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Influenza Encyclopedia

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Ctr ~V'~ a ity l1il t I111iitt; 111111111 llccause it ispaindemsicflalrt iAT ~ iTercle t'lhats nyse cases..f in leg ini itsspnred bhecsit acltillin Allnoor M~eetings harzt ecdlllielel tda\-, andthi ie -Icreitsis. the iest niattisee 01 re\"nt i- h ~. 'lealth l l'lilet expect;a nig{ Lion is lie quaratitille -situtile inola- i1 IBe Stopped ror-Tlime ull iitoiitrres lttul~rlssas cirders lion eif iusliei iais. Tis is a goodsl\". eeset CIit 1 to phytsicianis to re lume for inothers, stit-cteiuart. rela- thiaeln tt~esatiln lrt ill eases. 1It is estimated lthat tir e. attilothers toreefraiti leoit ithe Douglas;ltiiiil telelsmecteeaeittetat2ltlt ae kslt hs hoaredean to themu. teinisitie influeain ilthe city. 'Te numb;: kisait-t thoseiteis ivitit PiuliceRinger eIof seaths reported tlay teas 139. The lune of commelutinkinupels ansi H-ealthlsCtittstoe Mutig aurantf disliadandtu oler utensils i isitwsthe scnise of tite tectirtg that Abandon Indoor Liberty datugerotseatpIbisstime.tivas advisale de datrusatthieti mepbicsevceIpsetmetto I close all musing plc- Loan Meetings to Stop Flu scenitsheise s er imlaiftre shows. theaters. lance tails, IQuaranine restriiclu i cll put5 not identical to the epidenmic of schools, char ches, lodges anud othee stop to. the hoidli:g of in-door Lib grippe wihich syept the country in indoor gatheringt. Large open air erty loatinieet-ilgs. 188Q-90. ~~~~public gatherings terre also decided Cactn0.Esmno h Viery likely the infection, resur- against. eadidththeoere-Otiahtaconimittee has slated thot reeted in Europe. antd after Te uesdta h re n all contemplated in-door meetings swe'eping the tsar tort' countries mtain itt effect until rescinded by the trill he ahandonted during the time noyIa ppeared in tile United~hat eproet the quarantitte it itt effect, but lie States, has a very ancieunt history, Commissioner Matnley of the inhieves, utitithstaod in g Isis bait taking it hack to the day's of Hp- Chamber of Commneree requested dicap(imalta tl!goo-rtil e lop int pocrates slid Licius tuore than 400. httt eoncuaii et~d-approved style. years before Churist. lied if tine situatisuit tas tot too The knot means of treatmnett of grave, as a Iquarantine tlt the cut'y tFlu" Raging in Persia. the influenza cases were coimiutti- swould prone disastrous to the lss V sill-n Gt. i eated to the country a few days ago ness interests. HeI said thse buusiness rahdeiahdltgo, Oct.-V e by Surgeon General Blue through meat would comiply with ally order.taiti the stale dApatmlent today the Associate'. Press. Nonw Gen- No actiotn 'was taken on his request.Ithtat an e ptdemic ot Spanish itu eral Blue has issued a leaflet whbich The members of ite council at Ite I ma us raging to Tehieran, Persia. tells something about the strange meeting wsere: Drs. A. K. Tyler,.--I malady. if. Vance, B. W.Chtristie,R.'V Brought from Europe. Bliss, C. H-. Waters and I.P "I cnsprobable thst in 1918.Wery no in 1889-90, the earliest appearance - was in easters Europe," it says. iBy, New York oGape April cases wvere occurrinig ott thektoGa i western front. In Spain. ccrig W t rbe ruh laiioltiwere -attacked" in May". 7h viTrblm Bruh 1889 epideic,. starting in nor'thern by Spread of Influenza Europe, also feil heavily orn Spain; tepresent ruler, then 3 years old, New York, Oct. 4.-With. Spantsls being fine of the -first attacked: in influenza and pneumonia gainng IMadrid. Thfine li'a of tssi:a:.1ol t..uos 1.7... UNO1OrI!-N. Help Win the War---Buy Liberty Bo, FIG SPECIAL SAL and DEMONSTRATIO 'of HOWARD Overdraft eatei anidSteel RangEi Commencing Tomorrow, Saturday and Continuing For One Weel FREE OWAR STEEL RANC Given Away ABSOLUTELY FREE Fri Evening, October lie at 8 O'Clock. Full Information as to How the Range Will be Gives J Can be Obtained at Our Store. Howard 3e!Sanee Are Stoves of Merit, r. '~l -are absolutely guaoae 1 to give you entice sate tory' service and to splendid. first-class 'ba: The bodies alie mada polished sheet-steel, trne with Howard Rustj ' ~preparation. Have - fireboxtes,. fitted with. plex grates and heavy J,,..- l oigs. They are. trie wiiths plain nickel, i% makes it easy to polish keep clean. Many styli select scum. A~ll moderately priced. 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