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ï~~ REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES *pt.232t, 316to Novo 6th 1918W fret pa oa c In Cam Grant the:nfatryCentra1 ticoers "'Schooiloneptembor 21st 1918.rThe Camp Did 1LO ittothrith am bars of t C 1$taf * nod cesoldiers g*presontin, clinical syptomsnond then or erett them imm 1st 4sent tothe Bse fopia, ~dbarrAcks pace. odr., strict qgnatntine* oh next or a$tion affecte the 5th <sled1ers ej"om mnt, aomposed of 'optembor 4tht et n oomng from districts ithe I date vieinty of this Camp, 4n where the disoaseha ai do i tso arc. This regiment w loot In the sam Camp Ana athe nf try tant Officers Tr 1nz-Schol. >revions to the time 'enflu a smade its ppar c nt adjacent to -t r t, zIn order t rtcctUap ordore were Isoued from Camp H5aduartero on $Kept e,2 th 1)18 oribtns fla, t o l -o l e t o v i s i t 7 p e e x c e p t '- e.f o r d a n M li f e r d I l l n o i s.'T ees r a i a v o e td t.. 48 houre eost eve or nz ao in the entire camp va ffete. It isthe eopiaiof th!AudC l fiiere that thio diseasews brourght Iato *pGrantyt W LOU;t wo iore tranoferrod hore:;rom.., Oam pevon whoreVhs cdiseasc aready prl 1, to attead the anant yCntralIff I ore rI o be. This school U o mr0 e01 o ofnon who ctfomother a adC isthaOUhO tthe 4s'te t a - rothe disoeeias root 2feve t, t'ashore the icn n I irb111t7ywore expsod. Frther the disease broke ou t an tht Cazp before it mae its ca noe aary o.. icvoatw the s'tatemeat that the crrierso ro> the;nfeotf.on t as gp. Overt rtn,,' the eaj clty ftm~it ar in dribQIn d 4:-Iork eve ore d arracks, nIl of havy clothe' V erao sof the to -on ttribntedtothe ca bt:Oof hc epideto; al1lof'h4ch were a]liminated ordersfrom Camp e eau r oictnv for jLoteotion a..u e...,her+u 'S"ru.. evlont.this.ib sA d& i~ t V & rroe.e, o.h.ebrca1v. ou en. s ane 1 k \ L,t Q

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Courtesy of: 710, Influenza, Camp Grant, IL, 84, NARA, Washington, District of Columbia

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