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ï~~ thel LLIUL Hi. UUULIIU I "Lt was while following them that.t 1 "',", " "pn - - swte. els ieo a.Teeaddb h pen- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Tee amah elshsd fwr TeeSddb t 1d to ---- were dead strewn ell over the road and Teeaet coal. Lietop etFr oga oa fields, but the thing that got me most France which vone including the casual engineers, le1rn was to see parts of bodies lying where Red- Cross wo: erat-bhnlevn they had been -blown by a shell. RdCosh onyo3aenof-e 03dept " Mother, In, my last letter I told you the medical ai -~engineers and their 'oificerw who are of my experience under 'shell fire t up entirely of'] scty out i#i. of the:medical department andl the last fronttut that was tame corn- in the 10 Any ihJ ~ ~ a guteea r's. corpi: The casual en- pared 'wth ti When a shell bursts tary hospitals eite gineera departed on two special trains,1l within two-.aor three -yard; Qf, you' and mad~ up. of a ad by.accompanied by -nedica~l officers from you are --ot, hit, you know tsat. the nursing is do, tit of I the general hosp ital. Lieutenants Ar-I power tat protects you superhu- ae. In additic font thur. W. -Drew.: and 8. I Hyman, IM. C, man For a period of five 51,r six days! beds, the Red ftheI Fifty limited- service men are re- we were quartered in a dug-out along-l cent beds in ae:t ported en route from Fort 8111, Ok3L. with, the infantry P. C. It had formely houses:, some for d> ty at.Fort Douglas with the been occupied by Fritz, and he sure. beautiful chat medical department. n The Vo'rt Douglas quartermaster - ha its number. There were a-.couple use of the wor new fe.r ittens to 3r aol of day_.duzig which- none of us -went, Iec nstruci d" 7ue Vi is in;seceuL-.f.M rs 4 east Second Jwhen L Auiu+wa out, an d thS ey. usun.lW, ser vice noai rcn tdi718o'hr. treet. 'ho reety graduae #wet.ut. wthe nlght we ad Lb to'sget i merit lisadeal gt1from:fiest Faintaaid.-of titeregular outano g hemi':3. - _1. offic01040 tmeirthm awtng aihlrnniet.rp "O frTwo other Salt Laha bo faat theaa ib~teGras b iettertinn p of( b n t reea vd- thir eovimi'ssoa. s iton our dug-out. nd two melt*w;mustered out oda. sin tlnej~iut. - sL-ad Oso hapeed to be at #thmll -n ftedyfo sack sf..-- -. bstara- _ a _shed ere k ll ar Ten t.wle on $ i the Dr. F. A. A lint i W. 11 Wa t north hospital, I ofa of the corn- by Dr. W d: etnd the. ac- charge of thi resident p hy- Morning, a _g. made, pt Onft ositio;,but they uredo it. Ther rr~emforte, rnfc Ili hg of a aptiut lay; is.tawh aeit pssble,- for the1. illii iheeSat..rday, ter.- Selfrems as eco-.d469 -'Teeerent rtratd uit1adi-1 t-' byf-a'rice r It' s.. __ or ansatc r' sad bg our eup' i's u t busykeep- c i i the orNwYr~JdItn up with them. At the present 'brhi whic Pocatello, Idaho, Dr. are 'l6tted In a little yiiiage wichibeh of Chicago, and A. A. lies in a. beautiful valley. The civilil t Yorkand possibly populat ion 'have not been. away very Ml n Bowler, secretary inM Ed district for the laymen, long, and t+e are able to make ourrnoon and: evening ses4 selves pretty comfortable in their 3d Saturday, while Sun- homes. ng sessions will be ini "After going through this drive and The women 5cal Baptist churches,I seeing the grueome results of war,wokaCi noon anarnng~5oe feest. that it cannot end too soon, Id ast Immanual church, but to me it look like we: must' beat: a. seconid 10o therings Germany., arnd not negotiate on peace, expect to m self-dedication, mis- il b r er, and. kindred topics, terms until she is beaten." o ilh 'ith by.the: speakers at U - p- emtcad,,or while a fellowship sup-dem tand for a: e'W.CAcftraT t athnfra: urch, will be a feature Of, ~charge of - on. o n fEIe 'KUse thCenter boarc ntionte will be hold at. I.C.. l8 1lnn iDec. 10 and I, a nd ut P cs0 ue mngro hTuesdasy, Mtr Colo., on Dec. 17 anl Prnt.Lkmngro hA. 'H. 'f.'Bi Ethe welfare of itsc Dependent Coal & itto haeihita, the is cn.~tj.a o e'hePnitea' Itates In the ic tiory, mc- "Jur~eistton of the Northern Baptist d all,:onvenloti. sond engge gresi dents of AIJACtCOLCMA, ber'. did not "For ol' of Beet Quality and Quiek ihalt there. eror phone Was, 4443.-Advertise, to evaey caillmeilt-oses; everyfrt; oversub- --~mp counters 'lllonentt, Thatbuyer glift ho" - swh eall $ t6,0 0 the ' with Dayes in. additin tbed' I # It 11 For "Over soon. see4 News-Job 00Do Pr 'w kert 4's For byy II for

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