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Influenza Encyclopedia

Page  1 ï~~ SN o#. one war, IAtinlk tho general S ing *ve?*'where IS one of uni hopefulness and jojt.' 0. C. Pratt 5up intelid*iil of City scohools, fooks on thia>C ni I fromn the stand-point 6f thetoi -ho has had too ng a holiday he sli4 it *ad unli gie In hlt penletioe. enjoying a Chis tmas.. the schools had, pot been open ____long time. "But thin is a small Stelr oompared to the ending of. Su war,' he' asserted. "'That, In will bring remioter effects of r -struction along all lines of hi activity. Out of the ruin and so I ATY of the war we all believe that things worth while will emerge LL W. T. D~ay of DayHansen 8 Oht hreo--Delicascies sfor TORIA that City'tatInims al Data.U e Caes reported yest erday'....22iuru.....ur S t'eOu the salie. day last week...,41 Always beam... hiIs #0 ssof esenesttqa y4esterday... I the Wtho On. the samue day' lose wetla...'SlIgnatr of feel Deaths reiported last ight by eak __________________ pate. de taaeiksrs '..............1....." eking- GP.?4DIAL Al VEtRI II ' Isiots This will be a day of thanksgiving feel., at the Influenza hospital. With only usual 16 patients last night and but one of these critically ill the hospital staff last night said that they hoped to be i he able to enjoy In a quiet way the spirit itmn of Chrisstmas. Things were differee-' cher o Thanksgiving, when the hospitotF I N and illeodr atients aWerequrnteas d T FRIEND wadfilledForain ethaWfre ueasid a x etray, one was admitted and we there was one death, the first inF0R for a nearly ist days...a mat- Christmas treats will be given theEx e an M o e s. fthe patients at the hospital today. A L o c al oh r turn. Christmas tree will be provided for etoon- the four children and delicacihe A PENETRATING LINIMENT uman served suitable to the condition of the many 'rho placarding o4. es with in fluenza continues. prtss of very much improved cond oifs are being bCo. made to thle city inspectors. tinok ------ First Ave x Saj ry o ill 7nr A' 11 cour sehaai1.sopen every scneeiday; without hatlieveaetslin tto tts Mae eater at Any lime. Ask for our N ineteth Anual Catalogue. Northwestern Business College__ MO. lM. 1IIIOLWVY, et $31 toward. tvssd91 Lyondaic Boarifog school for Boys SAMM KLYON# PlrvleiOei. trnr-flee veers' K*peeieee. No lahlush at Mier bey. 'Tho e C ":, /:. L HE BROUGHT Wallace Reid JxraU5es C H OCOLATE $ Ceeyor Iau LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER RM

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