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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ SL ou~' oar~6! tsuc umiai s~ U iRION F. PARKER QHea. 4J. 8SHERIDAN. Comhmi ~sioner Cane y 'n t. AL AztonIsPrecautionarjr 'BIG TEN' IFfYHHAD ETI Measure Against Furt er AD O P TS LEAI Spreading_ofInf1uenza SCHEDULE I1ESS BASEBALL HIGF,tI"CN E I H.Practice by Teams Is Not Affected by b der, Will Play All Conference ____ Breaks Tie but No Exhibitions Will Be Permitted Games in. Novembe- Gae Is Played b Former by Winnii Until Ban Is Lifted. Chicago Has He vy Major Leaguers in Service from MdF _________Program Arranged. 1 Over There' - W ar d"ers Clash BY JOSEPH F. HOLLAND. /_,LeasTeam There will be no football games played here Saturday afternoon if CHICAGO, ILL., October e.-i'tdtball BY JOHN 1m he order issued by Health Commissioner Max C. Starklolt prohibiting schedules of the "big ten" were corn- Winning teams Open..ia gatherings remains in effc:t until that time. this course has pietely revised at a special xneetibg of BY CHARLEY DARTLEY. Tennis tournamen' been adopted as a precautionary mensure against the fyrther spread of the coaches and athletic directors here Baseball in Francs has become quite victories over oi Spanish influenza, which has already wrought havoc in the Eastern cities, today to conform with thq War Dqgpart- a fad among the French people since pulled a surprise a The ave as gadualy wftedwestward Until at the peel time it ment ruling limiting the teamS-tO two uscth is country onI entered the war. sanein1-"tral one of thef ThIaehsgaulywfee rs~tsac sso n i gamn sagd at Cli!FSlacks and gA threatens to envelope St. Louts and the surrounding territory. When the forty-eight hour trips next month All Bordeaux. France, between o Amerfaintest intimation of its presence locally was given, the order prohibit- games previously scheduled for October can ball clubs, where 10,000 bpectators teol ac Igall public gatherings wad isued. For a time it: was thought that were canceled, as the Western onfer- witnese the contest betwee he Three two sets, the Soul football might be exEmrpt for the reason that It was an open-air activity, once championship season wiil be en- Hundred and FortyHuedond held Artl. the limit ar n h he ude hry poet6 to defes but yesterday Dr. Starkloff said that it would receive no different dtaas- tirely conflned to November. cryh and tere hdrdf Tre at hp onente daStcation.. The season will open on November '2won by a score of 8 in 1. These two match o theera "Practice as' usual" *111 be the transferred to Cape Girardeau. Failure and close on November iii), the uwetur- aggregations are rated t best. ballwinrtext:sloan aopte by the mjrtoftein this lalter inotatice now appears to clubs on the other side of the big pond.Yamn~~oc tslognhaopederbYeedyatronb the mal aenerhroghwhcofh day foilowing Thanksgiving, instead 01fiBoth teams are composed of former which iiieii.:en!' the two university synduds, Washington caniteliatitti of the game can be at- te preceding Saturdlay. as has been ihtt major league players who entered tile,I'8ntelrei and St. Louis, went tit:-ugh thesir usual leeled. No official niotification has conference of the coarea bigti ght the past summer. - They hare nt auyrlru; manuves.I(.'rital nt Yetnnn, ighreahedSt Iuia. o t~e odertoattempted to schedainle,'lianasgiving s hown many times at both parts here, h11Y gal~wtr school squads, alsn assoitnetitheir usual -ancecithe gamte, Itit tho city officials aygames waitht -otfe-renetre c+cero', latitin thec Nalitteil andlAmerican 1 acc~~ni yL it t duties, an earicr start inIg the ottIyI)trobably feel thsat that aliould be under- bu1 as holidoty futlil alsty t)'asbeeitti agues. attieciuitat deviation from tiheir usual custutli. stooti. obgatatttitle'uiieI tt h he terdatFryscn needed the ytiittt Cleveland, McKinley and Soidati, how- Wasihington has cantceied soeoKh uce teitbety ei geelobfr neig tehateusually o1)tthie.10 over..took the order caliing for the witileolt Fild. 'There In but a arrange games with siect-c et-eets. It wilh the Three itundreel and Thirty- {Ya,,ttatat set cesseation of schooils-sons as one call- alight chatncytote that It. will be playerl wilihe the trost titie aittte'-!1+15 that ioth outitli had nmet atnd defeated every nuo~bie of ia'tilog for the termninations of footbali prac- iater as Waaingtuns schedule is lliit-d. Thanksgiving Day futilb:ili swililint-arn ott the other side, having ti-tivic- Ntirth t- idC scbo-. tics and accordingly tropped the latter the came sith Drury an the lih serred ti ftlltwers o1 tue altbiy tories to their cretiit. The Three lion- eight matcest I. work, Coaches WValio(re of Central, is a hit utncertain, aititoughlIit remains conference teanW. drid atti Thirty-sixth bunch onwned al- comes:esotid swill uthrodof Woshingien atid Quigley on thie schetitle. If Drury Is unabie Iowa Meets Illinois. niost ax coed a record on the season. whche is alli 41cc IRuthoenrfotdn"; by swiniting eight hattie-i frain their ott- laed caits ne-ct of St. Louis were agreed last tight tt make the trip here, eicott Field wili t that they would contnuoto deib their then be aubstittitetl. it. Louis U. haild Teeeith at-ta-ittrn o Itnto ihti rlin etr fafet' woo. end i1 te!ams unitil atop. a gate scshedletlwithltrtiry but witl ndMichilguan.and itlicto arieellur, i tiltteastite afneetwa tai our et. etr ale HihSchools Have Time. trobaly dro it in favor of the ilaskei ix ihgl.alttetooti'i-efoe soteoutctme of this hattit-. oatheightge HighsI telatr em iltte i f the len tracts ttits,.-tattt,r~rett 13,tii.teams Journeyed c-ut to the play________ The sudden terminatiton of the play- hetrei. i h lterta will oewlhe iattions on tt.- ntstfour lSatUr- Ilug field with their hands, while thoulug of games will affect lhe high schools hee days. Outconiy two it tt-cvto ~rte ar- sanda of rooters followed their respeevery little as they di not btegin the Three $! i Teams Stop. raingedl for the cioting tlty ti thi Oin le r tems over the roads to the scee regular.league orason for t wieks, Teto s--rl"i~m.n~~nta 'n. of- a t l, wilitng tn wager real france and there is 'i stretig vo~it ttith Tha it Tt waatcri;ten.t etrsi - i it o trilr tt t rrtcte-thaIti t1"r peta would sc-i the epiemic will tate- it.-r nCrtici )e v, id ]eaiiti of II.-!!itnti lithool Il. h Igitic file I l - il- ilun will have spent is foa' by titat time. rL~etague yhell rtheir Itsntl practice see- seledut-ti foturstin,!t itt ~ idost t rot,- Ward Leads One Team. 20h tedy e frte pe-soe "eledyevenittg.Cleveland. October 2 ntedy.cso h otu bly ssitllmeet Syr. Oi:( nAritte The Tharee Hundred and Forty-second -9 r lug of the leagute seaan-s andiwire I McKinley and Soldan filtorI take; on Novimfer t.ii triO i-lie,- It.thI-1inl Artillery was tender the leader tteestaryit igh b deerrd oe wektheir uscoal work, ho-a-cser. Coachesntahsl!wit inneotita lii-ott11u'.i: -c hip tltof Charley "Citck" Rardt without-any hardahip to ttte contending thitlier of Central. Qolitit Vyetf St. Locuis will signctize their tit tt111 totheI(It t- lacal toy, site playe-i tbird hane far ltams. The- only difference swould be and litherftrdgof tn said t eren-e by mrtig:nrtiwtttcoleiui'it- the Brooklyn Natinonals before beIng that'the season would tate to be pro- that they would contlnt.- practice untilIragtt. Minnievta sod ihii. iin the ordetr tirafted into the National Arm)y.awhilst week. orde-red to est. Such ati ortder is not n amed. tli.- Tirerehiotrr"i-ti yi Thirtyixthol 'With the utilversities t Is dlfferent expected. liI r stItel t-r san in ettirge of Cr Their games from telstoitig Saturdoy, Light tackling work enti forward pass- Indiana Forgotten. 4d:I i. he ftrmer treti Cub httlerr were lhe one sediiie-.l for titis dale leg featured te wartkitfthe croixty Itlions n-os asilt tI. -itt-dale a0Boh l tIsstta ttilk hirttildto practt allows to he played, -until Thankso- leaita.white lithbhicit school tamsemngi- OtntrI t itliitthiet-t"ttf,-ri-tct-andeil I,~tarttel -b,1 he-ct-it ers-r c giving Day aoe il of a chtamtpionsihip platyed scrimmage games!. The titeec- Theiti gotlito iritittH mit:nutit tot +stitti+''+ i g l ae-sites Ill. -gamtt niature and a-ill be Considereit as etch.:Itlensrttril get howtt to thard wacHu-ire cOtclil oif. c Ii-ittr..'..owasrtttifl. tl 'ie i1'h--ortit r of *jeqntyecpotoeetmastday dsi-to.the!fact jhat they peeb-l- owIn hat la itc-a-will Illinis act if iatb lrams Icyins to pie.wagers '.ax C. Siacrlilat j~sqetyan aopportulnity hlest. ospneen easably till 1101 pltoy Saturday. 7.intntit sit-i ta ies!urnCiti-giiif.. Ih't. t tle iftlilt, cottlest of ali attlic toot B llikens Are Waiting. -IUT YFOIGhTII LIIJgWRTY BONS-- te \N twc~tiein~t hit aim gamce +tnIe"it Nores of the 1lhiioi--ti.Iia A it-icans +ig-r of to cittc-erd to en iteet tintiii'. Inca arid taimli-Il of the Itrelantt."1-ric- Ourza in 5t. I.4 St. Louis Ucniversity ia scheduled to 'ThreeFingered' Breown crportedto:lojano hmln:n l h aligfrteTrrIa-tt.r+tn~ play Cppet0rrda anite-aeha hitril~liiitirc anti g;:cte,:ith ihi-.Cat I rt danti l-+rtr~si-ronI talin'irrle itntiein l"i a snot as yet been clied off. -uhe urn- En are in arW r!'rni,,.ir1.Almofteus+'."ItPrlrslG lerpsp "trsity authorhties aewaiting In thin bg:1gC(I inh'war 'Vorktitan It i:hi--it eof-fortthemThreelI.tilts it--l it. 1 -six c th 1,s ti lllIi ppethat the order osay be suspended INDIANAPOt.SS. INS), October 8- wl Irto. iinait'+tlin.! iji acoOtt li "o thisTheel idsli i-tr!otollan i itulif i-il before that time. As a last resort they Mrea rwn h h-fin -re tier, rttar icitilltII ta ie ile ltoisltlci-ti th -Threi I ttttiic.-aril iThitys- i r t-rtn will make an attempt to have the game Mmea he-ige lotth. i'c-lt,!,,I.i p1it,"t. C-le i-csixth to get ix hioglee i-Ifhis ~i~cy p___________________ itching marvel of major league fame, tw rmit + e.1.,I+ "rahssoitti of itt. I Igaita ei, Irp't-itl wehhe -ile Ltmhthlh nishr et ~ ae.a'-iptatn-to }y" AUTOER. is engaged In the nation-a-ide task ef I1:tire miiitg n~li.t:tr;1!,n'its ditihu hiin tis opponlents In r0-uet. 'it. iitI Kt latch---: AUTOER, helpin l h a.Irw swr-to sri-raing gainix"m iitit ttmaorcoel-lwigsfcums.tu logeswithin__________________isance._______ Lwsu imped ilet. l te I i'Tr1ee ettet - -- ing for a firm hers, buidhng' Liberty lgs ctir iy rr-- lilne- Iinttrcdanod Fttrta"-s.-eirt rr-"l c, u 1e ARThe cc-visenr deli toli:raoteo'r~'l 'w z~ sMERCANTILEC motor parts. He Is 41 years odaid i itr sodlop if! d-hdbenarn a.V. exempt from active military service be- leoa.1T tiiSY. NmStMlit I. totforen afetal f uponif bu". -hi ieiare General Autloneers and Csmmtlen cause his thumb and first finger of his Iwaxc ful it1'rinetlilvery teaillo tci5be-i hers bring send; - Merchanse right Ihand are missing. "The veteran Neltw-n.-r tM!. Steora tonrt Slr. Lloyd Waite Flays. tlu meetie uend Elghth and Lucas Ave., esfet tIoJe ikri temn uciues c. - hlvtot lt -oA tnrhe.S, ild ailes aftroitr P; s c e-ditton if -f Telephone, pats 1370. t'fr- i o o ike nteOa- 9Tttti'I \ttettMiit tA. eJsDy-usaaWenaas ht-aentcof the Columibus club of the Ililinot s e. die--eam iiMatto~lin. cthrnwakltt-iet ddte tored ltali!Iiimr daeadFiay. -AeianAscxinlatsao.!dcia c ttn tOce ciigfe h h- lndetatlg, i iote I E i 1 I l 1

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