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Influenza Encyclopedia

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'h #i sly than apm - "Nd mtter how dange s to I e Miss Emima 1g elI!e, the and heailth." said the ann uncente ekitebsensilnl od poisons or "assignments of Ufteers of thaeUnil04 the dity, has ethes. Stalps public health servi - to d ty work.' In th awy r rmtyad'hef in fb alp and Scrofu-acptd Bei.t combat holera or This brdth. matter how it plague in-.te Philippin s.t tua- milk,' also epry" cleanses, along the Rio Grande, iepfety Inse - )Rd Cross.' ens and Invig- wa l llw fverIinth troee s or thermos bott oftes stm Seers of the Srvice have ieer al "Not lunches s, Salt-rheum. to respond. ev n though th 47have, also been p ncleL, Enlarged It th is atsn~ had to paytith th ir nursss for ti itrt Scrofulous lives."I -Nanly teaeie acompletely km-eii 5padas roats uh nettedby it. Last nfgts report of lbs pub le' lnhs-r is spade from health srvlce on the general inhl- western sone itachl;adjnsa spnation among I blleaITbs!women or alo rm ndthrougl~o t'ths country stowed thas the chaptitr or onltfoiseado abating the qpid m - I- m fcats, whit t*s n of.thc e ing.ussp _ Tin.5 mbks h ir~ f T lent-Fpr Hun97t) ejm Ire 'IL mebree s of 4 trWo otan iim; Y ~it.mion n 41cesIeom l.lS J. oded rats Fred t[ egse ' ofithenilt sGe.1~ f t r ct, one of t mmo vltis4Jived 4st 'o lfp y9401street northeast.. 514 was ttf- t:t. yeatrp odaand had beesh ont.the IQ~~O~il o co fib orcesfoe the -pqrio4 of three A dtrb Jre n itsa e Cogineriy rvd in the orarn f id r.an4 two children. All are now tepeme cob; aldi n I the Muoutem k ats 3. 1. Conrad. forty-ei was is ir 1, o ye old. Is thn other poldbeasan to car and ps-4 eiu tumb. iHs Cserved for 4thes past over whIc "* hod been op the forcy for fifteen r resided, with his wife 04 t g 7g1F.174 p orthpast, and spae surfives him. apped Th " a s.p, 9cbldran. oA; IaI strte t - Aldw wiseas Pserfw. per 001 velop f~A irom, siv 5 distrib+ PAI nsd tm there beenr -days&. vth Sloan's statea re it gets ' Cew -I fevetring ion Oct tst rusb. let it Infusen sd-I.' twinge!and pr achec. paine. beta. onso u-i rlo jois. er un- ern.1 Mrs. FirJoqhn. Mer tobroth ryof New Oliver 0. than thirth4 Columon;RaIlway died last rHospital. oeld. a9 his th 7ieoord. cetigi -sd north- i ndltmg at 9 follows: 1stetti, 151 years. nC; C. Snytret; Linnie ins In Otl untisin the disc ns kyour drug- I katomton in ueorgia. M provided a eok A invent. i Conditiomns in N~ew ifampehlaware re- placed in restds ec, potdImrvdwiein to s,- llactalsno for th. 5tatton NATIONAL GUARD H LTS;;i11#1 use3of oL DRILLS DURING E IDEMI The sons stall0 __________Wster--Brot~ ton lunch, for Cu Goa. a,Ordnn betl.usTrainibewng Slcho Biass Orers n er ~u beteenQ an Iim u ~ fll I tii l'itrtsr Noti-S Plans as M~ne ery"Woe m. e for Active Beerul "g., %orma l Scholp...d e Voa".Stwosseofte Central-Btrr.t I la soldevsrwhne fpt t'huirch. Bire All drills of s atlonal Guard of Webster itebo4i. 1.. iailbe the Itstrlct Qf Columbia ave beein Southern-Broth sus! fnded until further no ce by or- rnch S3chool. 'St der'pf Brig. Gem. Richard. Slusa uuha commanding offlcee of lbs organlsa- Thr are two coI tion. This order has been esued b., opened. ons for cause of tbe prevalence of Span ish Ie- Cha.pel and onef Venty-seoven Suensa. -. hs o Hons A ghbCols, eerutilg fr te Naio t GardBnardmsA's sIfe., In tho Head," was seriously retarded s ma before = Red Cross. the eutbedahiof the inslnen itecausee fins Anna -Green roatQulnsy, of the endrmous,demands do vuin Iof the recruitis*4 n.Ielns the surgeons of that organ spatloif'as, at Sth and FPll a~Seltgu areslt of a hortage of ph 4 1jlamsti Las'. All inquirid eea Waehingtgn consequent u the en-i and doctors shmu.Ib lirnent of?many membe of thte The District Ciap medical piofession in tha'bt tart aid.quartere. 1_10 Co nm naval service. Those. dim do made answered emerg nc ___Guard to Take definite ap intments the chapter 91oe0 Ifor thse pmutat~on of?ecrn to.:J,!sngeybeen livn ott of whom ter applying for nll*tme tlland goernme t "failed to turn for their ph "si aIo great hts bees t1 amination afterone or tw attdfmslI consultation wit to inset t e.curgeons. service it has e~ The st* of the National Guard Ise ask the civipoian alive to a impotahee of recruIting I 'n5. ' ++that -or alsatlon up to its. tall1!' Directions for ms 'strength t the earliest bles.o- 5 are fitves as follow meat. E ort Is being'' a to aO,. 17uhe two thichni range to h vs a surgeon In ' tssdan';e.,fog of gausse'or maoJtwe Announcee*"wtill to bhld togs he; maeo ayeof the w eh"n:e" ote on each co: petitMr 006work s aso o'ng, and Usen; terrasn sopos. -'nose and moth. dbefore nall t~-.i..' a ter isslag they hi Ielf N k MEi 'uF HEN-H '' ' Iht for fSves %i'>,'1Larkor stamnp, h PRAI EID BYSC TI A 4 reed petalde"n. eL1ta Or n.. iZones.,. I3S49S 11th str et. a work of ihe odadministra'tiSchool. ManIWisconsIn aweIf, in charge of n lunch. Wit on 1b and Harr' rd chage. d lunch. Cair ry Bristo0w in charcg 0th~ and If stre t s. d lun'-h, B. IB. And l". trc ts glts. for Vans ets streesouthe t. swalescent ho en Hre at Seth p rmen at N.aptolns oould go to iss at the Nat o at eei is In cliae anion for nu es t%. Wtatt bui dregarding nor as rered to her erj from ifs he detikuta~venue. as. Al* sldfor hi n a d ape., Twin 8,# masks h "e cmpg, hoapt Is epartasents. 5, smtend that a ir h thought beat to Uion to makt, t ir lag gauss mk aof musl1s or Oebeeooth A's around the ea;o ttach four, to es. fourteen 'Incor s as to oover he assts are eat d p uid be boiled ah nths to set la aide of themasIk wowed reversesor thbjiit ifnone ad nd'astergeieral of the Navy. yester3 to aessit. Bile has been stationed mda; aN 1,ith CuiShhoo. eorgetown. SSESorFR VICES. Ten to Lav N 't ae Aca Today for Inluns Nursing. Sistemis of Notre Dams ijamur. Notre barn. Academy. St.- Aloy + perish, who have for the past ml years been instructors of the be and girls in the academy at NoI Capitol and K streets northaat, ha+ vulunteered to the government to as nurses to most the oonditio beought about by the influenza e demic. Ten eiters will leave today amid w 1 be distributed among the eave emnergency hospitals recently eal tothed for war workers. This sisterhood waoc elled up1 for nuresjduring the civil war. THE WEATHER. District of Coiitmba-Partly clou toiay. probably rain by night; tom raw rein: gentle south winds. ).aryland and Virginmia-Fair east. rain In weet portions teds slighti warmer: tomorrow proba rdlnj"gpntle south winds. Wst IVirginia-Local " rains tod am~d probably tomorow. Yesterday's Temperatures. >,tidslght, 61; 2 ams.. 46; 4 am.. 4 e am.41; 5 am..41; 59-sm., 4S; noon. 64. 3 p.m.. 10; 4 p.m., 50; 6 p. 665 6, 7; 10. p.m.. 66. Ifglhost. 60; lo~est, 40. slat'* humisdt--l am.,.71; +..4;1'plm..n1. ou srs of sunshins..6. Geer 0401 of ool s lesunshine. 71. 4wcummulamed ases of temperats, (dlceiJannary ~1915. 59. Excess temnpers.ire side stoaber 1. 113.2 A csvmu lated definiency of preciplt tlidn ci e anuary S. 1ill. 4.36. D t amry:or recipltatlon since Octob emleimatmare same date last yam Tide Tables. ( eipfled by United States oneasta geodetic survey.) 'day-Lw lids. 9:10 amt. and A. p. in; hil5h tide, $-St ad and 6:17 p. 0 omowr}ro-Lcw lid'. 3:55 am, at 4:; high tEde. 4.47 am. and SO: 1!ke nn and [eon. *oday '4n rose, 7:11 am.; sun so' 6: f3 p~ To o ow-,un rises. 7:21 am.: si soes. 6:. 4oomtslao, 6:46' ets. tilt a.m, uto oblie lamps to be-lighted on if so r after sunset. cy h Ft l i "" vtwomen-who ars. wsaring, itliha mae. -Ordered to Wear Macke.. XEDICIN 'FREL To NEEDY. yes Cham r of Commerce to PleA fo 1 er Biding InenaaPatients. Bib - ue Plans for dlnrtbutlng medicine fre4 iPm' toj needy influensa sufferers will,.i mad9 atea meeting of a special m reo' mittee of the Chamber of Comm stre in the rooms of the om'gnlaatios. 1 1241 12th street, at 5 o'clock temo Ly night. p'P. T. Moran' is chairmans of the cinl1e7 mlttde. Other members ars Dr. Lewi* ICito 3. Battle, i. 1E. Barrett, Nanry 1'.Isos Blair. J. S. Buynlishy. John Dolph,? Tel Dr. C. It. fufour. Jesse L, Ergood, Dr. soea J. N'. lami rer. John C. Haley. C. B, Inst Hanrock. W. B. Hardy.%6arv~ n NereniPlie don. Charles J: James. Joseph Jacobi. low. Capt. Thomas Judge.' Bernard Leon- Sml ard. William B. hMcClure. C0. M. Neely, Rot Miss Cecil B. Nortomn. Raymond ) i i v Origin, James ODonmieil. Thomas E 9025 -Cc.G png I perhai -you strain remec cation CG of the our E 1nat10,glasse so Fitte Pure r 81 it h )'Toole. J. Iouie Otlenboig.sB. E street; Albert Druet. 40 ye ars. United Iprifrebanit. B. R. Stichmmey. Jodgs Pltes Public iHealtth ervose No.2 lAlton Strasburger, Washington Top. James F. Murray. 1i years. Providence am. i'i. W. Whitesids and B. Frank Hospital; B Joaqin Tersaihas. 37 fright. 40 years, 5756 Columbia read: Margaret Ors:w Kje iyear, I ofter stng D/. tai I ever. was a~e ca no sw eat esnhi - without fear bof c dssvqu~cses. i rouq a letter to Dr. CaldobeU written by Mr. Jcbai K.LMoore, 516NLo.27hSt.,Ricb oa. 10/30/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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