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ï~~.e ";,.ea~ C mred pa a$18 an Chi1 or asreIvt he )UI h6ld,tuhr ugar t &F any nd.r my r jOerson hiq pslan tJoi halt 0.?fo22l' rultliof too addiveiterda$# b firm's~ Wwhich b4ardas or~irded U_-BOAT.ratu ta. 'n an sub-:;&ed and Anerican rrqcit Was the in~r'1.9TH"Y 5s fo the~ uesay at voiaS and Mrend I au~'. ystr tyium..prozerence a a not i4eeim given Mhe. shipment of toy HEr sid:. i '"Thal-statement i i.Pleas~ 4uote me an saying so.' Elizabeth Mprlbury, presi4ent of the Women'at Natiodril Committee of the Amer~fcau Defense. Soolety, announce4 that: "tA at -special executive meeting, of -the\organiationi held yeiterday. It. was unanimously Voted that a campatign should' be undertaken not only. toL sternliy oppose the dl stribution of GerMan ye and,D"" imerchandise re' b b:ughtAto thi country, but. to e 1y Voss ble eff tt to Rrevidnt, fuirther eorchandise " ads In GirtMs~ny~l" eigship Od here. El~ cRippr.n$6,0005 eTheft Burglar wrho used ani eledtric ripping machine to tear off the back- of a safe sqcured $16.000 in cash. and bonds from No. 9 East Forty-eighth street on 0%onday night, It b a no n yesterday. Two floors wer b4obe. no was occt-. pied- by the Frances U. HInt Corsetiere Company, and he oher ~Ythe Misses. Q#inn Loadies' 'ressmaking Company. The thieves hava not been arrested.' In front of No. 134 West!Tweoty-first street In the eatly morntol -two men w'hoare alleged to!haf* just plaed $5,OpG worth of stoleui sllk I'n' taxicab wV.e arreste~d. They described themselves0 JonTronibino and Mor Grossmnan4 Mdl)i _ijs Dogs TCim.e of Injiu-nction George I D.. Barron. m.villionaire resident of Ilye., mainain a kennel. of hunting dogs whuise barking #t night sounds like an. 'Anvil' Chorus." accordIng to' his nei bor, George Ga4lpway. (14l0oWsr. wi his lawyer.-.Ohaties, IL BeAle~p)bre before Supreme Court 81t e)I~ehsr at NWhtite Plains yesterday J ~otained a temporary in'u eton'tjj.c Mr. -Barron to abate "It. has been thi. la~w for a udo wre ge annoy ' neighbor. and be;. coite a nuis# Ace- relief *uhust be given by the courtsl to1 abate the huisance.", A(qCUSE,'D OF QATTLE.TIEFTS Pharged with "c4ttle-ruetiing." P., -D. Lok 'Was arrested in' Paw~i yesterday by the State donstab6lay who r' sere ral day-s had inveetfgated Chr".that' a gang~ was stealing cattle- and takin the afilhiala 'across the Nqew jtokrli.Ooa Un. Uteut boundary. I MW 1~EVJVllM33 Deoeslo app.aled.,the Mayor's 'Comuittee aboot a mionth sg&.'In'vestigation shotvtd that Le~dernmau Jhad made. numerous contracts to deliver. lot*4' Whbkn final payment was to be m=de he changed his office address $LW the purchasrs werb unable to find him. He was traced by the comm.niittee 'ad 'w cases were presented to the stZritAttorney.,'%Ns was' Indicted a dOarrssied. At the trial yestbrday iderman admitted-he had committed moral Wvrong. He said- he, would T store the money he had obtained., fter being convicted 'he agreed to, f~ibmlt in writing to Samuel S. Bleslin. unisel for the Mayor's committeg,&a lan under which he will make'riestiJ ton. This plan' 11i -t 6 be subm itted ItWo days. *_If it is satisfactory the ietrict Attor'ney will recommend to e court that Leiderman be admitted to bail so that he can obtain funds. Leliprmati has beep in the Tombs for two weeks. He wa~s unable to furnish, a $1,000 bail bond. WOMAN LOSE$ E PLOT. Mr. Breslin exterday agree& to take a case whikth seems to him to be. unjust to the 'Couirt of Appoalgg without cost' and to pay all expenses. P.llen Gunning, a mAid asnplo~'d at No,,001Park, kvenue, In 1910 bougt a&plot i aau Counity 'for $300. '1lhe failed,- Cto py the 1915 tak oQf 49.02 and the pr~perty was -sold'* to Davq Sandler. 'Miss'- Gumning assert. that she leased the property. to 'Edward J. 'logsn.-May' 23. 1117. -I.Miss G~nning appealed 'to the County Trekourer. to set aside the sale because of this lease. Bandler brought suit in the assau Supreme Court and lost. He (hn took the case, to* the Appellate pIvision. Miss Gunning's attorntey s 4 Iit would cost her a large sum to defend the action there and advised he to -appeal to the Mayor's committee. Mr. Bresl,In stated yester'day that 1 here ptoperty has been leased the owner has two years to redeem."Handler is trying to get the' propertyou the* claim that at the expratioh a year he was extitle to W.OVOR3IJN GIVES VP D3ERDS, LAurence.Louiblin,' of *Patchogue, L. L,. yesterday surrendered to Nathan Hirsch, chairman 9f the Mayor's Com-. mittee on' Taxation, deeds to forty.. tour parcels of land which he bought at a,tax sale., the land cost-him $69.87 at the sale. In 'Suffolk County. February" 4. -1916! 'Mr. -Lought-in is willin It tat this property hbe retirned to-its former owners uponl payment of the sall, amout. iu ta. qeach, parvs b490et'tot 1918.. The totat is $ 1OZ4$3.'The net l0 $43,296,8@3, th oer o ducatton has so,~ide 4L.34,406 for the following Piiao"e. For. the school lunch syste. $50.-'.000; for Increasing thes lalaries ofT department clerks who art receiving'.$11800 o04 lesi,% $365P0,_7- $f.74V.300 for increlsing the balanlae of, elementary achool teachers whto are re-aeiving- $1,800 or. lees.. 1 'The 'action o&. Associate Superintendent John L. Til deley Insuppending PrtzA H. Leusph. a teher in Morris sIg chool,-'on October 24,, for colulct unbecoming a teacher. was approved. 'It was alleged that Leuche failed to to-operate with the school in the war service katvities of thel Boar4. Leucha was called for the trp~t'daft 'and was excused because of ' weak heart, Last Friday he was calle d -and is now In 'comp. The action of the. board In suspending him before going, to camp was to eliminate hi5 possible claim for pay amounting to the dif-. ference between his pa&&asa, soldier and his, salary a. a tea~~r. President Arthur 'S. Somers' request for 'the issufance bf corporate -stocks by the Board of Estimate In the sum. of $9,351.091 for new elementary schools, buildings and sites, was ap-* rr'.d. Thise was, done In accordance,with the law for the next budget..District Superiuitndnt William J. O'$0hea.- submitted a& sujimary of the work'done' by the -scho~lh, for subiscriptions to thp Fourth LibetyLan. A total of 433,161 subscriptions was obtaineid, aggregasting $50,339,950. Affuso, Cleared in', Gaff ney Gun Case Special Oflficer George Affuss of North Bergen, 1q. 3.,.accused,by- New York detectives of having sefretly given a gun to Vincent. A8. Gaffney, 'has been officially cleared of all suspicion. He was exonerated at a meeting of the Nop Bergen Township ' Committee, at Whirh New York -police officers testified.. Gagraey was captured In New Jersey after he had *eped from the Tombs.' It Is believed he was given the gun while he was locked In a cell 'in the North Bergen "Jail. ChurcUl.Jti ar Employmtent- Board, 17'ng,. Curchill, -former president of'- soBairdof Eduatin ayster44 a ~ ppntdto, a responsible0p0oelio Xpi'X imploymint Board.INe will -ha*&, I are fhe rcutn wbqT iIkersad the won hill' wil esu oli'aw'new ce. J~e s' egaredisex *at Wll.-* t6.1 10r ease'so pcul1-Ia rIy t* tr*&e sixteen a d? thirty. The very.oung j and the I do not suffer 49 pti 'from it." Dr.' J a said-it wax s au*o1 3r'l Impoissible or the phystclans of NeiW York* City o do mhore than pAjk*the -'patients c mnfortable an4- treat theMn. -He, 4zpiP& aed that a ined aeso the. die a ewas imPOS4li" e added'. ho ever, that *heft. [nfaeqaa patients s 'fered extromnel* ' Wlth they died t was fairly cortin 'pnaumaawa.present. VACCMNE VALU~ DiSV1c$JSSED The va.eofv&-riou4 vaccines in prfventin or urinrg the disease'Was discussed. Iany of the phyuihiants, present h not urecogntseA, any bibne. fits from ese Injectionw. Prof. C. F, A. Winji, of Tale Unlyorsity.- Said it.',W been' used effectil6y among th, ublic health nurses, or B~ston. H ves the cities' which b&:V1 cI' hools, shiops'and other publn p '. refailed tW adcomplish thi' M~>L T --'-nIst~an. -professor of modtcIie i'eCard: University, 'e lieve n e etu treatment for'f* di"*" eUa5 belin-%ound. Studyt.4g ihp h istopy - 9if. Jnfio~nsa epidemzic fr the Wfr euitpury to. the prose. beJba4fun& an almost identical recukken ~ f the same disease.. Dr.. " diresctor of 'hospitals. Rockefeller, ln~tUte, 6n the von-' traryi, has found -the nature of- the present -epidemic to be somgthl.UF ne 'forItrestment iri' n this cduntrY.. Meimbers fe commission were appointed by Go trnor Whitman' to make a diagnosi of the disease -and" establish a medt 1 record of Its dewvelopment and t eatment. Indian Su mer. Grip Cause., Sa s Copeland, That; the opr andian Suimmer has superinduce, influensa, and pneUbnonia *as ad' itted yesterday' by Health Commnis ner Royal S. Copeland. Thes muir Y, sultry Weather us 'blameodfby the H alth Deltartmen t for the'.um in capes yesterday. According to the. departuneuft 5.41 - new cases of influensa were.reTOre61 and 1,015 new, cases Of ppemoia. -' The deaths Xrom the former warei-" ported *as 402 and from the latter is.. There. were 4,073cases of infiuelux*.On, Tuesday and * the new. Vpnt4umonrf cases show an - Increase Mf *)over Tuesday's report. Dr.'- Copeland. said yesterday i A; "6dne. Optor to-day irepp#*e-.1* e4eg6 -the accumulation.Of jea~days. This is.but' >#e LQVM i&5* other doctors have.14 b0%;k uir cas,..nearly always ttbrujk cre l60snes.As a esult, #hE0'*- ge approximately. 4 hunr" aeot "from' o ue doctor. neau~ a~ Lots. Mlt 41 3 W-..u'' 1 1-v-i ' 'to is 46 - 10/11/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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