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ï~~ N'i6i~6 n,pejoeioid eq,(swpue Aied piiifl Aq SUopOaj jo aAil eaq~ U0!1EN OafljO1uolloelloo e1q woJj Peid03 soM abed slid UO I leW GLp ANNUAL REPORT R104 REPORT OF VENEREAL DISEASE CL. Dr. P. M. Chichester, Acting Health Officer, Richmond, Virginia. Sir: I hereby submit my report of the activities of the Ve Clinic during the year ending December 31, 1919. This the work of the clinic and also the work at the City Jail show the number of negative diagnoses made, the nun operations or the microscopic work done during the yea many persons were examined and found not to have a ve as were found positive. TABLE SHOWING CASES OF VENEREAL DISEASES DURING 1919. OF THE a1th Bureau Syphi lis. January........93 February.......40 March.......... 58 April............29 May........... June...........51 July........... 60 August..........46 September.... 36 October.........31 November.....34 December 42 Gonorrhoea. 4 12 34 1 9 3 9 6 9 34 12 34 29 340 Chancroid. 0 0 4 9 4 0 0 26 4th Ven. Dis. 0 4 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 10 OF THE CITY OF RICHMOND, VA. FOR THE YEAR ENDING DECEMBER 31, 1920 Total.......553.The "Fourth Venereal Disease" as shown in the ch dition of extensive ulceration of the male and female genit is found a spirillum and the bacillus fusiformis growing Until the isolation of these organisms, the ulcerated areas for extensive ulcerating gummata or chancroids. The Venereal Disease" is a term borrowed from the long re dition of balanitis gangrenosa, which is due to the sax found in the lesions under discussion. This disease is common, occurring in about.42 per cent. of venereal did marked interest in genito-urinary work, as without an accu intelligent treatment woud be impossible. I have been ably assisted in this work by Miss E. M. Venereal Disease Nurse, who has shown great interest in I Respectfully submitted, T. LATANE D. Past Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Public Hea RICHMOND: CLYDE W. SAUNDERS, PRINTER 1921

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