountry dev-ostatrd. Olt-rey snd e*toyed Chooce W004, adistrict. wirted Ut. Poot:(Our toot tyniteowse nOctltlages as Obey Wet otthe teoe. agotnt few * 0 pe rolct-ovesbscribed; we havoto oll ho. roated divisiot-s. they pesetroip astarted.- Mrs.00. H.tie. chairmanse The formidlder ermt-n defeter toemY'e ma~in ine of reicle. s-te tht ~ -A- i --i.A.Itween rue) an-d Romagna - iced. Heat-y poogatlyco. euch as castor oil snd calomel. shold tot he oCdasccao fourcertmoo divisions facing 3%they weaken the syotem- tGreat attenticonshould ho paid the mattoer of diet. Amoertoco cla the beoloelog of the InDoing th danger of an epidemico fruits. greelo out trmh tvegetablesshold he ft"vh ave boct-withdrawn etho K.*a&Lon. Mootant cish should he avoided. and egge minlksod Uqtsidccoob a of dandrot-totced by rremhb toop. hk sro ouad inclted milk shotld bho otilteted. AA CN ~TR ot "All families sould provide themelvceswith a small theme coth Is whieb A lIAI A~m heall spectcraLbOe ehould ho dote. Avoid oplttisg Soa too otroot. Alltfousioalfs GERMAN SATTRiES. In restaurants and luncouersat-uasked to sterte toir uesti.hbefore sig. V Wit-heb.Atg-5itt--rittenAt y "it the patient is oce aefitled, the eacuseshould he teated s grp. Patt ocoN~o t. Quetinc.it04--1.!.-d the ) he slold go ie betdc anaoid oll ooorevag activitims.c&aItheslIghtso iwcakaco. dated Jveoa.i Tht-- re-ti t h-iitIn toe syctem, whether caoedfromexustiom or sorvomosse asy hring a00 to y %Imbreb aol lit F Thoemoo T et1. ot the poticot chOuld he the an=* as presilhed isotoo attayh e re reoo- teldtbtleproventatio-esitawet-.p, ec more should he seateon tom1 to boletoty DesMacoary oralog by the 'lti-ie-i.t -r dto prceerve the SUVrcoOof the patient.If retiSpaUtio obesplaea heavy lax- combo.. Thr tro-c ofI';.-It.r. oUto should bhe-.ReHot ate cod op"egesshould. he ghostos paticot. fEMgSoad Genoral Peryh-l s he otter *blab he should he owathed Is bloobsto or quits. It the sir io fey and log their the"setndily 10 ill- r.: an worm. the patient should he gives aceems to plenty et It The patieat ohould L testerday the %isr c..imm& Ia btoibb.msm. e- dpthIIrlls 1"q9Gasp*"f1-.0a D rlr f-,\ "U f-4 r\ NT r-4 TD Ta" a a " 'L' I iL T Q T7) A T7) 'L' 'D ID 'Kif 060 U ~~~J bi Li I 0:: lxa Â~. ID rL Y uJ v~ I. N U0f. t, Ib b J. et- 0t kbt xlj,

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