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Influenza Encyclopedia

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Over tfeoo wit a oil or for cool. and a sin' gle y. of roe l ion In that offort ould ho of tragical dr~toago alik o ouomeii' and to tiho real o ft world. - 4'thing hq~se"tapodnod which roa e'It. ualfe 0poeiblb to do atiy h n bhot 1u h our efforlt to tho; ot; " Tbtime Io 'critrecoi todi s repono moot ho torn. Mect.E' coo roga oo A iericao otoaulohil rI TotalN by St: t a>t13)C Deaths BARRAC EIGHT 120 New There, * Numei meet U 'e Up to nt n cited hy the V- atd4hour p t casesoof 8p n Loois, briogli d reported case to Inthe'uame -day 411 ases Two ileath!~ anid0 *ealso u last night we Lb Outphur of mortuary off 011 PERftl h Now Repo Louis fealth1 ts1 7TLis gt REP~ORTS MORE, DtA1 zus eveI Now U'oe~ tol1 307 00 ontodall ropoltoe Healtlh Dpartmen - ied oho ad 003 osh infl lenoa In O rthe tot i.numbi in the oi*311p to-1 -period laioprom were rep pled. -at the 4ty hb sherelotn4he ilyI p reported. The eaths reordeil at f eiuthe last 341 V 1D II nn]?I,J(~0Et 1~118 SOAUkPLANEdWILL $44O"[WNI.3 UN l) UIUioW I o D~iVETMORROW O[lAN SALS IN CITY. URSES BA U AI.11 1 vkn Largest Fleet Yet Sees Hwe Due) ILvv up~r itte to Arrive Fromn Scott Field ";---r-:U Aot2:30 P.]!.' Ilncrease-'ver Yesterday's Figure, N ce of Grou Whto Are Llv- Ben J1 Selkirk;I, Auc OIIUF Is ai,893,6bti, Only 3:5 tilgat Post in lnflu oza (loxges Police Are Pa orrngsa e T ILiborty Loan Organiuation Per Cent of Quota. Emergency. Commission r FUJe S the tgelomrththsfon ToLiberty Loan Organlzaion to-, lrly-one 01. }is you g womeu. The Id 000.00 ftOauctte e thy frolp O'ott Field tomorrow about dy!.$ cdatta fto 7,01wh r eplo 40-h ur nurses' Fulnsten Bros: Fur Cb. of wit Po 2;3ry 0p.-nm. aud wiil enrage In suad- in 01. Looks Subscrptions tethe aid ouries at es H Ital. to lice Cooytmiasuior P11111"0 ne B. hd} iaI ron andnstunt flytong on on elaborate Fporth I Ielry Loan up teota ightbesem viOc t00 ffnroon ra eitu prcsidlee, -cootliod' today. 11000 en scale aboe.the city. In theoeven t.of This Is 00 ucrease of only 113Ot$ k 01,o893,960e1 oic ueryrue ~toghea tr raiu. poetpoO11meot to aiothhr day k There or about tO, 0 soilrs or auction, which wa berg ttId on- ls w~lh oe I - over the total announced ycetorday. 4t barrache. pmoog w om thorneder Illheordecs of Utlieev Refwlbemd. (Â~r This spectacula~r flight. because of Ilberdps 9iho Increase moot br smorue ha benn 1110 I cases of influonzaecrg It Bantkruptcy, aa Ototlp il Y +or d ih nfluetod lt tliof. will be tho than 140.0 00 a day If the city Is to1adIets.ora atroo.yp1tei only publhic ohservance horn of Pres- make up Itt quota of =7i,856, 06 by! ha It.noreaid-frcmigt ote.aue ofgaie ubHe altheomm de[dent W1loono pvoclamtation ea kthe eonod -of orat wek.Tocodovtugfrmet1ootoaPlol!iotpthlogahrdgmd 'oiuntbo day in reality a 'Liberty 1Loprco~4TdyFtiibo each day. Thoy re nive from lots the tnfluenoa emkreucy4 i t cytys56q."la.ripOr0c0e0t mo th. asityrseepora,;IBen 3. Selkirk. alttlor eof tho dat-' of oairnoincrease of 2.5 prr 8tt 0 o n a60ra me tA uots z c rdexptrt The aspect o narraid will Orb-cray' oonotemet. ta. ey are housed in itebreto c.or oin b omsfre ro non hentrhr t ubcikr ~n~ new nurses' quay ers at lb barracku. t tdeoii4.inwshe4~omn tt e hooved tyombepretrtheagineroTheuim.eof ula est nihtIntBth. whi wnreonear[ g compi lion whon b~ the police. Hoey atdI Health a gts houed o rprsen th ati-ircaftLotsup o astnigt. s s 10, 3. tho p140mb oetastedand hithove Commiahsoner tarlpff-and Ottold. tm gons that would he fired frooc a raid- The 141. LooksConty totel re-, henth temp aslqtte }adsd e I!"t ed city. The reply of tho air flcet maimed today taon estimated amouu ee emorarily fitted u Is accoot htth atf eat h ),olf u m to them. - t he si d 010 t hewsoi - 0015 01 et will ho,voiicys of Liberty Loan' it' of 11,600,000,'8e per cent dfth nmovGaci 53ty 3 11 Delmar n h he adh a hn td oaos- qoloqutof0n0oo. boyrorAcoo ding to a totter of Lihut. Earl -The totlfor the Eighth, or 01. - wsa teh rk saIn hematedtal,-it --ea B.l who will act as flight om- Lo.Fdrl eert nu osaid 001111 Wdo 7. niht a-,ao ekwiht tol~, Lots FedrapRoeveDktrct, 0pI w h eowashr ighth aouffer: Commeatootor. Betbrk predilgieilthat dt: masile - the airships will approach to last right, was' atnouncedas- o t nih ttc o nloe.the polIce Wjoold.continue t[a'tok I the city tn battle formationt. thoeot(183,118,460. or 70.4 per, coot of the, e Thayounghwomentwere t 10 heilolueu~trof-tofo ocin t p bein tog IleciIrdnto four squadfono. dintricta quote of $20000000, Th b bog h rn-until t-'ovroesotliog.w nit k-is o. thr dlint three tn commend. vtnprct- totale for the Stole- section. lecod Thea r n te tiroly. of Liout., Tarhrough.H'-lu teThtreOttefrrknss nd - - chedul bt itouloe. Then. hi neid. a psea or doln and BoobOO. and the fourtbhIn parks of six other rstatm, with the acyBto.41 mot igorous policy uiateaot t lu 4 l rt comnrfIlet.Sm eand percentage te each case. are:' -min tor place. "-Isa Oeloatd. 13109 ihtbl olfor--teet hitI ow to, Diokoey: I ' Arkansas. 817,2x31030; 71 -perHM ol uan fl to,ulr)CmIwud khm Upearvltefu qarn oo:Idaa 1.g. $,~P~ as F~Seventh street. e t - Cairotlne ut with deptuty' matrltais Ite would,gin wUlpoeoartvarieoursadrosthenot; Iniano, $18,20,9010. 9 e2iO an. 7027711Â~a! avenuie; Pn-oceil ewith~thn 6 ankriptcishet~ou city si. aftor erdroppig' thefr' lhb- 0001; it otuelty, $29,876,600. ia pe }(Bine, 0 i ahot'*tesanwold f.Oh 02 _ _ -,- ukipl i. 6109 per tou o Bo.r 1Wshngittrfne'yI orty Loan "bombs,' wilt jreacoemblo neat; etsl, $9.385,160, se~t l#. *115 - I HSI 1for rof 117. dins Ih o real~sq u an frataon 00sp 4fy u itevaaac iser Co. f I UVtpHor tGeo. t oecertfldieights. They wll theft 1pr- The Willianms Patent Crusher sa tgo t~ohoc t 2 o Scott hin'ed. way. which had osubocribed;1t,01 'boo 10 _______ increased Ito auhsct'iptiou today no ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ofcr he DTA ~NA 7.0.rrent1itg the firm as Tm o llt to ho o h 1:muwPiedges 0300,040. $0O eat I Ccntral, MnntiLcaJoh n T. Milliken of, 55 Portli -4.*j,,,y,,, plac, cheicalsn~nufacturer a onl boo darf Sy. 653 Dolt tFilley. J40 Harriet -Fork street. Altpit 0110 Jultai thus f~ it loan. h ou ch ane. 'red at d1Loturf 082/006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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