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ï~~ _.5... ",.47IMIIF tfnttn to tne aidettol(. And in most of the front. This wtould Ihave a deter- casc; the improvement oi health. rant effect. at present rlt. pre- Ii aring. and general inttelligence icr to take their chance with h iollows the opt:ration. within syphilis rather than with the a ".::arkahly h,rt;}ace.t trntc. enemy sshells. t o ~d- e R rt Trachoma -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Gonorrhea -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Inttlamtmation of the eyes oi the new horn Acute Anterior f'OIio-tn\-leis _____ 0 0 0 3 0 0 t;it.. CINCINNATI SANITARY BULLETIN STATEMENT OF MORTALITY (Population. July 1, 1916, 410,706.) CINCrINATI 1 Week Ending Week Ending Aug. 19, Aug. 11, 1916 1917 Total deaths, all causes, exc. still births--- 111 120 Death rate per annum per 1,000 pop.---14.24 15.24 Mseaslea_ --------------------------- 0 0 Typhoid Fever --- -------------- 0 1 Scarlet Fever-_- ---------- 0 0 Whooping Cough-------- ----0 2 Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis --------------- 0 0 Diphtheria _--_---------------------- 0 1 Tuberculosis-------------------------- 18 18 Pneumonia - ------------------- 1 2 Diarrhoea (under two years)------------- 12 11 -n---en-a----------------0 Acute Anterior Polio-meyelitis - --- 0 0 Classified by Age Aug. 18, 1917 105 13.34 0 0 0 0 0 1 17 6. 3 - -0 Enteed at the Cincinnati Postoffiee at Cincinnati, Ohio, as seeond-claus natte *Vogl 1:; AUGUST 30, 1917 No. 17 INSECTICIDES.,candles.. The- room should remain Notinreuetl w"ae aled closed hover night.. Not=inreqenty w ar::alld Fumigation does not. destroy She i-. u n to..suggest Liffective:methods j-eggs4 of insects which as.a rule, for ithe exterination of various are lodged:: in floor cracks. and crv!ts-t sagood plsn there issects ':;p":_ " fore, as a lpre immary to:soak- the. 'The effective.:elisisnat ion..ofl5o5,o f tey. re,otpai'edan:tocchets bedbugs, ant., mosquitoes ': "varniated,;with. 'tronglye;solution.;c ~ keS fleas ifi;oths,-fle,.;.-fd This.~plitses especially if you are 4lfr nsecta asot;alw, ys; ea3 r~yin to;zet <rid of;fleas. a i~reqtus'es -persistent ef orroaches and crickets:besides ~at aiyour n~t.enug ~ trapin g; we recommend Persian f$ i~igation:,Insect wflsuccumbiiiesodrsrikeaoti S W the presence- of:foe ~aldehiy eaor: 0 corn era -nd "crcices and.-especially =-slpbiur fuimes;-but iei3elnber the )Io. te.. o oadsPhspi _ rtoms.mtist be.sealed p.erfectly or os at:avrygo se r t5.' a stampede _to the -- treiel 4 poIsonous and inns.e nAghor usdwt'retcr:fthere are umoigsnate eflectivey,4repace r5 _Â~any children:about:: can b '' openin=g: alldaers. dosets, byiiiin 'a. ounce. of: phos rt'iiks:etc. Scaftr jhelinens..'and phorous with twen ty four ounces ".lie dinig.loosely utlt;$r,sm. =.of flour and senough' sugary water.51W:Sel.llcracks and ~ess.-wntih to n:riake a;paste: Distribute:the.... * gummed: paper If you burn, sul.:' paste: on slices =of potato -or-apples. - li eoeall: silver ware and: For the -riddance of:bed bugs, - cost:surface metals; with grease. or: paint cracks: and crevices with "pure vaseluse - The amount of: sulphuir phenol (carbolic acid) ninety-five used should be:four: pounds fdr the '='percent "solution,' or. - one may.use.: averag sized'-roomn of.two. ounces va soluation consisting of two ounces of formald )iyde. 'Both maay be ob of corrosive,:-sublimate in equal -tained in drgstores, in the.form of ';-parts -of water: and wood- alcohol., U~nder one year ----------------------- 23 One to five years- ------ Five to ten years- ------ Ten to. thirty years: -------------------.18 Thirty' to sixty years --------------.3 Over sixty years------------- -- ---- -- -28' Births Reported.: Wite male"--------------------------- 78. Wbite femiale--- ------------- - Ccolored male --------, ---- Colored ferrale------------------- 6 Totalsa---------------------------16 Birth. rate------------------ ------- 2103 18 32 10 3 2 17? 44 29 82.' 81 S8. 6. 177. 22.48. " ' ':" _. 83 81 179 22. 74. s 1 - r.... CINCINNATI SANITARY.BULLETIN Both. of these reniedies are 'extremely poisonous and must lie used with great care. 'Ad a.little sugar to "Persiaii insect powder" and you will not lie troubled by ants. Another.iethod is hv mixing four oncnes' saucer in -which is.placed a blotter cut the size- of the dish, is put hot= tom up' over the glass., The whole is theii quickly inverted, a nmatch placed underthe edge of the glass, and the container is ready for usc. As th-e solution dries out of the..2... t S.. } i:'... Y CINCINNATI SANITARY BULLETIN CBNCINNAT-I, lattturj3 untet Publililetl Weekly. by Freeman: Prlinting Company S. i-I. Freeman, Prop. itS Eit'Third 8t.. - Cineinnati. 0. SOIViETHING IN A BOTTLE For:every ache and every pain, So many folks have the belief That they. will surely find relief From something in a bottle. Some folks want something they can smell.

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