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ï~~M " Smallpox ---------- Mumps [Crvsipela - Trac;o:ma -.._ -_-_-__;onorrhea i '. i r. t ti l' 1',; - 14: - to t b. car: _.._. -_______ - - - -:'--1 Births Reported \.' I ' - 1.4 14 60 5 70 158 10.67 6 24 60 4;i 74 160 20.15 T",.7:G1-------------- ---------------- rate ------e--------------------------- 155 116 CINCINNATI SANITARY BULLETIN REPORT OF TUBERCULOSIS DISPENSARY FOR FEB., 1918 Total cases hanidle.....--------------------------------------------4 \ew home cases visited and registere..----..__.......__-----.._ 4 Other cases handled in the homes...--------------------------------468 Old dispensary patients return-1st re-visits for year--------------l11S) Old dispensary patients returning-tst re-visits for month----------63.\ew dispensary patients registeredL......--------------------------104 Adults Children Male Female Male Female Totals Tuberculous----------13 - 7 1 2 23 StageI---------5 0 0 0 5 Stage-II--------4 3 0 0 7 Stage III.-..._...4 2 1 0 7 Non-pulm ------ 0 2 0. 2 4 'i L F7 /r CINCINNATI..on-tuberculous --..--... 6 189 Doubtful ----....----- 14 12 Totals-------.-..33 37 14 11 4 19 15 4g9 32 -104 New positive cases sent to the Municipal Tuberculosis Sanatorium..- 10 New positive cases sent to the St. Francis Hospital._.. New positive cases transported...-.._........-___.. New positive cases sent to Private Physicians - -_____ New positive cases under care of the Anti-Tuber.culosis League-__ Other cases sent to the Municipal Tuberculosis Sanatorium 16 Other cases sent to the Ohio State Sanatorium--.---.----....- 1 Other cases sent to Kenton County Anti-Tuberculosis League.-._4 O ther cases transported --- ---- Other cases sent to Private~Physicians~~ - ------- Total number of nurses' home visits---------- -07 Total number of nurses' misc. visits----. 145 Total number of visits by investigators other than nurses2 Total number o-f visits of patients to dispensary.. -as Sources of Reference of New Dispensary Cases: Anti-Tuberculosis League 39 Associated Charities......-.- -- Bureauof Cathottc Charities- - -- Cindiinsti- General Hospital-~-- - - Churches-__--_._ - Deprtrent--of Public Welfare.- - Domestic Relations- Court-----~-- Ohio Miami Medical College -- Own-accord. -- Other patients 19--- - Other sources -....---- Private. Physicians------------- -United Jewish Charities-- Red-Cross Society- -----3------------------ - --3-- SS. Army Discharged patients- - - -- Ntumber of school lectures -given------------ -79 - umber of pupils reached.through these lectures - - -5872 *tutulI.?uUrtin* Entered at the Cineinaati Postoffies at Seinnati, Ohio, as seoad-afas matter VOL. 1 APRIL 4, 1918 No. 47 -A- family carried.the Virus of the di THE- SANITARY.:DANGERS:..:.. sease to -the neighbor'sbaby. Sim FROMDM SICPT - M D I P ilar instances have been noted be - A report on ar epidemic or ir- fore in connection with..smallpox = leit smallox in one of the south transmission, and cats and dogs western states submitted to the both hae ebeen incriminated as Sigeo Gieneral -of"ie Public criers }of plague infected fleas Ser";; eitt5rvice by oi e;of:the offi':'::cases':of bubonic- plague:so con ic of that. orps ets forth with traetedlhavng. -been:observed by. - enewed emphasis the role th t-do - Publc 1 ealth Service officers mestic pets may play}n0:the trans workiig in recent: pague epidem.i ission of.diseas especially:ics The same household'pets al amiTg hidr Th instancC so have been charged in certain csted was that of a fatal case;o'-instances with th yresponsibility nsmallpox In attinfant i arms carryingthe infection ofdiph The ''nearest'caseof' the'disease tieri scarlet- fever andother was in a hOuse;a bloc: or aisc=: communmcale diseases;of children taut and. although the two families as well various ntestinal para had no social 'rely ' u$ Ahieap sites. - parent did not deie -a. ie= A- A disease that annually causes rlogging to the infected family more than 100.deaths in this coun fromn dividing- his attention i- try:is rabies, and the role of do partially between the two homes, mestic animals in spreading this eatiug at one place.:.and sleeping disease is definitely proven,.spec at,the other ulation or circumstantial evidence Innno other way could the sorce being discarded of the infection of the baby be- ex- Altogether therefore, it is per plained, than- that 'the dog fondled ectly evident that the citizen who by the- children.f the smallpox keeps domestic pets maintains at (Coacnded o page 31.r_ r,. _...._.: CINCINNATI SANITARY BULLETIN. CINCINNATI SANITARY BULLETIN.. CINCINNATI Continued from Page 1 the same time a very potential

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