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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~PREPARED: SHIONSI AND -tile strictly corn showing is briml naterials and ta aSss which imdivi.THEDRE MAY.,B%:! A. MISTAKEfI THIS ADVERTSMW when the typesetter gets through with it. But your greatest. mistake would be in not readinig it all through. THURSDAY, SEPT. 26th, 1918. ect idl Health Board Take CheckInfluenza,.Ej. Also Orders All Public Ass~e continued, and Requests-t) Suspend Services Until. C termined. Owing to the Intlloweta and grip api- be changed ftr domic. the health authjorities, follow- hot water oft ing a meeting Ihim afternoon withi, cry case bf ih Mayor Kay and Supt. of -Schools 1iew- comes wi thin, tor L. Yelislo. ordered ihe immnedhatte 11519ae 161 closing of all schiools4, public, ptor- SAT chiai and privtot.. ordered all theaters. closed and recotiinrld the susplension ter m et3f of religious zvrvi..except Nrr. B3 All1 of the rel:tou i owneirs are re- Ingtoit. Weti quested to lee muusal cure in cle-aning Huen pccordca uleosilo.boardi"of IWAlI, tallow otg Is the uiolico Issued by the are nqtiiied.%;tt beard of 11ealth: atll" of sMc1106 At a meveting of the heard or Her-lth itu thdI r tisc *af held this afternoon, after discusing wtht~p the ttitoatiort, it wvas voted to i4dopitoflataic the folluwioli resol0ution:. Tro;ll Whm int -ay Concern: gt'M: tlreetings:--O-wlllg to the abnorml;A lrevaltnue of Influenza In 1*al Itivor h: frthe past 10 days, which secs9 he on the ltncre4-ba,'and: Which,"bai'6 made Its appearaiee nc by 26 iiet < itte-being eiinclijoWZi~ se.% a,~ land, C specl ilyIn1aahttt ~jj and boxing I, ~mid-the, proho MAtWe j4s Board ofUsth em 6i ipdint, ~~# for he pot~c~i~-of, theiuiohftV ofeefid Ce accepted asa - - lie coining mont hs. 08 that stamps afl lies ttltfoticed-- Itisi isty 'rich and beau [St' j,,es ttle, f oell's and Misses' Man- -

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