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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ >< rTHE SPORESMAN 1 VIE W,.SPOKANE, WAS~ VJVSBIG SI1RE ---- WlOPE AD~LE PE A-EML E1Relaids fMr.nd ooG.ICha ol Ric ltle. Tr.O POST STREET aici n M ws. ft he,n, O IST E a icoindte Wr'zoictn;: yieaorcnrt rormsi Fraisk Sweeny of Economy Takes peace. Stdfth btet1iviray- is aeerineed Theater Managers, ubilantAn-i ereso~vra' ~toneFrtPorisi Blok. - nthe royaiic c rtts ik- Six eeks oh army. Leonardl M-UCii-ta', Joahn 'RICE. FIXED AT.$36,000 34~inn; onaldeolctcco. rt~lCOMMENCE AT. 11 A. M. Arcihie Chich-clec..t to rr, WieC, 'irse to- esreer Center of it. care allaitht h'" ighting torten, Good ill.ssAre Scheduled5 for Sest 0.15 lDisrct-To Operate ete C -t oo ow-eof Weeki-Woodwoard Begins ofte1NQ FLU CASES htr FrnDwcy rsdn ft edDADTEDS UII fA Vihaehesood 0 ovtrer-sntry Boavarlo building the ar nt nightt it tie ban waod to be:tted o te tet eenI - -- lifted at cooiot-it-t ietthl. enabling - sino avenue aed ttivertede ave Day 1them. to tn -tc. amoer-ou ty, i'loore ri. n "'tt till conduct thee tir Ir Showed Only One Death in of ftbte emitt iogu litoe'- oune il trlet, "to.bpi the principal retail on- Spokane and One in Hill. upeci at i odCtItth i-tHiroudrococ ot lliccotept.ot the lcociomy toree -'yard. 't'aetuge. a lireim. The company nil ttrn altyad hd cc fitta4 ny thie cmarket- Mr. Sweyfltosc ngent. tlpe:to move-;the iaen stoe and of' SEVERAL CAESSRIOUSI Manager E.'tot-he Walkcer olftbo re'o frm- WO3f Iiverside to the AES Pancugee oII tree-ct Lteen, the Ii, ew location between December I tactootot.,tt his hettdliner. iceosant icd,t. Neepisn omt42'e 2Patents. Against the rest.f the, -ttpatro s hav ohd a?The ltesee, to cover arotieco aiel floe wck' ttti ctlioo Itt Spekale.Fl 1r11 Several Day. Iithe ractsiconcthe pogram incitcde v-to, tae--oyt$36,000, toyable $400'cytc-nnedr cidthty for:the fIrsttto yearore te-Aan" Pr'ank and Pgy I ~ cnnlde cg JaRttoaro',;5000 monthiy tore c----o-moec ed hooe urn ttiatheay, cn years tarteg,Oaaary t, t921, Iteports oatbcrec! ~t c-rtdtty are GuonTa,;i~cd t.e ccome[ dy~n; itco -t =0;monthiy toe tlto two yeat tr tong that tteinfluenza situation to coy Williamand co mpany'nn ar cktslg St afli;AS*S, 1l 1,.,poR f neitonoothe decline. No new sketch, and Sing and iHorvey. comoedy Tte- butilding. naw occupied by the cadr eteoe reported inpyeterday and aed plano - he ectiodale It othiog -- conttany, n- ott oetae re reported due to 'emerty (tenanted.Ice',Coitle, P'rcttt & tnfluenza, en, "in tpokane aned osene nLierty. - epbte,-ndsilater--byrtht c tbbino OHtttyarct.Bitlle Burke tl 1reopen the tLlb- t [ tLr dma l e'tlrte le tc~rre ibt ioofaptl oehicb 10 erty thinoter In the Pe~arshoptsh ict ipoasy'to to "retire $Oa i'e ~cretail the' reeevln ta ttee Ior rporte to tare, onPusueeett of FVaiiyiTistonl qhteg hbs~eat;;ooc Of, 0 Sartindate the ita: heath eoffice after i oclock will 'run just two day'o, and tar Thurs- t asotapd ystrdySatuedtsy afteenoon. had tnotices. of day G.-NI. Cean-fcrd anoueO sOitotc - 0.0 B aak l t hc -cer-B~el o" qert Wooing," The Zeedyfstov.SspCto 'epefo' portealJo-_8atoedao"asthtltooe.. 'ut 4"] ao d e nfet o~resn-ltiT * o J7 e t fl dit t- e i.le x n t a pe tarp scn lve yA itnta e.' i' gra ~ - fthe spufl io t fha'7boitdng an t i 'ot a aort ~eeO e e dihargea. - c OHtP~trm vi r~u gtsitare 4 a' blink"t' 4beoteseeodata Tbelnd are viow 62 the boo- Tc OIpdou tl oet t ~ScpS1 stieoho oaidSt~ Swep,-phI tact -t thse osaiee is a rt bilit tomorrow only, *wnlgisg SY ri le!' bos;iaitian, with thanced Tfor ssits retoiae omidweek chartgo on k.x lt p 9e u>,_ts ene idbta toll mlta wt cacd Wne-it he omheadedprogram toepee tan~tth Stg.iee-s eede~eroedouhtful, cod aix serious. Win aa 01twamaete, i-ao-b-- oretantral,forthe' eeal tae fth e piesit fear racng wometen-ho sing. On.-the ifoipier pubtf --,;-Additional to 'the hopitaln-as caring f or liP and some- same hit asea"Sterenant There. - a '> tioor ws wll ave tn-uappeor tirnee higher, deity. - -- - otoei.t amobeclatit etd Earle, cam ae topr a -On he. hbt~ksrtes rnaa- rFla ptssttsi Heads-s lit tdy, ing11og and taitKsng. Cqrnult r~.e.tps+}lnd doll ts 9 in ettno, )r A.,Too.wcoasbe tee. asrialists soot aurohtt; Wttt bo esnatJspeoR.p 7icrg.,;rthhs, p.ita beer'. )- lamo and Taylor, -2cooedentertain teeap.s. a > s bss cr r o-ef hosptal'.r t e;16n r; the 'otos ltait-acid head bat <.tehstqitxaofda' igtodsneers, afod fane.Stotvdge in the c! +# ra,n w!saelteh-hlot~sdttpg wat hose. 'With.0temerature -of photoplay, "'The- Pon-er sand the Denilsi a -o. bl P, d - -ptr. to antiotyated. - -7-- ' Popie of the iniand Empire hare bean-saving their -moey for-tHees -Years or;more of war, and,thin tceisA bration "of victory sould iA n '_ntii return of prospsrity in thel Xelsnid - - - --- - -Empire," said Frank Bweul, y 'hair+ -man ot the victory frt n t i'., ce. yesoterday. "The tnlanfL- Emnpire is At,,prosperous cod n-c wankt iks froms - -461altpoincto to como 't":t-Spokape- aneed:have a good time neat week. Thte -yg# people, have been stayinig. at' home, ItIEI s A,,'~- denying themselves iuxorteio. n often neessities, to heip n-in the ar;, The daughter of Chief PeooWeke'.Hon-.the n-ar tosn-on t O h ludto been aointed a Y. Mt. C. A. seit give themselves a big hatidal'-tory, - and n-lit, teare shortly for -w rancee.n-here she n-lt work 'among Viseoy-lonueneets Ha s40 Fess l ti. he 1,000 Amdctecans tedianesn-ito The big mocnoment to typify the nete Seinet1: ortes there. bits. Ta- "world vitotory isn.toa tatict 4b fspt-b iO1- - Dlna is-the first Indin lady to enter" according to' planto drawn up htliif. te. iecriylue -cmmittes. It ti,' it.o-etcccif-h " VI' iIYV IIooLlIUY i.. trac-te4 -aeleheotion, in fro nt Afteles - -IAthletic.cub. toeeoi'-)Errest IA S.,k tnt wilt biake the dedcestoiry adc UREa -U Tatoy n-cuIce a---petentione at - fair, wittb13avernorIlster fedig te tyocnieg eemons.oO bairmAan E.K,. Rogers Eapeots The Lewin end Clark and Noreth Further Good Reports. Prom total higic ichoote havsettteiean nualpst football elassic on Thanksgiving, District Workers, -Anteher big baillIs ptaene taor ____________tdot eight.,ocith an opeing con - ceit by t0e marine band from Stars BUSY -ON 'SUNDAY!Iti laed. This ie to he belt hit the armory, --- --- SpeotsPregrsiW' to He Attrctive., Rana; -nse -ta. Others so!- Report. The sorots program Lor:- SpokaeA,.::Tsdayoro'sa go gwisAn" n-- three dops' oictory celebration n-itl '" ansevuuorro fighe. be furtheor dietittiabeed hf theangidn teon concoct botweg ithrda:te ieiand teandctthe Uteeraityot idaho, to Tasteday was "service" day tonlice vievect here iSaturday afitecceon, he united ar.worko drie" and blackt Nocciohcor Id. All tentatice. art-ea.gcorkere throaghout tha city n-re il '$ aei etert t,00V eten Fiftca urget by their captains to devotwl W. Smith of Bet 7;:-DTe., toe., actl posstie time to the n-ark thrnugh- marine anthoritic.e wozrd utsedt in the -nt the day. The reaults of this ef- 1nfoll-wing sesase, received hers yes Lerdev by Mr. Smithfott wilt not ho known tilt tomarrow "Arrangoment. sncisfantory no per -ut laresresults are hetleipated. telegram to Dicto Stontey, Foothall Tbe boy scoutsowtre also hose' yes- team leaving for northern trip Moneordey cod n-lit he today. day morning. Advise president of Ths sampaigcn-os to have closed-, chamber o: commerce and chairman tday but owing to the toss of time of victory committee arratigem-cots nd effort thtreugh the inftueneaa apI- eotfirmo-i. Wiltln-rite you from semie aed also the pea eteebration Portland. Lieatenant Affiech. athrlst Monday it ba -peen decided latlo offieser U.. Marines' football o etend the time two days so that team." alt workers c-ill have two extra-days Dick Hanley. a Spokae.boe', ison which to bring op (hair quotas, eaptain of the -teato, and Wtt,$i. A meseting uf the majoes in charge i(-trneelar') Diets, "ave had ouch of lbs fion mards n-as belt Saturday splendid Ouoeess with the IV. s810. tight te eheck op n-hat might he footbull teoco fur years, is etach. ~t expeced from the oseddstristo' marine baud accompaniea (ho team. end it was the opinion ot all thai they would go over the top hot that PRAY FOR SICK P OLK itwould tabe hard work os the part h lc okr od o nEtnples-od Cssuls answer to the quiestion yesteriiy, it sse is Catholic Chaehees. 'Have you reiported all subscriptions -Commtunion sereices were cos-- received and have alltheic teams to- dueled,'in all at the Episcopal ported teoyo"BSokane County churches at the city. yetta day mornChatrmae B. 10 Wogr sraia l eg and at the same heair the chureb "We herve raised $91,000, loanieg membcrs ceornhiped to their homes. 100,000 to he raised. This sum rep- Previoas to the services several at rasentoevery centI oubscribed of tho clergymen received telephone whiechn-weihavo any report. Joet how j cll to offer speial prayers'for ths omuch more may haveoehoensubscrihedI Individual aick ant in Alt Saints tale omall smoants and ect yet re- thedrat prayer, wore offesed for the ported hi htc'ck wcrere, we bae no flee. H. E Oberholtuer, formerly "roas of knowiecg. reetor of St. James church cnd who "We hare loot time botch throughrencentlyelsf1 the Eisnaohoew charge ice peace celebration end the Inflo- to take tp Y7 III C. A. work asa eeoa-btut-ota--tod- o a4Iatcat-le ong ear-onesewa-fie l-s-w a2on which we ecay now n--t i-knlt doab t- tite-ereagncn_ ticto wayxgoros---J ieeessiee use nobly ovter the top""' In ail of the Catholic churches the tfdialS Urge SterMosy. priests conducted pricate masses. The floing cetreram n-ce re- Thce doors n-ere kept osed, with 0h9. eeibed-iate last night by B. 1t. Rst- excepicott of the one cide door to the err, -Spok ane yu ttecrtairmant,-f rem chuches, accordingtO Bishop 4AuChcarlie W. Wilcox of Crattle:"Moe- gostln F. fehioner. sagoc received feom representativecsc ~wWs fitd of alt ocven organizteeionesay:'On 0101"tCielos O WaIVotrod acecount of thc two datc lost by in- J. Mit trituct. W1021 Chelan aceflIcene nd peseeleebrution, hats nue. was hooked at police headqosrdeceIded to cticne acepalgn t il toreyesterday onea narresttsoed en Wedneday nighct.' omploint of Patti4. Otrobarch, health "Quote Presideint Wlilop e nd tc the h toe, olleging a violation of the eeeretory - of -then army se-il ef the h o rdieance. Cnilster, it -is occey'se to necessity' of mere money. chart'god In the warrant, neglected to Beac down en greater need dutoegpot a cooncretn floor cod drain to demohltrotien than 'when- soldiers lice cesspool.-,ide reported cobb'in-cc- fighting" - - tartly at the police station when h-s "i:eyone shoitld audt theiree- leared a warrant iced heen lsoued. ceicitotemorro~waid!tf they-have no tj sisioesaSteaiHoick -Car. - doe, all that they con for the bae.1 over' ihore they have the opportoeity RaBy IE.fDahl, 507 Thirty-third seeto bcalance accouts~t," said fleera 1 A.I eye. reported to polleen boadqintrters' l -Whtc of the coWtiioe ommy (ot 'eterd y tics theft of hit."Buick night. ruadstc, hearing the state Ito. 31978. _______The macbine. wich bas a yellow Tn-s Die ofInItl orsace st Otlesses,. body, Woe taken from n eer the Dac ydldS~t7LA, Moint.. Nov. 17-Tn- eccotthotel, boeteen3:30 and 4:30.: dnacoeccd ttro ten- rascsof ntis- tahi -had purohased It ante at few rso n-ceo reportd edire',today. days '"ao S JiTS in miodes that fabrics of rare,'exci are moderate:-#fo2" me Distinctiveness is 'c~ -and-dtrimming that one: - Sd1veri one-' Tricoine These fahiopaihteotri suite that' will please ther Many of the coats nrk o0 " Hudsoni ail, equirrel tir-ot add distinctive touoches tp ('oloiie greesfl, favy, -Prices f o..-, -. j'$ 3W M aiHdid ro31mfta o e.Â~... - etea ne eco. steeo, eaporting 00-' - '- I aat, c riietNtc t e rproduntc Icthile country. Mr'. MN" sb hrve eritPn catee t hac lrtem. Heoohe Steed eta hbhoes n I the6 railroad rose, William c Dotiaricre, Kenneth IiA tomrvc haer an0 taatCehefe..-Lee' Ernest Hooff, Young let- nas..._tefrst f~orth t') 0 tO[BoozeiAncoefoFlLad "FLU" ON CO daho.actcit oh LI BRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M Drunk - I n itt deicn ste.a

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