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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~h7"...,,,_ f in- sal~ltoever. Xneidental11y the~r s bureau at W Vsltiao Fi.. - lie. esa~g. we r~,, Epidemic of SpaMsh lr#1uenr d~qinJ4 an4;;: h', end1ng -Mon-' Eddle Short, gets busy w itht his si maia was rag ng in the h aai ____________formed, by a dtm' o eath raes to IAJ 7i- ---- ---- e s oo a H r. b for last week in tall important cities, as *%1Ib1? 5 s-:- to ' r VIESIrnfluenza Ei, death rate for the 4week,ending last ift6 ", { f,, ENhCOLA FlkOU 4.--W'iz bmo Saturday, was but 10.6, the lowest death kld 'than one-thir of th population strick n rate this city has had In arty one -oek r " ywith Spanish influenza the epidern cl hsya.J~dj f,}aletiari, h ye tir 1 W ' i" continues to rage here today uneheck th i oe anh u a d d a hs f o p lt, r 4'lnll; etert chance to Eleven* deaths as a result of the d Mr hn huan ets rr n S&"Cr~binF trough to $er;'. at ease have been reported in the pa t fluenza and pneumonia occurred during Ic Ttzdo*twonSaty hinr hours. Federal health a -. the week ending last Saturday in four ~ f,,. rTheateronSt day. Snc iio have taken charge of the situ - of the ci ties wh1ere, thb bureau points E ''g o nhay this big picture hias, paoked tion. Appeals were sent out to t r' out, the diseases are most prevalient. ' h lOuse, ' ke the prove Mal sardine Amjeric'an Red Cross today through t e' Thees ci t s are Boston, Cambrid e, an V ni ~na on several nights has had the local chapter for 'volunteer nunss! Lowel1l, Mass., and Washington, 1)'.c. Wti nuen People In.line 'out front-' The Allin whether trained or untrainv(!, liut one death from. Iniluenza an. 1n dsteWhq iner. shows the whole -world w r from the The situation is renderer} critical y thre'- fromn.pneumionia were repot'ted t tbs.~ 1 O~iti t~ginning to the, present day and in- the lack "pf physicians,.()f oniy th tl- r. Kennedy as having occurred in A thei,al odcs alte ol rlr. uhtencvdnepyscassetheefrn stadrngtesaepridnr.K lv po a-ictures as "Cray~ in Thr u-;h to Ber- army a d navy calls. five are confir, i. iedy believes it is extremely pro e roken~erens s.n" are nbt q tten shown iii-'Atlanta, to them/'homes with the Influenza. Fi eo that the influenza nay spread to Atli 4h, fte o 641,of the'nine surgeons at the naval.a4r and tl' urges citizens to take precau m- verywgO i h n:, e t " 81 station have also been stricken. ary omeasures in order that it ma be rnd eeyfoe 4lOn.' tlknta's last chance to slee the best 'the druggists of the city have b4 n felt here, only In the mildest form, nmy ~ay d'rihsI best,,povie to date of the wild. free days or, ia d'h~it y the disease. This situatio ie citit" in the United Statea* and no yulw&. ar Alaska,. when modt1 ought and womnen howeveF, was somewhat relieved,throeu h"r ' western cities, had lower~death sand loved along the Yfukon in a mist of the lc~an by m.Iltary authorities of ar-niv rats s than A1{lanta for the week.epding A X E b, ~al tOsand gganblinj hells and gold nlnr-.r and navy pharmacists. t last Saturday. *Aact; Iig t is'rtday and Sat urday at thq Health author iis are unable to e Ed ' d haerEhNJxNGCLlinteMpdm bcue fte i NWF theaterg whl stoen -e ~htpan h pdm% ecueo h ht- NEW QWRRPLa "T,,gyy s a akghiate all delightfulweather conditio t\X Ga.,Oct. 4.-The second -" romeptdoteiia tner that 'has drawn crap ci ty whihi eave prevailed. s i1 ilo oti oe ~to h ~rtnraitte,~& lctbd 'd A, es r ti' nd cver day. Will- _____- *- --- - I lower Co.. near tolpimbia, lttn tt t(lgO )sa - S b ec nt of eZiegfl id Al-i..1; s now heing uilt, matert~lhvld t tao.tiltrle ahay-f 000Inlez 1,N lab e I.n t oe rghr ~rddorteprps tG m ''ill4Iot-r none M sks for Use at Gordonpf mitssee -'- ing. It will require three,1 ~.WTZ8 l t d At th* $ilto Thy 'c Fief si~r peon a~t t. mp icord r Valle," Friday and turday of! the last has call upon the Atlanta chapt r iftous- opportunities to " eesFredS tone at the of the Red Cross to make 100,000 infl - Itialto in his firs motion picture, and enza masks just as soon as it Is Pt0 -,open a Pacesetter, "The'\qoat,",. a picture to s!te to do so. y) and which the famed sas g star surpsses The masks are to be worn by all pe -I. clos- hitmself itt demonstra on of his agility sons at the camp to prevent the spre ltclist. ind ability. Fred,. who, as everyone of Spanish' influen7.a. They are nt - lpows, is tfie. famnous i.o ne 'of Mont- the usual large mask, but a sma I I bgtmery and Stone, fame, is a pace in square' of material large enough o0 -. n 1 ~e first picture 'ttat imrned ately estab- cover nose and mout~h with tape to t e v n liches' him as a Premier ci ema star, about the head. 'In "TIhe Goat" he appears s Chuck / Mrs. Eugene R. Black. head of t e O, M arthy. 8.n mro, worker,; wh is bit- women's work rooms of the local ReidI tJen byte movie bug whets he espies a Cross chapter, stated Friday that tl%e.rfo roup of bathing kirls in aimovie scene, women were working on the masks no Ste e rscus. he pet monkey' of the ad- and will make the 100000 just as so,rteins lady. and wiuis himself a place in as it is possible to do so. The mat __na-~iU s u 'L e 3-. *110 - ". ='rooms, and the Atlanta chapter urg eay of F A-.t tthe 7O2'st2 very woman who can possibly help WL Th* presentation at the Forsyth thet is matter to come to the Red Cro.vveny ~ r;attredays of this week of "Comb w k rooms, 15 Peachtree street, or reus ie' ogO In"a john. Emerson-Anita Loos the K~ed Cross auxiliary, Georgian tapeJ' >I uhi;?'dUotion' h as been the debut in Para- race 'hotel. an'd help make the masks; --,a'*'LIBRAu//'N RÂ~ EI4S APE R M

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