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ï~~a t lt'Oa a5I O05M ttHa seu~,te ittintiuo cvnunoom.:-usua se rewery betngeaese e d oo the merely the reqsredi 3 ttes5. not tof Its output:,' merely 37 or 41,ttua~olly 47 states s Minute. sndIiio'8tubs. will ratify the senendismat. t to wet &nd dry ggpenasgn in New Jereey 16 ezpeited to he the r~ sevefrol yees" age, he said, forty-eighth etate. "EVen. it will esfonent was 6A"-cents for each ra-tify after the others. hae done so." or beer brew"-. The ''light Wheeler.eaid.. More than one wet it" the witness Added. In rat- etate will ratify for the mere sake of tuestions, the wttess said the wanting to be. on record as favoring ivania Stats' Association a movement whesq early aehievement I the poiicy of destroying is Inevitable." stiles and- cancelled cheeks May Defer Organization. toath after its bank accounts It developed yesterday that effort sianeed. No minutes of its likely will not be made to effect a rwere kept. work' anti-alcohol organization at the "- it beoause the activIty of present conference. The plan likely to opsylvanla State Association he adoptod will he that ofthe Antintirely political that you. Saloon League of America formally kest to adopt this policyv" ivtn oe c line ffr witnessdne hi aigsign countries" to Join with It Ino the oinessdieoeniew hio dsire formatior of a world federation. eromisptespuhichlede10ied Delegates to be nanmed for the purl o the pblic d o h pose then are to gather at a later w f hle pSecy io o. date to perfect organization. andwhateSerMary Homews road A resolutions committee representondtadtMaor Hvmbenroadleg every state is at work formulator the former president of Lto I ig a plan which may not he suhmit-Americas Alliance. Copico ted until tomorrow. statement. which was a decla- Dr. Baker and E. H. Cherrinaton. of the alliance'. position on general meblashir of the ati-Sloon 'opeon war before the Uniitd oagucPbiho -osmd d teoame a beligrerent. were sect dresses characterioing the Anti-. Feigenhan of Newark, N. J.. Saloon Leagur of America as the ooe led in inancing the purchae organlaation' big enough to sponsor Washington Times and the va.'eesnfuitp 0.0 internitlfatialalitmery (lta) Advertiser, co te en was chairman or the pth- Condemns German Allianae s committee of the Brewers' iUr Gakor condomned the Germantion. American Allance no tho principal )ids't Blame Gjermany. orgrtiation the kaiser had In thin mao's statement condeneed country to spread German propatags the destruction of Amer- gander.- Reciting the ight of the chidles engaged in producing Anti-PhtdOOn Ieogue against the o erlals for the, allies and nacso'lrmas.Amerrl.'n Allian-e, Dr. itaker ned the sinking of ships car- added: nanitioca Those responaible 'Doon anyone doubt. in the liftt hshould he punished. Ile- or the immediate loot. that if there Id, hut he added that he did had not boen a etronf, virihe, prohietc they werc commitied a1 hittec movemenit Ic combat the propligation of Germany or Ails- ogandia of this disloyal bot wellfnanced organiaationt. that America Indicaie that some Itit-racy, mould have boon cumllently Go.'. Ilperso inthte ofloof Ihe maiedo ha ephetr ottof the Stie tiewers' Associatitn warr' 'cico iGocan propaganda. Ct'eringtcn di diared thai. heroit?' coked Major Htumes. after non president who in 001ot npenout recall anything abttii." orolativo of tha prohibition1 'on,,x replied. soletic of the tiiied hilatus alum sici l"iogetietitoctwas then 'til- in the While iHouse. Hetitslt: '-ilt publinios comsitiv i taut prolibitionit oil.bc rnado lime thin article ws o cclii- worildit elte. 11he.'ceiatioi. of )t to hint. wato ho ncav" th'le cofit cecoiit'i'.,tdemoironre-piled..urd hoe dited: '-ratit overnmenOt lto ihe GUid boness0.0 indication th..t ecoo States cas nat soate- 00101.0 aa hreexinted anywher-co powectpnred It i.itste ffceorn.1iie fill autooracy. Ti. liquor problIon." tecot to it wortd-oide problem and nanproiit tit.' ii li tn- thir'e formotintttio otitit. 5ust vc by ticrniet.coinent dis- scope. Today outteauenc ropomvery littte with a". I di ot serttea Ihoroughtitoroganised boether that wcsoberauer 10a Caeseof machinery. In The htilied etats it empiloy" 1000 people. eho tIiebmacn.' gins thoir entire time to itswe ____ tvitit,. The tosaco spends more EL-ROSS SUIT f1]Yo ~T FOR NEXT WEEK Wouldn'tYo cp Judge 'Saeidt-'et $50,0t'0 Like to Get Rlid esuit against Jtams!toes, r' j atiacCout),ic''hateirt, is flet of That uarrnU ting in commotti l ens court odnedny. Tb.- ai'tioit was to tnbhenrd citlct~dtiibitt stfor Ros iihit rotnoneooloring iloct it atid utablte 1 tiled ouit o;tintttoes in ihett he wancui'inlg for ret.His aettcieiiiautedoothe lottico ncttiteent. pubcy the county Ditoeroti- towmCAIN WE SCORE prices on Fh'ro 'Isitltsells We offer a sPeitat on Thorn-t riday pond Satutrdaiy of freshtake Erie Perch aod Steak at Ifn per poundt. "tne, tarcry:'ight prices Fause g-Johnson Fish Co., 16-118 S. Fourth Si. sn 1y + 1(L nrec9 r Al & ) V. Men's Laurel Brand Hose-GOOD flro. Men like them for the way they fit, Fall Weight Lue ~ dY1 wear and retain-their shape. ' Mercered Lisp,. p l"' of fine lisle with douetoesAui Laurel Brand Pure Thread Silk Hose, and so nely noo ae4;th of good weight, with doub~le toe, heel rival silk hose for;a Ba c~ snd sole. Black, white, gray. navy and white, gray, Palm' aib Md, a.y1 0 Palm Beach. $1 a pair. a pair.: (Lazarus' Men's Store-First Fioprx)Tickets f'ir Qhio State-Wisconsin Football- G up - Sat. on Sale now, in Lazarus' Men's Storemnst Floor than $1,600,000 a year Is ighting for prohtibition. it has $5i00,00 Invested in Ito pahlishing house at Westerville. it han more than 500.000 regular rontributors. Cherrlsgton charged that 1150 ciergymen of the 'Church of England. together with 073 women In English retorie today own more than $8,000,000 worth of stock In brew"When the tUnited Sitates adopts prohibition, about 00 per cent of the territory and 50 per cent of the population of (ho world wilt be dry." Gieneral Counsel Wheeler said. lie earned the conference against efforts of the brewery interests to hav'itg bet-c and wino exempted fromtohte national prohibition law on 16e pica that theyc are tot otrotig drinkos. Among nnow aerivais heonye sterday were Itobert A. Macro, Glasgow, Scotland; lint. Sipriano A. Frano, Staltitin, bMexico.anod Rev. F:. B. Varens, HasAtntonio, Tax., editor of El liealdo i'hirttano. Canon S. A. Johnstott of Birng. hti. Engilaid. will addens students tic i'iltrrlt ii o ltegr. Wte r'vilte. itotorro mornng, AVERAGE DEATH RATE FROM FLU 8 DAILY Eight ititithe at day from Influrna and pitaeotn ban kas een1110 acere ego s at. eNot'v. tegistruar.JohntV. Keccgatt of tie oity board of heatlth said yesterdtay. C'om.pared wit. ii deaths oiti.'iaily reported to the city health offie die previous day. tho tol reptorted ccc. torday was I0,. bringing tho tottl in the city to 4681. An increase wassnoted in 9b 'asce reported hy physicians yesterday. There wero 70 the day beore. Sunday schools may behaelnd if Ity live up to regulations laid dawn fcc all scbools, City Health tOffier Kabtn said yesterday. it is left to totc Isdividual chat he to decide. The rules are: No ohild shall ho permitted to attend school where there isa as of Influenza In the fondily. Any child afflicted with onluarena shall sot be peemitted to reture to school until two weeks after thnecase has been dismnissed byt' hefamily pkysioian. Children with colds shalt be mvladed from school. EMPLOYESS O1 FEIBEL STORE ENTERTAINED Celebrating the biggest year's bunipeas 10 the historyotof Its establishmont, F'elhel Brothers. department stare proprietoes.,141 North High StrOet. bantueted 05 employee Inst night at the Chittopoden Hotni. -:0eoi-aftAr-eeibel,'.ian address, declared it a victory celebration. He predicted bigger business neat year. Collectintg Y -Pledges. Twelve teams of solicitors, each headet by a captain, will begin early todal cobiectlnn of pledges nmade two yelb ego for _the new Spring Street 1. Ilt. C. A. Reports on results wil "bb. m eBach night inn the gymnasium of the. b11 1ding. Dr. W, A. Method is general nhe.rmpo., f;5 s G~s; Director., 4~1e~l fRse.cretary of ' cutrprom- " good~aaf " h rad OIO GRADATE Lawrence C. erges, Formerly cf Lantern Staff, Loses Life in Battle in France. That their sonlatwrenon C. Yerges,.ia mnmber of u machine gun battalion, bud died of wcunds received in action to France 17 days before thoelgnintg of them armistice, wasntecord rceienrd yesterday fromthe car department by Mr. ant himr. -'rderick J. Yorgcn. 31 WentinthiiiAcrite. The teteg rit slttsthat ho shod Oct. 24. Y'et ole colioted iniAugust. 1917. in i'ontiie'icai. 1ito.had beentIlhi l'etiie'i-ienure- than it yeair otidhad f-oght at iChateau Thierry and Ini bytImportant battre. A graduate of Ohio State n Uilerol y in 11th, Yrrge wos i.towebee i-f ellt pflion Fraternity, Sigma Detrilli and Sphin. Hn alno was citr'olation manager of Thto Lantern, the university newspaperanod editor anvd huainnan manager of The Maitlo, the junior clunnonual publcation. lie was 25 years of age, hilsnister. t'hristin, and brother. Howard of 'Ohho Stats football fame, who is now an ensign in the navy, aimsc srvive. Yerges wan a member of the Goodalo Lodge of Masons. Mrs. RuseotC. Kahn, 2b8 Stoader Avesae, was notified yesterday of the death of her husband, Corporal Kuhn, aged 31. bitted he actiqgo Oct. 20. white fighting with the Three Hundred anod Eighth Trench Mortar Battery. The battery is commanded by Captain Don McGill, Columbus. Corporal Kuhn was Iji son of George Kahn, hi Ncrth Green Street. Private H. Reiuinger 1n reported in todays lintaso wounded, degree undetermined. J. C. Reisinger, 2115 Aberdeen Avenue, lo tinted as nearest kin. Me. and Mrs John P. Brehl, par. ents of Private John A. Brehi. aged 2S. received word yesterday of his' death in France. He was hille4 In action Oct. 20. and was a memiber of Three Hundred and 'Eighth Trench Mortar Battery, Privatf, He'll W Bretti forerly wait 'o. the Lawecoe Press. Captain tevrie W. Itougbh, try; on duty at Ohio Stats iy a en sindtt.RsreUieriy lvl Scond Lieutenant Aritk' i arth with be on duty,,frqiw at St. Xavier College. (ior following general' shiftIng 'o, of the S. A. T. C.) nnonOfs terd ay. F. Ewing Martin, who e come time age an a privetQ "u#; Shermao, han been promote.: mental sergeant major with, quarters in the office of 'thp advocate. Mrs. Martin, to their botte I inblami~ after a fe weeks' service %t oilion factor~ 'at Hafelito, alt extra hemp was -'dishtlofei week, following cessnaton of lieu hnoause ' of. the olgtbni armistice. COAL TRUCKS FOR f Gy the hour or too mile. Call. ('. tli, ittu. 1414, Male 2951. ACCUSED HUNGARIA MNSERRL Hbld at city prison fot aile* lylrmrs o.Egn e,34Mrio vne gHnainRfre hrh Ingbon and Woodrow Avenuel released last night under 017 Amsistant District Attorney i Veesey. it was charged. rofa preach in both the English an ra agae tteTn Mrs. Alex Sabo, East Ca Mody nacneun.veny he was said to have > loyal statements anod left the' Two hours later Rev. J. W. atro t CarAeu Church. preached the fuasraiB In English. 'W. Vs. Lump," Homer C. Gtiiilly CAPT. STAY4TON 9P4 AT VIRGINIA' A )age audlec r 'xleoted~ Captain W. Hf. Stayton whsa-iCf cusses "Eenoittis POtotel nconstruntlon" a+t the0--O i Commerce lu poqtipon at' 'the, at 12 0ct tdi'aot, i, omoier in the Unyiteda f1takess 11/14/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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