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ï~~ THE E'V-ENT4.d BILL 1T rPIYSIIANS FALL.VICTIMSTO "FLU" M Three Die and Many Ill Depleting, City's Supply of Medical L Men 40L COOK'S SON DEAD " pidemic Fatality List Dr. ]sim.. ldc'ay licnsmery. 2108 lath et Dr. Clarene. I.Gray.,2044 Chst eat St. Dr. Join Steensonc. Philadelphia John K. Lewis. 21010 W. Pacific at. Tbh e e. William Carter. at. Vie ssqaUs Seminary. Germantowe. --- Gie'r* W. Child. Co@'ls, 4601 Spring-;Ckedntltu daft, Uilvirutty~ecif Poiimyieaia.' Thris Phlad0tp4ia phyiciansMVitso the ifstet ttof fatalitles resuting fritm the'ineissiia euldmics. Maiy others are RUJLESFOR.,INFLI)INZA The Shiping Bourd ha.slesued tics folittg elevenruls to the.hlp workers it the country aid they wilt ha posted In most of ibe. yards twiny: 1-Avoitd' crowds In roorlyveyout led plas. 1-Avoid the seighborhood of periossufte'ing fromtt"colds" coughs en asrsaid sptttersi. a-Avoid us of drfoi4tg cups and iowels that hate hen used by stters. 4-Gargle, throat every merenig aid evettleg with sat aedwater. 0-Use soap' and bet water freely. espectally itt face snd hands. -Ps seropsicesly clean as to iten ate' hiuidkerchbefs.Y-,Ieetd yes Inadverteietly he eftijhdd of sineed set, sash the face aid hands imeitily with bet water and soap. 6--Should yiu develop a severe cold ripert Immeediately is alol ph ysican or seopsoy -physleiSs Per soacnimttwted adrice. 0-When Yeu have uccasiee to oeugi. eneese ir spit,. tri yew bath uonsiyourrnighber. 1d-Stetemeter the three Ca: CLEAN 1MOULTH CLEAN SKIN CLEAN CLOTHES fir at least prt of each syo durler'tins prefnt emerg aneit o ih Servic wtth rt1 cry's acpbulashee. Dirives i mployjd by the city are bingi wore outt ivthe long houstoroudtspoi them hr the stres of the epidemic, liHe wail. r hauffeurs whocais.teu to.' pladeh of theI reguter drivnre w1llie thes' are getting L few hours ret daily. Volusteure' seoeld report to: Dr. ltruseestj ofdics, City Stail. Ths Red Cross Isetted an appteailfr day for wimen to wcork at 'the roc et at 1615 Chestnut st.. making!casks or thsprievettisifof iiueca aid on pestoieta jackets.- A huedred or more oatU he ueed In shifts. ' C The i.Cvic Clot, with c-operatiluio Yre. Wilfred Lewss. hailt si~itm-pisha 1k hepaltcomeittes,.54 of 1(1* Clara Middlitton hwaioif iteaammiliaeas 06 ward Affair., appeis to all of Its memsasb s~ers p ib th e, to Voltueteer as nree' a8esin heipldesiso Wome are urged to seduce thngestle to dreg stores hyrerfraining, darig the period of tic spidemic,' from making at irch stores any hut esmenial purchases. Drq it~s aid their assitants must at thu 'iii,e give ill their ottesslin to.Ailig of doctors' preecrptins and to the sellIng if escssearyr medlelics. WARNS Or DRINKINIIGCUPL Did Krusn Issued tie tolowig order thisefterilsee: -,-... prgcohave, to oppropriatiofle 100000 fur the+ slyr cteso, dthe K-sto I00005bll., 'JRESIDENT TO TAKE VIOROUSTSAKID 0 " er the that' tot ing. ao4t)t uetdidltloaal a1 - ads ae - + } mupply of medical seen ir. this city. Dr. Donald Gthiris. chief sergse i t the Pasher Heepital. dam.oPeo,ule seiterig troe.euieeenia and tetloenm* i~he lk~niep qiL opiteL Dr. Jam"s Fo.lo. 2754Orthoedox it.. is io ibs Northsern Hoispial. He coliapsed as a rsisit of Iniueos while isiting patisnte yesterday. a kneess end iiqitldi 'from filiow workmen wit?''do 1iore to preeitl Itie spread if tlie ise than any ipn of intisptics or mendcines. EPIDEMIC ALTD, DECLARESKRUSEN; 3,831 CASES TODAY tatestim r.irst Pie ma J.' Neigher aid touts N. told. re were otly two other members of~ card tireisit besides the cheirmnan. b Rayseond Macitets. IA requires ASK AID AEIT IDbC L PRISONERS TO 114'i RAVES ilm Cosurt MiMfacts eiesleIM R caw*sfe pi pdemic Victims Iherif Crtmn.'ct Ciadee county, topy requssted Judge Kates-to grat paleaslsn to him to release tempera 'y f-em' tcounty fail six, prises who had entsred their srious am grava digis nthe Camndett osmeteries. The hrIb sta ited that owing '0tobsh T esiMcrOoeoeydmringi. Awidow andlt irvivs. He was a graduate tedical Colage. aeH. Giray. whe died 6un4 anilhes of four dayse, atO at the hMatert 1sep11 Stevense died yeserday. it phyt'iiae at theiyblad t. it.hes toinAla ther Quisn, of, theu Dever' eaniaand his assiitasL J. e sufferteg with toss..n sar smilarly afflicted are iaehtli. Director o a dJsphP fnec e 7lie essCommiteei(Af C CTV'W D ES it Wekessr, wife.of jee a, detective of the loths I ts. plilce district, died fsasdbyIfuez a of feair ether city detea o thsme austS left Is Brigadier-tGen Fleet Officials Seek Asseatapse Prom iommainding the Soul %Whingtsm to Sare ))lpboildef5 tley." pps lf do smriosesy has the shlpbsdlig pro- bew, Cptptals Joas grain 'tose effected by the epidesileofPN. if the U. 6. tInluessa that officials of the Umergency father of these. th pleet Copratlos have appealed is Ser- 1 sudEm Rese-Gieeral Blium for aid, hIn' esebatie 'the spread of the dsasi. COAL REGIONtI Charles fnue. vol-pesiist at the sat. poratiuct. s,6miin that ' there hbas ben opt lTeats In 11 afalling 5cf15f thirty pat'4meato intiveilal I In the Dtlawire Abeor yacdit with a esy- SIDsAn ehirhuilding activity. Then plants must Suenma through the srioslmy iff~tttid ire tose at Wilmiseg- ettpcted to reach the rmarkI to to y. th tI Camen adequats hoc: ha improved. iponeihe fsr eg the night. In the yards seass in ins Company, it i t the his- here been Cdioepahco mn m the deaths In asousi i f th d daiy. there At a motorls g.ComteeW nal Iestcolertjb urg, Pa.. the port workers lb move proposal.e to be Tice at the >r Dr. Kruien throw opt hkal buildin; vidso the's )ompib of tin. 1the tali. op osrw bot."Snrec optaa h atr- dWdyesterday at his heuue, lIw a nIs wiw - -.-0,-11-so-'e-- nj7 j nr"i e h....+....was weeiie out at a mairs o entuer- irem ediereineaps ' Httbinsoet. A hrother. WiB" co~~issre.Ahe m-Ecugayetes betweiChin, N.. Schwab and ---- +"r-+" bean Aw BrnPave awr College girls havu Armory. it sas said today thenre ns h at /E 1C EV" ReiOn.NPA tebi iyHl ad Y ai cenn h ntl~ lt t~~,dp.nm I atrroptl ffibo h ~wre oae OIE D W FVMM il with the diseae. aid memberesiattinhMaleiLiuLi raithreacityaail >~ar" in hesseatentoitheestithlscg tem Deidy.,fifteniase ihtie-laterahea-ilth5ffinin.iuRefPOLICEME DISEASEVICTIMSnCORNeDUNPEACE!0 heat., 0100 W. Facdes it.. after ia Dr. Krumen received oittemyasfott ar fo IOly lleswt InoaH urenGnrl uetBue fteW_ S uhel fM"ad MAbtJ 1e-by'Ia wife and two e. iS. -Publc Snlti. Pervttto that Dr. Fethc. i,' sahsLast 4nd.Fel n ~ ~ " The'P~ifla op-Ur "Ptli ettire~ rmy fetir t was a elett rbr e. chare of..tie NitieeM"atisih Officese tog Off in,'New O IrwnagheeofM.i- r. letthsn cbtistnie heavyweght Snettiter '-of rith'ecncl-Ns~s s at 1474 W. Ttttia 51.He was a at 410 Chestnut it.. std assign iiy Dr. loward a. Minor. presidentt of.the WO dauSits N.fthMa.. are Nisicet the fsrce, died yesterdaytyptinfluenza. leg this country, advise the r Names a mamher of Rihaed eurshe was able cto get fir sork In Jnis 5tN 4ha-hv onba WSaYS edileo h 0hsdP"enotto trust the Gormanqfe Ledge. iii. l584. 7. & A. Y., and Phtladslphia. Dr. SrensieKahrPadi sat r(i-ie.wirtediedeot. Wmu ld etPddgOfr-ue.eilee"ed3&ad ir'Te th.awi'Cr~u i coneyeacer fsr three halidlng and Ir tito s iete dav for fifty y ynurses. ttey that thosittuationerbee I. wai ell f.In ra -e~3.. a didlat i drWll-sy ash8.ledesau if te 19rd"t aid The-Nucu iet mesIt, tha; asocatios ehere. - He wss amees- DretorJKruelseleas mslvid aser- hteedaid that tha climax if the ipidieic after ia week'sIllneasand her sater nolly. of thbS6thand' Ocford ate. ate- phis yesterday. vistted muplt sthe iFourth Liberty PiaelhaLoasmlCiitjplt.'iicee tressWashingtotit hno more phy- ui scot avn bisi pased us thse hase Emma M""died Sundey etght. She ha iontiboth died in St. Josephs Heopital. aid shipylards alotng thuetoer fshe Peal as esicimie would be cailed Iiti the service been a deeided fhlling ifftenttew baees benII I lfout days. A doehle funteriJ wil Gorege Stoey sf the 40th aed Pttn-river, aid ttypraed thom. lie will 'be burled Friday itWm.fesse Philadelphia for at least; len days daring the pest twenty-for hour. ethlPeF.iHay Myrs, pester9if0thclickMereth ial~n e t hi-hm wir51 mae t the agTeitded op acount of the urgent need toe them In heRe.HaryM ers. pastr o tegPth eeih twrIdsri hyv Rev. Joseaph A. Carter, a priest of tha tight against the epidemic. Up teosmiduight last eight there were grim Congrgatil irhrexr~o'eh Hendrickea.thirlglysis 44 bcride stone Nutleons Company,ti Sundatn fth ta. itte die t FUHSRES ONON sevety-five stew'case slocsthelast re- and Belgrade is.- cstng t.. weighed 20pot eds aid at the policSteel opsny ndth ne Heosial S Pnam.inem. ie Chlf Lflcbs fthe liuraD ifNTOWNstport,.e rmta ~ete tebtdy ~ s DSoF =rL -' carnivasa n"1915, 1916 add 1917 be rar- insure Work at Eddyitone gy at 8t lnc~nts Seiay.Al Cm icsasseBreuo sre buses.omwere riet l ortey ____ rind off fleet pise in they ltft mm's 01.hipbsilding party, atCh owe. Oe broher, he Rev Tbomo Clening i Rushng al of th strets aoyardotdeeR Nr.podid. yrt aeL Hedthenotsaaenthe aarn Hog Hog islmdd twao Onretbr oothetePs hes laig 5mlgall sitheVsreets TpWI, sire is death. last ight and -- way Wptis paw Days 01 3n4this year. Ice b ad bees a poloiman foir F ' - tour officers areCc and anther brother, the Re. Wil- In the irst. Secind. Third. Fourth- Thlr- five patlents she bad toss uidsr fragj yi j - fifteinliaricKm wife and three if lour Le neerlns l, eitui tortcou Carter, isat St. ohe t~ellege. tith and Thirty-ninth Wards today. This meet at.the emergncy heepital at thue bb p1. yongcelldree~aroe s il. Knoowltoe and Liroisnant Per Jyn. The funeral win lsbebld tsr seeceis mIsate ago~ tashaus-aesy- ftaae wre1plas'~s.4imiu se$4e foef.Misi5BSfths.osd-Deensep,-w er-inedi-t-Tt. l-Mrte the e tw semeasl g rt n. peao atltf tie. city. Eseergner thvslcc credtni.i Mioasue ee.thirty mid sitoci IL Hi.wife eII with cituenen ezlm of Henor. which ihew eel Capl.Ofi15t5s hi's baenstationed at all of the pills Tesr woOah ae atra aeivl.wi..Tciyalrard fed hyrlt es, omniy i a l a dagneei 115.Ie.omm erns.W. Childs Cook, sonof firael stations is the ward tie attend ittwnti artesen TgwereathNre Tet iioepe ctn y, at. e bodathe ome f theu 1aeeK. Nyrlla bechildnaopelleriin beithre-ottyriex sam: sCo nssean Joel Cme. od this city, died as esiekly as they ate reported, to the maan d syen )0,Iug.iet.,a Oe- i p at. Mr. okand te.omWalterhir, a er e ~. HStis thty-apiomanhad t ere Wi easinr di: hels fisneSuPiday seetsg.,its had ra 7.n.10S iga, n aetMad rWlerHsNvebr tr)tit-wohdbe W nsrrsda h sitche iethan a week at the famIly polies aid prevoil these frem.iavintg chihd o' e40N0 sreeatnsr i on thle poleestious..for ellven Y roivre1ttwhat t we have scii. It brings.U ptgeda, Wast P,1t ter htomswhile 111.Two physlais aarrived In Gloucesere The -two sitete ware bath victims oi Ha was li1 only tsao asnee s-nvt i ete hti IaThe nlrh.of fthe weidemtoe t Toths tress Washlngtos last night from tdes eub."lb.eistuensa epeic. Mis Miriam wsaby hi. witfanad two childre, efbattle:Amria is with us Cook was a ottosmtrtiUinred - lauelmonivrite of Pennsylvania 1s eeeiret Ie Hoilth Servine. One was immetditttel}tkemngibk abaut to dare ago sund died - io year boye heck. their 1g man, a member i h U cohls~etpeed as a result sd the infercomenl sent toWetvlse, sar',ieuoester. whene last Frides. wile hnrsister became Ilit t ALEXANDER+BALFOUR Dn ttsarewosderful." and it the Mridisa Sn Loge, F. of ardesiissed by MaerGriffith. 6. A. then riem any cases smog eoyea ftettdnea addedo cidy I m L N. Ha 1 euv e' yi. wdo.T, C.:commndaet. to beep idowsa ofthe Gerniment beg oding pant. Dr. terment sill he he Northwseod Cemetery. UIGMATR is-l) Nis WLiti Bokma..a arao! nasrim mdeterpa Ralph IK. Hqlnetead of Wetltr. Oap-ebetYomnheNva-cs-evi.N --MRYRT on. Pa., she is also Ill and a srser. spen. ' pealed tq. fDr. 'a. W. Scott, whuosa ent Are,: d 0 h4 hiokaiad Hm ayeaewieof frmr tim mogmoe of n tdet, heeto- Medostrbyte eat'(lives LoIa i Mbt otgst'its @ati lyawesde ll. babeen hit Oftytwi tase qf iliuecsint5 ii mhot ake thmrge ef the all- John J. Web. fort-eene. Walton e. Foiurteen weremte Istothe 'Uclvereity uatlon. Mayer -Andersoenset ielarra hhefuIt.wnhl'aiihelftetdarPtiof teIleeaSpe ora aseoasilh onutdf o epitel and thIrty-emteigt are quartered teoSurgen-General Repert Pius.,i thecourt tedaybyMoagitrate Harris,, f eh the. Cott and Aseounticig Depaetment of,Mis ahlPobrrpei omllr mitllinse. Thursday afasroem In tho Delta Psi fraternity basis. whih Pubi~l oalth Seritietsd Setretary oii1Rid i. antd oodland am. latlsa.Walsh the Fouth Naval, District, died at hie lot ihe ('hiidronni Orartennt1 dioch. intes-ment wilbe is Loirel wee tured nt cia temporary emergency tloes-Wlsilethankisg them for the as' was arreqtearmly this meretieg at the' hsme 601,3. Finn at, GOetnsi, laiciaepi opli oa ceeeyhes-iitaf. aitasee gicise Goucetar. home of Keiti t, otsaugh Sill Chet- dlhaHsitl ldt dethof sitePiSpCeh sOnly sims death bus of~ds-s ast There are his tiftsen phyianmeoennut'p1a, and is alleged by ths policesoistiht. rtrmpneumonia, which. fslioend esonia resling frim insuea eath is trae oft CFonuyl- thetaattach ef llenim He was only 111 M h"nvtiyo eny"testudeetta. thia seg Themsaa,F.duty Is Gliocester, sleven sf thneisI Denahave'had Is his' Iosesion part sf a had coctraefrtomeeech~tdre t etbodyhe His home was in Crocike. i jonior in the.deiial school.ifrem outside the dity, Foure more risi ee hiekoatmnd seeham taknsteam the aiek -last cseek. -Sha was IlIl ie 'g~od anheroomed here wilthshedied to the Umnrelty Hoaccttel.. arrived Is iosetsr arly scidmy. brin- epheerd. P t bilfee wesl,.ihk iii pf the late itoh weakl. broher,%4etna. acisemate, at Aheet, seentm-ilimof ihe asnlsr ind.oHrtA. Baldour, a widely known broker, Nis Doughee sa m s aug0 pJteliuore aerhu brother has Is- third riestudets bane been orgaeisd. and direcore of the Unioe Tractien Com- tiiin.M Rueolr,. if the Usp mm. noth sow iikrd-year deuntal eta- leo a omititry cars!". pany. He was' 25 yeare oid and made Weights apd mensures ebhsw aewetst-or Dr. PRer today naesd Dr. Samuel - h:e mOne with Aie mother, Nrs Lbeta. ate of the Phliodelphla Hobpi he died Is the Uirttety Itasl MeC.Naemn ito be physician is',a tePn tades 1 salDrco ~ue rday atorning. H wn et t icur o istrict Ni. 10. shieb comirlse Phle- e n o h ether. 1-letant Thomas P. Crqka e. duiphasd be 'will work with-Drittir Aftoer.gaataPing st.oaddess.artn ena diic tomisl tvaratr ors"Camp Krums. Some ohanges In the mecieg. i.. - p he-lilty of.Ieunayimeela nursstha c~ty ina.had In s p ysem tat diatom 4. this cty ar being -. -itI1TA, te tere 'a sfather's.brokaragoelmne e ili tumi:tmt' as dir dimitises. -ffiml ie rie Dtde.' Ot. MORE DEATHS AT MEADE Pollnet a maetigwlth Dr. IRoy. _..i...w;f t ' adco.qin k OW L ESP for dher opening of tie armo~riit Lob- ' I rs ~poe blag Toal non Taanu an Phenivile fr he-Always keenly 'Interested lu athlstics. IOmear. He Pysio-Too 01 'mieeaaRpoe e iTt lse. animuaaots Poe cimeottefris-n.hodDoinoeemanamer of the cost account.-{ Penn Foot Sall11 'loeaY Died Theta Up to arr7 rialsumdfet ae wiD enstaynres i te. -tg base banl aetibasket bDitstebma antd Almnore. Oct. a.-.Camp Meada today is 'Tasaqusa from the Slats arseecal. m lads these the- beat uarelse teases ii itoh Psiseil. oah of th rnd pity-four daths duce to ss. R atonaramore will hiuseed for hospital.. thie pact if the. cocnty. oef Pennsylvania tout haltoU "dre tilsttetyfg h r; pssteeasin vilabe Stet-IL'was graduated tram the Germn.e-been atheilaUnivere~ty ct. hcdeyIe11,iss hpnlSin nun ic neau cs of -laisufesand 11 sew sd eacad isemy oI11nbngho rsircasinuaa snsio 1 nacaeIhs're been aseeto seedTre intosuitnds o hs laqle i eityarIts put ii an appearance iin stuetan avesa end eqtlipatnt t Pitsbtirghfor gploved e the hease ~jand fetothal lora have bees 27 dlealbi. hecausof te niyenlye pf Pittobsegh med gcegee '1. isaink iae. haias a nlti's cueFrankito Field this. Jfat1150e 'alady it Camp 'Heads..oit of ai Institute, acid they w1ll go by trl aite ' in ball- at the U7nieretl He tfa" ic notpzected 9t I~o 8if 0 s2imenIniicamp sich a total Gleeral Scary, ''Yula ethesirtt saltl'-ar S--s-- jday iash.Deis nat s ll11, 1,0 aselsrip to thiS time. 4 droin'thu wstsern esd of tlbstOate' R BNERAI RARNI IN "llj E wail,waacinad Jie 00ll4di B M ftm.W o wk mla I lees, ofo eeWu"11 Whod 4"if>fr 10/24/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M '- DOMhfFAi

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