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ï~~ oist upon his ingenious plan. COOK PORK. WELL. -The United States Department if Agriculture has issued a warning again:t - ng pork or any product containing *;pork urnless it is well cooked. Uncooked pork' frequently contains parasites of microscopic size, known as trichinae, and persons w ho eat uncooked pork run the risk of contracting trichinosis, a most painful and distressing disease, which sometimes ends fatally, in spite of any treatment. The health of patients who recover from theaacute stages of the disease is often permanently impaired. What Inspected Pork Means. It is important to remember that tin cooked pork is likely to contain live tnchinae no matter how healthy the animal from which it came may have that of the surrounding air or water. How Long to Cook Pork. The following rules for cooking pork by boiling is based on drcful experi nents carried out sonic years agu by a D.anish investigator: Cook meat 19 minutes firr each pound o>f weight if put into boiling water, keeping the water boiling throughout the cooking process. If the meat is put into cold water, deduct half the time -ectuired to bring the water to a boil. Examples: How long should a 10 -pound ham c boiled if placed in boilin water? Ten rMultiplied by 18 equals 10 minutes, or 3 hours. How long should a 10-pound ham be boiled if placed in cold water and if 1 hour is required to bring the water to a boil? Ten multiplied by 18 hours minus 30 equals 150 minutes, or 2% hours after boiling begins. d w r w i... _ V. ",/.. v:n i =.g Acy RÂ~r,1.R A A-. u- V AG r ' q x X' C s x 4 AC GG op SC L:"/;'.fj '. '.'...i:", " "".. ''rye.. %y;,,' '.;i..,:. i::''2..;'i r }. r l...._ r -- I -IV

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