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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ _ / - ALSO_[Vii Q3UTr sMOVE e~ ~0There wasoatdcided okrn0 to the ____________ humer-of.sow tofluettuo.sxere S~p~il:: Slitported to tho heolth lop Itorot to s ^ - MO TS: d y u1t 67 1Hving hero resorted be-:1 M m twoeet C SO tordoy otrcnlo redl:;.,; " A1x:30, tlshto orutog. The death eev +: '"'^ MQ lardwas ofoolowrrthanornpreeiuu: '' I ItsQsMondayl mrnitngs, hut 13 being; te opoywo oudf roiowtto heaith. to orod -a letrtd "lt tuotty to profes- for a ty-oot"e zfunertaosCbeconducted "sice would placespro--Ioy.of ieo )ost 05000esttd the sme iI3do not kioetethot this rule hat I the cinemas bo- of the tafr. Crosby tthisoirniig, "butIao o coopanieo whiclt NOBODY THERE itithe future." so yars' epert- Bot thero woo oot u ooul to that Mlrlon sttted tilet therWeeI ihotlto of flue' dl- vertibulseowalling.fw ntcewhrteruehd1 nest od chowed I opened.the door just mswoo' httbh. siolted horooco it wooltusii tld roost for two aod pot mychead Jo. for tho oodcrrtohro to obtoaino loo-too lieo showed, sos "Don't horry.' sold,"Te's Ideuigthar ttte Lls te opepr clippings nrbody here.' mortise, Dr.. Crooby said to Sat Franioroer, ai or of.ostarttedr eyesrowe to "The.eairouober tofnwt:4 I hturooaol ahott nnr. The toy thig wihod 'told rteporied of rr Sunida~y -ioe nt r, which woasnot meOo Qottodo rttwsmte woo perfet aging oiro. I resuime ti ere it of jolttieh told for prodoe'tiond orotly trtod int ler to derin t o eoooutre to thr I-lttt too importoot and swet wayto gteotltaororoort att ubeohr of prons haoeoiiultoli >owittrdhi~pio who looked- fecghteood. Proottolysli he dotined thei t otoh without wili ~e rd no ewould not teod retired to the typewriter. for thoweodiocotee to go litoeffet, "Lo, il pepl-'o u ter." he' Ailsoat convincerdtkat tdny ow tn-eaoy goaor,"eleoottororen volootoered. Did heole arset obervinoto ruls Ste ok soo eoe teresContoy ores-or did ho hove tralith with arseal'tdeal fd ne 0ohrdrma.dreoaet of CharliteChapin ond BOlt keoingtemsevioroIII toed uitsek mal:hos- fiishedl liotn cd Chariie Ray 0e0ven tOeodition, ood t00soaresuii thee ote ofredy afees- But thof that lbumoof prerottot asoobjecttotoothe iisease, 00 bouit a sore haver lippings ted what the0 proud root-othough thoryoiieowed their lytims to urnlte'omottoo log direotorosomised. becae. rucedowltid.thet. or r toen-there ore tForewlrltfol - eadiy eleicj o atetah." JOJKELtOY, Jani. L, I.' tirie FUNERAL DOCUENAMEDID fom of iertu for te l 'r at~dd mr ingatei eiOui so Stoowt t ieoieathsii bite rore of the erota health Oeles 11111 M madretotodao 1thle slaeboasrdtof health, ohowigi coinued eru IILLV OFFEY'S VL inLhe mbrofltn sfern were tid titt oiler- eShCiiA~iiNTO. Jon. 20..- lotiro 0 o trtrltt uihoopltket l-ute- Loleeceile ___ etrooi. or toe0alio eleace Iekoet. Jiochoof eSnhess- of C lforoi yrsierdiii motning. r~oilili oloO~o eo eo oo snotood whetn ie Cealino, Oil rioldie prindenator0i0010neyi tll ofa teo pointd aSuerotr stdtngstt174Ad 15100 tirelt, 11uny ]fo euoln i.rr g0aer 'Wll':of San telraso'hy totoroor orcumbed 10oltie ip~ii l. o,lad laer aasere \\lllam.Olophes soolrcsosor tollthre 40 ooilroe I- lt 0000 cre I te o ieri'etwoeht- tiele de 00loes V.-Cote for a t O t ti ospital. hulls r.. woIei [n i hielis hioliop Woo, sot of JoaoeAlesa Oioo Oi lieo~thoii!. vcit Ill_ Oiili ri01 ilu~lI" oosoo ad a ephew o oolt V [Ve sangrothe letciel v 1%ucee, loriter, wh Ooto lef t +t fete t l OOOOng.til ftle" }.s rd t Ilittot lie homi olOOe!nt Polntiod bhe tovsoernorto 0the Oford eiii~iill leut oIfler rce deatilof tfrse de ytieelevationoof Judgeetoelr.- cot foilr 1il1iii11i1,. ucOeiio 11'411[ tt two ie lyear g. Jdge r ochicforerberly wao o oweoioer totoriel.Feeicccftlcclli I whele ie 0"l~,:a n f1101 0M of It~dJutice ofthe t lecl byelrothers 'ie.leli Cico- eel ieeConre o errr okooso 0 inMa,.191, 10o eel: procine nedlcced:.. 0.Tredwoil...hltltli. lll. Ii a~rnlly rrstrlc le wa 011 i 0s;a wember of ho n t n toei toti. 1 orI'l'010031 00-10tu is0a ililler ofeel 1,0reco Oar leerliiioiyoears. lircioliCnlilele I In lie tteeni Cor e. 01 as1 brieai pes-idig justice of liie uilme hnIee eursfot\ ii ilaicl and Oii l i c o urt0i. Ilie will originll t il rl ny. h svali r ut'i 11;ife V ]c (0 1111 e s, s linu tdid la i, tsloll tsrii utii itc tl i 3 h' c Ce, cc I.r, frli-4 erelies at 1O;l:arl urrt ~rle l1t tttttONtitt ulll 0.11, Watt sine o diO lelcla inl i t-ew r tN t,,1- i d 11, ccliii 1ii h dccli beOoil tililOwl" i.ilicl'c1ccrnc ave hH11; tI.. 111II 11 1 iven 111 ll c e l ast ii. cctl. i ed111 i 1,1cc 1111. 1 1 4 I, l tnl:z+1,, Chlarigleid iei wih l:y n i fi Olives foll- i a l l hul- o ecleiifll Co cc1 1111 lvi. I'- f e i lie iifci l cur11, lice intendedi 0 1110..iie lie c tl tel csrma cicettce o tt s-ir +11 Igl, d ticcci cclccccc ig.rotte 111111 l.ortre iicluliiOunt0 ili Icil anlilts0lci.c ill l II s utr, v iii t e iriionii. i lcli+ I cie: ry,, 915. 11, Its 29lyearn 01l11, ellt, Iicle ccl!ii c,, et Nitta,'', _ 11 1 f. i B":. T ' {{. Â~',,:5 r' Ir 110MA~ING-ors J. Alan Dunn- to BeP Former kadT Is Held OBDIIAN1 [Is OkadGr De, Protcstt Entered by.ChristianI hoc UnolsO and Othecrs I Cause Tabling -Resolution f'Gba.otns core SPer s-or Mayor Feelingly Refers to Sac ramento; Health OfficerI and 'Ilealtb Board fDoctors Argue in Behalf' of Ganze The Influeee to aaor tdinance, which came op before the itr coit. cii,today for Ii not possage, did sot Thet counili. folowngeao vgorous pr-otest iroot ChrithtlSo ctistos to-= hoc re pceentativesoanod olheon.who 1acte1 the iohby, voted to toey the trdinantee" on the tahle, to he called up In cae oreeey.. Matyor Joht L. Delirea1Stheirsetn t have atfilg a1the uftisth. tie rcouon ted with-acgrod lest of emo - tion shtw ho woo ariested t o re-3 howohe hitd toslatesatiheJaoii it il thg poule rsretedri osocers wo tbad hullmonutey- 00 hot tiuey could get oltooge for the mayors 120. Theo he readitfrom a report of the State hoard of ]Healtth which Bald:,that records frotomotaing and non-mookingrcommnueitiooesIdicaed "ocsieolythet nearieng eoadis deno.effect the prooters:.ef the epidemic' Themoak is intowtootit is oosod-o mosk -:aoufolaee,"ito conciuded. ts&hOit DELEGIATES _ OFFEROB IJECITION. ____ Repesentattves oftht eot tel. hoc Concliautplthe Botler Mhks' i-tirevoced ho prtietel absoe ottttle weariog of woohs. These O reetoativesoeeprocoent: Fromt Lehor Loorit-J. H. hobts ste.:-Hely. eu.otud V. C. Doss laCugh. From holier Stotcro Liiot-tiko toiere t. host.represettnlthS icreille were tot detanding that heir iihrtes beIttefeed mtt. 00ton hreteotroey they were op. c)Oace to the tellntoter There wet cccihitg, he oaid,t10preveott oty 1U00 ireting a00 ciaiekwho wosted to. It. Dniei Crosby, htelth om cer. t"attr hu werteoaskhde citiec Ctrotglytot favoreofthcnuoask, W111uit h t I011anlie 10thr cunltito 00 di nthe tdo ofCit te ss cc Cliloll or. u "I toight roe were sot in ftotr get cc I te mask?" tluter Daie ittot-an ALtWAY S tAlio BEEN due, 1.50010 Oh itOMSKl. fril 1)rr Croehyeaidtht hle woe 0n1 Fr clwaysynhcadtbetn. 0C ih u itto henard of hecoihtsaeiit ti. ir r ioety, hadI fiidrud titiidtt ItnCape 11111reporiit thattihe msk hade it. tlat lege. ticooty to ibritgobiut tieleteie- ort Cu01s shold ho commtoded." entd ted V n GLADYS* COURI'OISJER DUNN. former Oaskland society gicl:-bwsOi tria linotereorus-nmhre eI-werdrr-f-hrrrto teor-otti baby.!I In YK[S ND 3 PLUCKO IRL JAIL S[NI[NC[S IlFAlI Detyitto ths motionI eor restend Tilrouglet I ucd of Mil Igutieti aod au la"t riauin et ic Thxtier truiyerol 1 Ilidtat a hlo~netwit oiiiC oOithoiu l t, roteeoeri td jafrrldroeeninoliiae- olderlhi laooictoeledrea ratoa crs aeC.A-eiliciltietepi erhomeo. 01 0933 Regnt irng te progresof 1tihe triol, Fpd- thcil9) licte inigit. kcrs al Juidge 11. 1'.lotliiueIncHailon e- liMleta of a 100 urso t odor ctttletied i roietpiloiauntr110ing"o. 0.thelt oe tlito A. Ocykesnofthet ltueccihI oftheIr(oiutalid-elthile' terstots lig Coul cricelot. ittin ttthioel3oell'too otiest o li ete uituci-n ile-t tie noltoioulCs"balret-Itelirgil 511liland ipeitetliary on. roil-ltlcitultclCy Brkeluepolirce 1100n of l~ollilti oicciiott e irlueut ty i tloitpecdt t." th i m it demis inlo hit ttol inure oane orniticr. d tiolitleenterfl hxe'loloai maes JasFerosbyot. o eatdtis Tforeirtited ilhc direr toy ouch loIoh cu etuloc two polirome The mootot for onnetted oudgment" orriveit thortly It n u td a too triial oct leniisbe udgeorcring aftrhitt. Il 'N ' ' _' N EVER since corsets have been worn has a corset been made that so completely meets the essential requirements of a woman as the WONDERLIFT. It prevents and relievea physical weaknesses. and -gives such gractkful natural lines, that this most important achievement in corset making, is recognized" as tone - of- the greet blessings to womankind. The wearing quality and durability are of the same high standards as' in all other? Nemo Corsets. ( 1 Join the hots of WONDERLSFT wearers. Your ecoret troubles wilt bo ended, end you witltooter wear toy other. Mo/ Adels fer All Figures-$6,00' to $12.00" ai { I;' S ( ii I,! a +, V:: g,; -r:}. 7 k J i;I Â~, u d 2 nnc Doi Aminber of lInflueza cassore oh it- o dnrided drop. Iessansee haarm It tainuthis osdianre o table, tuhject to sol. Edwtaeds tSnmamde a motiot Pon eethe Why eot vole it dongn? Why dtepocsrofcit?" rehed the ma whilethie lokhy applaeded to petoi. 0. F Baoesarose from the to " soed ottempted to spook, bet fopned horotsthere osor. to. hefore lht routtlt. At thisti membhers of the Alameda tCti MD hAsoi>tenaparda l,.Idoerd 1.Soe oftht at otito owished tspeakthatot allowed Ce haverhit coy. Hoe w." htdd by kth ao to he eltertid to glee o disseratioe bacteriologyhiuttoot oc socey ernsiarumentoscagainto the to ionludinguwttheiiic-areoktrthti e aemnsold arpeor is loittniocilie wldltlleic EhOIDENCI iAPLENTY ON FAVO0R1OF 'X"ht1 O. tr.Etiimewhoiappearedtlst referrd a~cseaotieu to thieetr liont lctstlco. tsainig tht thelt hasof -Ithe Alamedo Counety Otd ioislt cppyroed weainug ma "Thtore I. yleniyof eriilenc faor hoohe es, tuie tic-rio iif-halid trot imasticd tec Culd Chi: Ceen l e-~uouluuhlc iii dill C ceC fiit,-0-St a ol Cii edt rpagliii ii r disasmo It. Tiaicuihtyedou mest eloo donricots"he quoted comid Comisseiconeer Prod toderbceeg looted.o0 CettonoitrColoe mo iontolabe operoosd eCitt o lie tbleouxdid C(omitteo 0Icc-t,1dit t ocraed by lttiv ofi lie oooior. licionerdt. rodent t.n elngo i:i-ntl oiicouit 1o0 85 T eaclseos-Il,,-9 - etFluse Cases Reports tocarocite I nfluenz rtcIcin urIlaid 0110 uotoi goletwiocgIto ginls dirctions, policelpaseed alon00 Otiiloes terby. they reat s teno sen100 Ohio desciptions'oho had Stem leaving she rear door of otieof 7. Vi. heat, oe337Itille-.Th oree ro ra, with tke. roe ac-sutiland aockgdistatt, os )y strole, the police leapd o~t toptort t im. A sotel -gold I, Idnntfiid Os tho proprtyi ot San utswcfondooa.lawn re thr 11100s1blieerd thove teehcelor cilclo ecdquirtets masc cave, mhenrot.of 0WCiiiut Cetilgi, l,.01110 ililiam Wilsone~, tie aitdruoss 00 1831 trello 000 -Ookicstd.,A rhert titotprer-.10, hc told..ho hod lived-at 1t67 ith.treet.; this ity.. 0H0 ie20 Ilt to soade Btt inn heI 0111 OF YRD I SA II[ ACOMA BY ASSOCTEDoRESS"o LEAuoED WIETnO Tosessw. -SATLE,. os. 21-Seattles ussog-headod shipyard sttie ewoo calleirday 0when3yartd:red', shop workennr otmhereig. theIr; lea are hetween 25,tI0 and 30000, walked ot to. press their detonst- for S.igher poe. Work to the citos5big shipyards sod in 'sores ofer toIansd"'meghine skops was halted 'by the walouot. The toe truklttfop a asoos wago erele of, 05 on. houor ss- ohaootc sod 57 oand $t a day for helpes sd apprentiees t prowont thr meehonicheete S0etst rttnhour. %tlarge nuimber fif to Ortoere ted aorossiere,. labon' traders claim, receiei ahoot SI per' day rowhte elonatte othero, they Sey, 500 paid 34.10pe the a he w things prtont Ftto Wolfthrow the:C low, r the 0 hi sotca RUN( hit Cto o ba ho totn-, j' "They Fit aYou Setf-AAdistaet, teosnip moltsand rst hstao whotere esetstops..A,be. Deft.r panel of lsse O 0.

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