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ï~~ S m many ocortons an Charles A. Lethert, a loyal America 17- ways, This famil ar: Then Begs Funds cfser' and the Democratice nominee Girl eart In Pall From Car. bere for t position of clerk of the su- Miss Genevieve Kneelan 49 at. g by the many public - premecourt." a t f after gettn o,ad th good fortune of A ping denunciation of Senator street car in front of the Brown d > =lera their friend" Knute Neison and his war recrdHAYSBIG COT T Bigelow plant, univer ty aenuet Arrangements were not andua "passing of the hat" for cam S BRINGS CONTEST- HERE near Hamlineavenue,yesterdayand utn was 6 years agoldand espenses featured the meeting State Republican- Heads to Accen- Inedohernte iway anke he was lat~r lou wa 55yeas od, ndof the Current Toptcs club at the St. tknt h~da optl Minnesota from St. Louts Paul Athletic club yesterday afte- tuate Congressional Fight. '__ _ l t't*lr years gh'e had blish noon, at which W. G. Caiderwood. Will H. Hays, chaIrman of the Re iyer pu -National party nominee for the Unit- Publica4 National committee, in a e"e Fi'rheton Union, a weekly pa- ed States Senate and indorsed by the telegram to the state central com- W artim e Recipe Sfh h he founded. Nonpartisan league,. was guest of mittee last night, repeated his ac honor. ceptance of bhe challenge from Presi TO GET DUNN NMr. Calderwood stamped Senator dent Wilson, and indicated that the rr ray air TNelson as having opposed the Presi- battle for the election of Republican N THE TICKET. dent In all' his war measures. He congressmen will be waged all over Minn., Oct. 38.-At confer- also charged him with having shown the country, Actress Gives Simple Inexpensive o;Â~ $tAepublican leaders from undue concern for the welfare of the Many of the Republican senators Recipe for Streaked or Faded t' Misl.Lace, Sherbura and railroads. and other party leaders who have counties, held at Princeton In the course of his denunciation heartily supported the President In Gray Hair. aca this afternoon, Richard of Minnesota's senior senator Mr. the conduct of the war and who ex a Mille Lace county farmer, Calderwood took ocoasion to call Mr. pect to continue supporting the war near Milaca, was selected to Roosevelt to task for his apparent to the utmost will aid in the cam- Mrs. a i t e kndon Ner f te place of the. late Senator concurrence in the Nelson views. palgn, although many of them previ- and whose hair is still dark. recently.,,Dunn, as a candidate for sen- At the close of the talk the meet- ous to the issuance of the Presl- made the follawinsg stateent: %rom the Fifty-fifth district, ac- ing was asked to subscribe toward a dent's challenge have contended that "Graystresked or faded hair cnn be L g to State Treasurer Henry fund of $8,t00, which, it was said, partisanship should not enter into the immediately turned blackbrown or is,. who attended the meetings. was needed for the campaign and In. campaign. light brown, whichever shade you v. 'Hanmer is an officer in the directly for the protection of Amer- hs by whthevthe followngU atte' creamery of Milaca and has ica's future. simple remedy that you can make atti notnnently Identtfied in the Upon the invitation to donate a HEAVIER CLOTHING NEEDED. home; a tors co-operative movement in number of the auditors tip-toed o for Fie Are h"Merely get a small box of Orlex hoetio-. toward and through the door. GoodsfShould powder at any drug store. It oosts Suitable for Winter Wear. very little and no extras to buy. IllsLL CONFER WITH MAYO. BONDING FIRM PAYS STATE. Narrow shoes thin dresses andsole i i Fulldirectionm for thrug lhtunderwear are articles of wear-teh roulr~etin ormxn id Surgeon Here for Conference Settlement Made of Court Judg. ing appas r that are finding their way and use come In each box. Into the fire area of Northern Min- "You need not hesltsj'e to useC on Influenza Situation. ments on Timber. nesota, when wIde, strong shoes, dur- Orles, as a $100.00 gold bond comes o $jor Charles Mayo arrived in 8t. Payment of $1,955 by the Aetna able dresses and warm underclothing in each box guaranteeIng the user last night from Rtochester, Casuaity company today to Attorney are the things mostly desired, ac- that Orlex powder does not contaIn b, to take up the influenza situ- General Clifford L. Hilton ended a cording to Hugh J. Hughes, editor of silver, lead, sinc, sulphur, mercury. S i in the Twin Cities and to dis- test suit in which the state estab- the Farm, Stock and Home, who re- anIline, coat-tar products or their p the use of the newly discovered lished its right to payment for the cently made a tour of the stricken derivatives. o full value of timber cut from state territory in the interest of relilef It does not rub ote is not sticky or annpunced that a conference lands, even frod second purchasers, work. will make a gray haired person look P 4 be 'held at the University of and in cases where actual figures ex- Mr. Hughes describes many ofthere r peota some time today, but de- ceed cruisers' estimates. sufferers as stockily built, with short. an'y years younger."t eotacommento hesrm-eAdrertLetnent. 4 to comment on thc serum a- Peter Skoglund of Eriesberg wide feet. necessitating the use of ' t discovered by Dr. Edward C. bought the timber on a section of wide shoes, especially among the d mow of the Mayo clinic. state land in Koochiching county, wom, who, he says, need shoes not ad itted, however. that he be- and after cutting and removing it leas t n 6 E. I BACK t id the serum would do much to failed to pay the state. The cruisers' IF D C HU k the spread of the disease. estimates totaled $1,800, and a bond Ien-asked for his opinion as toEfor that amount was furnished by PLENTY OF LABOR AT DOCKS *BEGI ON SALTS W t *he authoritIes here were the Aetna company. An Investigaog he right procedure by keep- tion showed that the timber cut and No Danger of Northwest Coal the theaters, schools and removed was valued at more than Shortage Threatens Now. Flush your kidneys occasionallymhes open during the present run 835,000. iO disease, Dr. Mayo said he was James E. Markham. assistant at- The Northwest will receive Its al- if you eat meat 1 iently familiar with the local torney general. brought suit on the lotted coal supply in proper time, the ttiokL 'discuss it. bond and also against lumber coin- labor shortage at Duluth being far' regularly. panies to which Skoglund sold the from serious, as reported last week, timber. Judgments were obtained in H. V. Koch, state director, announced "ICTORY FOR HILTON. all cases.yesterday after receiving reports case. ___________from Superintendent J. C. Batten. AY,. Rate, He Will Carry Sel- I who went to the Head of the Lakes traml, Brainerd Man Says. HUN TRENCHES LIKE HOTEL. trafkeedirect charge of the labor Alemaa aaledttoreannrninsatrewrrcpurdb torney General Clifford L. Hilton. B-ut Yankees Took Them Anyway, Less than 100 men are needed to as I~canl cqndidate for a--election sure proper handling of the coal from Tuesday, will carry eltrami Corporal H. R. Trickey Writes, docks to cars. Ay a wide margin, according Hun trenches, with all modern con-.predleeon by former Senator S. vniences, Including electric lights Adrman, a Brainerd attorney, and running water, were captured by BD SFUDI OM rea a business visitor late yes- American soldiers in a recent drive. sy at the state Capitol. writes Corporal H. R. Trickey, St. Louis H-umbert's Death Ascribed to rthinkMr. Hilton will get a splen- Paul boy, now a member of the Three Natural Causes. vote in Beltratni cnunty, as there Hundred and Nineteenth Field Artil olutely no opposition to him," lery. The body of Louis Humbert, 334 Alderman. "These trenches were fixed up as East Seventh street, 29 years old, was if the Hun expected to stay forever," found in a room on the third floor Corporal Trickey said. "At 1 A. M of the LaChance building, 57 South No man or woman wbo es meat 5K,BFUNERAL HELD. after thirty-six hours' raintand with tobert street. yesterday. mud six Inches deep, the drive start-. tumbert had been Ill for a week regularly can make a mistake by Prv+e for Policeman Who ed. Some of the prisoners we cap- and was visiting friends on the West flushing the kidneys occasionally. d'ievdr Missed Duty. tured were in sharp contrast to Amer. Side for the week-end. Natural ys a well-known authority. Meat "0.,k; 1iclean soldiers. They were either very causes are believed responsible for thefseysaelkwniuhorit et Grat of Patrolman Frank young or very old." death. A post mortem may be held, forms uri acid which elegs the kid 90Jessamine street, who Corporal Trickey has been in --- - ney pores so they aluggiahly filter or f ~way, took plate at 9 A. H. France since Juneaie. oyeat therk wan als, serki& e F c i JeREFORMATORY AIDS IN WAR poisons from the bloodtthen. aonget 'ip because the death was MORE THAN 500 ENRO St. Cloud Institution Gives reey sick. Nearly all rheumatism., head pheumonia following infltt to Loan and Fire Fund. aches, liver trouble, nervousness, had never mussed work- VocationiA Classes Attract Many to L.iberal responses to appeals for war constipation, disxines,. sleeplessness, ayin his eight year# on the Mechanic Arts Night Ciases- and charity funds among officers and bladder disorders come from sluggish More than five hundred men were inmates of the St. Cloud state re- kidneys, present last night at the Mechanic formato'r were reported by H. K. W Arts high school enrollment for reg. Scott, superintendent. yesterday to Te moment you fela dulach $AYS AUSTUL MAN. se'dmn wihng to nte tht the tate Board of Control. Inad. kines or yourdackrta SCity Hospital With service in tine army or navy, subscriptions totaling $4;90 to the full of sediment, irreguliar of paseags p dal, Mhin., was alcae frdatdmn, was asnid $560 to the state fietele fund 1, ge a t fu ouncs f ad y4epital last. night The classes are under the auspices when Inmates were allowed to con- take a tableasonfu in e gss of acatstelp injuriosa the city educational departinent. trIbute more than 25 cents each. waytean beor rkia forl thew se tudies Include Jadlo end busser op-- day nd Thyaoukds wtllmaden from etet t c leotrica wok d gasrengin HOLD THREE F OR Fiacie' *f t'hO *ad*l5tnuce,,~ ~octedto to. Intrcto isree. Arrests aLogPratrieay 'Be ombnedo wiertionsith o n hush eeng a fhSpct. Classes will be held four nights a at~g~~kidneys and stimulate them to mo week tot th months, lution of Anoke Mystery' tlvIty, also to neutralise gte acids in * ~ ~ar. ~ "'"''~"Three arreeta were made yesterday urine so It no longer causes Irritation, ~sti "U": Credits for Prench Students. in connection wIth the murder near thus ending bladder disorders. n oruier ycedt -Anoka Friday niht of an unidenti- Jad4 Salts Is inexpensive and can n- ou nvest crdt fllb gv ed man, whose body is stIll at the net injure, makes a delightful efter. d ntit entudents who complete the - %- Heannepfin county morgue. vescent 1ithi-water drink whidh all E w b tO ob- versity of Minnesota extenion do- J B. Pennington, 401 asixteenth regular meat ester should take now to e. ent'course in onveratiu avenue south, another Minneapolis and then to keep the kidnes clean ohch, which opened lasti tat man and one from -Fesseden, N. I., and the blood pure, thereby avoiding S thou' the court house. Ms De are held in jail for investigation- serious kidney complications. inBor isthe instructor, 'The suspects were arrested at Long - Advertiaement who bave oompl'etedt o of ' Prairie, Mien college French are eligible to'loti the ietas Fire Victim to City Hospital. - -- aGoadea mi nutesoPp ter hisf a Ia B 3UC L dLv4,.. ILA Rates R. Paul Piesa reatq 11 Dspei Press and St. Paul m ot Dispatch. D ali l y(Par Per double insertion... Line. Jae o a d ay Pioneeer l Pe0. Press............. Four conscutive Iasertlons for pri Ifthree, seven oeensoutiv iasertions for Pr minimumsace, agat type, lines. senitmum spae, display type, Ie Minimum prioe, 50 ents. six average words ake a lae. lIve agate cap words make a ise. Fourteen asste lines Is an incp. White space at agate type rate, DEATH NOTICE ATE Cash er charged. 15 cents an aga ne. Minimum e oeats for each inse on of the morning Ploneer Pess, e ig Dispatch or sunday Pioneer Pres 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL ADOV RATES FOR CASB. Por The further eenvenleose of o0 rant Ad patrons we will rectify rers (clearly" not the fault of Ui advertsr asS which leases the vat' i the patron-a advertising. provide uch errors are reported within 4 hour y republ tie tree of eharge, but ti t. Paul Dispatch and the Pa ioneser Press will be r tjeah~ a only Ie first Incorrect insertion as Want Advertisement. For the convenience of our Want J atrona we will accept Want Ade hinmats, makqe" orrectiona or anti as -same for theSt. Paul Dispato he evenn paper, until 11: A. ay of pubtlcation, and until 15 P. or Want Advertisementsa se at. Paul Pioceer Press the ig mornng. DEATH NOTICES. out, Au at G i+1 rs 10/19/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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