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ï~~ 1a 0 atayotho doate1110 murdeoccurreod 1th. pollee depart oot wit J rjJ eekad al0o0Friday. Pio y oltloo w4ay-o~p Several - woooImportant devolopooooto is The. lon~oo*eo ooday was permlitted the weaving of the tate's weofOwrl-' PH fo te 0 11tme ine i 0 rrstThurs ogress1000of the c000 yesterday. Ida,!l n~lN t-nR onfrenc ye-hkystone 'witness-the 0100manho Pool irrn" h. s orn s.Walr.1 4 1 livly o ryrobra te0s10tho princial po ints01 ull,"n A-1 tt.00e It.alen a d 101t0of 1the tory of Clarence0 1foo4. 111 ' 0 0 oTo+r.,.-1 o00u~ll 101 ooad chauffeur who doves 1101101010 and o 0oooO 0he Iklsooouanoooher 01itnes0 0h1, and 1,," ~ f,!r o el \II.0.0 o {.00ce he oWays, 11wi llolarly estalish t he11me c 0 00000 oo00overed thal tho alleged whisky rind,t o 0n if. t. 0000 brrof.100001 to 1Of11which 11.1.10 1. ioopposed 10 ho MS UP. r..1 pril. oooo Ooooo 'I's- ihe dlroo110o0 heod, ddod 10wo,0ot10r re'I.."h 1100-111 0wil' "a0111- 00001000' besides Polo Dorelke o 10 1 I t ". "1191 of fln000Id olillims. 1 locoot. lloolo 110.00100 I tPr0300 Ol00.ool Vool~od. A It~.... prl-' Ooo 1,. the.- otoo f t oT eo r oo~ f 1.ood,.whilo apparently se '~.1 1 rm.! u1)0,01 {h."lootl00000 straighfowad 0enough. 0wa0 ooob ".t %o.. 1l0l10 00 oertosahtoHyblontiatd oOfl 5turdapo. whnR)i...a 00. 000 0t~~o~ trtslwa..00 t00010.0an lderly resident of Deso s.w"I.!, 1"!.ose. 01tn.1A100 loolo..appered a thelountyjail and 11'11 "f i boos 100inl11o 0110I rud 1i101im In 1004's cor from th110 so iz,! 'rs".~nq 1--IK ('at n S 1131I f'- 1.010.1 where 111300000 1104001.0founod. to a 1t't "ur" t Ii 1-1' 'n er4111 hoeOs o'oo.I 810000 tatement,01. dddo that10 of Good. I Th 0.0 0tr,,,.01 ".I 0.0 00 loot heowa0 InSat le tr~ough0101101 he11 d..-t nt t in- s. tth".,1 " I.' d y ho' murdero ccurreod. acoroldino 1 be said talkw~i00be ma-leto talk lof-~ tle.(""r-d" lo ooo il *sheiff la adutllol ea. I.I n ntstK~ttn 1. "trft~rrn.1 hak oo oo1il 10e1 0 l~ 0p00at00 0I01 0I.o on00t1110day 0110 mur10r0 e II. 00.. 0100000.,1 00010.,0,0""(11- r1" cre.1 a week go0004 a 001 00 0 0. G0.4. wi01111 otlloI10th110ar. picked4 opav ' '- - --- a man 0and t oomen aoar 011e boot.i 1014 addition a toewoolleout.00011 in --t-ho cily lmits. It isalloged. t01st1a & och100--Oh.IRST01 looidrl0.0 ooad thean0110 other womn..All of I ___________th___ot 01out of 1110 00ar00l Irt 0010 - 000004d spring 1r001 Ift011000 per-c lions can1be located, OolloloIoo alibia ie Investments thth0wr100ryalthtol Poherif. 11ohd 50 11 heit Th is Bank M ake bop Parallolatlo doays10th00she11ff.0it 0100 00100000 111., Â~4.60 In1 )ur Savings Secure w0a1s ooop010 ol Iles Mudrray 1. allegdo h001000sailE'> o evidence collected by th. ohonrtg 000ad F.otortct10aw governing I'Ti'i aIn4 Bo sh0101owlthat Murrayballastd 110 0.014 logo book lovestmeotsois the otoad- 111r0110000 qu0nti17 of geld 11ar0 that ooood Iolollloo to to 100100l~n hod 11.00 stolen trom, a otlo0w1107 tannedo 41000101100 the1evisd.tllooll It 0111nd 11h1110t011100 0104s0afraidO 010. it tga epoitos evr (01i7) oono of openty. Tho gold 0100 sup-V S tht n 111Ti'ot. oavings posed to ho cached sooarwhore Moro. a0ran oe Inve0ted 0ly1in1c0001i10swelI- 0raysboody waound-04.I0tlos e 000. e4. bigh-grodo osecurlies. loooof he sheriff t011t1Oat e coooooootf~r-oootwoNo o werut ooW' h0oojaeo4'i1. t1ow TIt'070Fdd V i ohlool ho deposit of tho WVASIIINI:- hisossess0i1 oo 111 11 i4.00 h1lTi Al. RAVINGS RANK I. $24.- 0Likewise t0110e0I10eviden ooos00ow A0 0000. This 0mea00 that for roro I hatol 001001I0 11nwMoray a. foro dollar 00 depositlthere are TIREE 110.11 00l1st1Marooh. ald 01100 110re0 -a10in he ighoot grade00securities010- screen to Murrayasonor thetran10010 ole 0000110 me00 0111001000suppod t10 apose to ooenour01Sav10ng000Acountl oflodlie honsolool 000 s bank- here ote ohove tho ooto-oo- J. It. Roab,01110yesterday roported a of 0unque0tioned security. to ho heifo haot ot 00.10 1104 101n-10 diod himout.0 of 93000 0 h oollogglogt iW lencal fa0400 sh01 on aon shon that Polo eDorei lhio. ofIt as go n Mutualwsnt cmigtrog ale W11l0 ooooy 0000000h111"ol"e,.0000 It also dovlloooolthol o: Molloo- I 910 Second Avenue. 00o01. loforely a drlggist ot Tolt.ad01 oy salle ohv e rl. oi1 '-"0 onth oo lo olt0 0"Int men110t. like. 0Iea d004..oooolt IrlelOoologo 000.. ollto helve 10.10001n01h50 Oolto oioosoM blootosoosaute0000 0000000 Th tnled soroy 000s0apparently 1K (1.0 Ooooo outlatudoy. to the oatte -- e too o f the1h erifolf, ond 1110 01a10 will00.00 ~ltoo prove t110caseoalong the Al 0 o0,'ok 0on the 1000ornin0gof it mohde. ol ootel hre Hud ol dlv THE LAGGAR D (..I oo1000.- hr100ytr11nteAngl oho I-I111Rol0,-1of the000 1100a101en SLACKER l1letstr, i tm ol p (too hdire- lion 00000loon hd ohe. A fw too 010000later UlololO 000p. peared - s. 0000000 0000 all. ge10 i0 have hey are shot down, protest- replied. 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However, 1110 p000100000 04n40d11th 1110the 0backreceotle101e.00publis.1ed4 In0110Pool- ground. T110 00000010 oolr0 of 0110 laelolgoooor mod-the unsloomment afltion lon000I0 1a 0 Ig 00000 ofthe they hav0e a0100ed 0ee01t1.indicat o lgo io. I 00u00sti0nIt ho. T1a1 00 oodoooooetofrote00 In 1t1110minds thore ls 0 gre00 potency 1n thought1. the of operhpos0a00050e00101100of people. world 000010. Auto-suggeon son 000bh 700hi1s 1100 o proet o gis etle- 00 lsidi ouo adversary 00 0 der 0.n4 1100 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ nimt 11friend.10 1t10100104 Following tho lne of ithb uloothority, 1101 rlghtly sen004 to a protes1 aga10s1 0 campaig ug estion01001. I ould bo possible fot the of publcity 11101see010de4ig10004to Huns to use eac11 00eof o0000 aprOpo. spread 1terror0.04 frlght soo 0.n1110 0004101 throooohauto-suggestion. Also. public 1004i0nd s osucptiblo to Poor. It010 know what 1110 000 1i104ofa islot0 too ho ooppoooed that those dl- hypnoott0a do with 0 oollooetloo of n0.-t)-rsponsible fop this are do0ing 01 oonds. 1W0 000 permeateod wit1hoous 0wi11 malicious Intent,.1ut110 theopuld01t4nlds throughot ooenttainment00n' only ememer tat te prial c 0s10wa00. ood-w1hy hut-"propoaada". of disease 10.1110 0000 ofP dioseose1th00rTheoch1100000 p1ned 090h04 osmi ofoo'loooooosas servatof th011.public disturbance w01111011w1rl0014.01. woold he greatly Increased. Shakes- Omoeaoot.1ooywith "peoos.-011110." Pe000 000y wisely wrote:o"Thore.i0.0U-boot.hellos0a0d1110n torpedoeso nohing 000110r good or had but 1think1.ship of the ha1ted elae, with 10s log makes it 00.0" yot 1theworld 000em0 aboard. 111h0slvin10the sad 600 00 op00ery1.slo bomlear ithe deepor 00000- pooloolty for lito. The wenot alone lna of his words. p700000hIh taldit~y of "peole' 1000. Row it 1000100s but 11011e whother 004d0110111ty1101104d0wi111 4e01010for Spanish loflooooo 1s poychic Hon poro- frloltoulnooo In 000r 0010 Atlanti agendaoOr 10000ly 0 physical p11.001- 0100000. That Is 00 example o 0tfoo emote In keepiog with1 111.general con- 00010001100 forces to follow. 411100 of world turooiol. in any een ool le no.. o 0AoeemO World. olin physiciaswill 00000 that It hod oo oto10g.Ieolaood Its beginning 0n foar of oosoehing 004d0Al00g otherlinesrbahestral orldo 11100 U1 wi100flouriohhbeIn 10ooil 0.0H11 gr1 dsurace ili..o lodby theoticrobes of foao. A tow GeransareOooItheoastral010r04. quotation.o from @emin0n0 medilose 0 they wet-t-.taos. Thoir "prapo ar0 pertinent 1here: gander So.01110 th1000and4t1000a0e0v000 "One usoveomeoooteofeaoof die- busy aothe.Kro. Oince goowth. ease In ordeo combat11i0 1 ooooootool. birtbh0.4deathb ao.e ueaeoo the moo ly"-Dr. 5. A. Koopp.of 0Now Yorkeh do.a00to lb.e10aJo110y Oho u00e00 Post-Gradoate Medical ochool. hubo sp01000y. 1101 th00uns00n0is111 Peer Dsoeo.. -' hen *le* 010footpowoof ml poot of life. ere old 1000te00 110001S004 10000dlooooetl 0 Sm. 0h omouasmd a doltioand pated to us a 0ol 010e 0001 00g 0ledItpease; lbo oonltartano mok. a thereof. H 0111 I aov aistod1. pa and.a ollit10precaution. Tho of- Lsoe0.4dJuotboo 011140 with Him. feeof feaon00theod004ar000100e0 F. 1. Rawono.. 1. I0.. 1. A. N. T. C. rapid and deadly 011an 00y 1100w10IL. boo published a fi0ne.ar111l00on pollen.-Dr. J. B. 5. Xiog. formeroly "Protection" io the October. 0907. 0010 -prooteoor nring Me0d00cal04co1l001e00a0d4booof 1114 Truth." which Is very feditor of 0Me4ica1 Advanco. telthe, itfol0lowed0. All told. HIs 00hoo "Mony oailments in thelt Incipiency 0a11uma00wooof livingwithGod, oool or. do. to foar Il ome.00of 11tOpotea ancim0oniously and with grea1 of. foro.-Dr. 17. 1. Maro, of Peor0a. footatlooo. hot Ooaol with1011(1.4t IL. writing in 1110 Southern Clini.,ons evryda1y lvablo way. W o urely Richmond, Va. for J000. 1017. (Beb. haveooeed for 00.a11 Oll. jorI ". 00Mind 1n Disease.) OLIZA0ITII 1>. CLARK. "Suscepthibily tIo onotogoo.diseaso-o depends oery lorgely 00n11h. mentll G0100 11.00.00losed. condition. 10 lou thloth of 0000r10001- To 0110 Edior: 1, oo,.have 1beeo bios, brood upon 111e10.gloat oover(born. ooodloo withlons000doOahlOimpatience dissect1t011010. 110.00y0his 1on00an00 association y00 will food the Incipient tho lolters that 001om M lo 0la41es suspconooofoon almeno utio t 0011 -1110. 0senditoyou. One nparlItclar, comes 0001nst0ousdemon ofr00e111. 000n0d Moo. Adolbo 0. 11a0100. In which Think health. ooltivate 1110 health ohe.commetot he00 clo0sinIg of 1110 hobIt.-Poof. Alfrod L Htall, of 111e 1110t1000a0d4sooforth. Universitly, of Virginia. wr011000in th. pormitl 010 0o 00y 111t0the VJoirgni ournal000of Education. Rion-1.of lbe theaters hbaafoflootdw mor0 01000. A10. #ft" 1theap-owtW Mr -Maw0 - A 0gr00t1m000 00.00100qulotist oy 000 b hbo o 001010. for Itie in Itheo coul e ghoven...but these are sufficient 11100100 111t1I seomy 11000. bot even to01how1the tendencr of the hoot mod- though it1has lift me 0o1e110000.0 0o Ica]l thooghot. 110. greatest of all phy- 00y mooheag of bolag *verdrawn. I otm 0001000 ommanoded us -'to hoooooo 001only10ooglad to 0000w111a0 Seat100 110 ltbl children0. Childrenoaebntre 001s0 as the presenlt100700 fearloss. therefo happy. J0y0us, at Its head. healthy. Surroundod 117 0000, wit the1110 1 e.4 holive 11101 1h1.Germoans 0rea4 of disease dolly purkp.4 lno hovetome0.n0 004soin05 l in their p Iower to oprood Iofl1ooooo germt,.bht as for opoadlog 1110m0by 011oug11 - well1, If Ohougbto could hillt. 1'm sur **OoooO. 00001009 00000tttlp0 010would 011 ho si0 fool undopr0110 And as for astho reo t he 0o00 - trAecocredImstsythtte ady I18notot oory vrwell 1Informe4 00 the subdoeL Philadelphia theate0. rsaoe ll FOU D H ALT InA olooudo lo fool. thooloro 000 oveor1110 ULAIU ounotyvor losing 000s rcatonr Anod 00p* 1 fall to 0e0 ohy Ihero DENTIST'S CHAIR 0shoutld a blo k clud r depa Part T-00.000.0 of rd Tooth. Fo om on ak Imoorr oo os "A woansas o sruiotlolwhite Ihe alary alsoohate o be dle, but I oan hobo. treatod. sho ouffered h.n neura1gi0.0110'. wire a0 cavities 10 for 100 brothersoak* (he00.0 0.0oldier he0.0 atoo et h. 000. bH 004 ot nddh h as boy) 11 nd0for4to hoe00110 00all soldiers oandd rpotl boloo.00 s004oalors I'm. glad 1110 theaters are toub1le. I oaw the denist ta. as d.oseod ntl this dbooaooI. checked. O'Ooo of her te.10 on oh. oldo "hber youro. very 1ruly, four where th. gaon sooeedod 0.0ISS10 ELEANOR OALOCIIYOI. owashed him 0001000pI 1'. 00easplain Paotago. (0.0010r, "011. That Melody uap. l1n100 eO ticOh. Oof00threo of her tooth was a [ea011 toth that 01100 bo oo 00000 10nevr sea. &00 00 Itwao 114 _________a___ lob.Dareoth l ssr ooA p{ 0 t.t FEAR SONS IN WRECK. ohamooa - ease opohsoo. 0 too tookof oooooatloo. 0S ooas01ake. 0 a 00001001. o.o0.0.0adIt woos00.30 0erta00 00100000 Vooooego List. that.,.ery tooth in hie 0no011 woo doe eafo.O de1.4o weewootolttor. lHaving soen0In110h10.0ot.ourvivors rweld eon oooo oooo ho, oal 0ub41sh0d1Inbthelpapersthe 0na0e0000 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M ds

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