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A patriot will fight for America 'till his last breath is ~spent-if he's called by America to fight. He'll Buy Bands 'till his income for months ahead is mortgaged -if he's called upon to buy. Which is your job-to' fight-ortobhy?* Are you doing it in the American way? Mix Paint with your Patriotism~. A building painted now will be,-a building conserved and preserved for years to come. That means no "extra expanditures for repairs-money saved for bonds-war needs. It's high iy essential, from the standpoint of saving end taking care of tile nation's physical plants from the factory to the farm-house, to make the most of what we have-hence: conserve by painting. There's another reason for paintfng-the safety of your~ health demands it. The easiest way to get rid of germs that have nested in your house and around your premises is to "clean up and paint upi inside and out." The picture afelttl a5 repelidllrlion of rat's Lowe Bros. Pintt Wiitdnw.* Lowe Btros. aro in the'same ncnassai nt omakers that least's are us paint a nd hardware dealers. Th's whtipGrantos handlo Lowe Bros. Pait Prodoocts. Clean Up,.,Paint Up and Kee. ft Up-Buy Bonds and kTeep Them AT vvATT'QCCiJ uriigrehis eidoe,Mrs..Lur Shreood Wrtght. a daughter, Helene; 0i, mother, Mo. No.. Wright, anda brter~i, Dr. ocreoL. Wrigat. Tao tuero lilasetued pruivatey0) oteOfmiy bcmeo00 5 oolmt Frds afterntoon. oBoIol wil1.00at orth Seetosco. Thtem*"sis cclhovechar0g0 o<,the.000.7t.. Loooo U. wiru)IAM. Os, of Ms. olidL.~ E~i fS) 110.toons ovoluot. He in uredo by widow, lilyd tlbt W Sikham; wfr.ada uro Wickha:0i heBloc.1.* g o r.'e Without a Bac k Door. brother, Foster, of Cye. &sM for. lore was floemo Wichamone 000r* 119 East W5 t on Street. i i l;Syracuse, No Y 134 East Geniesee,y 0001.* o icheectady. Mo.M owoed.qr (Ooatioot on.."' r y.r' y" 'r, "1' t. "rn lo.yet n,, t -s 5 -ac " a.,..a 1 11/07/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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