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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~HWilhve D)eeoped Ito A REAL NA, H is c k stw "Illbe 1narrowl Hsbctwvl'benro Hs shopider. will be 'broad, His beam 'X4.erect, i.legs developed Iis ni~zcles bard as a -rock Hi l lte vnfthmNor- will anyreadysmade clothes fit him because ready-made clothes are made for thy; average- ordinary man, and the soldier who-, has gone through hardships and, exposure, an extra-ordinary man. Here is where our thorough organization of cutters and tailors with long years of experience in fitting will be of especial value. And, although w& are keeping up our all-wool.'. policy, we are keepin~g down the prices. t si ns -Disc=ssQuarai i eT Tass- and Vaccine. Witho~t ReacidngDecision. ifferent Epidemics Said to Relr. Separate Treatments. Dual System Is Urged. Njprch your returned soldier boy into oiwr sh~op. Let us tailoir him up in civilin cloth ' that- will express a military air and fit h1s newly developed body. THE UNITED WoOLEN' MILLS-,C0j e Noithwt.orne~r: Gay nd High Streets Ouriw Only Store. in Columbus v j':in' Y b tk r Brothers, -Mti;{ (By Aseeleted 1Prefs-, "HiCACIO, Dec. 18.-Unable to Inulette a definite plan for fighting (mows., begause of divergent view., American Public Health Asoliop todey gave otoopies of all the i1qoJ end enlentido data presented ing the tour-day discussion with qepleanatlon that difforent epllce. required separate treatment.. 'The various comumunities for h we are working will knew,we have at hand the heat avail. e Informnationsitent. hee yet -dis'ered concerninog the tilsease," said Charles J. Hatings nf Toronto, ion president. 'We cannotoito draw up a defneite progra tombating Influenza epldonolo in we see en wide a divereeo of ttLbA among medicol authorities as been ehown here." 'esith gfitters from the Southeast. inleily Dr. S. W. Welch of Monteery. Ale., favored strict quaracmeauores end thone fromemseler is wore mroderately favorable to rantiae rnd the oat of leseh.. ts healthe offcers. of the iar-cr qa opposed both tbese measures tpinced greet reliance on vaccine. After eli, it is a question or epg', { yor own community the itruotleol remedies foe the coor osi;' encontered there," sald Dr. - Ridiesles the Moak. en~lth Commssaioner Dr. J. W. tee of Detroit ird the argument net elosng.Public meetins, n 1s. theater. and stores, though eaid hia elate fompriled him to pt some restriotive measures. Hte touled the use of the meek as not eoelbile 'mneohure in the largest,rofeseor C. it. A. Winslow of eprofessor of public health, rda eolution of the difficulty in loutloips.ieyoring a dual eyetem to p" thinigs epen in large titlee, Ie lnspeetidv aseasier,. and to opublice meetings. and schools In tcommunities. where such meaniWould 'keep peopie more In the' r. W. H. Park' of the committee veenlne. said in that report the tee.weesdoe to an "undetrmined aints, and the dominating va. of the organism 'differe CeCord - to various iecattie. * ltlf port 1gin~eu$& the Indieceimitnate tieof.k 0'a9qiiW end heldt~ iliat-.t tine shoteidhe neeed only In con. le.o seuntil Its epfieontjnould' tptpl.He admitted, that,the; t: qpnersaiiy used form of vacttine 1bdodmi protectionr ecainot'the' issues; certificaes:of ':dr posit, for $50.00 or.mrepaying 5% iiter st-4 with first mortga b; scurity..; 4 HeRdISMofSbsetfain wicolm eded. iuedti J p.rt a. s.* Fifty thousand people riding street 'wit Camp Sherman N " caet tree every d u rne reetiolg In d Columbus a foundation for' bloishe- hoi CATM 8ERANvism. letilared W. R. Pomorena. vito hray Stii~btA. Chlliotheprosident and eounsel foe the Uqium- the Dee.i?.-~ith one em angliing bus Riliway, Light and Power Coi-m. e ilpieely broken at his olde. end his Pythe1 abdomen crunhed by the weight of a H sdCt tony. Coo seve-tohie uckwhich hod HoepnehieforCit. tony8aretr.66 ovrhsbody. Private Donald Â~D. arietforpit. iyrele iit o lbs temhtcly ele ta oige ftePrevost (board Cam. prop panicsKeer i of ig ume' othe company, by improper tattica,'i ca bi etbehorbthi ndmringoump edchto o 1lame fer theCenedition. sepi hi frtbfoe yiedes oldmok When the cmay yapoed him to ascertain if hslegs also were cmay h rv of, broke., tg In fedecal court, which attorneys B-oinger, who lives at Seain Paris for the comipany knew won improper, cebb wan rushed to the baeshospie. enjoined me from performoing nip ter where his condition ie nosl ldegal duties, t advised the public- of,4u. T rnaoda t 00 ih oak o ih ikt "Yo~ia. hesfetr io ternal for a quarter." he said. '0Ie.olgiete,Oi injuriee. Tetukwt driven by in' nobody for!t. I:,1hever urged epy 0oil it. be. Lyons of Neweab., who clai, nt to' pity. 1 benly told Wbpt48 i be wee unahie lb see Bolinger be-the leghi esigbts ilkpseeceeare: Y I e.I, roaues of the fog. The letter was am0 eatisfied if I % hd iot given tis 4ioLtv doing guard doty on onq 0pfjie tni edvie, titers weouive been rio tk tee S riuds. 1 myeef pty falre at a rate of eighti! iOn far, there hove been. 1,37aoi. tbtibi'tfor aorter"- = T d1ice separwfed from service wr Cenip Tbe onir thing that everybody wed. hee5 Oeman od aprxmtylbb ugeed upon nftei--for."bntr4 of dig- 1iia! rean to by disriesed. according to ecresiop of 'thee tret en ntoti'!.;' 't 'tatement today by the otnsp*t4at teti -h~y ~ou meig lin eatetbere. bMen' are be-'Broad Stimeatt, ':Cltl,.laet nigb otieo leg di<s^bergcd frcm alt organisaugnre woe that there<slooui4 'be,a; spedy tygoZ', in oump at the rate of about 6tttd a etting to etio*, n r ",8 t i eb f pf. day., iti at e the fare -eanttpyesrey.' 3ty~:eq 710gourd tl vastakesn Hope of eac iy/eet~enrtl(I. -:,9av iX. 1over by tire Fortieth IRegimentt ctsadb aseep 0aerver 40ff afternn at013:60.o'clock,'ie-=es-.conoiey every time lW'-d kP4 wo tuo.4 R nurntptioO' of 'the goad duty by tog Thr ee huindred atten d.!;z i } ' +, regular Army regimpent will' make,.USic. opef15nf'openedt' lie" ats~a, s~uCOOe tiis year of the ale of Stiii 4oornalot~el editions Dee, 41, -apt~ - S toosy they cn aqing to redouble airy their pr'eliminary,naital g..' h They profiuie. thetf 4i.- qodiy i1ti of. the population.,f l be wearing, the heeding numbers on DAr calaesbfrth qga.n the term of arieall white badgenwith Oro red nuoreais on, - P The' badges.are Columbus' lateet ft insignia of honnor. Theoy signify that -POP the wearer has ontribnted oar otet,..;k lared to contribute to,-this 10t per be cent eberity. iheunand. -of. Colum.., bue people ace wearing thte budges (to1 piow. Charity newsiee IP*FI swell the number- by thousaneds to- Plh day. Sofp Windshields ef aiutomobiles Wil ".l piwoarded today, With "' and mar- S Street carTriJwe Salt' i 11/14/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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