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ï~~- I At-..n atL yesa. LOarmy atlet in the k the!d the is the 5 fies-,wide mn the were e ilarpln and:amb. it city cormermah sf his Iand safulotnn SEW ATNSTANTINOPLE Allied Oommiader Bays They Viil Oint Turk SBalonihi,DOat..4.-'4Ws Will soon 41 -reet upr blowc t Constaptaple and the vaqui~rbed'rk will be thrown eec.'; i}to.Asie." declared aim, 'rsnohet 'donsere f he Allied commaander in chief on the Msoedonian front in replying to a demonstration today. The Allied commsander said that the beginning p qlisdwould be continne8.'eea p~i out of the clauses of the area ti+atweei Bulgaria and the AMIes bg a' ~es y. hepopolatlo;.qt Saleiki today held -an entbusistlc Meeting at the Place Tour 3ions of.tlianls ad a-.-, r andPromaty fÂ~ Y selocsaid. that the viatay completed by miltary cont~in an4 hy which Bulgaria, recognisred - aomrip t#'defeat would exercise grat influence upon. the issues of the whrld war. The; defeat of Bulgaria definitely removed the danger of Eulgen a ulpremahy in the Balkans and sasued ~ pice, of. liberty, "We rejoice at the iesurrection of Serbia. her said. 'We do not know the date of the end of this gigantic w~,f but we are absolutely sure of coplete victory and ready far every sacrifilce." BOKS FOR. THE LIBRARY AMditionlal toluzes Available Qn~ro~ AA~~tlr -The following volumes have been added to the Chaeteithn Library since September 4, 1918'. Baum. iL F., The EBmerald City of~ Ote. Baum,. L P,.The land of Os, Baum, L:P. Ouma of 03. BausmIL F., The Os. GibbS, 0., The Golden Bough, Porter, 0. 8.,.AA Daughter of the Land.: Raine, W. M.. A Daughter of the Rives. A., The Ghost: Garden., dRapper" Fiend., MIchl tCassidy,;k AWpE,. lseod..._ No Mess'4 d. Schalisler. A.!Bithsa GeIlhll RS CrlAge1ll N.. Pseud.;The Political Conditlouls of Alfl p~ s 'RatUWRal, L., The ( htUrv of the RetPlhiea oe., r Brintoil. W. C., Italia Methodsfe 'l as much as -possible. He has been called the tool' of the pan-Germans. Attemspt toeReedwviuk. 'Washington, Oct. 4.-A desperate effort by the Kals~ir and his advisors to hoodwink the Allies and "the- Germnan people into a belief In the demnocretisatiop of Germany is seen by observers here in the appoi.ntmeant of, Prince Maimilian as $real chancellor, and Scheldemano. the Solelst, and Grreher, Centrist, as mnembers of tl~e cabinet without portfolios, It is suspc ted that Germany is about to ma te a new peace proposal disguised under a *iiost attractive democra~tic program. With these new names on the roster of the rulers of Gertny, the 'K~r uight point to them as a ' reali*M on of his.recently announced pNicoof poglulatr rule. It is' realiydtbevy $0a,blosusibility that the w~iser readap t e handwriti ig on! the WB'Â~ "and, realMnj h$0 country'" isdoom to defeat; may plaft actually to tut over a' share of the, gayertiment to reisentatlves of popular rule and permit them to try to save the country. AT EPIDEMIC STAGE About.b, OOQ Oa8nzsEM, ueza in' South aroIna Columbia.. Oct.,#-5pecia.1; Spanish influensa is epidemic" stage among the civilian population of Sopth Carloina, aceraing to reports reoeelftd by' Or..amsesAuus eMyne, state health officer, who estimates -there are fully. 5,000c5Ws s: varlous parts of the Staite.._. The: worst Auditions in. the State. aodordins' to i ep r$,: ark In ble*be ryr, where iLOOO cas 1are i prte 1. -"The town 'is under,- rlgtif: qu ratinC qand the three mills there have closag! down., fir: ' aym s rappealed to fthe phy. fL"'Kt191' ' crvT tvr+V% n-a0vrrm J I WE~ SILll( L.VERSk~MITHS AND IMPORTERS Exclusive Designs in 14-K Gold Jewelry andSterling Silverware F.EL GOUS NOTICES. G R A C 11 EPIS.COPAL CH U,RH Wentworth street, (Belt Line Street Cars.)--A hearty welome to all-Rev. William Way, ector.-.Sunday, Octo,. her 6: Holy Communion 8 a. mn. Morning Prayer anuGSermon by the Rector. 11 a. in. Evening Prayer 5 o'clock. Sunday school 9.46 a.,in. ST..Pu PII' HUCH-Church street, north of SQueen, Rev. 8.. Cary Becktwith, Rec r.-Morplng Service and Samo 1 l-nEvening Prayer, 9 o'cldclc' l1'rdav, 6 p. in. Holy Camzunion i frst and 'tird Sundays, 11 a. in l Z nie to these services. ST. PAUL U BPISCOPAL CHCURCH. Corner- Vanderhorst- and C mmn streets, Rev. Mercer-:P. LoganDD. Rector.--Services for Sunday, October 6. 158.-, unay School at 9.45 o'clock, Bible. Class at 10 a. Mn. Morniang Prayer, Selihand" Hol rCommunion at 11 o'clock. Subject: 'Red Cross in Ca. pi' Evening Prayer - and --Sermon at 8.15 o'clock. The Rector has returned from Camp Gordon, 4a,: where he has beep:working with the Rted, Cross during his vacation and will officiate. The public are cordially invited to attend all services. _____________________________ CHURCH OP TE HOLY COMMUMION, corner Ashley avenue and Can Irv n row: Bible School 10 a. in Preaching 11 a. in. and $ Morning subject: "Paying the Price;:";Bvening'stubject: "God's Gift." Christian Endeavor 7 p. in. Midweek Prayer - eeting Wednesday evening S o'clock. You are most cordially invited. UNIAIAN CH URCH3 Archd street Rev. Clifton Merritt Gray. Pastor.-hunday Morning Service at 11 o'clock. Subject of Sermon: Pr'ivilege and ReepdhsiLmlility." Sunday School at 9.45 a. in. Strangers and visitors cordially welcome.__________ CHRIS3TIAN SCIENCE SOCIET3Y 128 Meeting street.--Sunday Schooli *.i5 a. in. Sunday Service 11 a. in. Wednesday evening Testimony Meeting 8 o'clock. Free Reading Rohmand Lending Library, and Camp Welfare' Room open 9 p.. daily and 1 to 9 p. in. Sundays. Pub.,weir. came. DIVINE SERVICB will. be nductsit ip the Orphansa' Chapel, tomorrow Aftrnoon, at 65 o'clock. 6y theRev. 0eprge A. Gonga rare,' b:P. COPAL, CHURCH. Wentworth st ret, between IKing and. Meeting streets, Rev. Charles C. Jac ms. D. D)., Pastor.Preaching-t11 a. in. and 8.30 p~In. by Pastor, Communion at each, Service Song Service at.3.30. p.i.t9 a. in., by Choir; Sunday. Schoaol 4.30 p. in., Robt. F. Morrieon,.superintendent, Sunday School' Class Meeting Tuesday and Thur~sday evenings $.45 p. mn.,, by choir; Sunday School 4.30' ie worship with us. CENTRAL B AP TIS T C~t~ 6.10 a. n., Prayer Meeting; 1j. a In.. 'and 8 p. n., Preaching by the Pastor; 4 n.. RabbttmSchol.oI. 3L Boyce.!y invlta Nassau Pastor.-- r, i -...I':, _., " 1.. i i tn Iat Iof Iat Bsoard arthe P F. ad D:'i, Boys' Book N., iay)pW A.C"$0torry -cof the LB.,, tporiting to LEttn ptrtck, I. J. J.,1 tnery's Et.a.Cr I, L.r - t i 'H,I '+ I'!4 1n,

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