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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ J K 1" y i I I 4 OST-8+MA]D ELISE, N. Y, WB OROVERTEIDNESI PLGUE CAD ANOTH K i'T >1 OROVRTH KDEY!MANY DEATHS EXACTEDBY PLAGUE Lbago, I iLGS~t L" uais, Nube f e CsSlhoano orr is.00nd0rst.OKboet0 ntOranth n. otrgyretoJersey.0three0Now Y A thi mornng a his ome, ith urialat ne'al t tml o me a. 7h 6 lo t h.E However, Is Decreas- --~.- Woodltootoemterty, (butFRDF1ICKv.BOYLE. 042,t o. On G t, ing, Physicians Say. East Brighton ave0ue. Mr. oe-ws VCTRDAWOOOOWOOCI. o tiltx1 potoreaertnd omst ortfoTooStOaoLBurnet eue id at the OOO,o40 Oto -ttito.Htoald. Iletwas a temberot. theo ooohtooSurvived byta Erother andowgto totaltttttt. T'0re oere.000 newt asesEtmirtobo to t akerot o hnt OtCothy. eao f 0. tO o od. bot tt Mr. 0n4 Mrs Inaltttttoo rOnttdtttotowns nd ontheSos. - tIOot F. Powegts., Prtvate fneral at,ttottlysmll oumerof 0deaths.. JOHN STAIN, 3tof tNo. $t Matye' 2todltO Cetht. tO tE tE OEtlo AtJordan therooe. sveal er onsDu. Survived by his widowtanthreeto. ALEXANDER YAtROACZO, I. lof t. rtcll II wihpno nia, wh. otit Chttldre.1911 u rnet aveeE. OiiveSIby Ilia Kinetttl oovlln here theto wot. t0O.itow., Maroy. - Kidney IasiOturday, the oumer of per- MOOS..0 OutoKRER.MANNNOt of ansdangeroutlty sick yesttrdy owasNo. 110 Van Survtotvedoby YROO EDITH SMITH Hof No. 1060 South mel. Inthetown 0of totoeyytherte0herOtusbtod, doonManning;twOoiter.Ei i a i ntr al.nmbro ikpole u r.EwadHc n r. ia h tte lob ioo S~L ttfetttOby o00-tt 'rena ionfew0 deaoto t th.0 u tfr, ttpol. Edtebothokerst eryO lxadrWCOrO.P-t adsx hlre.Ft doctortsltto igt too t the crt o too. sittMrsodhote, b o. 0Tt ractytuostretdo ttefa iyhm.fihbralI a-1arp All signatlstofdiotruin. ttootoha oo odt oc~loctk tooow orninog, with aoe oto CtP-OA The kidoeys have too "ovdeo," 0000that thteOtatady wtold hoovetolet 0010atO St. Joseph's Frenchto - hAOOOU neary t hutetootd ottseftty t.e.eniof oh. Chtuott, ond btrototn t, 0.Ats'. Ces- MRO. KATHEURINE BAttER, 4%, ofL as.Wt muoh work t perforce. Nook. t010. Warner. Da t Oted 00 totodoto H Our- 55 Uric acid accmulaes i Deths reortotedysterday: - 0toohy a w.Ernti: her ttrtto, Mt. tOo J0U0tO OOSEPH F. OATHOOWS, No. toot Mtt- WILLIAM It. FOCtOTOO, 20, of No. 061 000 Mrs. Htirtm Chose of Mmtpthis, a0000no tileN avenu. olvay. tHetath o of Haoled treet. oooooo.Obyhistlomot.tatr.toMs. James CldelltoWaner. 00r000 thetlate John Mthot.. a pioteeo of the MrO. Joseph Ftothttr; 00otbrothters. F0020 Th.tbody wa.stremoed to to CotltottI ntousE spledid diotoory of Dr. ono 7deadmridAn n n r. tandtOo ooootdtoo.oohot.o~two sterooMrs. J..osoeby W.. Vd000.ttuntakeOr riht tof -ddot, by thoto eisrt- ht 0000000 ttdoolo toot M0. Chales otlOto- aod te funeral toltbe 00.00 tElurro tUt 008 00000 Poteoot 110.5 edboesitde 000 lot, 0. taymtotd 00.m 0.. aefuneral ot 10 to otFr- wth burial In tWarner Cmteoy. Mathets, and threeo brothers, Do. Daotitloday tornig to t r Fugottt. tundrtakingt loe sugar. F. Mathewsfo 0mer Seriffboa es. 0c. ap00020 o.t002 North Salina.treet# utttt MOh BUT 'OORIO00IAo ___________ tohottooad.00.OtMathews ofNiagara bhrial nWttoow Cemoetery, Jamttlltt. 000000a00t000CroOOeIOlet fOelttand oot htwtohad040s.benepoe enWilttt S~oyeos2 tptitl, urvived bbattrt usbandI. for00.ght oi Mathetwtstttoo O~dJOlttIIt'tAtNttOJR.t ofNo.t 307toto. N ttr,,tota plowingtompany0. ThteOfonertl0Mr. ad Mr.Jose on nt. O~ootT.OC~Oo~00,w1as Chourk, with bLritltatStO. LEO oOOOUtZ ott, notalt14Ott olot Vallety' 001 012s000iv24 by 0i18wiow,~ Agess emtery. lo 00. Ltetlot 0av00u0.urviol b his1 ~totOt. o Oo011o0.DtI0 pare0n20. Moottd Mrs. Otbussl.b 1, 00 n000Caolina~. 30. H. wtoo. oldont.00 ELoEN IT00002000 a -nondagaO tlO aV~ley "t'ti-YOOOOlttO tCtuotO Otto 0ht Rurvld btoyther datug. ht, MrsW1. Sundayooteo C sch0ool, a Member -t of O. laot.. N tor Otn~ondgaValley; o020 rotherseno e mt uber of Buoc t &KeUl 0.logg ur -F-to.0.0.00i 2 arnt, Mr. out Mrs. Walte I tikKoleI II 0 Sy00000se, 000 00000 Toblewst.tonce 0900.. 8.A. "S S lt. 0110. ooooodr-Ottdrto. The funeral willtO eheldt Erndtehmeo lot uhter teo. ty PTIKJSP tl~ N.CHAlOLSO WILLIAM MULLIG~tAN, le.."andlim to b. ounceAdCO Olater.ON O o.of No, 00e dttoooo. avenueoSolvoay, toot K, toOt4toootl 0e. Totly atoaE. tooo0lrt0 by Ott. pottototy Hs osns'Â~d. n Ms W 000 NA f)DOW NINA, 11,0.sIttof tMro Mo. aod Moo. OEdword OBrin; tt lister' l0O0 bfMulln ado bothfer000,o..W tl an0.r00-Atho ttoftat'sHo-an Gr o ottoth Etot $a t~m tOtt0.20ttEeOOLOt ttootooIn Ilse t ow ottotoot OooFunera onat.0 i cluk. JOHN OOWD.ttO OO000CKLOOO),MRS, GENEVIEVE MITCHELL, 21 oo l \'- o.. t Tnnyo avenue. Survotood bh o.NO 0 Sooth Salon to.reetL Survived by 00 0010 kBOBtNO. 00. 0t hillhootetot him 0parents, Alfred and Alice Ohlckttot. heorlohooot. Wal0trD. MitheOlFuera Ralo ttooot, Skoaoeatle. tIle owao, tunerol 00tooamily hooe t. 0L3E0 ook 00o 00 a tW. A. Fanohrt tundertaktg chaptl. f~O~totm t.B ott rdo, ttafOteroon tlh buriaotI000.00N..12tytmo set 20., a0 8.30tottlok the eon oftWlltoytto tooOOand btooth ht 0 ooooot stomuto toO ty hi.mwidow, 020002Cemtehry. t00om orr oton00, th 000000 Elotlottot IT 0w0hide,. o slters andonde00ook. BuriloO9 to.OLA" '&tlomtt rt. rtoo oo, wooa0Into rancs. oo Otoottoal0- 00000N HOWARD F000 H,00.,o a. 0 t.417 oa t, to otoor t 00 omptettd 0la0t W lest osd a tu.. Survived byhis01 WLOA Ot~u~.t g701 (ERY (lAY MOTH0 - 000002000nt. Mt..ano0Mrs o.. W NrhOt1AMDN[,L..,ot'I " andoooot 20brtot.hrs, ooo 0. ond WoaltrEas0 FayttO OeLsree. 00ied 0 0000 1'DCty.II htO-t I.OP Rdiedtt his o met CNorth. Piteofuneralootoototh aily o pt!Atl Ooty removed to Truo~tOtO II......,":use ~ar ast ne II to ttO, ttttdtttooottt. Htu ttOO omatto02 tto too'okio o fteoton. ndertaoking00000s0.,,nOw r~thnl valrres nd o. t eOO tonofkVanoBurenoandbe. r-hor" oO.ty ak n oe o0 0000 I0 t llkno ootnltlo 0.0m0y010 D.1000, E ICPARSON. 5.20 No. 227 Stat Ot1 1 0000 toER In urvlva by toy Oto itfe, FO \OOO~O.0.t o. 60 DOodagasoreet. Theo hdy wto leoveod te- the atooc00 loo"ho Jams t reel00. hrI tooto 0000002.urtoyld OOoOottoa~O o~tO~ttt y ototout, ta-ard, tth t, o ootattttNtta d tone t hero.tb htto 00 Coot)d o~ to theCtr y or et. th the t orlt. toot to too.." tootot it our Laria oott eriwCet ertty. moths ago. te Is survival bybe widot. ootwET u, to _ _ _ _ _ _ _-T~h ody utilhoeMOOnttoothBontd, tnO., OUISND ieO. S00 24 o f t Cot. s77-ttt to otoy FOEttO.ttte FindtoOheoOreetltybeauty 'frLrLLvn vn o tOue 0.tM fttheQo otoIrtuS. 00 a. nllr ldrugt 0000001 27. Ott wanoo oot "ertto th00.Co. -- -- Un00ersty BOO-his homo..' t$AO,ow r" hoe Fa te ll sell l tn1u t leroo o r ok.stont ottomaoroedt O N MALOOOOOO, 71, of0*No, 003 Hickory Nook City. Thoeoytotto boe sent 10there,a, Y.I)hu- ndth teo. e. urivd ixwe:k a o Mn ttathaKroheck. 0000r htlt t dy hslltn J.1 0, by Udtaker000W. F.tHit I nsil 0100..r h ue.61, A20 o ppr o f!Ne.0 war2k,. H. 0. WAL~TRC. DOCHM.ON,910, of Good... otutool..oot.oL 1002 0010.Hottotothto 0asallit 0apleood Cemtery, Caoolt 11" AC'; II4 00r., o t Foyt te, i to 00.0t y Aut. lsse onoftMentitono. ie Isurvivd 0.. 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N unra Tmoro.ewspapetO tto tth 1000000 00, theoro it no better woy Ototw l, Th, fo.l. er 1 tloosn; tat a young tontototol he poerforming a goodeaer- vO.Wic~ tth oooo t tll to tto oe than by enlisltoog.-,too oPool Standord carrier. t lrb de tC.i x"rryTlr etcy 4 E S ORE lolst 'Irr",;., w-11 - i,. t ook Bdys who ate a nxtous t start out Â~A 130 rnro,f. nnn tir.r omNt ooitlh a well-payotoe oooooto at onceoo thould apply any_ ITEE ___tnt. Ank foo Mr. Towoloy ItIis the 0man10 Yo. Ckaritil~t oOctober 0 homakes boytrotoeloamo ~ T~o toolo 0 ootOOO~businesstototon. M Th~~~900evanu etn fteAbaae oooe e Ad chrtOlod lttet al 1'I This Fail's Big Success? fen's Flannel' Suits -iihby- al wol C rent.. -in either -"-blue- -or-:green the Q JLiberty al, Bonds chie25,ur coc in either of the models: lb. Ira. ny0ts~t - ltp0.0 REl 1 l r0 +: a \\ I V guaranteed- Zt 41 Our *hal- 5to. systim and direet to-you selling plan Is YOUR safeguard iuits and Overcoatjs, $15 to $40 138 So. Salina Street,1 oar Otan10253.1.00 l o,0M o. Aoto.Slowesbt1. 0.i F~E, GENTLE REMEDY BRINGS SURE. ELltF RSI' A1b'I4S Ml EIMAN~S NAI,..SALT.SI1RINGS7 N 8 11/07/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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