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ï~~ f e);: ~w~ner ch~re" Prooses Three Parlia. mens fr1 rjntoHave Con r l L trot of Dlomestic Relations, 00ivmiajI. Braydes 1 tnc Special t*bres e The J urnsl and the Chlcato dileeog&by.PDaly News. fl r..a e t,pyrlg1 t. 1010, ' by Chico Psily New. Co.) I ii ~ ublin, Jan. 16.-An influential fish wig jw iea- e 8dition has been formed to advo-,': a new plan of homie rule which it v r b 1-'rUbe possible for England- to pass. u" t. RI1e the Irish people control of their ~ ow~iaffairs.. It provides for E~nglish ~onbr,I ecurity by retaining for the -Imperial ~ ~ar lmeet the army and navy and the:ea. main pwesand giestoth j 1ti~Ihprliarnept jurisdiction,.. both leg tgsal.and elaecutive, over, domestic K..1_ - - " lir' 3 Os aen at 50 at X41 connerns The plan contemplated meets the Ulster difficulty, for the -schemeie s federal and allots three local parliaments, one for at one for Munsster and one for the rest o Ireland, all purely local busindis. The ocal parliaments would be federated mnt ne Irish comnmnonwealth. The scheme has zealous men and good brains behind it. It Is figured as the true colonial model. President Denies.N1YTribune StorYr Iew York,..Ja7r 7 I. N. S.)--The Â~.On:. a1idinformation today isoae h following statementk, "Presidenlt Wilson:cateorica1Wy denis making ~t at ttttrbzted to httbinsthe4.tgrs t he New v York Tribune to Vie ej dt ef, ' threatened to i at i i~ntroops, from s'trance ~ ~%~ v~eE onfe~eee gyce ~&~a~XL1mar r ~ s n1$de b th. o ' ov nt2. C arran a tnpd ' the would nCR Ue'a -candid ~4 eltio t at the rs piratonA o f t- Lesent berm; two yeas:: hein e. die 'ilaretine'tO. private life an4dal; r t I xc poittos.O T Ur s 1urener in Anuswer to Demands OfBritish Military London, Jan. IA.--(I. N. S.)-,The Turkish, garrison at Medina (a Holy city in;Arabia) has surrendered to the Arabiazi forces under King Hussein Hedjaz, saId a dispatch from Constantipople. today. The surrender was carried out on Mon day, The British rlij authorities re 4entjy served, an ultlmatien upon the, Turks, declaring that all of the forts the l~ai'danefleE would be destroyed tlze the Tut'4 h garrison at- Medina capitulated. Eulogizing Germans. o tsWa sh in g to n, Ja n. 1 $ - -. N. 8 )- B e - cause:hoepromiscuously eulogized the German people, particularly the German spies, and seemed. to side with the Germans against the United States, and paid that the kaiser was a gentleman." Captain Samuel H. Hodgson, medical corps, United States army, has been dismissd from- the service, the war de partment announce, today. Sinnm.Fein Nominate Their Feace Agents p~uI in, Jan. 1,- 0J(. P. )-Count o Pl utett ed 1m0idlera have 'been selected as the", 1rishhJ; legat a to the epe ae conference, it anouaned to=. day.. Theywere picked a; Wednesday's meeting of the Sinni?ein members of parliament. early15,O0O Meg. To Come ome Boon washington. Jan. 11.-(f1. N. S )-Ad $Ihnal units of the cmian expedi-%fd...ary eyfors pa*%saj e " a tto CGASESt:57 F' Mask Qrdiflanc Kil1ed Ate Hard Fight; Physicians rlndr4 Masks i n PiIcPlaces. The influena si tuation: New oases reported Wednesda:r lDeakthse, 25. New csprep tdWednesday, bIg, toR. Deaths'1 14 6'6 cs Aro0 this, morning, 6Z.' Deaths 9, f,,?4 - Material decline in the numbs~ru ~Wt cases that will be reotd J4 forecasted by the reports ro until "noon. There were 10,daif ported~ Wednesday morning, so t at death rate today is a,ranIyabu same. The. outstandi ig feature of the,a ",s flua campaign.this morning is the:lifshi~4. iii'tructions issued by the (CohsObtt4I Health Bureau to regu1teoal t ite and train transportatt. M Streetcar and railroad company O~( elats have been notified-that all VienÂ~. latoria in streetcars must be. Ikept oi, all the time, and that doors of:*i~~ ars and rail road coaches must. bek open while the cars are 4~t tertinua4,.5 q Ca asnesLmtdThe number of passengers allowed.- 0 streetcars is limited to from nine- toe fi persons in addition to the seating cap a. lydpnigo h sz fteaat ive persons are allowed o~n the 4bt;.. forms of the larger oats Pollee officers have l5n Ins* ucted 't see to it that the rules: are, Drs. H. L. Rosenberg..., A. Pq ti and IH. C. Beany vioimate ed-,Wednsed for service with the healh hureau. W1.i Deputy Health Ofle PF. H. 4ta nasach and Ralph Fisher, a t tit week, the bureau now has iveadi tional. assistants to act as visitinlg dopiu', tore. Dr. Calvin S. White has beezi8sÂ~j. a' pointed director of hospitals, aet'i T' iz: Ziegler, C. G. Sabin. Homer Z, and J. A. Applewhite, all experie d pneumonia cases, have been asked. to + detailed here from Camp Lewis the emergency. Dr. Karl V. -Meyer,,"the hap, 'e' o cisco export and mask advocat r,has been assisting Dr. Sommer, a, Wiley Jones -of Port.ands are bo a timns of the ""flu" and are 0o0f their needs. Now that the ceanpnl 'yflay. ordinance hAs been wheli4a '1'r director general of the condo health bureau's fiht against (ii demine,' is appe~ltpr the pubico We.aring of *izasks.. '1.Dr; < los ' - s inurgj 11/20/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R N

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